iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

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iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra full comparison including display, camera, specs, battery, performance, camera & more. Best of Apple vs Best of Samsung 2020. Does Apple stand a chance? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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ali querishi
ali querishi - 2 秒 前
Chee hwee Ong
Chee hwee Ong - å°æ—¶ 前
Cant compare a note to a camera phone ! Note is alway a all rounder s note 8 ! The note shown what is actually mean not just for taking note but A all rounder !
Adryana eryca Shafaizi
Adryana eryca Shafaizi - å¤© 前
Accent like an india tongue,, spoiled
Archie Simon
Archie Simon - å¤© 前
I just sent back my iphone 12 to get the note 20 ultra lol
Carlo Yatco
Carlo Yatco - å¤© 前
If only they ship Snapdragon variant here in the Philippines, I'd surely buy Samsung. Apple user for the longest time.
Carl - 3 天 前
Ofcource samsung is better then iPhone
Kyross Cabalonga
Kyross Cabalonga - 3 天 前
Iphones better
Daniel N
Daniel N - 3 天 前
I LOVE Samsung phones but I hate how the main social apps aren't optimized 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Tamim Khan
Tamim Khan - 4 天 前
Iphone 12 sucks
Tamim Khan
Tamim Khan - 4 天 前
Iphone sucks
137Peter137 - 4 天 前
Seriously that rectangular junk shape of note ultra better than iphone? S20+ is way better shape
VidMaker2020 - 4 天 前
Actually, the iPhone 12 Pro Max won this time if your gonna count their points...
Aliyl Mckinzie
Aliyl Mckinzie - 4 天 前
Me watching this on my note 20 ultra to see how much better it is than apple
Eric L
Eric L - 5 天 前
Sorry, gonna ruin this guy for you.... close your eyes and listen again.... it's Trump with an accent....
Croatjsa Dode
Croatjsa Dode - 5 天 前
Of you have a Samsung you can charge your phone with another samsung
Phoebe Styles
Phoebe Styles - 5 天 前
Watching the using my N20 5g 😉
LigitnessGamez :D
LigitnessGamez :D - 6 天 前
reply with your vote, let’s count up, I’ll edit the comment every once in a while with a new score. Simply reply “Samsung” to vote Samsung. Reply “Apple” to vote Apple.
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人债务 - 5 天 前
人债务 - 5 天 前
LigitnessGamez :D
LigitnessGamez :D - 6 天 前
Apple! :D
Nene Nenuka cool!
Nene Nenuka cool! - 6 天 前
O sorry note 20 ultra
Nene Nenuka cool!
Nene Nenuka cool! - 6 天 前
My mother have a samsund s20 ultra
munecosuave13 - 6 天 前
One thing Iam pretty sure! I don’t have to hide my IPhone never to no body The apple logo automatically gives A super cool attitude to the carrier , every body knows that, end of story!!!!
BaddieUniverse - 5 天 前
🤣🤣🤣 poor stupid soul. Imagine giving that much power to a smartphone.
Mohammad Sabir
Mohammad Sabir - 6 天 前
IPhone is really nice
Vanessa Nigley
Vanessa Nigley - 7 天 前
*Omg..just got my iPhone12 pro through alvinshyper40 on !nsta i wasn't expecting it to work but it did so amazing*
litN _ L
litN _ L - 7 天 前
So which phone guys....mines personally iPhone
Kartikey Rawat
Kartikey Rawat - 7 天 前
So which is better..
I m going for a purchase tomorrow.. Pls telllll😢😢😢
人债务 - 5 天 前
Our comments are useless because be already bought it probzz
人债务 - 5 天 前
Yea, iPhone
litN _ L
litN _ L - 7 天 前
STACY BURK - 8 天 前
I've used both... and the ease of use, design and quality of display on the Samsung blows away the new iPhone in my opinion.
Omar - 8 天 前
Samsung is better
Zero Cool
Zero Cool - 8 天 前
Only stupid people use ipones
人债务 - 5 天 前
Only stupid people can’t spell iPhone right
Muhammad Alvi
Muhammad Alvi - 8 天 前
Samsung lovers- like 👍
iPhone lovers- comment
Texting Story
Texting Story - å¤© 前
IPhone lover 💖💖💖💖💖
I am a Samsung fan and liked. But asking an iPhone lover to comment is too much work for them. P.S My comment does not count as a iPhone lover
Syed Shafay
Syed Shafay - 8 天 前
Manu Manugowda
Manu Manugowda - 9 天 前
Which mobile best display quality
leikeze 8.8
leikeze 8.8 - 10 天 前
Just wait for the launching of the new phone of nokia that can be used as a nuclear bomb
Ryderutgutvhg Conleyytg74fy
Ryderutgutvhg Conleyytg74fy - 10 天 前
nissa mokoginta
nissa mokoginta - 10 天 前
Did you use the snapdragon version or the exynoss version? If you do use snapdragon version? Do you knows where you can get the snapdragon version??
Anoop Arora
Anoop Arora - 11 天 前
Why is iphone labelled as iphone 11 pro instead o f 12 pro in the video?
Flinstone01 - 12 天 前
0:53 his hand is transparent lol
The Killerjay
The Killerjay - 12 天 前
Would you give me one of those note 20 ultras
SpTHA Great
SpTHA Great - 12 天 前
IPhone users= sheepeople the iPhone pro max looks real outdated.
Charles M.
Charles M. - 12 天 前
Can’t wait to trade in my iPhone 11Pro for the NOTE12 Ultra!!! Face i.d sucks now that we have to wear masks and can’t wait to use I glass finger print!!!
And I can use my 400g card with my Note!! And I get the S PEN!!! Done!!
And I love the 120hz refresh rate!!!!
bernadette malinda
bernadette malinda - 12 天 前
Am here for the comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yannis Abi Semaan
Yannis Abi Semaan - 13 天 前
Being more smooth does not make the note better then the iPhone. iPhone got the three most important things: camera, chip, and overall quality.
BaddieUniverse - 5 天 前
Camera is better on the Note 20 U. Samsung also makes the chip and the screen of the iPhone. 🤣🤣🤣
Tozza - 13 天 前
im pretty sure this video is heavily favoured towards android even though its ugly asf
ramen ninja
ramen ninja - 13 天 前
living in new zealand ill be moving to apple.
samsung ships the exynos with our model of the note 20 and not the snapdragon
BaddieUniverse - 5 天 前
Jokes on you. Next year, Exynos will be better or equal to Snapdragon. Exynos is here to end the snapdragon monolopoly and I love to see it.
Ash ITGEEKY - 14 天 前
Here the big difference after 2 year android user oh shit my phone start blocking ... bug bug bug apple user oh all working smooth
Hollywood 123
Hollywood 123 - 14 天 前
How u gonna test these. And u don’t even have the 12 pro max. What a shitty test. Why would anyone watch this crap. The moment u said once u get your hands on a 12 pro max. I ended the video. Wow. What a waste of time
Jensen Wright
Jensen Wright - 14 天 前
Watching this on my iPhone 12 mini 😂
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz - 15 天 前
My samsung galaxy s8 kick the ass of the iphone 10 pro max literally apple mever give innovation always the same phone with another camera
TEXAS AUTO - 15 天 前
Iphone 12 comes with no charger and phone sold separately
Antipatiko - 15 天 前
Bro, it sounds like you’re pinching your nose when you’re talking.
Jesus Cardenas
Jesus Cardenas - 10 天 前
Nasar Nadan
Nasar Nadan - 15 天 前
Send one iPhone for me you have many iPhone
onshorespider01 onshorespider01
onshorespider01 onshorespider01 - 15 天 前
Just saying that the snapdragon note 20 ultra destroys even the 11 pro max in battery life
L E N S 3 Y E D
L E N S 3 Y E D - 15 天 前
As of 13 November 2020
In Saudi Arabia, Samsung Note Ultra 20 is US$ 1279.45
while iPhone 12 pro max is US$ 1,786.00
Just for your information. Nothing else. 😁
N!6H70W! 53V3N
N!6H70W! 53V3N - 16 天 前
I honestly don't get it 😕 Note is by far the superior phone
Note20 Ultra is just crashing iphone.
Lewatu Draunidalo
Lewatu Draunidalo - 16 天 前
Aryan Xrestha
Aryan Xrestha - 16 天 前
The Notch doesnt really matter 🤨
Richard Japos
Richard Japos - 16 天 前
Watching with Note20 ultra 5G. 💜😘
Five-Claw - 10 天 前
me too
BlackFrostbite playz
BlackFrostbite playz - 17 天 前
The notw 20 ultra has 8 hours and 41 minute of battery life and forgot about the IPhone 12 and iPhone has a worst battery life than last years
Lakshaditya Vats
Lakshaditya Vats - 17 天 前
You stupid you rob the different videos and make this video
Grande Bravo
Grande Bravo - 17 天 前
Take this garbage vid down & do sum more research bud! The new iPhone does NOT have better battery life then last yr. Nd the Note 20 Ultra battery beats down the beast 11 Pro Max battery! Smh
Abhishek Mohanty
Abhishek Mohanty - 17 天 前
lol sadly iphone 12 pro max died in battery test way before 11pro max, 12 pro max gives massively lesser battery capacity than any other smartphones of that leauge like huwaei oneplus 8 and s20 ultra
darko pašalić
darko paÅ¡alić - 17 天 前
HPT Deaf Tour In Viet Nam
HPT Deaf Tour In Viet Nam - 17 天 前
D A - 17 天 前
Vhat! 😲
петър йорданов
Sammy rulez !!!!!
I’ll choose iphone 12 pro max
Auggie G
Auggie G - 18 天 前
Either way... The price is too GOD DAMN high for these phones.
I literally died when you wrote "Iphone 12 sucks" lmao
Ellie Morales
Ellie Morales - 18 天 前
Ew what is that camera bump
trendy status whatsapp
trendy status whatsapp - 18 天 前
SAMSUNG is Awesome And iphone looks like SAMSUNG midrange mobiles i e.. A series
trendy status whatsapp
trendy status whatsapp - 18 天 前
Adrian Jr.
Adrian Jr. - 18 天 前
3:40 that had to hurt "Apple Emotions"
Zachary Rodriguez
Zachary Rodriguez - 19 天 前
I'm literally watching this on my note 20 ultra
Five-Claw - 10 天 前
me too
Afini A
Afini A - 19 天 前
I love samsungs design but love iphones spec😭
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen - 19 天 前
In my country samsung is same 1.3k but iphone is 1.6k
Go_fukk_urself69 - 19 天 前
The thing is, when you compare the cameras to the note20u vs iphone 12 pro max, the note beats it still. When comparing pictures and videos, do more than just one setting and note will overall win
VDO _ - 19 天 前
Note 20 ultra still coldest than iPhone 12 pro mAx.
NDA - 19 天 前
There always like a year behind
jayaditya chawla
jayaditya chawla - 19 天 前
Bruh u don't even have an iPhone 12 pro max in ur vid but u have it in ur title🙄😒😒
Adam G
Adam G - 19 天 前
No Charger? No Ear Buds? Apple 🍎 And they are charging you more 🤣
King Vibez
King Vibez - 19 天 前
Dis the battle everyone wants to see
senthil kumar
senthil kumar - 19 天 前
Here's the difference I forgot which model it was but the iPhone has six cores and the Samsung phone has 8 cores
Kurt Tanque
Kurt Tanque - 19 天 前
3:47 watdafawk
Riker - 19 天 前
If you’ve ever used both of them (iPhone 12 pro is close enough to max), you’ll know the Samsung has a beautiful screen. It’s so smooth and looks like futuristic technology, while the iPhone 12 pro looks barely different than the iPhone 8. 60hz is definitely noticeable on their phones and is concerning that they have yet to improve that. It’s expected at this point and would make the phones user experience much better. A lot of people are saying it’s not a deal breaker or anything, but the 120hz not only prevents headaches, it’s just pleasing to see every time.
Umar Saudagar
Umar Saudagar - 19 天 前
Note 20 ultra might have some stunning features. But Apple never disappoint you in terms of speed and performance. The android OS uses background apps unnecessarily and phones starts getting stuck after a year.. in short. iPhone 5s still have a class. 😈
Umar Saudagar
Umar Saudagar - 19 天 前
Apple OS never disappoints the user in terms of speed. Open almost 20 same apps on the both phones, you will notice Android OS starts to stuck and not in IOS
Shady Character
Shady Character - 20 天 前
Bro your a mobile channel you have to film in a better aspect ratio.
Scar A
Scar A - 20 天 前
How is this video even relevant if he's not testing and comparing both devices next to each other?. Looks like Raju is continuing to rack up views through shameless clickbait.
Angie liana
Angie liana - 20 天 前
Complaining about the battery while the iPhone 3.6kmah battery still last longer than the 5kmah Samsung shit🤣
saud Alharbi
saud Alharbi - 21 天 前
I was iPhone guy then apple pushed me to Samsung few years back, I was waiting for note 20 but when i saw the price Samsung pushed me back to iPhone even I hate iOS so much but what can i do, Samsung lost a lot of customers
Noel Lapatis
Noel Lapatis - 21 天 前
Maganda kaso Wala akong pambili eh ** peru baka if subscribe din ninyo ako at dumami views ko baka in godswell maka bili ako kahit old iphone 🎈🎈☺️☺️☺️☺️😅😅💓💓💓💓
The Miss Saigon
The Miss Saigon - 21 天 前
As always.....Samsung Android Phones are way better when it comes to Specs and Overall performance than iPhone. Also, Samsung, has a lot to offer in terms of features🙂
YT Electric
YT Electric - 22 天 前
Samsung is better because apple baned fortnite
Ioannis Pasaloukos
Ioannis Pasaloukos - 22 天 前
The photos and everything in all other fields
Ioannis Pasaloukos
Ioannis Pasaloukos - 22 天 前
I don’t think Samsung will ever surpas apple’s design
Slap Woods
Slap Woods - 22 天 前
no social person with friends in they right mind would own a damn android 🤧 notice why its only them that have time to compare they android to another phone
Verne Arase
Verne Arase - 22 天 前
Obviously, you didn't _have_ the iPhone 12 Pro Max on October 13 - so what were you comparing to the Samsung?
Ismail EL ANSARI - 22 天 前
After years of testing: my opinion
Smartphone: a Samsung flagship
Tablet: any Ipad
Computer: Dell Xps
abdullah ali
abdullah ali - 22 天 前
200$ cheaper for No Charger, No Earphones, No audio jack and some old body looks !!!
Tom Ryder
Tom Ryder - 22 天 前
watching this video in my Note20 ultra
Simran Takrani
Simran Takrani - 23 天 前
Can u plzzz compare iphone 13 and iphone 12 for us plzzzzzz 🙏🙏🙏
Rathinah S
Rathinah S - 23 天 前
Save the Earth by no charger......Using a wireless charger which wastes 60% of energy...Apple: We're innovative