BAD Salsa Brings Their BEST Dance Moves From India - America's Got Talent 2020

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The Indian dancers continue to bring Bollywood to Hollywood! BAD Salsa performs to "Top Lesi Poddi" by Sagar.
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BAD Salsa Brings Their BEST Dance Moves From India - America's Got Talent 2020
America's Got Talent
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Satya Sir
Satya Sir - 11 天 前
Sonali I am a big fan of your an amazing,cool& beautiful Dancer
Bala Balu
Bala Balu - 13 天 前
జై అల్లు అర్జున్ అన్న
Tellugu vallu like kotandi
Simply Me
Simply Me - 15 天 前
Love it I want more i want more please🔥🔥🔥
Zeyneb Najafli
Zeyneb Najafli - 26 天 前
This is like speed in real life this cut be the future i love this EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
guilherme c.neto
guilherme c.neto - 27 天 前
Arshiya Fatima
Arshiya Fatima - 27 天 前
I was shook when they dance ontelugu song ❤️❤️❤️
Sahil Patel
Sahil Patel - 个月 前
Allu Arjun dance in this song is awesome and off course this performance is unbelievable... .
Diana Felker
Diana Felker - 个月 前
I love them !!!!!!!
Surbhi sarode
Surbhi sarode - 个月 前
All the best to you both 👍
Mike Beltran
Mike Beltran - 个月 前
What’s this song called🤩
sherry monfils
sherry monfils - 个月 前
They are beyond awesome!!
Vijay Kounsalye
Vijay Kounsalye - 个月 前
Waw what a fabulous choice of song😄😄😄
The Rod
The Rod - 个月 前
Not even the pros are doing this. Crazy!
Emily Kelly
Emily Kelly - 个月 前
Absolutely incredible dancing.
Gift - 个月 前
dilshad khan
dilshad khan - 个月 前
They are fav. contestants from India 🇮🇳 and I support them heartily ♥.
Akhil Amarlapudi
Akhil Amarlapudi - 个月 前
Am I the only one who thinks the way this video was shot messed up the whole dancing flavour ???
If their moves were covered properly , they would've been more appealing ! I think the camera work made this act soooooo sloppy compared to their first 2 ! The camera could've been more close to them ! Lovem anyways ❤
Madhusudan Nayak
Madhusudan Nayak - 个月 前
Which song is this
susant maharana
susant maharana - 个月 前
He is from Odisha. Jay Jagannath. 🙏🙏🙏
Joe - 个月 前
High level stuff.
Just objectively impressive.
Lasha Ghvaladze
Lasha Ghvaladze - 个月 前
They are super fun and funny at the same time. I have not laughed while watching a dance for a long time and these guys make me LOL.
Hollywood Relaxing Music
*How many people watching this from India and enjoying?*
Vijesh Bhavsar
Vijesh Bhavsar - 个月 前
Very nice dance
enigmamusement - 个月 前
Draw-jopping Performance /*\;,. So amazed my brain is still trying to make sense of the athleticism level of dance duo entertainment
Rajdeep Sadhukhan
Rajdeep Sadhukhan - 个月 前
This guy is moving the girl the way Bruce Lee used to move his nunchuks ...
cantya kayshila garini
cantya kayshila garini - 个月 前
Anusha Chandran
Anusha Chandran - 个月 前
I hope they get into the finals❤️
Juha P
Juha P - 个月 前
These people are professional dancers collecting money awards from various competitions. Now really? Is that what AGT is for?
See It
See It - 个月 前
I m just proud to be an ÏŃĐÏĀŃ 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😊😊😊😊🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Chugli Wala man
Chugli Wala man - 个月 前
Bahut hard 🔥
romon ring fan
romon ring fan - 个月 前
Ansh Raj
Ansh Raj - 个月 前
Ultra legend
Shalanna Wallace
Shalanna Wallace - 个月 前
I got dizzy myself watching this I know she dizzy
Priyanka Gadwal
Priyanka Gadwal - 个月 前
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Sangita Verma
Sangita Verma - 个月 前
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Naruto Namikaze
Naruto Namikaze - 个月 前
Their name is very much misleading one of the judges said .....they are opposite of bad
Arijit Biswas
Arijit Biswas - 个月 前
Awesome 👍😊😊👍
Megha Singh
Megha Singh - 个月 前
The only disadvantage is that they always have poor choice of songs
Veenaaz Vaid
Veenaaz Vaid - 个月 前
Only Indians can like this comment
Astashambhu Sahoo
Astashambhu Sahoo - 个月 前
Astashambhu Sahoo
Astashambhu Sahoo - 个月 前
Bad salsa deserve the trophy
bhagvan nama
bhagvan nama - 个月 前
What is the real aim of human life? What is Dharm? Get the answers to all such questions in the movie..!! (एक_से_सवा_लाख_जगाओ)
Watch the Movie to know more...??👇👇
ARINDAM chakravarty
ARINDAM chakravarty - 个月 前
From the stage of igt to agt.... Your journey is just amazing, you both keep getting better and better...... Sky is the limit for you........ WELCOME TO THE FINALS BAD SALSA♥️♥️♥️
sapna Shrivastava
sapna Shrivastava - 个月 前
आज जो फिल्में बॉलीवुड द्वारा रीलिज़ हो रही हैं वे देखने योग्य नहीं हैं। लेकिन (Pujya Sant Shri Asharamji Bapuji) की पावन प्रेरणा से प्रकाशित होने वाली (ऋषि प्रसाद) की महत्ता बताती हुई..!!
(एक_से_सवा_लाख_जगाओ) मूवी अवश्य देखें जिसमें आपको अनेको समस्याओ के समाधान मिलेंगे।
Yasmine Muhammad
Yasmine Muhammad - 个月 前
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Alok Nayak
Alok Nayak - 个月 前
Waaoooooooo.... So beautiful
G Kalyan
G Kalyan - 个月 前
AlluArjun fan from Hyderabad ???
Rajeshkumar singhal
Rajeshkumar singhal - 个月 前
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#Ek se swa lakh jagao
Anthony Gay
Anthony Gay - 个月 前
The most amazing dance couple I have ever seen. Smoking Hot, Fluid, Magical. Wow!!!
Kanta Tank
Kanta Tank - 个月 前
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Nennissa NB
Nennissa NB - 个月 前
*Allu Arjun* proud ❤️❤️❤️💕
Genious - 个月 前
Very soon our next awesome movie is coming stay tuned.
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Rekha Indoulia
Rekha Indoulia - 个月 前
A very motivational and inspired movie so
Must watch a short movie
Next part is coming soon
Neeviah V
Neeviah V - 个月 前
Everytime i watch their performance, I wonder where are they getting their high level of energy from. Such a great act ❤️
Shivam Yadav
Shivam Yadav - 个月 前
From their past..
labor level song
IntellectualMastermind - 个月 前
Free Meditation to become successful like the rich and famous
Litton Sarkar
Litton Sarkar - 个月 前
Love you bad salsha....from Kolkata......
Nikhilkumar burugu
Nikhilkumar burugu - 个月 前
Great one
The One
The One - 个月 前
Go bad salsa! Represent the Asian community
krishna krish
krishna krish - 个月 前
Smarty D
Smarty D - 个月 前
Allu Arjun Mass 💥💥💥
His dance reach level 💥
Adam Tyebkhan
Adam Tyebkhan - 个月 前
This has to be my favorite act. I just love the dance moves and energy that they produce. Hope they win!!!!
Why they choose this song. Energy was very bad in this song. Original top lessipodde dance is better than this. Allu Arjun rock.
Original song top lessipodde 👇👇👇
Lil Philzy
Lil Philzy - 个月 前
These guys deserve to be in the finals more than any other act, wow
Astashambhu Sahoo
Astashambhu Sahoo - 个月 前
Odisha boy
Jitendra Das
Jitendra Das - 个月 前
Fast dance indian...😍
magically yours
magically yours - 个月 前
wt just happened 🔥
Kevin Hickman
Kevin Hickman - 个月 前
You cannot take your eyes off of these performers! I think that is the definition of a championship act.
Craig Lyle
Craig Lyle - 个月 前
I think their last performance was better. This one just seemed far too busy, with everything going on in the music and on the set. Seemed to really detract from the routine somehow? Not really liking that yellow tutu either.
gourav Kumar
gourav Kumar - 个月 前
When they won India's got talent almost a decade ago, i watched them live winning. I am 20 now, so i was a child back then, and i can remember, i was supporting them.
When i heard about this group, i was thrilled to see how they are doing now, and ohh man, they didn't disappoint me 😭😭
Ms. Linda
Ms. Linda - 个月 前
Thst was great but kind of fell flat at the end. Mind you i cant do any of that but it wss good
marie esperance
marie esperance - 个月 前
🔥Amazing dog driving car in the loads
marie esperance
marie esperance - 个月 前
🔥Amazing dog driving car in the loads
marie esperance
marie esperance - 个月 前
🔥Amazing dog driving car in the loads
Geeta Sha
Geeta Sha - 个月 前
Heartly congratulations bhai
1thinkther4Iam - 个月 前
can't believe the fact that a telugu song was used in agt semifinals feeling kinda proud (rooting for you bad salsa hope you guys win!!)
SAGAR HIMA jhms Shiva
SAGAR HIMA jhms Shiva - 个月 前
తెలుగు వాళ్ళు ఎవరయినా ఉన్నారా??
Sahil Singh
Sahil Singh - 个月 前
Rayna Bananas
Rayna Bananas - 个月 前
love this format lol, just focuses on the performance, not the staged reactions of audience members and reactions of judges. PLEASE KEEP THIS FORMAT
Paisley Dawn
Paisley Dawn - 个月 前
Ok...the title was very misleading
mohammed zakir
mohammed zakir - 个月 前
Telugu Song
Shaktimayee Behera
Shaktimayee Behera - 个月 前
wow it's unbelievable so fast, Go ahead guys ,we are with you
Sam Aj
Sam Aj - 个月 前
Allu Arjun fans like here
Krupa Rao
Krupa Rao - 个月 前
That song is from race gurram movie INDIA 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤️❤️❤️❤️
B+ve - 个月 前
Is that guy wearing Mask from Jim Carrey's movie The Mask?!?! :-D
Liz - 个月 前
You know thank god they were chosen for the finals because I think there would have been an uproar if they weren’t! The deserved it!
C - 个月 前
without a live audience this is still very entertaining
scruffy pup
scruffy pup - 个月 前
I love their act, their talent, their personalities. But they are starting to look like a one trick pony, meaning each act is not so different from the one's before it. All the music has the same beat and sound. Their moves and rhythms don't change much. There is no "story" to their dance. They try to cram in as many flips/twists/turns in as they can so that it has to be done so fast you can't really absorb the magic of it. They work hard, they're very talented but try to imagine a Vegas show with a couple hours of just what we've seen so far. Need more diversity in their programs. Like incorporate more dancers into their acts. I wish them well.
Carnage En
Carnage En - 个月 前
There are more talented than these dancers in India but they didn’t made it to that stage cause of fundings or you would’ve seen much better dancers from India
Arjun karthik
Arjun karthik - 个月 前
Telugu song on agt stage😱😱😱
Mohammed Faisal Ali Khan
This is the first time I didn't read comments while watched video 😂😂😂
Vineet Swaraj
Vineet Swaraj - 个月 前
I am proud to be an Indian 🇮🇳
Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta - 个月 前
Their dance isn't exciting anymore...
No doubt what they do is phenomenal but if you look at their performances from the early days, a lot of moves are repeated, wherever they go. If they truly want to become global stars and sustain it, then they have to keep reinventing themselves.
vikk Puri
vikk Puri - 个月 前
Captain DC
Captain DC - 个月 前
They are not human . They are super Saiyan . Mind-blowing dance 😁😁
chandni jain
chandni jain - 个月 前
I pray for the duo efforts
alfred cheng
alfred cheng - 个月 前
I feel like they would go so far if they were in World of dance
P ranati
P ranati - 个月 前
Proud to be odia