Peel and Eat Shrimp Race

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Today, we're joined by some of the Mythical Crew to see who can peel and eat shrimp the fastest. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1692
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持续时间: 08:45


Kaitlyn Foerster
Kaitlyn Foerster - 23 天 前
this made me want shrimp so bad... but I'm allergic to shellfish D:
Mrs.Man - 个月 前
She look like doja cat
Cait H
Cait H - 个月 前
There is a technique to this. My husband has made sure I’m damn good at it. I could do that whole bucket in about three minutes. They’d have had an easier time if they could have had a little knife.
Bebe. xo
Bebe. xo - 个月 前
Rhett has beautiful hair ❤️
Jennifer Satow
Jennifer Satow - 个月 前
Keallei - 个月 前
3:44 “ohhhhh I just dont like the doodoo string”
Quiver - 个月 前
Was that an i dip you dip jonas aden reference?
Elle Johnson
Elle Johnson - 个月 前
they would be such a cute couple
Jesse Ausling
Jesse Ausling - 个月 前
What's the chicks @
henery slayzack
henery slayzack - 个月 前
can i get a hat for my jellyfish since you guys have everything in between??? that ray ray life though
snow ghost247
snow ghost247 - 个月 前
Idk who that dude is but he's kind of a cry baby
Makenzie Wilson
Makenzie Wilson - 个月 前
Jennifer - 个月 前
I just read you left the faith. I pray that you will repent and return.
You two are so funny and you can still be both. Easily.
XLSwiftEditz - 个月 前
Hey I've been looking for some gmm merch to throw on my crocodile can you make some please???

😂😂🤣 Jk
RobinFlysHigh - 个月 前
5:59 You're breathtaking, no you're breathtaking
Fatma Hassan
Fatma Hassan - 个月 前
If it was me I would have finished the pucket in time
Misrupt - 个月 前
Is this a new torture method?
Jose Luis Castaneda
Jose Luis Castaneda - 个月 前
6:25 OK. What happened in Rhett's bucket?
Z P - 个月 前
Shrimpin ain’t easy
Ryan Rey
Ryan Rey - 个月 前
🎵Stop. Don't touch that thing. That is my doo Doo string.
Bailey Angus
Bailey Angus - 个月 前
dan pascal
dan pascal - 个月 前
She swallowed that shrimp down!😆
Justin Johnson
Justin Johnson - 个月 前
Could only imagine the HR nightmare with not telling people theirs shellfish
pairsRoyale - 个月 前
4:03 Longest 2 seconds ever.
Sophia Dwyer
Sophia Dwyer - 个月 前
low key da dip reference at 2:33
A. Random
A. Random - 个月 前
so are these guys former NASCAR drivers
TexanGirl Girl
TexanGirl Girl - 个月 前
They both look rough
Madeline Garber
Madeline Garber - 个月 前
I don’t like the do do string either.
HVAC with Greg
HVAC with Greg - 个月 前
OMG its the red lobster girl and joes crab shack guy
PhilPro6002 - 个月 前
U got fish stuff?????
JWGFoto - 个月 前
Something is not Kosher here...
debido2u - 个月 前
Ooooohhhhh I don’t like the doo doo string either🍤
Timothy Svirbly
Timothy Svirbly - 个月 前
I dont peel shrimp, I just dip 'em in cocktail sauce and crunch down on 'em
bye2youtube 4ever
bye2youtube 4ever - 个月 前
forget these shrimp LJS does shrimp right deep fried no heads
Tylor Wendt
Tylor Wendt - 个月 前
I have been to the mythical website. I would ask how you guys sleep at night charging that much per month, but given your behavior on camera, I can guess Rhett sleeps on a feather bed and Link sleeps on the mattress he had in college. Still loving the chemistry.
Declan Veitch
Declan Veitch - 个月 前
Woo! Link won a game!
live2 dabble
live2 dabble - 个月 前
"Your doing great!" Lol
Briana - 个月 前
rhett realizing his bib was on wrong-
alexander cubillo
alexander cubillo - 个月 前
Shwartz is funny
Queenofwheels - 个月 前
Why are they wearing bibs?
Minh Guin
Minh Guin - 个月 前
0:25 _everything in between_ huh?

For *Nina Tucker*?
Jake Lockwood
Jake Lockwood - 个月 前
Mam, my family puts away literal kilos of prawns and seafood and ask for more.
Cfrenchyz - 个月 前
I am allergic to shellfish and work at Red Lobster. I don’t know either lol
Trent Voss
Trent Voss - 个月 前
I don’t know who she is but I’m in love!!!! So damn pretty!!!!!😍
HellSpartan Z
HellSpartan Z - 个月 前
they're called prawns
let's just set the record straight
Jay Rah
Jay Rah - 个月 前
Doo doo string!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yakisoba Dreams
Yakisoba Dreams - 个月 前
The rumours are true. I was entertained.
Alit Firdaus
Alit Firdaus - 个月 前
When my girlfriend says she's pregnant 3:03
Amanda J
Amanda J - 个月 前
“Gimme the doo doo string!” Needs to be a t shirt!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Stuart Turner
Stuart Turner - 个月 前
Team doo doo strip
Nicole Noel
Nicole Noel - 个月 前
InkedMommy MC
InkedMommy MC - 个月 前
Please tell me I am not the only one who also sang "GIMME THAT DO-DO SHRIMP" right after she did!!!
Jaylene Simmons
Jaylene Simmons - 个月 前
‘ I Love This Show & Them My Boyfriend Put Me On To Them Every Since Then We Watch It Together Every Morning 💞’
Jay Diemert
Jay Diemert - 个月 前
She is so hot. I loves me a redhead.
ilikenothingtoo - 个月 前
She looks like a Bratz doll.
Arielle Maya Ali
Arielle Maya Ali - 个月 前
The way he says doo doo 😂
Leo Sun
Leo Sun - 个月 前
Josh J
Josh J - 个月 前
The wheel needs some new panels.
kthnx s
kthnx s - 个月 前
Dan Illahi
Dan Illahi - 个月 前
Kinda looks like the children of Wendy and KFC!
Rick Murillo
Rick Murillo - 个月 前
$30 is weak for a channel this big over at Good mythical morning
Esplicticz Music
Esplicticz Music - 个月 前
U guys look so older now since I watched u last!! Like 3 years ago!! 😆😆
Zain Khaled
Zain Khaled - 个月 前
Esplicticz Music but they look more good now
seba - 个月 前
this is how you get allergies
Trevor McClung
Trevor McClung - 个月 前
She's amazing and should be way way way more famous
DrunkenChutney - 个月 前
The dislikes are from Bob Belcher.
KJN - 个月 前
Yay, Link won something!
orange juice :?
orange juice :? - 个月 前
So old been a while
Cassie Simpson
Cassie Simpson - 个月 前
She looks so cute like that damn
mionicman - 个月 前
I miss Jordan. Is he still at Mythical?
Cody Hiatt
Cody Hiatt - 个月 前
He left to work for a Disney+ show
Gerhard vd Watt
Gerhard vd Watt - 个月 前
After seeing what Link does with a chicken wing, I had NO doubt he would demolish the competition.
Myria Connet
Myria Connet - 个月 前
loved this episode, but now I want seafood
eatlocalhoney - 个月 前
Where my Sluggs at? 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Frig Off
Frig Off - 个月 前
They're bugs! blarf no thanks
Super Nintendo Chalmers
Emily's thinking... 'Why are you wasting are those perfectly good doo-doo strips!?!?" 😓
deandr13 - 个月 前
Rhett: *while running fingers through hair* "I did clean my hands."
This Name Is Taken
This Name Is Taken - 个月 前
I really love Emily’s makeup
Blatty26 - 个月 前
She is literally the most attractive woman on the planet
Abraxas - 个月 前
4:35 Starts here
Eryka No Badu
Eryka No Badu - 个月 前
"I dip... You dip, we dip."
Madison Haynes
Madison Haynes - 个月 前
I got the lost causes of bleak creek for Christmas