OnePlus 8T Unboxing - The New OnePlus Flagship

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The OnePlus 8T expands the OnePlus smartphone product lineup with a flagship level spec sheet. SnapDragon 865, 4500 mAh battery, 65 Watt charge etc.
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NICOLAS 。 - 11 小时 前
我从中国来的,说实话,我第一次听到one plus手机品牌的时候,我以为这是一个欧洲品牌,但我一直没有去了解过。直到今年准备换新手机才在YouTube里经常看各种手机的评测,这才直到一加手机原来是中国品牌,而且这个牌子在中国几乎没有人知道,我是真的在中国没听过这个牌子。不得不说这个厂商的战略眼光确实牛逼!!一加手机能被外国人这么肯定,说明他真的厉害了,他已经成功了!
Adil Koka 15
Adil Koka 15 - 13 小时 前
17:45 when you hate your own way of talking!!
Love it 😌
ansh only
ansh only - 天 前
what about the environment lew!!! I'm not saying to exclude the "charging brick", but at least, so much of waste!!! this is despicable.
expected from you lew to focus@ environment aspects as wll.
ATS Support
ATS Support - 2 天 前
I always have accidental touch on curved displays
angelo crisostomo
angelo crisostomo - 2 天 前
Everything With Anirudha
Views going👇
crisfher2020 - 3 天 前
I can't believe iPhone 12 still 4 GB RAM 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ android its the best
Nathan - 4 天 前
No one is gonna buy the phone as it is way too pricey. For me, I'm going for American tech or Japanese tech or European tech (Nokia might comeback). Although it's good on the hardware, can't forgive it in my soul that very underage people are building these phones in China. I'm not saying that this true about them nor that I am saying that American and Japanese don't do this. I am saying as a fact that china do have these places and there is proof of this type of place exist. Say what you will, I'll be happy to read your comments. If you are against this comment, cool.
madhur goel
madhur goel - 4 天 前
Watching this on my Oneplus 8t. Full value for money.
aidan Stenson
aidan Stenson - 4 天 前
I wish more manufacturers adopted metallic aluminum bodies, the best feeling and looking phone I ever had was the HTC 10 which had an aluminum body, grooved power button, and chamfered edges, now that phone looked and felt great
The camera in this phone is really bad. I have this phone now, I compared it to my old oneplus 3 and my old phone taking way more detailed photos with better colors (same results with gcam).
Aseged Woldeselassie
Aseged Woldeselassie - 5 天 前 yeah rebels for $800? what are you rebelling against anymore? One plus has become the very thing they are rebelling against.
Norm Tucker
Norm Tucker - 5 天 前
This phone would honestly satisfy me it's so much better than what I'm using
jay1daman - 6 天 前
Dude.. where do you get your hats from!?
shaistha ameena
shaistha ameena - 6 天 前
He is showing off
Beauty Neytiri
Beauty Neytiri - 7 天 前
also i really wanna say, overall i really find you the best tech youtuber out there !
your personality is just so nice, never a bad joke, never cocky or arrogant in any way...
ofcourse there are many other tech tubers who arent cocky or arrogant but for some reason i enjoy your channels the most !
Beauty Neytiri
Beauty Neytiri - 7 天 前
i feel like i really wanna buiy this one but i'm afraid it will be a mistake...
so many people said the oneplus nord is great but its incredibly bad so now i feel like No dont fool yourself anymore, go for the 8 pro... but that one is so huge and also the thick camera bump on the back, i'm not a fan of all that...
its such a shame that if you want a great phone you MUST go for the biggest one...
i still have a oneplus 7 pro which is perfect for me so lew, can you please tell me if this oneplus 8T is at least as good as that one ? when it comes to the camera's especially ?
Julian Edison
Julian Edison - 7 天 前
Nix Briones
Nix Briones - 7 天 前
Damn that fast charge! Out of this world! Oneplus is the best value for money!
Kori Elle
Kori Elle - 8 天 前
You should start showing the camera in the dark and how it shows because I have the 7t and the camera in any type of darkness looks like when you're wasted in gta
De Kelsey
De Kelsey - 8 天 前
not doing finger print or face recognition. regulare pass code
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez - 8 天 前
Watching this on a OnePlus 6T
Vincent Fernandez
Vincent Fernandez - 8 天 前
Talk about not giving a hoot about green? That packaging is about one plus one tree…
Serena Sturdivant
Serena Sturdivant - 8 天 前
Does it work with the galaxy watch active ?
omg!!! i just can’t believe,i can’t believe this amazing hacker omg!! @omegahacker4th i know you are anonymous but i love you.
thank you i’d have lost my job due to those document on my iCloud and Facebook the if not for you i promise to tell people about you please go check out @omegahacker4th on Instagram you won’t regret
H. Michael Heuser
H. Michael Heuser - 9 天 前
My 7T had an issue with compressing videos and sending via apps like WhatsApp. It made sharing videos worthless. Is this still an issue on the 8T and 8 Pro?
Jackson Donderwinkel
Jackson Donderwinkel - 9 天 前
What phone do you use
PUBG S0LD13R - 9 天 前
Absolutely love OnePlus been using the 7pro for about year and not bored of it😍
Yong Kwok Hong
Yong Kwok Hong - 9 天 前
120hz refresh😁 iPhone 12 sucks
Daniela Manole
Daniela Manole - 9 天 前
One Plus is the new iPhone. Change my mind!
Angel2013 ujum
Angel2013 ujum - 10 天 前
Oneplus 7pro best ever I still using mine
Luke S.
Luke S. - 10 天 前
8t or s20 fe i cant decide
fbsuriken - 10 天 前
4500mah 😭😭😂😂☠️☠️☠️
more of less
more of less - 11 天 前
After watching this video I feel that iPhones are just hype after the times of Steve Jobs
Jeremy P
Jeremy P - 11 天 前
This or Pixel 4a 5g?
This camera isn't even in the same weight class as pixel's, but that display & performance...
Kristian Marc Albos
Kristian Marc Albos - 11 天 前
Can you unlock the phone with fingerprint with the screen off ?
kevin cordeau
kevin cordeau - 11 天 前
just got my OnePlus 8T+ :)
altasgames - 13 天 前
Well i have buyed today te oneplus 8t i swear this phone is even better then mine msi gaming laptop
RUMPPLE - 14 天 前
Awesome video. I wish someone would come out with an aesthetic UI..tired of the ugly layout of android..I want something pretty
Diax - 14 天 前
I already regret buying iphone 12
Hrold Expression
Hrold Expression - 15 天 前
I love watching phone that i can't buy 🙂
Richie - 15 天 前
Can you do an update on what you think about it after a while of using it
Deathbatman 6615
Deathbatman 6615 - 15 天 前
Anyone who has this phone, how do you feel about it
Jan Matejka
Jan Matejka - 15 天 前
I have a somewhat specific request and I need advice.
I need a phone with an excellent camera (main) and above all with the fastest possible picture. That is, with minimal post-processing.
I will be using a company application to take pictures, so I need the camera not to depend on the application itself for image quality.
The price does not matter, but ideally it should be an android phone. This is not a technical limitation, but rather a personal preference.
Thank you in advance for any suggestions or recommendations.
Karthikeyan Ragupathy
Karthikeyan Ragupathy - 15 天 前
5:35 ur welcome.
Hanay Gonçalo
Hanay Gonçalo - 17 天 前
Is this the Chinese Version with Global rom?
JL Son
JL Son - 17 天 前
I'm watching this on my one plus 7 pro.
Lemme tell u this phone has been through a lot. It got launched off the windshield wiper of my car going 40mph. And it survived! Not a crack!!! It has Fallen face forward lots of times and not broken!! Am I interested in this one. Nahh this 7 plus does the job. My comment isn't to sell u the 7pro or a don't get the 8t. On the contrary get it! These phones can take it!!! They last!
Ryan Boyd
Ryan Boyd - 18 天 前
Apple: "yeah we reduced packaging to help with the environment"
OnePlus: "we need 15 separate boxes so it feels like Christmas. Try to make forests actually cry."
Un Known
Un Known - 19 天 前
When will the OnePlus Buds Z Steven Harrington Edition launch in India and at what price will it be available???
Ana Marlene Oliveira
Ana Marlene Oliveira - 19 天 前
Se eu ganhasse um😍
vSLAYERv - 20 天 前
You are a god damn good sells man! You really should go work for one of these phone companies.
Jermzzz - 20 天 前
Love Tech So Skipping Food To bye it Am I psycho?😂
Salaï Milalaï Desource
Did you order it like that?
Anthony Phung
Anthony Phung - 20 天 前
Also: That’s a *thicc* guide😂
Macumazahn - 21 天 前
The book was meant for people over 10feet tall....
Travis Wirth
Travis Wirth - 21 天 前
1+ 8T: exists
Claude Cadman
Claude Cadman - 21 天 前
The box is so big
Upset Upset
Upset Upset - 21 天 前
I have this phone now, it's awesome :D
Ranjeet Singh
Ranjeet Singh - 21 天 前
Don't you think it's longer duration video but o swere its worth watching love ❤️ u lew
Kabir Dhaliwal
Kabir Dhaliwal - 21 天 前
OnePlus is a very respectable brand
Zman - 21 天 前
I dont get the dislikes
D Zulcic
D Zulcic - 22 天 前
Almost fail to sleep
Suvitha Subra
Suvitha Subra - 22 天 前
Camera ROCKS!
Soviet Spy
Soviet Spy - 23 天 前
Damn i have to choose between getting a samsung galaxy s10 plus or a oneplus 8t witch one should i get
Vikhyat Sharma
Vikhyat Sharma - 23 天 前
This is what happens when Lew think it was Lee later video instead of Unbox Therapy
Andrei Rusu
Andrei Rusu - 23 天 前
oneplus 8t , Samsung S20 FE sau Xiaomi mi10 T pro ????? help me
valentine Iro
valentine Iro - 23 天 前
Anytime you feel like giving away one of your former daily driver, I am always available.
Sue Spencer
Sue Spencer - 23 天 前
Lew takes 24 mins and 40 seconds to open the box.
Meanwhile: Jerry takes 5 mins and 33 seconds to take apart the freakin phone.
Johnsc11904 - 23 天 前
As much as we pay we should all get a box like that.
Prince Geminite
Prince Geminite - 24 天 前
But.....Can it Run one particular Game at 90 FPS??
Joris Griffioen
Joris Griffioen - 24 天 前
Wow the audio in the video recording demo is super crappy, is that really what it's like or an issue with levels while importing it into your video?
林斯铖 - 24 天 前
please take oneplus 8t cyberpunk version unboxing video
Dalton334 - 25 天 前
I think this thing will be a massive success
Prudvinath gutta
Prudvinath gutta - 25 天 前
try realme narzo 20 pro. it has 65w charger at a price of approx 220 usd.
Mustafa Can Özçelik
Mustafa Can Özçelik - 25 天 前
Apple fans be like: but does it have the apple logo? No? Okay then iphone it is
I only want one for the emote
Sahil Parvez
Sahil Parvez - 25 天 前
cyan sus
Nautankisala_2109 Official
I am looking to buy a great camera phone.. n i am a one plus user I hve one plus 3t .... Now I want to upgrade which phone should I buy ? One plus 7t ? Or 8t ?? Do help me out.
Cerotis Mono
Cerotis Mono - 25 天 前
Unbox the Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition!
Keoki Ah Lo
Keoki Ah Lo - 25 天 前
Too long. Weird angle that makes things look extra 'long'. Just not feelin the production quality lately. Seems very, meh.
The phone on the other hand looks amazing. If only everyone got that media box treatment. Can't believe Apple is taking everything out can away while mfg's like OnePlus put as much as they can in the box.
John Doe
John Doe - 26 天 前
Love it, got the iphone 12 but think I'd be more happy with this. Came from oneplus 7 pro and latest updates gave it crap battery life, like 4 hours SOT. Im worried about all the oneplus phones lineups, I dont think updates will come as fast anymore.
Lエネ - 27 天 前
3 more months Oneplus 9 will be out. Skipping this 8T for sure.
ScuubZ - 27 天 前 8T Pro? That mean no more McLaren? Big oof for me 😭
leotheewiz - 27 天 前
Do you know anyone that's done a review on the OnePlus 8 chatbots feature
dlSense - 27 天 前
And no charger on iPhone 12😐
Dope Gaming
Dope Gaming - 27 天 前
I just bought a oneplus 7t just 8 months ago 🙂
Charly contreras
Charly contreras - 26 天 前
I just changed that phone today .... I have 8t now, but no big difference . 7t rocks 8)
Insanbakti Amerul
Insanbakti Amerul - 27 天 前
7:55 what a bed time story tonight?
tejas tomar
tejas tomar - 27 天 前
Watching this on my OnePlus 8T....
tejas tomar
tejas tomar - 26 天 前
Battery life is very bad....performance wise it's good
Xxterix - 27 天 前
Is it worth it I have iPhone XR
Abbas Gamer
Abbas Gamer - 27 天 前
Question is do i get the same unboxing experince if i order this pbone or is it just lew special box
Shawnee Cenicero
Shawnee Cenicero - 28 天 前
simon - 28 天 前
30 mins of nothing to get time baited cash
Alik JustF2O
Alik JustF2O - 28 天 前
Aqua Marine.
Now where did I heard this names before?
Yvonne Tolentino
Yvonne Tolentino - 28 天 前
This phone has more RAM than my computer.
Ray Sharry
Ray Sharry - 28 天 前
Damn crook
RBR23 - 29 天 前
Samsung: Here is the crap - S20 FE
Oneplus: Here is the crap - Oneplus 8T.
Group 1(100 comments): Oneplus 100$ cheaper in my country. So oneplus is the value.
Group 2 (100 Comments): Samsung 70$ cheaper in my country. So S20FE is the value.
Samsung & Oneplus: Hold my beer. Let's move on to next crap.
RBR23 - 26 天 前
@Xxterix these phones displays got issues. They supply the same to oneplus models and oppo find x2 pro. So won't suggest any of these.
Xxterix - 27 天 前
What phone do u suggest
Anshid Anu
Anshid Anu - 29 天 前
Watching on my new 8t
Foster R Brown
Foster R Brown - 29 天 前
Definitely will upgrade from the 8 to the 8T. Did not care for camera module in middle of phone on the 8.
Foster R Brown
Foster R Brown - 28 天 前
@Neel Mukherjee Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully, T-mobile will continue to carry OnePlus devices.
Neel Mukherjee
Neel Mukherjee - 28 天 前
you don't need to upgrade now to the 8T, the oneplus 8 is pretty good and only 6 month old, you should wait for the 9 or 9 pro they are coming in a few months
Archer - 29 天 前
One plus: let's put a 65w adapter so the user will have a fast charging experience!
apple: you know what let's skip that.