Chelsea's Most Devastating Counter Attacks

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Take a look back at some of the deadliest counter attacks in Chelsea history. Let us know which one was your favourite.
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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.
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I still miss Oscar Diago Costa fabragas Pedro and willan
Seyi Adekola
Seyi Adekola - 3 天 前
man city regular customer 🙏🏾🙂
Walal Zaki
Walal Zaki - 3 天 前
Torress on fire
Morinke Kerika
Morinke Kerika - 5 天 前
Hazard willian pedro those guys were fast
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Gusti Ridwansyah
Gusti Ridwansyah - 9 天 前
Torres is the legend of the calm player
Łukasz Bagiński
Łukasz Bagiński - 9 天 前
5:58 Donald Trump
Ilham Setiawan
Ilham Setiawan - 9 天 前
Mount cant do this
Ilham Setiawan
Ilham Setiawan - 9 天 前
Mount cant do this
william joviano
william joviano - 11 天 前
Parkir bis cacad
Imam HRP
Imam HRP - 11 天 前
-Angga - 11 天 前
Somehow, Torres finish against Barca's worth more than 50M.
hazard you is the best memoeries
NotTheRealDonaldTrump - 13 天 前
The counterattack is the most exciting form of attack. Its why we watch the game
Wilbert Nyamutamba
Wilbert Nyamutamba - 15 天 前
We are on point, very soon we will be seeing most our
goals coming from counter attacks again.
Willian is one of the most entertaining Chelsea FC footballers ever!!!
Kee Hauw
Kee Hauw - 18 天 前
jose mou who built his chealse identity to this day, is the team with deadly counter attacks. Unfortunately you guys betrayed Jose
farid hamzah
farid hamzah - 19 天 前
Welcome home hazard
vivek limbu
vivek limbu - 19 天 前
Torres was the best for me.. ❤idc if he is the club legend Or not but he was the best guy back in those days💙once a blue always a blue💙
Wong Gaga Tv
Wong Gaga Tv - 20 天 前
Torres 😎
Random Guy
Random Guy - 23 天 前
I tear up every time i see that torres goal what a moment
Ohene Rexford
Ohene Rexford - 23 天 前
Credit to Samsung
Zech Films
Zech Films - 23 天 前
Those were the days because now we can’t even attack to talk of counter attack lol
Kovic - 25 天 前 send Chelsea to the final on the champions league..!!!
Thanx you Torres
Rwa 2017
Rwa 2017 - 26 天 前
Willian absolutely the best winger on chelsea in counter attack mode, understand why moh salah is the second option at that time
C esa R
C esa R - 27 天 前
a month after this video was posted, we saw another devastating counter attack against city, this time from captain America.
Augustus Hanan Villarama Ramos
I wonder why did Barcelona left slow and aerially good Puyol alone in that stage.
A quick and smaller fullback is much more reasonable, so that they got some big presence in the opposite box
mogbaba - 29 天 前
1:58 Chelsea was lucky that there was no VAR at that time, because Torres was in offside.
Nana walya
Nana walya - 29 天 前
These days chelsea will produce a counter attack and in the end you'll find the ball with kepa.
Munguci Godfrey
Munguci Godfrey - 个月 前
Chelsea is the only team which can entertain me
Xeo Fela
Xeo Fela - 个月 前
chelsea is back with these counter attacks with Werner,Ziyech,Puliisic and Havertz
Fernando Gonata
Fernando Gonata - 个月 前
i miss hazard and costa presence :(
Adam Lorentz
Adam Lorentz - 个月 前
Never really realized how fast Willian was after watching this video.
michael Nganga
michael Nganga - 个月 前
I still hate Conte for letting deigo go
Chipemmi Lungleng
Chipemmi Lungleng - 个月 前
I don't like this two commentary
Shreya Chatterjee
Shreya Chatterjee - 个月 前
Every single time I watch Torres' goal and I tear up in pride. Down to 10 men and being the underdog while facing Barcelona and yet, we were magnificent! It just feels so good coming back to the goals from time to time.
Meizu M6T
Meizu M6T - 个月 前
Torres itu semacam jimatnya Chelsea ya...
Kukilun Baite
Kukilun Baite - 个月 前
Wait where's Robben counter???
Lampard need counter attack football now
rifky trishaad
rifky trishaad - 个月 前
We don't have anymore a player who would run from our box side for conceded a goal like Willian
mahdi haidari
mahdi haidari - 个月 前
Bring the Diago Costa back 😔💙
Wisnu Aji
Wisnu Aji - 个月 前
Willian vs Brighton tiki Taka
Asha Prayoga
Asha Prayoga - 个月 前
F. Torres vs barca
joshua adol
joshua adol - 个月 前
I miss torres. The famous counter attack at Camp nou. So painful l
Odiljon Muratov
Odiljon Muratov - 个月 前
When Coach is Conte!!! 2016-2017 Chelsea 👍Counter Attacks
Honest Msangi
Honest Msangi - 个月 前
Fun Hum
Fun Hum - 个月 前
Hazard and Willian were the Gods of counter attack in Chelsea..
Jentera Borneo Official
F. Torees ❤
Joana Fernandes
Joana Fernandes - 个月 前
most of them coming under the management of ANTONIO CONTE
VINCENT C - 个月 前
8:40 the rarest goal of all....Alvaro Morata goal and he almost managed to miss this sitter as well...also easily the best 3rd kit of the past decade. How can they get it so right one year and so wrong another
Kay Adusah
Kay Adusah - 个月 前
Ah the good old days
Fadil Jo
Fadil Jo - 个月 前
Liverpool Fan here. When Torres scored against Barcelona, I was so happy for him. First because I hate Barcelona and also cause I still kinda liked him.
Bata-llion HZ
Bata-llion HZ - 个月 前
Chelsea's Most Devastating Counter Attacks more like torres best counter attacks
BABU J TV - 个月 前
this is chelsea viva chelsea
ousman jasseh
ousman jasseh - 个月 前
Who else didn’t want hazard to leave the prem😭
Kamaldeen Musa
Kamaldeen Musa - 个月 前
TBH william was at his best when hazard and costa was still at the club
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne - 个月 前
Where's that Hazard solo against Arsenal..
Luis Felipe Guerrero Ruiz
Sometimes you forget how much Costa had an amazing pass on him.
Waleed Judeh
Waleed Judeh - 个月 前
Were coming for you bayern ur dead meat!!
Jaejun Your higness
Jaejun Your higness - 个月 前
The jazz in the background makes this montage even more classy
FakeJake JJ
FakeJake JJ - 个月 前
Fernando Torres is the face of counter attacking football... Change my mind
Celestine Lepcha
Celestine Lepcha - 个月 前
Times when Torres was still great
Ryan Gollihar
Ryan Gollihar - 个月 前
Blake Behrends
Blake Behrends - 个月 前
The Torres vs Man City, seconds before the 90:00 was the best counter attack Chelsea has ever seen. Why skip it?
ChrisBlackandGold - 个月 前
John Spencer Austria Vienna 1994 (10 years before they where formed)
Hassan Miah
Hassan Miah - 个月 前
Duff was my favourite cos for me the best counter attacks are ones that are quicker than the eye can see
SA Junkie
SA Junkie - 个月 前
We will be seeing and hearing allot more of these in the upcoming future up the lampard project💙
Tyrone Codner
Tyrone Codner - 个月 前
Anyone else realized whenever that commentator speaks he loses his voice.🤔😂
Dr. Dre
Dr. Dre - 个月 前
Willian is king
Timur Nuriev
Timur Nuriev - 个月 前
Qarakendegi Chelsi fanatlari bolsa 👍like
Ben Talks Football
Ben Talks Football - 个月 前
why is it called devastating
Snake John
Snake John - 个月 前
I miss gary neville moaning
Alfiansyah Wijaya
Alfiansyah Wijaya - 个月 前
"Deadly counter attack! Typical Chelsea!"
Gie Deri
Gie Deri - 个月 前
Paling joss tetep pas lawan barcelona ng final leg 2. Mantap sekaliiiiiiihhhh
100% not a turkey sanwich
Drogba is love drogba is life 🔵🔷🔵🔷🔵🔷
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh - 个月 前
Torres 🙌🙌
Woody CFC
Woody CFC - 个月 前
Torres in the Nou Camp wins everytime
breadboy26 - 个月 前
We just bought chillwell and Willian ripped him a new one makes really nervous bought he's alot better at defending now lol.
Joe Macklin
Joe Macklin - 个月 前
Yeah, we shouldn't have sold Willian..
Rian Carolino
Rian Carolino - 个月 前
Willian 🥺💙
williams mbachu
williams mbachu - 个月 前
Let’s be honest this is not the first time you’ve been here...
Peter Kiruthu
Peter Kiruthu - 个月 前
Who else remember Torres
Sadiq Naassib
Sadiq Naassib - 2 个月 前
Fernando Torres is love💕
Sebastian Munoz Borja
Sebastian Munoz Borja - 2 个月 前
I don´t care what people say, I consider that Torres was a success at Chelsea
Bimosakti Sabili M
Bimosakti Sabili M - 2 个月 前
I never knew Chelsea had a scottish commentators lol
Chukwuebuka Odikaesieme
Chukwuebuka Odikaesieme - 2 个月 前
I miss Chelsea goals like this
Irham Muhamad Rizki
Irham Muhamad Rizki - 2 个月 前
so good 😭
Real Snow
Real Snow - 2 个月 前
Torres is the king of counter attack
Gideon Ndung'u
Gideon Ndung'u - 2 个月 前
FT9 against UEFALONA will always be my best
Bass Eyire
Bass Eyire - 2 个月 前
I miss Hazard 😔
Eriq Munene
Eriq Munene - 2 个月 前
I have a feeling we will see many of this 20/21
Rahul Raphael Kanekar
Rahul Raphael Kanekar - 2 个月 前
Is that the music from Ocean's 11???
Chachu Lemeleny
Chachu Lemeleny - 2 个月 前
Wow love 😍
Prince Etu
Prince Etu - 2 个月 前
That Torres much class...that first touch...sauce.
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson - 2 个月 前
I miss the roaring of the fans in present day football.
I just pray this virus goes away completely so we can get our normal life back.
Cöke XD
Cöke XD - 2 个月 前
I am gonna miss willian he is going to arsenal😓😓
Cöke XD
Cöke XD - 2 个月 前
I can't under that torres one in the ucl semi final
RazWan - 2 个月 前
This is what you guys looking for 0:50
Josh Exlcu
Josh Exlcu - 2 个月 前
MORATA is in the middle and Willan didn't need him
cck.l - 2 个月 前
I saw lost of good player in this video,I miss all of them