201018 RedVelvet | Psycho + Bad Boy + Umpah Umpah | 2020 Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert

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2020.10.18 2020 Gangnam Festival K-Pop Concert
RedVelvet(레드벨벳) Song List
00:00 Psycho
04:47 Bad Boy
08:15 MC Time
10:16 Umpah Umpah
持续时间: 13:56


Sovia A
Sovia A - 2 天 前
Wendy ny masih sakit ya jadi gk tampil
Corillo, Laurence John
at 00:26 I hope you noticed that too.
wein panda
wein panda - 4 天 前
Is this pre recorded? It seems like it. Someone tell me if it is or not
Sofia Jimenez
Sofia Jimenez - 4 天 前
They did so amazing despite everything going on. The camera production did such a mediocre work with RV, and also Itzy.
bolu panas
bolu panas - 4 天 前
Seulgi tambah cantiikk
Kel - 4 天 前
REMEMBER the dresses they gave to red velvet during red flavor and peek a boo
Emmy Lee
Emmy Lee - 6 天 前
They look pissed off or annoyed.
edit song
edit song - 6 天 前
dar dar
dar dar - 6 天 前
I came here cuz' of Irene's scandal.
My Zepeto Lianna
My Zepeto Lianna - 6 天 前
Its so sad that wendy is not there
Amanda Nicole Urbano
Amanda Nicole Urbano - 6 天 前
sadddd, wendy's not here:((
Rebekkah Robles
Rebekkah Robles - 7 天 前
Red velvet dont really do lip singing. The part that seulgi covers Wendy's part goshh. Stan this talented queens.
anтнo cнaelιѕa
anтнo cнaelιѕa - 9 天 前
las amooooooooooooo :D
Wanieyy Haniss
Wanieyy Haniss - 9 天 前
I dont care how others think about irene,what I know is I will never stop support her and the members
Genesis Cruzado
Genesis Cruzado - 10 天 前
i love you red velvet
pink apple
pink apple - 10 天 前
Joy is very professional i stan rv 2018.. Joy had the most uncomfy outfit.. She had fireworks trauma. She had electrocuted before by her earpierce and yet still standing and go on with her job.. Because she dont wannt fans to disappoint her.. I love her..
leslie cordova
leslie cordova - 11 天 前
i think is will be better if wendy part is seulgi be, i think seulgi voice is better than yeri i think?
dlwlrma IU
dlwlrma IU - 12 天 前
Why is wendy is not there?
Jelai Lopez
Jelai Lopez - 13 天 前
Who dat who dat who dat boy👀
Purple Crown 97
Purple Crown 97 - 13 天 前
Luvies let's streaming Happiness too and get 100M we need 1,5M again. Let's give Red Velvet the honor of being first SM group to reach 100M from their MV debut!
LUNARIS - 15 天 前
Wait wheres the fifth Member? There are Five Right? Or am i being stupid here
RVRVRV - 7 天 前
Wendy is on a hiatus since last year because she's recovering from an injury.
bonnie samoieda
bonnie samoieda - 15 天 前
this intro hurt me
Yuan - 16 天 前
yeri seems to be the only one comfortable there.
Aron Galaxy
Aron Galaxy - 17 天 前
5:22 pervert cameraman
MJDhd - 18 天 前
Can i just ask wheres wendy / what happen to wendy? Idk what happen just asking
Namjingi's Girl
Namjingi's Girl - 19 天 前
ig im the only one missing wendy..
fontamillas Jay
fontamillas Jay - 19 天 前
Stop the hate. I don't see anything bad, it's just a little mistake. WHY THE HATERS ARE SO PERFECTIONIST HAHA AS IF YOU DON'T MAKE MISTAKES. LOL
Purple Crown 97
Purple Crown 97 - 19 天 前
Let's vote Red Velvet, Joy ost, and Psycho for SOTY in MAMA they deserve it! You can sign-in until 10 account in a server also 1 account for 1 vote/day. Let's make them winners this will give them strength after all that happened lately.https://mama.mwave.me/en/vote
Ana Belén Valarezo Castro
why are there only 4?
Shie may channel
Shie may channel - 20 天 前
I think for me Small mistake it's not a big deal. . .ayaw lang niya siguru magkamali sa performance nila or may madisgrasya
Angelika King
Angelika King - 20 天 前
Seriously, people y'all should stop hating on RV just because of Irene incident. Came here to say that no matter what happens I still support you girls. Hoping for an OT5 performance very soon ❤️
Ka wing chui
Ka wing chui - 21 天 前
jungle outsider
jungle outsider - 21 天 前
어린 나이에 못된 인성이 문제된 멤버가 빠진 상태인가요?...후배 연예인들이 아무리 갑질해도 전혀 문제가 없다는 사례로 남을까 심하게 우려스럽다..
Carolina Vaquero
Carolina Vaquero - 21 天 前
Syahaziqah Nasir
Syahaziqah Nasir - 21 天 前
Irene during psycho, seulgi during umpah umpah. The mic should've been secured properly ughh luckily the girls are professional, trying to fix it themselves
goo lee
goo lee - 21 天 前
슬기의 무대를 또 다시 볼 날을 기다려요💛💛💛💛💛
Cha fernanz
Cha fernanz - 21 天 前
They dont look happy perfoming on snake sbs but props to them for being professional :)
Their first and last performance of psycho happened in FVKNG SBS and SBS really had a guts to cut their performance!
SM should just boycott that shitty company seriously!
あリユウ - 21 天 前
Red velvet LOVE❤️
アイリーン LOVE❤️
F.J. C.M
F.J. C.M - 21 天 前
Hermosas como siempre pero es una lastima la situación de ellas y que no pudiera participar wendy
Alexia Thao
Alexia Thao - 21 天 前
Red velvet is already a 6 year old group wth.. why does it feel like they’re still a 2-3 year old group 😭😭
zcxxiao 3
zcxxiao 3 - 21 天 前
Joy I love you 💚💚💚💚💚
이에스더 - 21 天 前
진심 너무 안타깝다..멤버 한명때문에 통편집 되고 이제 누구 때문에 진짜 레드벨벳 망하면 안돼는데 걍 누구 빼고 제발 계속 아무 문제 없이 활동해주세요ㅠㅠ
Esdenka Q
Esdenka Q - 21 天 前
y porque wendy no esta
María Sibley
María Sibley - 21 天 前
i would have been mad as fck too if this happened to me. irene is such a pro.
bonaice de mole_
bonaice de mole_ - 21 天 前
irene, seulgi, joy, wendy and yeri :)
Emily T
Emily T - 22 天 前
Stylist fucked up. Her in ear falling off in the beginning of a 12 minute performance? Aside from the difficulty of performing without an in ear monitor, if she didn't catch it sooner, one of them could have stepped and injured themselves again. Knowing what happened to Wendy, they're probably 200 times more careful on stage. Who the hell wouldn't be pissed? A single accident can cost them the whole year as you can already see.
Should Irene have been more professional? Yeah, but it's one outburst in a SIX YEAR career (for good reason). And the ratio of people who have come to defend her both in and out of SM, being ready to risk their careers and lives (yes, lives, bc knetz are vicious) should be enough proof of how kindhearted Irene is. These people consist of those she's worked with for only a couple months and those up to 5 years. So you can decide if you want to believe someone who got to interact with her for a day over those who has worked with her for 5 years.
And if Irene really did have a history of this behaviour, people she's worked with - who know of this behaviour/have experienced it - should just be sitting at home, watching everyone else hate on her, but they're actually going through all this effort/risk just to defend her.
Idols lose their cool once in a restricted and so-invasively monitored career, and everyone wants to come end their career or give them death threats. The industry has so much to fix, and SM still doing nothing for their artists.
I'm not even gonna go into knetz double standards and sexism + the fishiness that is the stylist's history of doing this + the apparent recording of the whole incident, but yeah.
I hope the girls are staying healthy and doing better.
Yummy Yumms
Yummy Yumms - 5 天 前
@Stefane Santos Lima You forget that Sm is paying the stylist to do her job. She didn’t do her job, she gets the punishment. That’s how it works EVERYWHERE and the stylist is no exception. If Irene was bashed by the person who was supposed to do the job and got yelled at, then the stylist is still in hot water because her job was to properly style and care for the members. Irenes job is to be an idol that looks good and sells well, while being comfortable in her own skin to maintain her image. Irene is a representative for SM, and she makes money that way. Every idol does. She is also a leader, and should express concerns when there are there to the people doing the job. The stylist had gotten an apology before ALL of this when Irene had been busy with promotions, and couldn’t reach out to apologize personally. What did the stylist do then? She unprofessionally handled this incident by posting long (and exaggerated) claims of the incident (and if your going to disagree with this, then just be quiet and look at her post. Who writes that way unless it was a burst of emotions of shame and embarrassment. Irene is still in a higher position than her, and managed to maintain a proper apology the way idols have to. The stylist wanting a personal apology from Irene herself is not a long call, but the way she described it was as if she used her age to pressure Irene to “bow” to her. Personal apologies mean something else in Korea if there already was a sincere one from someone. It means the stylist wanted Irene to literally beg for apology in order to cover this up. This was clearly a matter of pride for the stylist because she said it herself). The end is that you can say whatever you want, or think whatever you want. Ignorant people will remain ignorant, if they are ignorant to your own problems, and don’t want to clear that up to do justice for yourself. You are right that the stylist would still be in trouble if roles reversed, but what about this scenario where Irene is still not supposed to be trouble that is happening in the present? Open your eyes, this industry is harsh. I explained how - if you want to play the fault game - Irene is not the problem here. I could go on and on just to prove this statement, which has nothing to do with proof of witness, but proof of emotion in what people said and how they reacted. The stylist was clearly in trouble, and because of her age and media support, she remains the most benefitted in this scenario. Where as, if it were reversed, the stylist would clearly deserve the trouble. But it won’t happen because Irene wouldn’t do that. No idol will. Have you ever heard of a case where the idol posts on social media without warning the agency of the mistreatment that happened once due to circumstances, so that they can simply get an apology? Heck no! Really, stop trying to encourage the people who genuinely think they can get away with saying fake stuff, and hating on people by making stuff up.
Stefane Santos Lima
Stefane Santos Lima - 19 天 前
None of this justifies, stop wiping something wrong if it was the other way around I'm sure you would have already killed the stylist
Wolf - 19 天 前
Dude the victim made it perfectly she wasn't the stylist for this event the incident happened after this date
Alive Human
Alive Human - 22 天 前
Red velvet is really a talented group
Magui C.M.
Magui C.M. - 22 天 前
Red Velvet is weird without Wendy... i love them a lot and i think they are very talented, but the lack of expression is a fact,even or not with the staff problems. Besides this, i´m proud of their vocal talent. They can easily replace Wendy´s parts and that´s pretty good. At "Umpah Umpah" they seemed much more comfortable
EmaChu Kawaii
EmaChu Kawaii - 22 天 前
TT I love Red Velvet, I wish u all the best as always. Guys don't forget everyday - to vote RV on MAMA (Mnet on twitter and Web) : song of the year, best female group, best ost JOY, best female dance perfomance, etc.
ashley nicole
ashley nicole - 22 天 前
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart - 22 天 前
Now everybody had to come here to get their RV fix
김수빈 - 23 天 前
ReVeLuVpH Q - 23 天 前
Damn sbs never learn!
kalfin setiawan
kalfin setiawan - 23 天 前
I miss wendy on the stage
kk44 - 23 天 前
Irene the snake 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Easter notbunny
Easter notbunny - 23 天 前
Im not trying to justify her, but we all have bad days, we yelled at ppl sometimes. It was wrong, yes, u cant treat ppl like shit. But ppl slip up, we lost control sometimes, and mostly, we make mistakes. So was Irene, it was wrong, it was a mistake. She made a mistake bcs she's a human, and she apologized. We need to stop acting like idols dont make mistake, that they have to be perfect 24/7.
흙오이 - 23 天 前
이날 조이 진짜예쁘다
_ Lee - choi _
_ Lee - choi _ - 23 天 前
Can anybody tell me where is wendy? Because I don't know what happened or why she is not even in this performence😕
Lio Swan Cullen
Lio Swan Cullen - 23 天 前
Wendy is missing? Why?
Majuan - 23 天 前
Left Irene
Lio Swan Cullen
Lio Swan Cullen - 23 天 前
A girl is missing right?
Lio Swan Cullen
Lio Swan Cullen - 23 天 前
Someone is missing right?
Dan Dangkl
Dan Dangkl - 23 天 前
Miss Wendy :(((
KL Duong
KL Duong - 23 天 前
Can't wait to have wendy come back
Leon Heart
Leon Heart - 23 天 前
Khadeejah AlFatih
Khadeejah AlFatih - 23 天 前
I hate the cameraman
moonbyulfan 246
moonbyulfan 246 - 24 天 前
I love this but where is Wendy????
This is vidio full thanks
My God
My God - 24 天 前
I wish red velvet won't attend any events on sbs
Sesilia Dewi
Sesilia Dewi - 24 天 前
Vote red velvet in mama 2020 ❤️
CHIN MIN YI Moe - 24 天 前
where is wendy i thought she recover edi not?
yam yam
yam yam - 24 天 前
Sad to see irene's face before the incident, she looks happy
My God
My God - 24 天 前
@yam yam No red velvet will back stronger than ever
yam yam
yam yam - 24 天 前
@My God so i feel sad to see😢
My God
My God - 24 天 前
This is before accident
QuiSeana Mack
QuiSeana Mack - 24 天 前
RV stylist must either be a pervert or they just hate joy, or both cause they always giving her clothes she visibly is uncomfortable in. Props to her for still doing her job despite her stylist being disgusting
bronzenrule - 24 天 前
In case you didn't know, this and other performances by Red Velvet at this event were edited out from the TV broadcast by SBS. SBS's excuse is that there wasn't enough time to fit them in, despite the fact that Red Velvet were the finale act of the event that day, meaning the main attraction, not to mention they're one of the top three biggest girl groups. This is just the latest insult to Red Velvet coming from SBS since late last year when SBS's negligence led to Wendy's accident.
SM also bears some of the blame for this because it never should've allowed Red Velvet to attend this SBS event in the first place, given not only SBS's role in Wendy's accident but its failure to take responsibility and sufficiently apologize for that accident.
AbiGail - 25 天 前
I really can't- I just want a red velvet comeback 🥺
VivaLaVida23 - 25 天 前
Miss Wendy so bad
I-DLE - 25 天 前
then l know that don't put any hope to sbs and sm🙃Never
screamy The dancer
screamy The dancer - 25 天 前
What happened to wendy
TheMooseLord - 25 天 前
Man none of the members look okay (as in something's not right/comfortable) Irene almost looks like she's in pain. Just to edit, just Joy even have safety shorts on? I'm never bothered by short outfits but she looks so damn uncomfortable.
Sergio Daniel Macias Ortiz
One moment this was recorded on October 18, the stylist who published the abuse said that the day of the incident was the 20th. What event did Red Velvet hold on the 20th?
남자탁용삼 - 25 天 前
Muthma Munir
Muthma Munir - 25 天 前
SBS 👎👎👎 stop bother RV, although I'm not a fans, RV and Tiffany was my reasons why I watched this at the time.
Beatrice Villanueva
Beatrice Villanueva - 4 天 前
Omg same lol
JJ ba
JJ ba - 25 天 前
SBS 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Alyssa Caca Aira Yaya
Alyssa Caca Aira Yaya - 25 天 前
Seulgiiiii 😍❣💜💜💜💜💜
L i
L i - 25 天 前
fck sbs for cutting this live perf the audacity after what they had done to wendy! Look sbs for ur info this the worst cameraworks so we don't care we already have this copy anyway
JJ ba
JJ ba - 25 天 前
Sbs is the worse !!!!!! The audacity and SM still send them there ???
Nita Suminarni
Nita Suminarni - 25 天 前
Semua orang tahu yang salah di pihak sbs ,selau saja idol SM yang jadi tameng kesalahan pihak lain,be strong and happy always support red velvet.
MUSIC Lover - 25 天 前
not just the ear receiver, i see Irene have to wine the wire and stuff, and stay has to maintain her performance expression and all, its hard for her
Kayda Mills
Kayda Mills - 11 天 前
@9945inyour area some I agree but irene had the most malfunctions and uncomfortable clothing but she kept it professional like other idols would. I do respect your opinion don't get me wrong.
9945inyour area
9945inyour area - 18 天 前
@Kayda Mills he was her stylist for photoshoot.also if she was the group stylist then wouldn't she mention the other members too since they would be probably also be there. But she didn't. she could say that they stood up to her or were bystander but she said nothing. Also the dates don't match this performance was on 18th while she scolded her on 20th.
Kayda Mills
Kayda Mills - 18 天 前
@9945inyour area if she Irene stylist that mean she's her stylist for her music videos and performances. And the it is the staff responsibility to put their mics on and all that other stuff
9945inyour area
9945inyour area - 25 天 前
but it was not the stylists fault on whom she yelled , she was only irene's photoshoot. also she said that she worked with Irene on 20th not 18th or 17th. so it was not her fault
Hilary Helena
Hilary Helena - 25 天 前
Removing them from your tv broadcast doesn't take away that this has almost 1m views with an almost year old song! You don't deserve Red Velvet.
JJ ba
JJ ba - 25 天 前
Is SM fault from sending them there after wendy accident due to their negligence
Dara Sokunmerdey
Dara Sokunmerdey - 25 天 前
Sbs u I can’t with you anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️
J H - 26 天 前
what did you do to my girls?!!
Linda Galan Laurel
Linda Galan Laurel - 26 天 前
jini channel¡¡¡¡¡¡
AxMsp - 26 天 前
wendy ???
selena azalea
selena azalea - 25 天 前
In dorm
김민식 - 26 天 前
오늘 SBS에서 방송한 거에선 통편집이 되었네 레벨이들
Vampire Goddess_M
Vampire Goddess_M - 26 天 前
You can clearly see how Joy is very uncomfortable with that short dress ☹️
차유리 - 26 天 前
We miss you wendy 💕💜💓🥺😓❤🙆‍♀️
Nisanur Yilmaz
Nisanur Yilmaz - 26 天 前
İrene I love you
stefan wjy
stefan wjy - 26 天 前
irene why you're so pretty???
Madeleine Jean Perez
Madeleine Jean Perez - 26 天 前
I miss wendy 😥
rani r
rani r - 27 天 前
I saw Irene holding IEM, and I know that makes her uncomfortable. The stylist should see this, even I suspect she's just exaggerating the facts.
박영민 - 27 天 前
슬기가 고생이 많다,,호호