Bill Gates makes a prediction about when coronavirus cases will peak

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Bill Gates, co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, weighs in on the coronavirus pandemic, saying the number of US cases has not yet peaked and the country won't likely be able to return to normal life by April. #CNN #News
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sandino420 - 2 小时 前
This is a software designer. He is not a medical doctor. Why take medical advice from him ....Sheep.
Small Caps
Small Caps - 3 小时 前
Why is Bill Gates an expert in the medical field?
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce - 7 小时 前
When did bill become a doctor?
viessletje 1
viessletje 1 - 10 小时 前
Lock this man up
Jason Deleon
Jason Deleon - 12 小时 前
none of Bill Gates vaccines have ever worked not one in fact they did the complete opposite in many cases
Jason Deleon
Jason Deleon - 12 小时 前
Bill Gates should be put in prison for the atrocities he's committed in India and in Africa with his vaccines
Mark Freedman
Mark Freedman - 13 小时 前
Get your NEW "Human Sausage" Blade Runner "REPLICANT" ( Phil Dick ) human form fellow Earthlings ! Bill G & friends at GAVI, Rockefeller F & Accenture want to vax u w Quantum Dot !
circusmime - 20 小时 前
James Rideout
James Rideout - 22 小时 前
Gary Mabs
Gary Mabs - 天 前
Duper's Delight $$$$$$$$$$
Eagle - 天 前
I’m just curious how many of the people complaining he is not a doctor would trust a doctor anyway?
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma - 天 前
i think we have a same degree for MBBS and Computer science .
schmotta schmotta
schmotta schmotta - 天 前
That is the fake Bill Gates double. Not creepy Gates himself.
Patricia Conde
Patricia Conde - 天 前
Dr. Gates got his license from the penny ad sack.
Michael Siciliano
Michael Siciliano - 天 前
Just a person
Just a person - 2 天 前
i love how the comment says blaming him like he made it because they dont want to admit that they dont listen to his warning that we were not ready.
Eagle - 天 前
Yeah I’m not sure what’s up with all the hate.
monmalin - 2 天 前
Those Free Masons like their number 33. He said the number of cases can grow by 33%
Aim k
Aim k - 2 天 前
He knows just like Fauci did when he said Pres.Trump would face a pandemic. Bunch of lying bastard! Dr. G always looks pissed like they have him by the balls. Vote Trump or you will see the fall of our great country . The elite tell us it's for our own good. the "new normal "Don't forget they caused this world to be like it is now. Social injustice, ect. They created it all. Pres. T is trying not only to make America great again but saving us from Socialist- Communism. then comes AI. why does AI need to be in charge. we do not want to be assimilated into any computer or have them in control of our thoughts, medical, sexual behaviors, prayer, what we eat, who we see, where we shit. fight for your children and children's children or your nieces and nephews. because this elections will determine their wellbeing . we want them to be happy, healthy, free citizen to worship whatever God they chose. we start with American! get our shit right. Then we bring the mf'ers down. once and for all.
Tamela Cegelske
Tamela Cegelske - 2 天 前
Google Event 201 where the worlds elites practiced a global pandemic five weeks exactly before cv19 rolled out??? There are no coincidences. Event 201 was recorded one thing mentioned when discussing how to create a One World Government was that the “global warming” scenario was taking too long to bring about the One World Order they were working towards. China had a hand in the event with Soros Rothschilds, etc
Stef - 2 天 前
Alright let’s just have a quick reality check here.
About 0.3% of the world has actually got corona (supposedly).
It’s actually likely to be a LOT less, seeing as various fruits and vegetables have also tested positive, showing that the tests are wildly inaccurate and they’re faking results. But even if they are ALL accurate, which they’re not, 0.3%.
The total confirmed deaths make up 0.009% of the world.
And EVEN THAT is wildly exaggerated, because doctors all around the world have been including people who died from almost ALL other cases as covid deaths, just because they had covid symptoms, or were AROUND SOMEONE who had symptoms.
In fact, they’re listing covid on death certificates even if the person had NO symptoms, did NOT test positive, but they were AROUND someone who MIGHT have had it!
Did other illnesses and health problems just disappear, or is everything covid now?
So the ACTUAL death percentage is probably a tenth of that.
Making this one of the least dangerous viruses EVER KNOWN.
And as a response, they’ve destroyed peoples jobs, taken freedoms, shut down the world, forced you to wear masks which actually damage your health, and stopped you going outside.
NO DOCTOR has mentioned anything about immune system, sunlight, fresh air or exercise as a way to boost your immune system. The actual cure for cover has been confirmed by multiple qualified doctors around the world,
But it’s been censored because they want to take more of your freedoms and push for a dangerous vaccine to consolidate more control and power, AND of course take your money too.
Masks are practically useless against ANY virus particles, and that’s not only been shown by science but also you were told that by the same CDC and WHO or governments at the start of this hoax..
And people wonder why I have a problem supporting this enormous hoax, wearing masks and giving up my freedoms.
How much more of this are you going to take?
When they’ve taken down your businesses, forced poisonous vaccines into you, banned you from hugging your family, and labelled people who go outside in the sun as ‘selfish extremists’?
I really hope even one person reading this realises what’s going on here.
Freedoms are historically not given, they must be claimed
M M - 2 天 前
Fuck CNN assholes. Who wants to watch this shit and listen to this bastard named Gates!?
Gary Jack
Gary Jack - 2 天 前
Will Bill Gates take vaccine.
sammimitsu - 2 天 前
Why is he a spokesman for the pandemic? Because he is one of the wealthiest people in the world, and part of the uber-rich global elite? Is this really the reason, or is there a more sinister agenda? He is not President Gates. Shut him up, and let the real President manage the situation.
My4Melodies - 2 天 前
Why is anyone listening to this clown? He’s not even a doctor or a scientist. All he is, is rich.
Devyn Savage
Devyn Savage - 14 小时 前
Gabby Gilsilvetti lol just tryna spread the word help some people wake up i was once like you too
Gabby Gilsilvetti
Gabby Gilsilvetti - 14 小时 前
Devyn Savage 🤦🏻‍♀️ whatever im literally not gonna argue I have shopping to do 😑
Devyn Savage
Devyn Savage - 14 小时 前
Gabby Gilsilvetti wake up brainwashed..
Gabby Gilsilvetti
Gabby Gilsilvetti - 16 小时 前
Sweetie your the 9 year old clown living under a fucking rock.
Heather Heather
Heather Heather - 3 天 前
He looks so happy
trotter main
trotter main - 3 天 前
He is the biggest shill since Hamilton (who was paid by the King of England - when putting the American Government together - decided to give bad loans out to the south - which resulted in their revolt and the civil war and thus more profit for the king of England). Why he was shot. This fool - w/ 8 bill thinks we are so stupid - that we are going to let him inject us w/ his robotics. His eyes have been dead since '94. His name is: MoneyGate. The very reason he and his mealy doc are going to lose. To us. The people. No one is buying this b.s. and no one is going to. He is about as honest as Tyson is about anything. Cowards of life.
zita willingham
zita willingham - 3 天 前
What's so funny
TEI YOUNG - 3 天 前
That 440HZ 😂
Doug P
Doug P - 3 天 前
I've been reading David Ickes books since I was 20. And it scared the life out of me. I then retreated and told myself as much as I beleived it all and could see it and feel it all, that everything about this world this system this society was wrong, that this will not happen. I ignored it, and now it's here. We don't need to be afraid, because when they really push this we will unite and go to the streets and shake hands and tear this system down. It is us, the people who run this world, we go to war, put out the fires, bring the food to the supermarkets, we are the power. And I would rather die than give into mandatory vaccines and a life of slavery. The only communication we think we have is on the internet but every single person I know now does not believe this and believes this is all a lie. I am telling you we will sit silent until we can't take anymore and we will rise together!

Bill Gates is evil guy part of the cult
Juan Castro
Juan Castro - 4 天 前
No thank you I dont want Hyrdogel in my body
Elisha Ampadu
Elisha Ampadu - 4 天 前
Pandemic!!! Maybe plandemic. This demonic man said this virus would happen years back. This guy is probably getting in demonic intell.
raghu velusamy
raghu velusamy - 4 天 前
Pothum pothum... Plan crcta poguthunu siripa paathiya... Karma is boomerang gates....
T P - 5 天 前
Rayna Piskova
Rayna Piskova - 5 天 前
A non doctor has now knowledge in pandemic. Ok. Interesting
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin - 5 天 前
He is still laughing at the idea of people dying. What is the matter with this freak? Why would anybody trust him?
Robyn Wright
Robyn Wright - 5 天 前
Hes not laughing at ppl dying! Wake up!
Cheffonzie - Un Andaluz en las Américas
1:47 Bill has an orgasm when listen Dr. Fauci
J S - 6 天 前
Dr. Gates? not a credible expert.
J S - 6 天 前
it'll peak after the testing stops. 99.7% survival rate. 99.7% survival rate! 99.7% Survival Rate!!!
M. Fisher
M. Fisher - 6 天 前
Let's ask 2 questions.
1: how long until he throws the number 33 in?
2: What does bill gates have anything to do with corona virus?
Angel Matos
Angel Matos - 6 天 前
Whenever he stops spreading it. jejejejejejejeje. (satire)
Dan Rashtizadeh
Dan Rashtizadeh - 7 天 前
chris Kelly
chris Kelly - 7 天 前
Why the smiles billy
Cat Rau
Cat Rau - 7 天 前
No longer watch the Cartoon News Network. No credibility whatsoever.
tam gr
tam gr - 7 天 前
Dear CNN. Do you see these comments? The world is on to him, and ALL of the others.....
Troy Desole
Troy Desole - 7 天 前
"The target was Microsoft chairman Bill Gates,
arriving for a meeting with Community leaders.
Watch what happens, when a, team of Hitman, meet him first, with a pie in the face"
Joe McCann
Joe McCann - 7 天 前
Fauci was involved in a study where they were trying to understand how the corona virus went from bat to bat ,then bat to human.After the CDC shut them down,for obvious reasons, Fauci sent the results of the study to the lab in Wuhan Province,China. The implications are astounding.
Joe McCann
Joe McCann - 7 天 前
GATES IS A GENCIDAL MANIAC,and I can prove it.
Rutger B
Rutger B - 7 天 前
Bill Gates has tripple the brain capacity of that what precident Trump has.......
Joe McCann
Joe McCann - 8 天 前
You have to know that CNN is just giving opinion.They couldn't care less about keeping the people well informed.They actually are into brainwashing people.
Joe McCann
Joe McCann - 8 天 前
Bill Gates wants to reduce the Worlds population through vaccines and abortion.
Dawn Cassin
Dawn Cassin - 8 天 前
reading the comments is far better and and much more informative than the video
A B - 8 天 前
Cooper has the WORST SHOW on news. Just because he's a homosexual doesn't mean he isnt a piece of shit
Bill Gates the Genocidal Psychopath Psychopath
Bill Gates the Genocidal Psychopath Psychopath
Here’s the link where eugenicist de-populationist opportunistic Gates slips when bragging about his Return on investment on all his “philanthropic” donations to the WHO (which he practically owns including that piece of work Tedros), and GAVI
Jesus Is Alive In America We have idolized this and call it health care
Brandon Jones
Brandon Jones - 9 天 前
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Mike Ford
Mike Ford - 9 天 前
Why we listening to him again 🤔🤔
Jesusandbible - 9 天 前
According to Kary Mullis HIV does not cause AIDS. The drugs to prevent HIV becoming AIDS were to him the biggest medical rip off of all time. From this the fat cat billionaires found out you do not even have to have a problem to cure to make billions. Your drugs will never be a failure as HIV becoming AIDS is not a threat in the first place.

So now we have this.

Covid-19 is becoming an even bigger rip off than the HIV drugs were and are. Just exaggerate its effects and you will make even more money and create the biggest of all mega medical rip offs of all time.

The multinational drug companies saw that people are losing faith in their drugs, and vaccines, and turning to God made natural remedies. They just could not let that happen. When they found out recently antibiotics are starting to fail, they realised that might trigger the end of their riches. That might be the thing that made the public go far more into natural cures. People might even start thanking God.

Enter Covid-19. Blame all the deaths on Covid-19 just because the pathogen is detected in people's bodies, and you can string together an empire of medical rip offs, from bogus tests to a bogus vaccine and much much more. The problem is solved. They can swoop in like vultures and leeches and suck our bank accounts dry again like mosquitos sucking blood.

As each step is fulfilled Bill Gates looks more and more like the Antichrist or maybe the false prophet in Revelation 13 in the bible (he is always predicting things)

It was maybe then they realised it could be pushed one step further..... into actually taking over the world by a completely new tactic.... a Medial Fuhrer. Bill Gates is already using our politicians like puppets. He controls the media to achieve this, and any video on Youtube proving the falsity of the Covid-19 statistics is quite simply removed.

The plan is as follows:

1) Instead of sensibly allowing the virus to run its course and just get on with our lives, institute unnecessary draconian lockdowns, beginning to starve millions to death, ruin the world economy, and make Europe vulnerable to attack from Russia and China.

2) Offer a "way out" by forcing the wearing of masks just to get food.

3) Replace the masks with a Global ID declaring you clean because you became so desperate you took the Bill Gates slime injection they call "a vaccine".

4) Say the new ID cards are being stolen (or some similar excuse) and introduce a microchip or mark to declare you "clean".

5) Start killing the Christians as it is against their Faith to take such a mark.

6) This leads to the 7 vials, 7 bowls, and 7 trumpets of the wrath of God in Revelation.

7) Russia and China (or kings of the East) launch an attack through Europe.

8) Armageddon
james johnson
james johnson - 9 天 前
No to Bill Gates period. I don’t trust him and I’ll trust him less if he’s right in the future.
Jared Faye
Jared Faye - 9 天 前
Bill Gates causes plandemic and then acts like the very concerned saint... what a croc of spit.... he is a part of the elites evil plan of total world control and mark of the beast.