Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Democratic Role Models and Grassroots | The View

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Jack Straw
Jack Straw - 3 天 前
Ugh I’m taking a shower I feel dirty after watching this. Your witnessing a so called progressive sell a piece of her soul to the neoliberal millionaire class.
todd dyer
todd dyer - 4 天 前
This view, i think is the turning point with AOC. She will be at a cross toad soon
maga 2020
maga 2020 - 5 天 前
Whoopie u and aoc are true democrats u both are true jackasses
TFK ray
TFK ray - 7 天 前
Don't go into battle intellectually with AOC,she's unarmed. But she's good at throwing tantrums and playing victim.
gp wede
gp wede - 9 天 前
She missed the opportunity to bring up term limits. Govt needs fresh energetic ideas.
The Pelosis of the world are stuck in silos of government past.
Most do not understand how the new technology works..god help us when the new block chain technology replaces the internet and everything we know about google Facebook walmart banking insurance health is drssticslly changed forever where the people "US" are now in control
gp wede
gp wede - 9 天 前
AOC please start the "US" party soon. How you use the word in your awesome rants against the corruptness of govt is awesome.
Here it is
The "USa" party
Main theme "how is that good for US"
miragexl007 - 13 天 前
lol. what a show. what a bunch of ignorant hateful matter what they say or how they try and turn it back on others. AOC.....well, Bernie released as much medical records as others...well, he paid as much taxes as every other millionaire....well, he's released as much tax returns as others have. Many of these politicians are the same. Trump came in being different, not saying better at all in many ways, but different. more "Real" no matter how bad it may be at times. AOC hasn't been around (experience etc) to be "real" like most of us...and now she's in the shelter of the government...government pay and benefits. funny sht
Crazyhands Hands
Crazyhands Hands - 17 天 前
OAC got a erie smile .
Mitzi Hussein
Mitzi Hussein - 19 天 前
People don’t need labels. That’s the problem with Boomers that these younger kids are tying to point out. We don’t need to be democrat or republican or this or that. That’s a super old school concept!
jason sibila
jason sibila - 24 天 前
Whoopi is a POS. Ugly inside and especially on the outside. It’s hard to watch these witches without laughing
jason sibila
jason sibila - 24 天 前
All these skanks are godless servants of satan. Puppets. They should all be fired and aoc should be put on trial for treason and hanged.
cary bary
cary bary - 25 天 前
Rich men. Except Soros. AOC takes that rich man’s pay cheques.
Montello 90
Montello 90 - 27 天 前
Hypocrite. She will be taking money, trust me.
TFK ray
TFK ray - 个月 前
Socislist hate rich people,tons of funding comes from out of state straight into AOC pockets.hmmm..
samicult - 个月 前
Senator Cortez handled whoopi’s petulance with grace.👏👏👏
Pax Spencer
Pax Spencer - 个月 前
Both democrats and Republicans change their platforms like the wind. Asking someone if they are loyal to either of them is like asking if you like wind. "Sure, I do. When it blows in the right direction, anyways."
Pax Spencer
Pax Spencer - 个月 前
A bunch of propagandists who will say anything for money. Aoc is the only sane person in this video.
Kasun Mendis
Kasun Mendis - 个月 前
Whoopi STFU
paloderum - 个月 前
Aoc is just to polite ..
Edward O'Rourke
Edward O'Rourke - 个月 前
The temerity of Goldberg here is astounding. She's basically saying to AOC that you have upset me because you have the nerve to speak up and defend your position and the mandate upon which you were elected, which I happen to disagree with (read: not understand/care about.) She bitter irony of Goldberg speaking down to and attempting to seriously undermine this powerful young black woman is astounding. Stick to light entertainment if you know nothing about politics, Whoopi. Shame on you.
Fur8er Eight
Fur8er Eight - 个月 前
Where will we line up for bread
Elizabeth Hoberg
Elizabeth Hoberg - 个月 前
why won't someone counsel Whoopi about her hair. . .
gilmcosta - 个月 前
Bernie Sanders US president i believe.......................go Bernie go
MzFaithluvly - 个月 前
Yess you go Aoc💕She Shut them down! Get it mama! She said...
"Rich men are not the center of my universe. Working people are" Tell them!! 🙌 👊💪👏👏👏💃👑🔥🔥🔥
Marc Casey
Marc Casey - 个月 前
She’s brilliant, wish we had someone as driven this side of the Atlantic
nitabee56 - 个月 前
She did not answer the question! Very upset about that.
Jame Thong
Jame Thong - 个月 前
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is hot.
New Jersey Devil
New Jersey Devil - 个月 前
She is so hot
Adrian Madrid
Adrian Madrid - 个月 前
They’re just mad cus she coming for their money Lmaoo
Rey Indio
Rey Indio - 个月 前
Im so sic of whoopi and this whole ageism BS!!And at one point Pelosi was young too and got flack..times change and you need to let the new and upcoming generations to bring things to the next level!!There is a huge disconnect btw young and older...WHOOPI you can attack young ppl and expect not to get the same treatment!!
Boy Freitag
Boy Freitag - 个月 前
Can't wait for her to be done, doing taco bell commercials.
Fuckya Lookin at
Fuckya Lookin at - 个月 前
3.4K communists and Russian bots hated this clip
SKID - MARK - 个月 前
Whoopi get over yourself! I can’t stand her anymore! She and everyone on in the table are sellouts!
robber dotcom
robber dotcom - 个月 前
Nancy pelosi is a great person.. does excellent work.. kamala Harris is always awesome as well. aoc is great
mf 33
mf 33 - 个月 前
Holy crap kids don't do drugs this is what will happen to you☹
William D. Moss
William D. Moss - 个月 前
Girlfriend needs to just shut her mouth and put on something sexy and work a dance pole then I would pay attention.
Steve the Pussy Cat
Steve the Pussy Cat - 个月 前
Their jobs consist of reading a teleprompter and getting their makeup done. Nothing these ladies say is worth any value.
Saimazing Life
Saimazing Life - 个月 前
Absolutely nothing.
J M - 个月 前
Aoc is getting ready to get kicked out of office for not paying her dues. If you follow people like her you just need to get back under your rock and shut your mouth. White people aren't your problem, you are.
Green Snail
Green Snail - 个月 前
AOC is, simply, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than all her predecessors. That's all there is to it really.
Brah - 个月 前
The Stupid Is Strong In This One! 😂
Nick Hamill
Nick Hamill - 个月 前
Whoopi Goldberg was glad AOC was elected? LOL. AOC is a communist!
Berkin 62
Berkin 62 - 个月 前
Her IQ is lower than her shoe size
BT C - 个月 前
Whoopi you are LOST
Randy C
Randy C - 个月 前
Sad Boy- gang signs
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 个月 前
TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 个月 前
So much toxic feminism in one room.
Joe Shmoe
Joe Shmoe - 个月 前
They are a bunch of dingbats out of touch with America. If your statement were true Trump would not be president. And AOC has proven to be the laughing stock of NY
Hightown - 个月 前
I have to go to and rebuild some of the brain cells I just lost listening to this idoit.
Nicolle Trampe
Nicolle Trampe - 个月 前
This was BS. There are many people who came before us in these fights. But it wasn't Pelosi, Fienstein, or Whoopi. Just cause Pelosi and Fienstein were the only women in the room doesn't mean they did the right things in those rooms.

I love AOC, but she was way too nice to Pelosi when Pelosi has been nothing but disrespectful. I liked she spoke about people like Barbara Lee. Those are the leaders before us we should be respectful of.
Candy and Violence
Candy and Violence - 个月 前
Whoopi is a hasbeen elitist
underwaterseas - 个月 前
Why is it so hard for them to grasp that there can be nuance in the Democratic Party?
Jonelle85 - 个月 前
Can someone please get Caryn Johnson some tissues and a small violin please?
Mt man 1949
Mt man 1949 - 个月 前
Cortez is the dumbest broad since Pelosi!
David Council
David Council - 个月 前
Ocrazio-Cortez is a shining jewel
of colossal ignorance.
The professors office couch is probably how she got her alleged college degree.
David Skarica
David Skarica - 个月 前
love the 5000 dollar dress on a so called socialist
Gwen Huynh
Gwen Huynh - 个月 前
Get over yourself Whoopi. There are people starving out there and you are crying about your hurt ego??? Wah wah..
FLASH ABC - 个月 前
Whoopie does not get it. She is with Oprah have part of those who are out of touch. Go back in the hole with Nancy Pelosi who still sending kids to cages.
Giovanni Bertaina
Giovanni Bertaina - 个月 前
Pito V
Pito V - 个月 前
AOC talks like a politician. She dances around question and doesn’t really answer Whoopi’s question. AOC does looks great in that dress she should be a movie star. AOC is not a democrat. She is a Socialist and a closet case Communist.
g hasynchroduck
g hasynchroduck - 个月 前
Whoopi is out of touch and ill informed. I wish she would spend just 10 minutes a day actually looking into the policies she criticises without knowing a single thing about them. I would like to extend that criticism to Joy and Sunny. For "liberals" or democrats they sure don't know what's going on.
Sioux056 - 个月 前
Couple of D-list, D-lusional hags....tellin u what to do while they count their money.
Iesha Upshaw
Iesha Upshaw - 个月 前
Carried on your shoulders? Ok, and look how that’s been. Look at the past treatment of women, blacks, lgbtq people, etc. yes older people have made some strides but they need to stop telling young people to shut up and accept what they’ve been given. Like she said, she was young once. She’s actually mad about the money. Rich people’s time is ending. Time to share lol
Andrew Keup
Andrew Keup - 个月 前
Whoopi is talking to AOC like she's an 11 year old.
David Council
David Council - 个月 前
A 6 year old would be more appropriate
Forrest Fillmore
Forrest Fillmore - 个月 前
Chinonso Eneh
Chinonso Eneh - 个月 前
You're not a Congresswoman Whoopi
mobilitytoday - 个月 前
She’s a racist.
al jbug
al jbug - 个月 前
al jbug
al jbug - 个月 前
Alcoholic of the Democrats . NASTY PELOSI.
al jbug
al jbug - 个月 前
This bothers whoopi ? Words from AOC ? But ROMAN POLANSKI DIDN'T BOTHER WHOOPI .
al jbug
al jbug - 个月 前
Russia wasn't stupid enough to stay SOCIALIST !
al jbug
al jbug - 个月 前
Mike Vreeland
Mike Vreeland - 个月 前
Did AOC Answer the question?
Nick Neff
Nick Neff - 个月 前
never does...
swhl - 个月 前
Whoopi is an elitist celebrity. Stfu. You carried no fight. AOC is NOT on your shoulders. She has her own legs and she built a ladder herself.
Stacy Paul
Stacy Paul - 个月 前
Whoopi has an inflated sense of self. Such an ignorant embarrassment. She called women “ chicks” his derogatory and she calls herself a feminist.
Meanwhile, she is a member of the NRA?
She has no party outside of her establishment owners. She is as confused as that hair on her head. Then she asks AOC... what are you?
dandagod official
dandagod official - 个月 前
Whoopi has lost all respect in the black community
Ivan - 个月 前
The only thing more annoying than whoopi behaving like everyone younger than her owes her a living, is whoopi talking about politics as if she’s middle class.
Just google it!
Just google it! - 个月 前
Whoopi defending Pelosi and Feinstein. Typical out of touch stablishment elites defending their own. Thank you AOC for having the courage to defend regular working class people against these disgusting, venomous women who cling to their silly identity politics as though it is more important than the real needs of the poor and working class.
Heng Ung
Heng Ung - 个月 前
"We are not divided, we are disconnected!" Her party is disconnected and trying real hard to divide our country.
Cynthia Fabila
Cynthia Fabila - 个月 前
Come on Whoopi. She's vouching for one of the oldest candidates running so clearly she is the antithesis of what you are accusing her of. What's the real issue here?
Dean Morgan
Dean Morgan - 个月 前
Cummings got him some of dat 😋 mmmmhmmmmm