PART TWO: A Big Surprise from the One and Only Ellen DeGeneres!

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In honor of our 1,000 episodes, Ellen DeGeneres stops by (and even brings her own chair! LOL), and we are ECSTATIC to see her!
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Coco Shauntel
Coco Shauntel - 4 天 前
Fun fact lol when Ellen first started her show I thought it was called Ellen the generous because she’s always giving 😂😂😂 I seriously found out her name was degeneres like 2-3years ago 😩😩
Roena Skates
Roena Skates - 8 天 前
The Real Staff is so Damm Cheap with their Gifts! They probably feel that is all their poor audience members deserve!😣
Roena Skates
Roena Skates - 8 天 前
Now that Man is who Jeannie and Adrienne deserve to look at! Good job Ellen!😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angel Chea
Angel Chea - 11 天 前
I love Ellen so much 💓
Christine Miners
Christine Miners - 15 天 前
Love it...
onothoja Evi
onothoja Evi - 19 天 前
Love loni ❤️
Linn Tag
Linn Tag - 21 天 前
Ellen the generous❤❤❤
Virgen Lopez
Virgen Lopez - 21 天 前
I love all of you ladies. Ellen makes me laugh so much. God bless.
Sameer Olail
Sameer Olail - 22 天 前
What i love about Ellen, although, she's rich, she's very humble, and very aopprochabale. Fame did not tame her.
Bang Bang FAME!
Bang Bang FAME! - 23 天 前
How could you not love that damn lady!?🙏🏼🥰
Tiffani Vu
Tiffani Vu - 23 天 前
Lol, she gave gift cards to The Real’s audiences too, how cool is that
HJHJ JKJK - 24 天 前
Those snobs couldn't stand up for her ? She is a legend you F*****
aliciathot - 24 天 前
Amanda leave your Ego and entitlement at the door then people can relate to you
Marvin Mckenzie
Marvin Mckenzie - 24 天 前
Lol 😂 when she said she don’t remember I thought of Dory from finding Nemo
angie c
angie c - 25 天 前
Happy 1000 girls you keep keeping it Real. 🎉💐
D Mariie
D Mariie - 25 天 前
I Iove Ellen
Shakuri - 27 天 前
Amanda: just sits and smiles while her new coworkers celebrate a feat. A feat that she wasn’t part of and therefore not try to take any spotlight
Commenters: ugh, that hateful bitch. Fix your face. She is so negative. She was literally doing nothing. Like if she did the opposite and kept speaking up, the whole world would berate her for taking part in something that she had no part in creating. This comment section is so fucking negative and hypocritical
Darnelle Ledger
Darnelle Ledger - 27 天 前
I love her and I love up to her
Hey it's Robin
Hey it's Robin - 29 天 前
Jennie looked t his ass so quick! 😂 like do you watch her show at all. That’s normal
J S - 个月 前
Ellen has such a beautiful and genuine soul!
Sharad Tapse
Sharad Tapse - 个月 前
Ellen = ❤️
R N - 个月 前
Lmao the guy that came out in his undies has me cracking up lol why'd they make him wear that lol. And the way he just runs off 😂
Miss Bash
Miss Bash - 个月 前
I love Ellen's heart...I just pray that I'm able too meet her one day❤😌.
ashly rodriguez
ashly rodriguez - 个月 前
Can this be an every other day thing I know she has to do her shows but she’d be the perfect addition 💙
Doriann - 个月 前
When Ellen drug that chair out 💀🤣🤣🤣
Maxii Kayan
Maxii Kayan - 个月 前
I'm glad that I love that they came to the 1000th episode but I dont know why it's taking me time to adjust to the knew girl on the table.. I feel like Loni Tamera & Jeannie (sorry if I did not spell the names correctly) have come a long way & they click better as a group now they've changed it I feel like Jeannie is getting pushed aside & the love & banter between the women is not there anymore. I dont know is it just me?
kenkev 1
kenkev 1 - 个月 前
Veronica Ayon
Veronica Ayon - 个月 前
She just gave $250 that will be invested back into her company. That's smart! Lol
Lia R
Lia R - 个月 前
I love Ellen ! I mean who doesn’t??! Such a great person .
FAWZYY - 个月 前
Is it me or Adrienne tries way too hard?
Linda Lopez
Linda Lopez - 个月 前
If people really knew how hard it is to make it in showbiz, they would appreciate every tear from Loni! Especially for her. We all know how Hollywood wants the same look out of everyone. People are so quick to be judgmental. Loni keep depositing your checks and count your blessings. And let the critics continue with what they do best. SMDH.
Spiritual Truth
Spiritual Truth - 个月 前
I don't see gay or straight I see love in people. I love people who love people.
Benjamin Blarney
Benjamin Blarney - 个月 前
Great Episode. Wouldn’t you agree?
lili - 个月 前
Ellen: I wanna give everybody a $250 gift card to-
Audience: *SCREAMS*
What y’all screaming for she didn’t even finish her sentence!😂😂
A Little Moments
A Little Moments - 个月 前
Ms Marauder
Ms Marauder - 个月 前
I think the cast should sacrifice an expense for an entire week or so to give their audience something nice. Theirs always ways to save on money.
McSisters - 个月 前
We L😍VE Ellen
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba - 个月 前
Yes, most of us.
Anuoluwapo Omotayo
Anuoluwapo Omotayo - 个月 前
Random Kingdom
Random Kingdom - 个月 前
Maaaan I love Ellen😭❤
BaDDie BeAuTy
BaDDie BeAuTy - 个月 前
Ellen ears tho there so big she could fly lol 😂
Spiritually Guided Shadow
Ellen: I want to give you $250 gift cards for-
Audience: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Me: $250 gift card for what?!?! 👀
Hamad Ibrahim
Hamad Ibrahim - 个月 前
To her store
Josanne Yearwood
Josanne Yearwood - 个月 前
Spiritually Guided Shadow lol you made me laugh girl cuz I was like what did she say
Kay C
Kay C - 个月 前
I really like Ellen!
Tayshri Bhagwandin
Tayshri Bhagwandin - 个月 前
Ellen is so amazing ❤ love you guys
Tweety Byrd
Tweety Byrd - 个月 前
I love Jeannie's necklace
Alma Wadman
Alma Wadman - 个月 前
I fucken love her !!
Dee Gaines
Dee Gaines - 个月 前
I love Ellen what a great surprise ❤️
hannah frahm
hannah frahm - 个月 前
Ellen shows up for 10 min and gives something to the audience
Sue-Ann & Angelee Lyttle
This was a great surprise! Ellen's that gift that keeps on giving all.
Paula Griffith
Paula Griffith - 个月 前
So great. So sweet. So happy she helped a black woman get her start. We all need to accept and help each other.
MamaConte - 个月 前
Best surprise eveeeeerrrrr. I 1000ve it. 😃😀🥰
louise palm
louise palm - 个月 前
Ellen is one decent and real human beings she is simple the best
Asha Ali
Asha Ali - 个月 前
Ellen doing the Ellen way by giving gifts 🎁
Julia Branca
Julia Branca - 个月 前
O M.G. Who in hell is cutting Ellen hair??makes her look very much like a man.🤮👎💩🐍
Josie Jones
Josie Jones - 个月 前
Ever heard of being kind to one another - So do us a favour and shut the f**k up Julia - God bless
lady shay
lady shay - 个月 前
Ellen cough and put her hand all on the sleeve of Loni shirt 🤣🤒🤒😂 but tam was like OK now thanks for coming by..
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni - 个月 前
I'm just curious from her entrance to her exit how come no one got up to give her a hug? Lol
Emily An
Emily An - 个月 前
Ellen was born quick witted
Ana Keezy Cruickshank
Ana Keezy Cruickshank - 个月 前
That chair tho... I died... I love how proud she is of who she is... For the girls, thanks for keeping it real for a 1000 episodes....
Steph Felix
Steph Felix - 个月 前
Is it just me does or does Elena make every female wanna be gay.. she’s everything 😍
Dee Edwards
Dee Edwards - 个月 前
Now that was just freakin awesome
Emily An
Emily An - 个月 前
Why not $1000 lol
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 个月 前
17 years later I couldn’t be gayer MOOOOOOOD ELLEN MOOD 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂
cindykris - 个月 前
When u see comments are not disabled then you know you ain't on theEllenshow' acc
Eye On The Sky
Eye On The Sky - 个月 前
Adrienne you are going to be held responsible for your actions when you clap away for SIN DO YOU NOT KNOW YOIR BIBLE? You are FAKE Christians and whoever here says they love God they are serving The Baphomet including Adrianne who claims to be Christian. Read 1st Corinthians 6:10 and get right with God people. Adrianne you better get right with The Lord and quit being a hypocrite
Brainey wright
Brainey wright - 个月 前
She took that chair cause she no she killed it ...
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss - 个月 前
You know they made it cuz now even Ellen Degeneres have been in their show if Oprah go to the show too bro this is gonna be epic
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova - 个月 前
I just love Ellen! ❤
soinu foig
soinu foig - 个月 前
Loni is taking notes.
Jamyra Williams
Jamyra Williams - 个月 前
Seriously, this was the best show everyone ❤️
Sha Lewis
Sha Lewis - 个月 前
Ellen: "I couldn't be gayer"
Adrienne: "Yesss, I love it"

Also Adrienne: "Me and my Husband are Christians"...
Angie's - 个月 前
If Ellen is in ANY place, you know you’re going laugh. So Lonnie, those were only tears of joy I saw. Congrats Ladies 🎉🎊🍾 Thanks YOU ALL for the great times.
soinu foig
soinu foig - 个月 前
I don't understand why people who don't like this show continue to watch and comment negatively. I have been a fan since the beginning, and I'll continue to watch. Can't wait
I have been a fan of Ellen forever! Since she came out in 1997! Also, I don’t think Amanda will go the distance useless she changes her attitude. She’s not “real”... she’s rude. There is a difference. She brings such a negative and hostile aura around the other girls. I also LOVED the moment between Ellen and Loni. That was beautiful
Christina Silva
Christina Silva - 个月 前
I'm just curious from her entrance to her exit how come no one got up to give her a hug? Lol
Deep hug
Deep hug - 个月 前
i love that loni went from having friends in high places, to being that friend in a high place. full circle moment
Geraldine sandoval
Geraldine sandoval - 个月 前
It’s baffles me to think that people didn’t want to hire such an amazing and talented person like Ellen just because she came out as gay.
Kadiatou Sow
Kadiatou Sow - 个月 前
when she said came out i thought she was talking about jail I'm like what Ellen went to jail lmfaooooo
Jesus Loves You
Jesus Loves You - 个月 前
Why not $1000 lol
Deep hug
Deep hug - 个月 前
lol. not like it’s a bad thing.
Amanda Elys
Amanda Elys - 个月 前
Ellen The Generous
maurine adero
maurine adero - 个月 前
Ellen brought me here, I stopped watching real
The Coi
The Coi - 个月 前
Ellen is a machine the way she moves
Belinda Pestano
Belinda Pestano - 个月 前
You know they made it cuz now even Ellen Degeneres have been in their show if Oprah go to the show too bro this is gonna be epic
kay k
kay k - 个月 前
Ellen coming thru with that Ellen Money! 🤑🤑🤑
Sadi M.
Sadi M. - 个月 前
Loni giving all of those crocodile tears about their 1000th show but played dirty to get there. I get we live in an unfair world but don’t go behind someone’s back and get them fired by adding more fuel to the flame. Let them get fired on their own regard. Sometimes things continue to come up because the full truth has not been told. But now that it has. Now people can move on.
Xpress Labrish News
Xpress Labrish News - 个月 前
@2:14 I felt that. One thing everyone can say is that Ellen is truly be generous.