Pro Chef Tries to Invent New Pasta Shapes | Bon Appétit

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Molly Baz is no novice when it comes to making fresh pasta. In fact, recently she's become the 'pasta girl' in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen (her words). So what happens when we try to push her past her pasta-making comfort zone and challenge her to make some seriously complicated pasta shapes?
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Pro Chef Tries to Invent New Pasta Shapes | Bon Appétit
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DeepFried Oreo
DeepFried Oreo - 43 分钟 前
I really like these shows, but seeing them glue cereal to paper really lowers my expectations on their thoughts against wasting food, lol.
Justin Leong
Justin Leong - 3 小时 前
Samuel Xu
Samuel Xu - 3 小时 前
what about a bun pasta?
Christopher - 3 小时 前
Not a soul:
Molly Tries Editors: *TUNA IS MOLLY'S DOG
podo - 9 小时 前
I love Molly a lot! She's a positive person and also really knowledgeable. I like how she's sassy sometimes but I thinks it's her charm in a way LOL. I don't understand how some people are just rude towards her in the comments in other videos tbh 💀
1306 - 14 小时 前
so i googled "weenie dog pasta shape" to see if it had already been done and i was... greeted with something VERY different
gccwang24 - 21 小时 前
She's like if Ellen Feiss was a chef
Jeffrey Bustos
Jeffrey Bustos - 天 前
“ They looked like weines, kinda like fetuses too but... little pig fetuses” 21:57 -Molly 2020
Orella Minx
Orella Minx - 天 前
Sexually assaulted by pasta
Oh come on penne is awesome especially when it gets baked with the edges slightly burnt 😭
Angel Hinostroza
Angel Hinostroza - 天 前
Delany drink drop was so unexpected lol
Moe Lester
Moe Lester - 天 前
Can this show be called "Molly Makes", or better yet "Molly's Manhunt"
Big boy Vlogs
Big boy Vlogs - 天 前
20 minutes 30 seconds Watch this first before you watch the rest of the video
Kim Ttt
Kim Ttt - 天 前
Molly is the best
Bea Cotham
Bea Cotham - 天 前
am i the only one who cannot stand that womens laugh
Billy Davenport
Billy Davenport - 天 前
this episode gave me serious social distancing anxiety
JapanesePeaceLilly - 22 小时 前
Billy Davenport omfg this video was stressing me out so much and i didn’t understand that in the back of my head i was worrying because of this
Aerol Christopher Infante
Cute little PupsTa
The Pimp President
The Pimp President - 2 天 前
Claire cries in comment section
Lbot beenthere
Lbot beenthere - 2 天 前
it's one of the only pasta clowns eat some times they go for giraffe snake or crown pasta too, base don balloon art.
PointB1ank - 2 天 前
Molly is the best!
Kyle Bockwoldt
Kyle Bockwoldt - 2 天 前
If Bon Appetit chose brad instead of molly then this video would have no dislikes
ElVicable - 2 天 前
I lIke ba and the cast it’s entertainment but please none of this dude are Pro chefs. ..they are recipe tasters at best and pro cooks at most .. a chefs leads a kitchen and actúa serves people food
Robyn Boynton Muth
Robyn Boynton Muth - 3 天 前
I’ve never been flexed on so hard as Molly with three kitchenaide stand mixers
enter name here
enter name here - 3 天 前
This feels like a big flirt session between Molly and the dude behind the camera
Kity Kity
Kity Kity - 3 天 前
They did her dirty adding dog noises and tunas face at the end
Luis Gil
Luis Gil - 3 天 前
not to be dramatic but i would DIE for Tuna
melmafuxia - 3 天 前
Why americans use soooo much butter!?
Charles Fisher
Charles Fisher - 3 天 前
I feel like Tim and Eric edited this.
IoNz Mr
IoNz Mr - 3 天 前
The way the girl super excessively and awkwardly laughs is really unsettling
Rule U Out
Rule U Out - 3 天 前
I thought Molly would be like 24 since she looks so young. However, she's 31! The BA Crew looks like they could be in college.
Alex Petrovsky
Alex Petrovsky - 3 天 前
Why you gotta do penne like that
naomi lol
naomi lol - 3 天 前
i want a spaghetti length rotini
Сергей Симонов
Kinda acid trip afterglow episode in terms of special effects :D
Aaron Liford
Aaron Liford - 3 天 前
Random Gaming
Random Gaming - 3 天 前
Molly's 31?! What she doesn't even looks like 24 she looks so young and beautiful
Игорь Корнев
why didn't she call it pupsta?
R P - 4 天 前
oddly enough, I'm in love w Molly 🤷
Xin Yu Lok
Xin Yu Lok - 4 天 前
Did they just caption the Bingo song as Old Macdonald Had A Farm?
lieutenantkettch - 4 天 前
Molly is so adorable.
Hunter Tankersley
Hunter Tankersley - 4 天 前
That girl’s laugh is so contagious. 13:24
Mikcha212 - 4 天 前
Gosh dang it. Molly just has to be my for real internet crush. Why does she gotta be so dang beautiful.
Danica Mondejar
Danica Mondejar - 5 天 前
quarantine binge of molly!!
that youtube channel
that youtube channel - 5 天 前
Why does Molly look like she have braces when she doesn't?
Donna Mosinoh
Donna Mosinoh - 5 天 前
She touched her hair, then touched the pasta.
Lody Inmy
Lody Inmy - 5 天 前
That girls laugh sounds like a super villain laugh when he kills the hero.
Relaxing Meditation
Relaxing Meditation - 6 天 前
I’m in love
Brooklyn Rena
Brooklyn Rena - 6 天 前
Anyone else uncomfortable with how much she licks her mouth
Brooklyn Rena
Brooklyn Rena - 6 天 前
Wow you can really tell her and that dark girl are not friends
caden lewis
caden lewis - 6 天 前
But like that pasta shape is like genius tho lowkey
Crazy Monkey
Crazy Monkey - 6 天 前
9:38 - taken out of context, this part was hilarious! (close your eyes and listen...)
The House that Jack Built
chef means your a pro, therefore, being that you had to ssay that, i wont watch it
Brendan Morales
Brendan Morales - 6 天 前
This woman is so beautiful
Christina Ngabekome
Christina Ngabekome - 6 天 前
0:11 that's what she said.
Peter Bothwell
Peter Bothwell - 6 天 前
i love molly she's a gem!!!
Chanel Jenkins
Chanel Jenkins - 6 天 前
... the laugh 😳
Amaya Fuller
Amaya Fuller - 6 天 前
She could've made a pasta that looks like a rose🌹
Donovan G. Bickers
Donovan G. Bickers - 7 天 前
You lost me at fetus
Jonah Perry
Jonah Perry - 7 天 前
Literally loveeeee her and this show
Dawn - 7 天 前
She. 😍
Misha Jones
Misha Jones - 7 天 前
the title really dosent do this video justice
Max Merritt
Max Merritt - 7 天 前
Jordan Noble
Jordan Noble - 7 天 前
18:48 the grossest noise lol
Criss Elena
Criss Elena - 7 天 前
The editing staff of this place 😂👏🏽👏🏽
Herbert Müller
Herbert Müller - 8 天 前
was excited that she goes to the italian food mecca but it turned out to be an italian livestock graveyard
Crown *FLEX* Beasty
Crown *FLEX* Beasty - 8 天 前
This was shot before covid right at least i hope
Like if you agree
warning_fragile_ babydoll
Ol Eg
Ol Eg - 8 天 前
"It's getting really stiff..."
I can think of another thing that would get stiff with Molly kneeding it, if you know what I mean.
Peteris Veits
Peteris Veits - 8 天 前
why the hate for penne?
Angie C
Angie C - 8 天 前
I just made pasta and put this on while eating then all of a sudden I hear Angie and my brain glitched, is this a sign for something?!
Uri Neeman
Uri Neeman - 8 天 前
Mike Muller
Mike Muller - 8 天 前
Scientist Albert Einstein
She looks so cute with her glasses! 💓💓💓💓
bean - 8 天 前
You can do anything as long as your dog inspires you
Mike L
Mike L - 8 天 前
10:25 someone definitely burped...
Vanessa M
Vanessa M - 9 天 前
I love Angie's laugh!
jonathon rockall
jonathon rockall - 9 天 前
thats where you lost me bon appetit cause she knew that the food she did was not right and looked odd she could have done something about it but instead ended the video, no chef or cook cooking to the world would have done that sorry just saying it like it is
hi - 9 天 前
Morty Di La 😂😂😂
Msmlolman polybrige 0
Msmlolman polybrige 0 - 9 天 前
2:18 am i the only one who thinks this looks horrible .-.
Ramisa A
Ramisa A - 9 天 前
I loveeee the pasta lady’s laugh 🥺🥺
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez - 9 天 前
She’s like Simone Giertz for pasta