The 1975 - The Birthday Party

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The 1975 - The Birthday Party
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Masterpeice! This song is ...... art!
Tehah - 7 小时 前
Ruel brought me here
Gellal san
Gellal san - 10 小时 前
me:time to try this digital detox
corona: *no*
Lucas Endo
Lucas Endo - 天 前
I'm stuck in that song!
Elle Koch
Elle Koch - 天 前
what sims expansion pack is this
Go Gina
Go Gina - 天 前
This video makes me feel like I’m on drugs
Evalyn Grieves
Evalyn Grieves - 天 前
Hello, there's a place that I've been going
There's a place I've been going
Now I'm clean it would seem
Let's go somewhere I'll be seen
As sad as it seems
I seen Greg and he was like
"Seen friends at the birthday party
They were kinda fucked up before it even started
They were gonna go to the Pinegrove show
They didn't know about all the weird stuff
So they just left it" (so they just left it)
I was wasted (I was wasted)
And cold, minding my business
And I seen the girls and they were all like
"Do you wanna come and get fucked up?"
Listen, I got myself a missus, says there can't be any kissing
"No, don't be a fridge, you better wise up, kid
It's all Adderall now, it doesn't make you wanna do it"
"This ain't going well", I thought I was stuck in Hell
In a boring conversation with a girl called Mel
'Bout her friend in Cincinnati called Matty as well
Pulled away when I went in for the kiss
No, it wasn't a diss
You put the tap on to cover up the sound of your piss
After four years, don't you think I'm over all this?
"That's rich from a man who can't shit in a hotel room
He's gotta share for a bit"
You make a little hobby out of going to the lobby
To get things that they don't have
Does it go through ya when I'm talking to ya?
You know that I could sue you if we're married
And you fuck up again
Impress myself with stealth and bad health
And my wealth and regressive causes
Then drink your kombucha and buy a Ed Ruscha
Surely, it's a print 'cause I'm not made of it
Look, the fucking state of it
I came pretty late to it
We can still be mates 'cause it's only a picture
All your friends in one place
Oh, we're a scene, whatever that means
I depend on my friends to stay clean
As sad as it seems
As sad as it seems
As sad as it seems
As sad as it seems
where was this scene in the polar express?!
Paloma Bravo Alonso
Paloma Bravo Alonso - 2 天 前
Birthdays in quarentine be like
Loretta - 2 天 前
what a mood
Jhon Fredy Muñoz Caicedo
Esta Gente la Rompe! La Banda.
Ester Assis
Ester Assis - 2 天 前
Nicole Panchana
Nicole Panchana - 3 天 前
My ideal wold...
wish go to heaven and see them playing this song
bad channel
bad channel - 3 天 前
notice how the start of this song sounds like “the Love Theme” like the one in “the man who married a robot” which has the exact same message as this about Mattys escapism through the internet and all that jazz
Seyton ‘
Seyton ‘ - 4 天 前
the subtitles are great
Benjamin Scherliss
Benjamin Scherliss - 4 天 前
Anyone else’s heart breaking realizing that this charade in the video might be our actual real future reality after the virus
Blake Rember
Blake Rember - 4 天 前
This is what it sounds like when you walk through the pearly gates and meet St. Peter.
pawn shop videos
pawn shop videos - 4 天 前
they always have the weirdest music videos ahahah
Sebastian Pacheco
Sebastian Pacheco - 4 天 前
pawn shop videos You haven’t seen BMTH videos then
Nasser Barrios
Nasser Barrios - 4 天 前
The memes song
Jeremy Heartriter2.0
Jeremy Heartriter2.0 - 5 天 前
I live the country feel of this song.
Fabricio Henrique
Fabricio Henrique - 6 天 前
é a parte 2 daquele clipe do Frejat
Rede Lary
Rede Lary - 6 天 前
Tess Carlson
Tess Carlson - 6 天 前
This song...this band...yesterday i did a whole bracket with 64 of their songs to figure out my favorite one, I love Matty so much and his salt lake show last December was the best night of my life. Hope everyone is surving quarantine, so excited for too shy to drop
Tess Carlson
Tess Carlson - 18 小时 前
@Eva Burkhard me too! the only other person I know who likes their band is my boyfriend lol, but we have so much to talk about that it often gets neglected.
Eva Burkhard
Eva Burkhard - 22 小时 前
@Tess Carlson same haha.... Bc most of my friends hate music like that
Tess Carlson
Tess Carlson - 天 前
@Eva Burkhard omg those ones are both so amazing, I love talking to people who love my favorite band
Eva Burkhard
Eva Burkhard - 3 天 前
@Tess Carlson I can't decide between love it if we made it and sex
Tess Carlson
Tess Carlson - 4 天 前
@Eva Burkhard robbers, what about you?
Lydia Dobrota
Lydia Dobrota - 6 天 前
I love this so much, so honest and pure 💓💓💓💓💓
e vamos de legendas -
e vamos de legendas - - 6 天 前
Vídeos para se ver chapado
김나무 - 6 天 前
Rollagher - 6 天 前
If you are not together with the ones you love this is your Song
I don't know
I don't know - 6 天 前
This video deserve more views than Bad Guy from Billie Eilish if we are talking about weird things.
Change My Mind.
Олег Виктор
Олег Виктор - 6 天 前
здарова двачеры
Néamh - 7 天 前
Wait, I don’t remember this add on for sims 2
shannan stephenson
shannan stephenson - 7 天 前
Probably now my favourite 1975 song
Kieran Brophy
Kieran Brophy - 8 天 前
Tricky, The birthday party 1981
Bunus Phannus
Bunus Phannus - 8 天 前
Whoever is reading this comment I dear you to list every single meme in this music video and include the time it came on and location of the meme. If you manage to do this than i will love you forever.
Zack Raval
Zack Raval - 9 天 前
1:43 eyy it's the meme man
Nate Otto
Nate Otto - 9 天 前
yo im in the vid
Andrew Darley
Andrew Darley - 10 天 前
Here's 'People, Me: Oh
Here's 'Birthday party, Me: Oh, there you are.
Karin Jensen
Karin Jensen - 10 天 前
I'm telling my grandkids this is the national anthem of the world.
nigga dawg
nigga dawg - 10 天 前
funny how they Foster the people
J T - 10 天 前
I was released from jail yesterday morning after 6 months down, I painted my nails baby blue & hot pink while listening to this great piece of music, I still haven't been to sleep yet! Thanks to the 1975!
Aaron Phillips
Aaron Phillips - 10 天 前
i wish i could be in lockdown here...would come out less insane than in the real world.
Wakana - 10 天 前
1:31 Eye of Providence
T97H - 10 天 前
those are totally cubensis mushrooms ha
Mr. Bean Burrito
Mr. Bean Burrito - 10 天 前
i fucking love this band.
Raspberry Raz Plays
Raspberry Raz Plays - 11 天 前
Why are all the internet memes so ... early mid 2000s
Andrea Micheals
Andrea Micheals - 11 天 前
So this is what the Beatles were going through.
Irenegaming 1975
Irenegaming 1975 - 11 天 前
This music has every meme
Now that is quality content
Johnathan Ikner
Johnathan Ikner - 12 天 前
Shit I'm high as balls and this trippy ass video is not helping. I just came to relax
Siddhartha Khadgi
Siddhartha Khadgi - 12 天 前
Matty is a mental giant. Fucking love the band!!!
Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee - 12 天 前
THE 1975 : THE memes game
Gaz - 12 天 前
Cool as fuck video !
Quinte - 12 天 前
Love This Record Love The 1975 One Of My Favorite Bands.
Ali Gebriel
Ali Gebriel - 12 天 前
is there where died memes go?
Tt Yu
Tt Yu - 13 天 前
0:13 somebody else?
Andrés Felipe Peñuela
I share a rock music
stayingupx - 13 天 前
I was born in 19th February XD thanks
Andrés Felipe Peñuela
I share a rock music
Zharia Taylor
Zharia Taylor - 13 天 前
This song gives me chills 😩♥️
Andrés Felipe Peñuela
I share a rock music
John Olsen
John Olsen - 13 天 前
Andrés Felipe Peñuela
I share a rock music
Lauren Orye
Lauren Orye - 14 天 前
Other people's dreams: Date with their crush
My Dreams:
Sh0n - 14 天 前
my brain while quarantined
Lucas Dunbar
Lucas Dunbar - 14 天 前
Anyone else frustrated that the 1975’s views count are nowhere near as high as they should be?
Karen Aquino
Karen Aquino - 14 天 前
How can you criticze a super band,when you are inexperienced

I go to retire
Lula_1975 xoxoxoxo
Lula_1975 xoxoxoxo - 15 天 前
This song isnt long enough
Sunny borah
Sunny borah - 15 天 前
Can feel what Matty thinks all the time with the lyrics ♥️ I feel you brother
kareem rawlins
kareem rawlins - 15 天 前
Who's idea was it to give the robot bracers
keeleyyy130 - 15 天 前
can someone tell me what the fuck is going on in this video??? 😂😂
Adam Hume
Adam Hume - 15 天 前
The 1975 is surprisingly a legit band.
Adelaide Catherine
Adelaide Catherine - 16 天 前
I love this song. For some reason it reminds me of Trainspotting.
Ameligus - 16 天 前
Кто тут русский, и пришёл о Мейклава😂
Delaney Wood
Delaney Wood - 16 天 前
Looks like someone dropped a tab
Ronin Mugen
Ronin Mugen - 16 天 前
discobiscuits2100 - 16 天 前
This song is cool, but “if you’re too shy let me know” should have been the single instead of this
Hector Felipe
Hector Felipe - 16 天 前
Powered by Nvidia RTX 2080ti
Leighann Culp
Leighann Culp - 17 天 前
I watch this lots n it’s so comforting I luv it
NoahIsWise - 17 天 前
This would be interesting to watch when you’re high
Nillai Bean
Nillai Bean - 17 天 前
i have a question.... at the end, were those tide pods..? (⊙o⊙)? lol
chickenskin - 18 天 前
i cannot explain how i love this band so much. your songs have gotten me through all college and graduate years. i love you.
404UserNotFound - 18 天 前
Anne Dominique
Anne Dominique - 18 天 前
I love it love it love ittt. It’s sad but at the same time it’s calming
Raymond Flores
Raymond Flores - 18 天 前
oh sad cats
Radix Reuel
Radix Reuel - 18 天 前
N J - 19 天 前
Was this made by Cool 3d world lol