Pop Smoke Killed: LAPD holds briefing

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RAW VIDEO: LAPD holds a briefing about the shooting at a Hollywood home that left rapper and Brooklyn native Pop Smoke dead.
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Live4Beats - 15 小时 前
A friend from back east called the police? .. is that a town in LA? .. or does he mean new york?
moneymanjaheim moneymanworld2
They set him up
Odeasta Harris
Odeasta Harris - 26 天 前
Pop Smoke Not Dead, These Rappers Are Faking They're Own Deaths..
Dynamite D
Dynamite D - 10 天 前
m33 crack I think
m33 - 16 天 前
What weed u smoking
Yoshi Saur
Yoshi Saur - 28 天 前
media: what's your first name?
detective: IDK
media: what's your wife maiden?
detective: IDK that either
Luciano saravalli
Luciano saravalli - 29 天 前
if it were here in florida would already be solved this case jail in the murderer
A.M. Sport
A.M. Sport - 个月 前
RIP POP SMOKE..Black Jerry Maguire..SHOW US THE SURVAILANCE..trying to believe you But dont believe you..
Quentin Golecki
Quentin Golecki - 个月 前
Dog poo in your pants
Mafia City
Mafia City - 个月 前
They asked great questions
Norma Scott
Norma Scott - 个月 前
He so non- shallot! I wish he had a little more enthusiasm about the case.
Karma 300x
Karma 300x - 个月 前
Uh you're only saying this because he's a white cop smh he was acting professional.
Jaytis Jali
Jaytis Jali - 个月 前
Hercules Hercules
Smmm Dddd
Smmm Dddd - 个月 前
I'll be honest he's not stating the truth
m33 - 16 天 前
Smmm Dddd how dyu know fool
Malanie Starr
Malanie Starr - 个月 前
This situation is very sticky. Too weird
Bro Brah
Bro Brah - 个月 前
Wealth should be stealth
Some of his friends planned his death, end off story
m33 - 16 天 前
No, ur such a nerd Lool
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 个月 前
on his IG then started deleting posts n changing IG captions after the killing, and still didnt bother to say RIP yet....
Motor Breath twan
Motor Breath twan - 个月 前
Good ol califoolya 👀.... have to check in bucko... I always do .. just to say hey.. I’m here...
Aris Garcia
Aris Garcia - 个月 前
I believe this was an inside job ! This was a higher for murder plot ! Remember he was throwing a party that night in the house .. somebody from the party came back to kill and finish the job !
karim muhammad
karim muhammad - 个月 前
Theze young rappers are to open with their business. U gotta move like a ninja out here with all these evil jealous folk..
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose - 个月 前
cop was marshon lynch when it came to questions lmao rip pop smoke tho
karim muhammad
karim muhammad - 个月 前
Why tf was he the only target In this invasion ? U have to move very low key and keep a very small circle. Especially when you're rich..I knew this at the age of 20..
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - 个月 前
“It’s the ones the smoke blunts with ya, see your picture. Now they wanna grab they guns and come get ya” RIP
Savage Rosa
Savage Rosa - 个月 前
armed guy get inside the house kill one person didn’t grab any value stuff they call dat home invasion. 2020 u got to be most stupid people in the world 🌎 to believe on that story
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 个月 前
So someone in the east called 911 for a crime that happened in Los Angeles hmm that was set up from the get go.
White Chocolate
White Chocolate - 个月 前
RIP pop smoke
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi - 个月 前
police officer doesn’t have respect. YOURE SUPPOSED TO SAY “I don’t know MA’am”
e 45
e 45 - 个月 前
you going to know who's trying to betray you when you drunk and high on opiates all the time that's a million times you most vulnerable when you party
Rich Fetty
Rich Fetty - 个月 前
Brooklyn we lost another talented rapper so young . C.I.P cuz ♿️♿️♿️
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu - 个月 前
😥😥😥😥Rip youngin.
YoZiros - 个月 前
This white cop just said pop was 20 to 30 yrs old tf
Karma 300x
Karma 300x - 个月 前
What does the cops race have to do with anything lmfao you can always tell who's racist in the comments.
bushwick dopeboy
bushwick dopeboy - 个月 前
Wtf the call came in from the east coast...🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 that mean the call was made back east saying we going to do it....HOLD ON...ITS A 4 TA 5 HOUR DIFFERENCE.🤔👀👎
Bo Tay888##
Bo Tay888## - 个月 前
What's going on with the Captian ... ???, looks like he's been crying 😶???
Do u see whats goin on my people the hate is real .Watch how u move lik Nip say use to be stay safe now stay dangerous 💯🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 个月 前
"The guy who would take a bullet for you are usually behind the gun" Tupac
Yo Haze
Yo Haze - 个月 前
Why was all the ppl at the house detained and let go??? What story could every person that was in there could've told to get them all off? Foh!
Izv Isv
Izv Isv - 个月 前
I really wish there were cameras inside he’s Home 🤦🏽‍♀️😭
Nazy2Much - 个月 前
cop was marshon lynch when it came to questions lmao rip pop smoke tho
bowen voowy
bowen voowy - 个月 前
Another dead rapper cmon man
Efrain Velazquez
Efrain Velazquez - 个月 前
7 people in the house but nobody saw nothing 🤔
THE powerful ONE
THE powerful ONE - 个月 前
SOME ONE SMOKED YO POP'S 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Demond Mallory
Demond Mallory - 个月 前
Sounds fishy
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 个月 前
"The guy who would take a bullet for you are usually behind the gun" Tupac
Joe Serna
Joe Serna - 个月 前
police officer doesn’t have respect. YOURE SUPPOSED TO SAY “I don’t know MA’am”
Karma 300x
Karma 300x - 个月 前
My god you are an imbecile.
Fahmi T
Fahmi T - 个月 前
Joe Serna STFU
Inga Nobles
Inga Nobles - 个月 前
😥😥😥😥Rip youngin.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy - 个月 前
0:03 hehe he said STD
Lisa Young
Lisa Young - 个月 前
Why he did have protect cause he truth them and they set him up and got paid
Renna S
Renna S - 个月 前
They should interview Nicki Minaj.. real killers leave no Witnesses.....
nerv dog
nerv dog - 个月 前
Bri Berg
Bri Berg - 个月 前
People are bitching and crying screaming injustice but if you and your friends break into the house with a black ski mask and a gun that’s not murder that’s basically suicide what did you expect lol?
Magdalena Celestin
Magdalena Celestin - 个月 前
Maybe a gang or hater
BIG MONEY - 个月 前
This is sad because shorty was cold on the mic and sounded different then any other music out there
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 个月 前
This is why I cut people off who show signs of envy and a ratchet in my closet loaded and ready to go.
Noah Smack
Noah Smack - 个月 前
Another dead rapper cmon man
Jay Welch
Jay Welch - 个月 前
John Pender
John Pender - 个月 前
What??? A black rapper got shot and killed? Wow! Hard to believe.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui - 个月 前
the law... Rest in peace bro.
John Pender
John Pender - 个月 前
Pop Smoke? Who is that?
Maxx EMG
Maxx EMG - 个月 前
Cmon they know he was targeted
keema315 - 个月 前
I feel like it was a robbery gone wrong. Pop was prolly like I ain't goin for this and tried to do somethin bout it..
Scott Croce
Scott Croce - 个月 前
Lapd read joeseph wambaugh books. Ex lapd tells a lot. Brittny Murphy and her husband killed by his mom for estate$$$ Nothing done. Lapd couldn’t find their as holes on a toilet
Banned Egg
Banned Egg - 个月 前
0:03 hehe he said STD
Carl Schmiedeke
Carl Schmiedeke - 个月 前
No big loss
Matias Gutierrez
Matias Gutierrez - 个月 前
Money was the problem don't trust anyone n watch yo self
Mowgli - 个月 前
Never heard of this guy....
Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel
Nothing new.
Sosa Billy
Sosa Billy - 个月 前
He was not killed in his home.!!!! He was visiting a friend house y’all can’t be that stupid ...!!! U really think a gang member that dum too get caught off guard in his own crib nahhh.. inside job🩸
King James
King James - 个月 前
I ain’t know it had all them people in the house. I thought he was in there by his self
MikeWavez - 个月 前
this man had a tear down his face...world cold and cruel, and you feel it.
Jeff White
Jeff White - 个月 前
He should have himself
L M - 个月 前
THIS is *EXACTLY* why we _NEED_ the *2nd amendment!*
*A lot* happens in SIX MINUTES...
Smoke, like Nipsey Hussle, probably had *no weapon* cuz he in LA...
Criminals don't follow the law...
Rest in peace bro.
A dumass generation!!! Smdh!!! No value of LIFE whatsoever... just sad.
Mat Kenski
Mat Kenski - 个月 前
Check out that 999 on the cops badge 😉
Tune it up my people showing signs of stress something seem little but bigger than it seem
Irving Taborn
Irving Taborn - 个月 前
Father we thank you for this young man was put on this Earth for .. and we give you the honor and the glory over his life father and he shared with many people in his community in the business world.... it's all in God's hand and we unites family with strength in unity to survive the loss of their loved one amen
hrh 5150
hrh 5150 - 个月 前
Hangout with scumbags you get killed by scumbags.
PlayMoney Cart
PlayMoney Cart - 个月 前
Why is it Pop Smoke the only one killed? Where was Pop friend(s)? Where they shot too? Or was it a setup. What if Pop address being shown was part of the plan.
LaTanya Porter
LaTanya Porter - 个月 前
LAPD slippin How these ppl get to the Hills ..
M.M.Family. 305
M.M.Family. 305 - 个月 前
They sad, I didn’t knw who this brother was, but man, everyday blacks passing away more and more! But all have to come together, when will you all get it? That’s what the others want us to do, fight with each other! Ijs 🤷‍♂️, but who am I right?
Naya West
Naya West - 个月 前
Louie Alan
Louie Alan - 个月 前
Ny gang member killed by LA gang members not suprised
Hannah Joquain
Hannah Joquain - 个月 前
did he say the call came in from back east? does he mean from the east coast?
John Hulse
John Hulse - 个月 前
Guess he went pop into smoke
Dre Rich
Dre Rich - 个月 前
Why would the person call back East so that another person can call 911. Why not just call 911 right off the bat?
Y O - 个月 前
Not for nothing... this officers badge number is 999.... this whole story don't make sense...
Dave Hibbs
Dave Hibbs - 个月 前
Police didn't want to even get involved! Arrested no one?
tretrexv - 个月 前
So his friend called another friend to call 911???
Safire 1978
Safire 1978 - 个月 前
I don’t trust anyone and when I say that people want to say I’m crazy. No one can be trusted life experience has taught me that not even your parents.