"LeSs ThAn 50% PeAnUtS"

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Planters peanut company decided to piss me off today by filling my mixed nut jars with a lot of peanuts. I don't know if you've ever had this exact sort of problem, but if you have.....sounds about WHIIITE!!! hahaha, just a little joke there XD

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Chris Brew
Chris Brew - 13 小时 前
you heard it, he started covid19. get em
Joelis Mas
Joelis Mas - 15 小时 前
subtract the salt u ... I don't know who u are
loneWolf - 18 小时 前
Im still hoping for part 2
Roasted Toast
Roasted Toast - 19 小时 前
Can Şentürk
Can Şentürk - 21 小时 前
He looks like that guy from Lovely Bones movie
Mateja Jovancic
Mateja Jovancic - 21 小时 前
Idubbbz looks like if saitama retired and then his hair started growing again
Dalia Singha
Dalia Singha - 22 小时 前
Your mustache looks bad
Dark Diddler
Dark Diddler - 22 小时 前
I can't tell if he's being ironic when correcting "less" to "fewer"
sneaky boi
sneaky boi - 天 前
0:50 like some guy eating a bat
Emily Midkiff
Emily Midkiff - 天 前
People suddenly became pussys all of a sudden ready to switch up, some fake fans
BbqBoss Man
BbqBoss Man - 天 前
Ian created the 🅱️oronaVirus
Cat Inhat
Cat Inhat - 天 前
“This is how a virus starts” little did he know
MnTL - 天 前
Travis is a noob
Travis is a noob - 天 前
nasty lips bro
That Guy
That Guy - 天 前
iDubbbz you're the shit. Anyone that says otherwise has their head so far up their ass that they would need rectum surgery to fix all the damage to their asshole, keep doing your own thing, and keep posting good quality videos.
A - 天 前
HelloitsMeBob - 天 前
Smoll Bean
Smoll Bean - 天 前
Chase Is My Name
Chase Is My Name - 天 前
Bruh his wife can do what he wants to! You fuckers are ruining his life for no god damn reason "He iSa SiMp" you fuckers have no simpithy for others. It isnt even a meme at this point.
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes - 天 前
Tristen Cook
Tristen Cook - 天 前
You suck iDubbbz
Emanuel Dinca
Emanuel Dinca - 天 前
If you re a thug dye your 'stache
Gamer with glasses
Gamer with glasses - 天 前
0:55 thanks a lot idubbbz
Blitz Underdog
Blitz Underdog - 天 前
@idubbbz book of eli parody???
Kevin Cobb
Kevin Cobb - 天 前
Super Interesting Math Peanuts
Michael Superbacker
Now this is amazing content! I really enjoyed your great investigational work!!! Keep it up Ian!
Hanako Kun
Hanako Kun - 天 前
He looks scary now...
matt dimond
matt dimond - 2 天 前
was expecting them to just hang up tbh
Skydog - 2 天 前
Shut the fuck up about the simp bullshit already man idubbbz is legend. Leavembe
Ivary - 天 前
Or what
Charles Westrup
Charles Westrup - 2 天 前
Idubbz I love your channel and you gonna get f*cking pissed if you see this but clean your room
SpiderGuy - 2 天 前
I love how everybody is complaining about the onlyfans thing like shut it up, no one cares anymore.
Kers Pertt
Kers Pertt - 14 小时 前
@Chris Gruff I wasnt comparing the situations. Im giving an analogy that shows the flaw in the persons "theyre adults fuck off you cant criticise them they can do what they want" It was never a comparison, I never alluded to it being so and the fact you think it is shows you might need to take up philosophy lesson with your little brother. How about I book a few sessions for you guys? On me. Sick of this dumb argument bullshit, leave it on twitter.
Chris Gruff
Chris Gruff - 14 小时 前
Kers Pertt correct, but comparing a robbery to a decision that two consenting adults made? Pretty childish, my 7 year old brother does that. There is no need to blow things out of proportion, this is the definition of comparing apples to oranges.
Kers Pertt
Kers Pertt - 14 小时 前
@Chris Gruff Reply to the argument instead of saying "U false im rite haha" If adults is free to do as they wish, we are free to judge them for it.
Chris Gruff
Chris Gruff - 14 小时 前
Kers Pertt THATS called taking things way out of context, you’re argument has instantly lost ground without even making a proper point
Kers Pertt
Kers Pertt - 16 小时 前
@SpiderGuy *2 adults rob a store* "Hey you cant do that!!!!" The robbers: "Shut up we're adults we can do what we want!" "Ah my bad, go on."
KJS MUSIC - 2 天 前
its allg idubz allways ur youtube fan!!!! i dont agree wth what ur gf did but i will support u not as much her!
love ya!!!
Lucas Colantoni
Lucas Colantoni - 2 天 前
I love that idubbbz has got away with every slur in the book and Bc dumb fuckin incels wanna slut shame his gf for posting provocative pics they think for one fucking moment they’re gonna take him down the slightest fuckin inch
Caz - 2 天 前
what did the germans call that angry dude with the mustache?
Camel - 2 天 前
I jus deadass watched u shake ass bruh. Well done.
EdgeLord3000 - 2 天 前
That intro didn't age well
odibex - 2 天 前
you're taking the non-peanuts off of the peanut plate, which means anything smaller than a nut - skins, "leavins", gets left on the peanut plate, and added to the peanuts' weight. so this is bullshit basically. also I have that Uniqlo tee.
OpticalJW - 2 天 前
Tod Rodger
Tod Rodger - 2 天 前
I imagine his girlfriend and her boyfriend are in the room next door while hes making these videos and playing with squirrels.
willingmaster101 - 3 天 前
This is how the Coronavirus started
DukiBoy - 3 天 前
Lexo Saber
Lexo Saber - 3 天 前
Come on bro, give us more vydeos.
TheGamerxx08 - 3 天 前
You gotta be one of the kings of YouTube to make a video about peanuts and get over 1m views LET ALONE 4m. Dam this guy was living the dream. He didn’t even need “creative” ideas. Everything that’s uploaded on this channel is bound to get the idubbz touch. Over a million
Protato Gamer
Protato Gamer - 3 天 前
mr_crackhead64 - 3 天 前
Why the fuck can this man pull 4m viewers from reviewing penuts
Versace Diaper
Versace Diaper - 3 天 前
Did you zero out the plate weight
Nate Dogg
Nate Dogg - 3 天 前
Doo doo doo a dooh- straight cuuckin it.
lil Schniddelwutz
lil Schniddelwutz - 3 天 前
unkl munky
unkl munky - 3 天 前
My first viewing of idubbbz. Everyone is whining about him being a simp. In the first 3 seconds I could see he has extreme potential to be pussy whipped. My real concern is do they let him vote? Surely not.
no no
no no - 3 天 前
ChaoticTurtles Productions
0:58 “this is how a virus starts”
Conspiracy Theory, Ian started corona
Berk Karşı
Berk Karşı - 3 天 前
Can't wait for those peanuts to make an OnlyFans account
sam marr
sam marr - 3 天 前
Before idubzz was a simp. Psyche who tf cares what anyone else thinks
I Love DAHYUN - 4 天 前
Idubbbz started caronavirus
Egg Shells
Egg Shells - 4 天 前
Everyone’s saying “oh he’s lost his mind” ........ have you SEEN his bad unboxing videos?
Egg Shells
Egg Shells - 天 前
Maria A eh a little bit yeah, but some of his bad unboxing vids have the same vibe ngl
Maria A
Maria A - 天 前
there is def a different vibe tho
Jason Hentges
Jason Hentges - 4 天 前
Daisy Pita
Daisy Pita - 4 天 前
The world in crisis iddubz PENUTS!!!!!
ll Jacob ll
ll Jacob ll - 4 天 前
Everyone gangsta till Ian pulls up with two guns in the back 😳
Louis VAN OOST - 4 天 前
All we asked for was a content cop :(
blondebAndit - 4 天 前
Salt my dish, bartender
Max _Vantastic
Max _Vantastic - 4 天 前
So this is what your channel has come to...
No Life
No Life - 4 天 前
ashraf khan
ashraf khan - 4 天 前
bot thot
bot thot - 4 天 前
Lit Savage
Lit Savage - 5 天 前
Wait he was the real one that started the corona virus 😂
Rage Quit
Rage Quit - 5 天 前
Yo ok i've only just watched this video today
Literally added that song into my project 4 days ago
Remember it being used for GMOD's ravebreaks
Best Ever Food Review Show
There's no Brazil nuts in there my dude.
YURTLE X13 - 5 天 前
Samantha Moon
Samantha Moon - 5 天 前
Why am I watching this at 1am?
Kitten Denvi
Kitten Denvi - 5 天 前
I love you idubbbz, but your mustache really bothers me Lol.
Laton Speck
Laton Speck - 5 天 前
I just came from filthy Frank youtube page...
Jose Chavez
Jose Chavez - 5 天 前
Wow this guy really got 2 coupons for that wow I should try that
Yimb0 Is Offline
Yimb0 Is Offline - 5 天 前
Idubbs you killed my grandma with that virus

Victory royal !!!!
Roberts Mikiasvili
Roberts Mikiasvili - 5 天 前
Huge waste of time. Loved every second of it!
demise ruin
demise ruin - 5 天 前
Vaiserint - 5 天 前
Idubbbz is a simp like to agree
Josh Windes
Josh Windes - 5 天 前
The only thing that doesn’t have nuts is you
God-Emperor of NPCkind
The straws were a cover. That was actually a jar of bat soup.
Warrick Brown
Warrick Brown - 5 天 前
Funny vid, nice work