DR DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE SPECTRALITE FACEWARE PRO FACE MASK ✨This is the most expensive beauty item I have ever bought! The Dr Dennis Gross FACEWARE PRO is an LED light therapy device for home use to treat acne, breakouts, pigmentation, sunspots and promote collagen to help reduce lines and wrinkles. Here are my thoughts on it and whether it works, plus what bugs me the most about this beauty gadget 💁🏼‍♀️
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Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 7 个月 前
Here is how you can pick up the mask with a little bit of discount ✨
Look Fantastic (Usually 15-20% off sitewide) http://bit.ly/2MhvT71
Cult Beauty http://bit.ly/2MjXX9N (click here for £10 off https://share.cultbeauty.co.uk/x/8Ff7aQ)
Space NK (Use NDulge points) http://bit.ly/2ydGt6J
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 6 个月 前
@bunnyhei No not at all! I'm using all different brands, although I have used the DDG peel pads with it and they worked very well!
bunnyhei - 6 个月 前
Can I please ask one question? While using this mask, is it necessary to use the same brand skin care products? Thank you very much!
Mayal Khan
Mayal Khan - 25 天 前
hi, i bough this mask but i did not buy the peel cream with it. can the mask be worn without the recommended cream and have th same good results? or can i use any other brands peel creams and then wear this mask on top?
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 15 小时 前
Hi! You can wear it without any creams at all, but if you did want to use a peel first you can use any brand!
Emma Carpenter
Emma Carpenter - 个月 前
Who can afford paying that much money for a mask seriously 😅 For those who are broke like me, I recommend buying the one from skincare-options.com. It's way cheaper but it does the work. I've been suffering from cystic acne since I'm 14 but haven't had a single breakout since I'm using this mask. I'm still getting a couple of pimples here and there but they heal so much quicker now. Highly recommend it 💕
Emer Henry
Emer Henry - 个月 前
Was hoping for some before and after pics. It's very easy to say that it's made a difference to your skin but without pics - well I don't know you from Adam so why should I believe you? I have a much cheaper version (under £30) and was interested to see if your device made any more of a difference to yours but after watching your video for 16 minutes I'm still no wiser. Total waste of 16 minutes. I'm 49 and rarely give a thumbs down but I did for this and so had to explain.
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 个月 前
Hi Emer, I appreciate your opinion and maybe it's something I would do in a future video review of this mask but at the time of making the video I had only been using the device for about 3 months on and off as I did say. If I was going to document the use I would want to do a proper test using it continuously each day and for a set amount of time. This video was purely my initial thoughts on the mask and to show how it works for anyone considering it. As I mention I believe the blue light would work well on acne, but also how I don't suffer from acne, so it's not something I would be able to document. The few spots I had it got rid of them quickly which I was impressed with. For anti-ageing (red light) as I also mentioned in the video, it's hard to see results but I do feel my skin was looking better and if anything feeling it, which again wouldn't come across in pictures, it's just my overall feeling and opinion using the product - no scientific evidence or tests here! Why should you believe me? Why would I lie? I have absolutely no reason to, this product wasn't gifted or was I paid for this review, not that those things would matter anyway as I am always honest about anything I feature on my channel. Thanks for watching!
Chéri Fidèle
Chéri Fidèle - 3 个月 前
I just got this and used it for the first time and my pores just got %70 percent smaller I used the blue light first and then the red separate tomorrow I’ll try the red and blue together to see what one I like more I should have took before pictures of just my pores ❤️
I defo like LED, but I had the same problem with the strap on my mask falling off after the FIRST use! The battery is also failing on mine and I've had it for less than a year...not good enough for such an expensive product👎
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 3 个月 前
Ah no that's not good to hear! I managed to get my strap to stay tight at the back but it still falls off on the sides
Debnmakeup - 3 个月 前
Hello Paula I have been real interested in a LED mask they say it is really good for your skin. When your done using the mask how do u store it? I heard someone say it is not suppose to be kept on a counter or something do to dust or etc.
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 3 个月 前
Hi! I store mine in the dust bag it comes with and then just in my drawer.
Richie AngeLove
Richie AngeLove - 5 个月 前
majority of the LED masks are made in China and the cost price is a tiny fraction of what we actually pay for the mask with a branded name on it. This is one of the reasons I cannot spend £400 on a mask. Second reason is that just like you I toss those products in the drawer and forget about them....
Balenciaga Mama
Balenciaga Mama - 个月 前
China have some of the best manufacturers in the world!
MildMeful - 5 个月 前
Richie AngeLove this mask is the only LED home mask that is FDA approved, cheap LED masks have been recalled all over the world as they have caused people to go partially blind and all sorts of nasty things. there is SO much research that has gone into this mask that cheap knockoffs simply don’t have
Richie AngeLove
Richie AngeLove - 5 个月 前
Brit Q Yu no my phone is made in Korea.
Brit Q Yu
Brit Q Yu - 5 个月 前
ur Iphone is also made in China.
Syuzena Pitz
Syuzena Pitz - 5 个月 前
Is it really works? Stil thinking exactly about Dr DEnnis GRoss maks.
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 3 个月 前
I think it works yes!
Sparkle Williams
Sparkle Williams - 6 个月 前
I am going to purchase this for my birthday, I have very bad acne and a lot of times I feel my confidence is lacking because of it.
Chéri Fidèle
Chéri Fidèle - 3 个月 前
Try Amino Genesis Really Really Clean Cleanser and Cocoon Moisturizer these helped me for Serum Glo Renew has all the great acids that kill the Acne Drunk Elephant has a similar one probiotic may help they helped me
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 6 个月 前
Sorry to hear that, I hope it works for you! X
Srinoon Poomprai
Srinoon Poomprai - 6 个月 前
I have be waiting for this VDD for sometime . Thanks for this xx
Srinoon Poomprai
Srinoon Poomprai - 6 个月 前
Paula Holmes very helpful thanks.
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 6 个月 前
Hope you found it helpful x
Sweet AlexAndAndrea
Sweet AlexAndAndrea - 7 个月 前
Do we need to wear eye protection? I read an article that stated that eye damage may occur with LED therapy?
Alexandra Clearwater
Alexandra Clearwater - 7 个月 前
@Paula Holmes From what I understand Dr Dennis Gross' mask is safe as it does not have the blue light LED diodes around the eye area. That is the light that is harmful for the eyes. where as red light is safe? Correct me if I'm wrong anyone :D
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 7 个月 前
Not that I'm aware of, I did see Neutrogena pulled their mask from sales because of that. I guess it's still quite a relatively new technology. Best to reach out to the brand and ask if you are worried. Meant to say as well I haven't been advised to wear anything over my eyes in a salon when I've had it done there.
MT Reza
MT Reza - 7 个月 前
seen them 35£ on ebay
Mariya Stoyanova
Mariya Stoyanova - 3 个月 前
Jaap also whit Neck 😁
Elizabethann Ferrario
Elizabethann Ferrario - 8 个月 前
Hi Paula I haven’t seen you around for a long time nice to see you back x oh it’s fabulous
Use it regularly and enjoy
I am so happy for you x
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 8 个月 前
Hi 👋🏻 oh that’s great to hear! 😃 x
Gingerbread Girl
Gingerbread Girl - 8 个月 前
Wow that looks crazy Haha. I wish I had some designer bags i would love a chanel one and a mulberry and so many more
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 8 个月 前
I swear my neighbours must think what is she doing if they see it through the window haha! I would love a Chanel bag too 😍
Sophie B
Sophie B - 8 个月 前
I have acne and have been tempted by this, will look out for a good LF deal day!
Chéri Fidèle
Chéri Fidèle - 4 个月 前
Try to take probiotics everyday this 7 day cleanse from Walmart every 3 months is one of the only things that help me 2 or 3 cups of organic green and dandelion tea .. Amino Genius Really Really clean Cleanser with my Luna at night I use both Glo’s Renew serum that has bha and aha acids and Drunk Elephants TLC switching them every other night then I later Amino Genesis Cocoon then my Clinique’s Smart Moisturizer And have a pile of clean pillows cases and towels so you always have a fresh one I hope this helps out of thousands of dollars I wasted over the last 10 years these have been the absolute best
Paula Holmes
Paula Holmes - 8 个月 前
It's so expensive, so a deal day is the way forward 😊