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jacksepticeye - 个月 前
If you like a comment that says "only X can like this" you have small PP
Meme Head7898
Meme Head7898 - 14 天 前
What about 90’s man
random person
random person - 个月 前
To the 6.5k people out there who liked this, Jack literally says only x can like this.
LaZy_ BANANA - 个月 前
@Nicholas Shelton the worst part is that I forgot to put the a
Vald slayer
Vald slayer - 个月 前
13:04 It is a gasping pikachu.
L O S T W O R L D - 个月 前
Ali Mcneely
Ali Mcneely - 3 小时 前
Who else is watching this while doing socially distanced school
Tomas - 4 小时 前
Jack: I'm really excited for 2020!
Everyone watching this in April: ...
Idk, What is my name?
Idk, What is my name? - 9 小时 前
Jack: *is colour blind*
Also Jack: I’m about to do what’s called a *pro gamer move*
Ruben Becerra
Ruben Becerra - 14 小时 前
Jack should have been a character for stick of truth
EnderWolf-Games - 17 小时 前
I get sad that it ends he said don’t cry wtf how you know I mean I’m not crying you are
Aaron McCarthy
Aaron McCarthy - 19 小时 前
Well boy I'm back after 2 months
CinderPelt I guess I broke my leg, help XD
2020 be like Yeeeey is corona time, yeh yeh is corona time rite now oof
Oliver R.
Oliver R. - 23 小时 前
Sean..... cats dont pay rent
Fake Person
Fake Person - 23 小时 前
So, just everyone else’s kids.
Âmbęr Øffłįñę
Jack: 2020 ehh
2020: corona
5g is bad
Global warming
Cilvannau - 天 前
3:09 I have that mask
Maddy Pritchard
Maddy Pritchard - 天 前
Nawww.... he had hope for 2020. How cute lol
Trickster Child
Trickster Child - 天 前
He’s red green colorblind but his main color is green
Coqoa_ - 天 前
Thumbnail is at 12:57 for anyone who may want to know.
MGsquared - 天 前
Woah. Also red green color blind and when he stepped back I was like “yeah thats not gonna do anything” and I did it and was like **insert surprised pikachu meme**
Meh name Amber
Meh name Amber - 天 前
Wait if Jack is red and green color blind then what does his logo look like for him?
Mary's Side
Mary's Side - 天 前
Jack:2020, what will come next this year?
1 month later
Jack: I guess 2017 wasn't such a bummer after all.
Paul Piper Trueman
Paul Piper Trueman - 2 天 前
jack: think about that *slaps himself twice*
also jack: im not even 14 , that really hurt
made my day
Thebloodymarshmellow TBM
Oh crap he knows the secrets of life he is to powerful to be kept alive
Benjamin Skudal Kaland
Everyone: New year new me
Covid19: (let’s see what the comments say)
alex jiao
alex jiao - 2 天 前
“I have some awesome plans for 2020”
God “Nope”
Obsidian shadowmoon
Obsidian shadowmoon - 2 天 前
What dose that mean that when he died his hair green he could not see it. Also the same thing with marks red hair
Jelita Ch
Jelita Ch - 2 天 前
i wish i can be happy as you when im 30! ♡
good luck to you in 2020
Asbjørn Bremer Thunes
Что_за_черт - 2 天 前
My dad has a cat allergy and we have two cats. It's because our cats are indoor cats that they don't make his allergy act up
RaZe Assasin
RaZe Assasin - 2 天 前
Jacks the best
what - 2 天 前
that cat oh my g od a babey
Game Life x3
Game Life x3 - 3 天 前
I love how his channel colour is mainly green and his hair colour was green but he can't even see it he's adorable
Froppy Hero
Froppy Hero - 3 天 前
Hmmm should I subscribe mhhhhh
Joe redwood
Joe redwood - 3 天 前
2020: corona virus
Pace - 3 天 前
Does anybody else think that the best gorillas album is plastic bleach?
Slimey 518
Slimey 518 - 3 天 前
Brendan Beam
Brendan Beam - 3 天 前
If jack is red green color blind would be think marks red hair and his green hair were the same? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
The world of Altara
The world of Altara - 3 天 前
The more you swear the more chance you'll get demonetized but the more you swear the more you appeal to viewers
Dark Truth
Dark Truth - 3 天 前
Sean: Life is really good
Me: *constantly hating life and wanting to die* If Sean says it its true. I must change my ways!
Jack Honaker
Jack Honaker - 3 天 前
jacksepticeye: "what is our new year resaloton" me: "spend more time outside" carona virus:"no no no"!
I Sad
I Sad - 3 天 前
only X can like this
Liam Pulles
Liam Pulles - 3 天 前
The funny thing is im Netherlands and half Irish too :)
pixel dragon1
pixel dragon1 - 4 天 前
Only X can like this
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 4 天 前
Yeah, 30 did feel good for me about 5 years ago.😄
thereal_FlipFlop - 4 天 前
What's gonna happen next? WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN NEXT? -this joke was made during the great quarantine of 2020
Xman_bunch 23
Xman_bunch 23 - 4 天 前
the smile cat is my profile picture
Eva Smith Turton
Eva Smith Turton - 4 天 前
Shocked Pikachu
James Walder
James Walder - 4 天 前
The red green colorblind milk has a picture of a Pikachu with open mouth. You’re welcome
James Walder
James Walder - 4 天 前
Has anyone tried the entitled this game on in the Nintendo switch???
Johanna Kontonasakis
Johanna Kontonasakis - 4 天 前
@ 9:43 then CARONAVIRUS happened :-!
Johanna Kontonasakis
Johanna Kontonasakis - 4 天 前
I sleep during school
gaming rocket
gaming rocket - 4 天 前
Me watching in 2020 this corona is killing is sean
Gr4y 2
Gr4y 2 - 4 天 前
If he’s red green colour blind
Does he sometimes draw Sam as red
Jayden Bellingham
Jayden Bellingham - 4 天 前
13:28 I’m not colour blind but damn that’s hard to see
Madison Denny
Madison Denny - 4 天 前
Only people who think that people who like comments that say “only X can like this” have small pp can like this
CosmicFox - 4 天 前
Jack: Talks about the VidCon UK happening
Me: No no Jack, us Irish cannot do dat right now.
Also me: Looks at when this video was made - "Ah, okay, so that makes more sense" 😂
FirstStrike1177 - 4 天 前
Fun fact: you can be allergic to some cats, and not others.
I found out that I have a cat allergy when I walked into my best friend’s house for the first time. Over the course of the next few hours I basically couldn’t breathe. I didn’t recover for another week. Any time I went to his house I had the same issue even though I would come prepared with antihistamines and he would deep clean his house and keep his cat in his room. He had an American long hair if I remember correctly.
I grew up with a cat. Had no issues with him, but that was a long time ago. (I was 2 when he passed away.)
Now here’s the kicker. My Aunt shelters cats. She has a pretty constant 17-20 cats in her house at any time. I visited her over the summer and was able to pet the one cat that basically acts like a dog and even one of they shy ones. Totally fine. No issue. Most of the cats just hang out in a separate rooms from the main living space, but I literally went into the one with the cat I was petting that had cats of the same breed. Not a single wheeze or runny nose.
It’s all to do with what the cats shed. Not just all cats. It’s why hypoallergenic animals are a thing.
akasha womble
akasha womble - 5 天 前
So that Roto wipe would be great for right now
hi there
hi there - 5 天 前
Jack: i have a lot of plans.. i have some stuff that I'm really excited to show you guys...
Coronavirus: *not so fast*
Jean Creason
Jean Creason - 5 天 前
Who the fuck is Ryan renalds
Connor Thomas
Connor Thomas - 5 天 前
Elisabeth Garneau
Elisabeth Garneau - 5 天 前
Jack that cat is hypoallergenic, that's why you don't react to it. My father is allergic to cats too, but i got the same breed of cat at home (siberian) and nothing happens to him either. That also means that you're allergic to cat saliva, not cat fur, because these little dudes don't have the protein in the saliva that make people like you "allergic to cats"! If you were allergic to the fur, you would still be coughing and sneezing. So to sum it up, you are allergic to cats, just not to hypoallergenic ones! Hope this helped!
EeveeLovers Gaming
EeveeLovers Gaming - 5 天 前
I will always love your hair. but please dye it green again. (not too dark or you'll look like a Minecraft grass block)
Kona And Other Things
Kona And Other Things - 5 天 前
Pewds is dancing
Allan Ribergaard
Allan Ribergaard - 5 天 前
Jack can i PET ur adoreblely Cute Cat plz?
Nebula AJ
Nebula AJ - 5 天 前
Pika pika
JunglekookIsThique - 5 天 前
jack with his lil toss boy haircut
Oriol Luz
Oriol Luz - 5 天 前
only small pp can like this
Dragu - 6 天 前
9:48 yeah, no
Poison - 6 天 前
Where’s satisfactory jack WHERE IS SATISFACTORY
CreeperKid 2666
CreeperKid 2666 - 6 天 前
Well the roto wipe is gpnna sell out next
xchallengerx11 00
xchallengerx11 00 - 6 天 前
Thicc Irish potato
bean_ seavey
bean_ seavey - 6 天 前
Limelights? 👀
Fuze Gaming
Fuze Gaming - 6 天 前
That is true about the algorithm. My mother has told me a lot about brand safety, but maybe I can put in a good word about you to her??
thegolden kantana
thegolden kantana - 6 天 前
If you like this you give people free likes for no reason
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth - 6 天 前
Sean: 2020 is gonna be good
2020: mmmmmmmnnnnn no *covid19*
Namen Roodles
Namen Roodles - 7 天 前
Looking at the thumbnail I think I am too...
Namen Roodles
Namen Roodles - 7 天 前
I need help
Namen Roodles
Namen Roodles - 7 天 前
Huh I guess I am all I saw was very faint squiggly lines
Brittnie Herr
Brittnie Herr - 7 天 前
I'm very color blind and see nothing
Nico Sterling
Nico Sterling - 7 天 前
I left your channel a rlly long time ago and ur hair is on point now 👌👌👌
minecraft ultimate custom night
I saw all
Kindle - 7 天 前
Jack: Life Is Great!
Depression: Sure bout that?
Jack: LAUGH!!
Moonlight_ Gacha
Moonlight_ Gacha - 7 天 前
8:50 this is gonna be a big hit through the corona virus XD
icestorm222775 - 8 天 前
“I’m excited about 2020”
Oof I have some bad news for you bud