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When “Bon” the popular engineering students start a revenge plan on “Duen” the innocent first year medical students slowly their feelings start to grow through roses that Duen have to buy for Bon every day for a month. The series bring out the different side of each couple and their journey with friends and relationship. Join us and see how their feelings slowly evolved with each other through the 4 couples.
Every Saturday 8pm.
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Jboop Derp
Jboop Derp - 27 分钟 前
That was THE BEST kiss I’ve ever seen 😭😭😭 I LOVE RAM AND KING 😭😭😭❤️❤️ My favorite BL kiss everrrr
bluestaes - 9 小时 前
why do i get a feeling that fon is the female version of han jisung from skz?
uhgood;承 - 15 小时 前
estoy llorando bAstA 👁👄👁✋
Bakikhrub 0
Bakikhrub 0 - 20 小时 前
JIJI - 天 前
Ram and King are so cuuute !!! my favorite couple 😭
la lalala
la lalala - 天 前
Uwu I think Bohn and Duen’s kiss was one of the most awaited sweetest cutest kisses i’ve seen omg. And the kiss on the hand before the actual kiss... ahhh so cute 😭 and I really love the bgm as it added such a sweeter atmosphere. I am literally blushing and screaming in silence ngl 😭😊 I’ve replayed it so many times 💕 Definitely, one of my favorites. Kisses like that are so romantic&meaningful for a couple like BohnDuen. For as innocent and bubbly as Duen finally like saying that he’s ready for a deeper relationship 🥺 and I bet for Bohn, it was worth the wait, here he actually learned patience. Before, other people always went after him, now he was after someone. Getting that kiss you’ve been waiting for and initiated by that someone was more fulfilling isn’t it, Bohn? 😭 They have a lot of ups and downs, and of course very different personalities which actually shows the reality of having a relationship with someone. But they’re trying to work it out right? Love BohnDuen ❤️ Anyways, the other couples are not settled yet and of course we need continuation of all their stories so ... Season 2 I’ll patiently wait for youuuuu! 👁👄👁
ps. this is so long sorry but god I just really had to let it out 🥺 I love them 😭❤️
ps again. Give Tingting someone she deserves, thank you 👀😊
lorraine Sallow
lorraine Sallow - 天 前
6:37 si SI SIIIIII
garylu01 - 天 前
Ram face when King yelled at him and his cute voice: 🥺
Kay Copues
Kay Copues - 2 天 前
the audacity to upload the ramking kiss episode in only 720p.. i need that high quality video pls and thank you T~T
Calm yet internally screaming
Okay but fon's acting skills are so good

Also king wtf you don't approach someone and then act like you don't like them
Kristin White
Kristin White - 3 天 前
Small Confession: every time Ram does something heroic I have a strong urge to scream “THATS MY AUSSIE BOY!” 🥴 I’m a crackhead i know
Amrita Thapa
Amrita Thapa - 3 天 前
Wow wonderful kiss ram and king I watch 20 time omg 😘😘😘😘😘😘
Roselin eve
Roselin eve - 3 天 前
I was waiting for ramking
2fab4u - 3 天 前
Finally sum movement during a kiss💯👌🏼❤️🔥 not just 2 statues
jsgrmjhjmvjk0613 BTS
jsgrmjhjmvjk0613 BTS - 4 天 前
No one's gonna talk how funny and cute Phu is since ep 1?
Victorian smith
Victorian smith - 4 天 前
that RamKing kiss has me crying .... it was so worth the wait!!
Lame Gale
Lame Gale - 4 天 前
They should have made a small cut after Ram and King kissing with King’s sister feeling a disturbance with her BL senses.
Øw-en - 5 天 前
Jajaja weeeeeeeeeeeey.
Los unico besos en toda la perra temporada.
ispitonyourtaste - 4 天 前
Pero tan siquiera terminaron bien,no como otra serie que no nombrare de amigos y de choca esos 5.
yves gabin
yves gabin - 5 天 前
Oh my God... Ram is so sexy when he kisses 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Ramking kiss is the best kiss of this Bl😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I need a Ram in my life please 😭
太郎 ぼく
太郎 ぼく - 5 天 前
RaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamKiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinggggggggggggggggggggggggggg is my everything
Yadssira Leon
Yadssira Leon - 5 天 前
The kiss the KISSSSS 🥴ahhhhhhh FAN GIRL😳
Bethany Valdez
Bethany Valdez - 5 天 前
i think that bohn and deun kiss has to be one of my favorites in the bl genre. We all knew that Bohn has been waiting for that kiss for soooooo long and his expression really shows how happy he is to finally get that kiss from Deun . . . .
vics Wonyeon
vics Wonyeon - 5 天 前
Cuando veo la escena de BohnDuen me da diabetes me lleno de azúcar como pueden llegar a ser tan dulces y tiernos!! 😍💕really so Cute!!!!!
Mariam Said
Mariam Said - 5 天 前
Ramking,, fiNallY, gReat
Cool human doggo husky Ram finally confronted his bb boi, and baby honey plant King finally decided to deal with them feels and maybe stOp hUrtiNg And WorrY aboUt hiS oWn loVe liFe-
They even gave us an emotional kiss,,,
I aM deFiniTely oK
I think my heart is having malfunction
oH wAit I fOrgOt tO bReaTh
*I think im dying-*
Emma Elf
Emma Elf - 5 天 前
When I started watching I was so scared to have another high five but thank god, this is perfect. I dont want it to end 😭
Monalisa Mota
Monalisa Mota - 6 天 前
Ram and King don't kiss... They teach how lol
h - 6 天 前
ok but like the hand kisses and then when they actually kissed and got shy . theyre so adorable I LOVE IT HERE
h - 6 天 前
Yennifer Gaona
Yennifer Gaona - 6 天 前
Ramking UwU
Revilia Theresa
Revilia Theresa - 6 天 前
When King 'finally' kiss Ram
Me: hands up "HALLELUJAH"
Selma Castro
Selma Castro - 6 天 前
Add subtitles in Brazilian Portuguese. Please! Thank you.
Noelia - 6 天 前
Morí con el beso de King y Ram
Angie - 7 天 前
RamKing kiss
ALi - 7 天 前
Did I just rewatch the Ramking kiss 25 times? Who knows
Phayd - 7 天 前
Can we just talk about the fact that RamKing have the best romantic build up and believable kiss of this whole series?
cvrlos *
cvrlos * - 7 天 前
boss, the polyamorous representation he could've been
Always Her
Always Her - 7 天 前
King redefining push and pull🙈
Isabella Powolny
Isabella Powolny - 8 天 前
Those hand kisses are the cutest kisses I've ever seen
Sat Sihite
Sat Sihite - 8 天 前
When panic gay kisses confident gay first ☺
Sat Sihite
Sat Sihite - 8 天 前
Never seen the side couple properly kissed first than the main couple UNLESS everyone is the main couple 😄😅
Naho Silva
Naho Silva - 8 天 前
that ramking kiss>>>>>>>
Shady - 9 天 前
The part of Bonh and Duen is just too soft, I'm dying each time I see it 😍
kim YunHee
kim YunHee - 9 天 前
King : kiss Ram
Me : stop breathing 😳
Leticia Gwokyalya
Leticia Gwokyalya - 9 天 前
Finally i was getting so angry but now am happy 🤗🤗🤗🤗💜💜💕💕💕
Leticia Gwokyalya
Leticia Gwokyalya - 9 天 前
This kiss was so perfect and intimate loved it 😍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗💕💕💕💕💕💜💜💜
Leticia Gwokyalya
Leticia Gwokyalya - 9 天 前
Can't get over this scene
Mashup Vibes
Mashup Vibes - 9 天 前
King 👑 is my love 😍
Sophia Rose
Sophia Rose - 9 天 前
Judging by the comments from the last couple of episodes I thought that ramking would have a horrendous final episode so I was totally shocked by the kiss 😲❤️💋
DinoGamer_Sky - 10 天 前
Kyle Levingston
Kyle Levingston - 10 天 前
I've watched the RamKing kiss an unhealthy number of times
kulingfu - 10 天 前
Ahhhhhh Ram's sad face is breaking my heart. Is it bad I like King/Ram better than any couple in this series 😭😭😭😭
Lizeth Morpal
Lizeth Morpal - 11 天 前
De nada 🥰
Baka Girl
Baka Girl - 11 天 前
Just saying.. Raff should have played the part of a chinese guy on exchange program, so he could have used his own voice (it's my opinion but the dubbed voice didn't match at all with him).. I don't know about the novel but since it's obvious that Raff will not be part of ss2 (actually a very bad idea cause he was amazing, just saying) I only see 2 options: Mek will be overseas (maybe the best choice? but we all gonna miss him) or the production will cast another actor (but I'm not sure about this solution cause all fan really loved Raff in Mek role)... at least all the other actors remained the same...btw still hope in a "miracle" for Raff to be part of the cast again..
tam - 11 天 前
king and ram’s acting and their relationship were out of this world,, there was just something that felt different with them than the others also they had the BEST kiss scene PERIOD
Kpop Memes
Kpop Memes - 12 天 前
So I’m the only one that thinks that’s not mek talking ok
Rimmy - 12 天 前
is it just me or ramking are so far the only couple in this series that made me feel *SO fuzzy and happy* inside with their kiss scene, *i love them soo much, officially my favourite bl couple! ♡*
Jayar - 13 天 前
And all it took for King to confess was a few injuries to his head, some alcohol, some pills....
pawetcho - 13 天 前
i was in ep 7 but i cant wait for kingram's kiss lol
Gemini Cris
Gemini Cris - 13 天 前
gαввι Rodriguez
gαввι Rodriguez - 13 天 前
Clara Monroe
Clara Monroe - 14 天 前
Tantos besos en un solo episodio
Clara Monroe
Clara Monroe - 14 天 前
Cule beso largo mk ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Clara Monroe
Clara Monroe - 14 天 前
Me está dando algooooooo
Clara Monroe
Clara Monroe - 14 天 前
Alex lol
Alex lol - 14 天 前
5:40 - 6:19 at first I was like 💔 and then i was like 🤧😭💓😮
Alex lol
Alex lol - 14 天 前
3:50 - 4:00 man can y'all see the pain in Rams eyes 😔
A BI - 14 天 前
10:50 ♡´・ᴗ・`♡
Baako Jernigan
Baako Jernigan - 15 天 前
This is soooooo freakin sweet ah'm gon get diabetes lol
k Love G
k Love G - 15 天 前
I am sorry to be off topic but that crown looked sooooo good on him that i had to pause the show.
Ana Luz Inca Gutierrez
Ana Luz Inca Gutierrez - 15 天 前
Siento que el beso de king y Ram tiene más pasión que todo el amor de bohn con Duen
jessica - 15 天 前
RamKing : Kiss
me: My whole neighborhood hears me screeaming
PS: why did i rewatched their kissing secne like 10 times
denassiea - 16 天 前
Ramking kiss made me melt sooo bad
O hell YES , except of Duen Bohn kiss TF in 14/2 thanks for kissing again but :/ :)
Megan Park.10
Megan Park.10 - 16 天 前
Llevo esperando ver ese beso entre Ram y King desde ayer que empezar a ver la serie ಥ‿ಥㅋㅋㅋ
Keran Lu and KiKi Xu Made me Lesbain
BTS ARMY - 16 天 前
RamKing: kisses
Me: My brain, my stomach and my body has stopped working. May I rest in peace.🙏🏻💕
Lizeth Morpal
Lizeth Morpal - 16 天 前
Esta parte es la que tiene más vistas porque todos repiten los besos nieguenmelo? JAJAJAJ
Yo lo repito por RAMKING oh yes
Lizeth Morpal
Lizeth Morpal - 16 天 前
@D a y d r e a m ;; JAJAJAJAJJAJAJA la mitad son tuyas y la mitad mías jajajaja
D a y d r e a m ;;
D a y d r e a m ;; - 16 天 前
_Todas las vistas de esta parte son mías JAJAJAJA_
neo culture johnny
neo culture johnny - 16 天 前
Leave a like if you think Ram and King had the best kiss scene ( ˘ ³˘)
That was a REAL kiss!
Purple Haribo
Purple Haribo - 16 天 前
The most rewatched scene in 2020:Ramking kiss
Ellie M
Ellie M - 16 天 前
Game is my favourite ship in this show :)
LauRYTe - 16 天 前
Same here 😍
BTS happen only once
BTS happen only once - 17 天 前
I congrats deun and bhon for that kiss finally i know its like ramking's kiss but better than before
BTS happen only once
BTS happen only once - 17 天 前
Ram king kissing
Me: finallllllllllllly
Oh my god how they kissed each other how he pushed him away and then he hold him and kiss him slowly and then ram raised his hand to King's neck oh my soul R.I.P i can't handle this 😭😭🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️ i can't stop rewatch it ❤️
But they are a really good kisser i just love it and for that we need 2season ❤️
izzy - 17 天 前
não tem em português esse caraio arrr que ódio