Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus? - Cheddar Explains

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What exactly is coronavirus, and what's the best way to protect yourself? We checked in with Dr. Amesh Adalja to ask if surgical masks really keep you healthy, and what you should do instead.
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Hungen Chen
Hungen Chen - 51 分钟 前
Two weeks ago, Czech Republic government forced their residents to wear surgical mask. By now, the results proved it efficiently reduced the virus infectious ability.
Jeon1958able - 4 小时 前
LOL its amazing and hilarious to see how wrong this video was.
Ironic that this turned out to be the "fake news".
Paul Moody
Paul Moody - 7 小时 前
Question: Will A Mask Really Protect You From Coronavirus?
Answer: No!
See how quickly the question was answered!
009stax - 19 小时 前
It is sad to watch this kind of video. These westen countries keep telling people mask is useless. But by the same time, everywhere is trying to get masks. This kind of videos are not showing people real information. It helps politician to cover the truth: they do not have enough masks; they do not have ability to produce enough masks; if public use a lot of masks, medical staff will not have protection.
HaSsy MiiA
HaSsy MiiA - 天 前
These mask with valves are better. Some of them have filters which can be changed when needed, and not set integrated.
waptek - 天 前
what can block coronavirus sized particles by %
vacuum cleaner bag 95%
“tea towel” dish cloth 83%
Kitchen Paper , cotton shirts, pillowcases, 50%
Surgical masks 95% & 80% at 0.007 microns
under 0.3 microns The weirdness of Brownian motion starts &
allows the above to trap The 0.1 micron coronavirus
Yonas Debela
Yonas Debela - 天 前
Yes, it does. If it protects the nurses and doctors who are immediately in contact with the patients, there is no reason why it doesn't protect you. Of corce you need to know how to ware it, do fit checks if needed, and know which RESPIRATORS are approved by NIOSH.The misinformation is to discorage the public from buying in mass and cause shortage of the RESPIRATORS masks to those who need them critically.
Gary Shaffmaster
Gary Shaffmaster - 天 前
Bull crap they don't have enough mask..so if you don't wear them it saves mask so they can catch up then everyone wears one and yes it is better then nothing ..this guy is a real Weiner...
Jason Reviews TECH
Jason Reviews TECH - 天 前
it works if everyone wears a mask. LOLs.
Mike Goodolds
Mike Goodolds - 天 前
IMO, a mask will keep my spit off you and your spit off me :|
kshamwhizzle - 天 前
I saw an elderly dude wearing a mask while he was asking the convenience shop clerk for smokes.
Michael Kranyak
Michael Kranyak - 天 前
The Chinese Communist Party hide this virus from the world f/60 days.
BOBO XU - 天 前
Over the past three months, your government has done nothing but laugh at China. Now that there's an epidemic, blame us?
LEGIN 6 - 天 前
Better to have it than not to
Genuwine6799G - 天 前
If your eyes are exposed the face mask is useless. Mask only help those that are infected to slow the spread through saliva mist.
Mylo Bayair
Mylo Bayair - 天 前
Rolf Karstaedt
Rolf Karstaedt - 天 前
The leading South Korean virologist says not to wär mask and eye protection is unbelievable
Brad Hall
Brad Hall - 天 前
My girlfriend is posting images on her facebook today of the mask she has been sewing for Walmart staff and her fellow dialysis friends. She is a dialysis patient and has dialysis 3 times a week, and that takes a lot out of her, but she is trying to produce what she can. If your interested check her facebook page out - Jolene Morales, we are out of Prescott Valley, AZ.
Sister Mary Clements
The best defense against anything is turning off your Tell-lie vision
Laney Lydon
Laney Lydon - 2 天 前
Close the filthy wet market saves lives
Thomas - 2 天 前
every one please take care,
I have green disposable and white N-9-5 m--a--s--k, with certificates, and they comes from Cina. Please contact me if you need
fb: yangjixiang.suifeng
Ann H
Ann H - 2 天 前
Decades of studies show masks prevent healthcare workers, like me, from getting infected in healthcare settings, and prevents infected people from spreading disease to others. Now this Dr in question is calling the studies a lie. Sounds like this Dr wants people to get sick so he can make more $$$ off them.
VideoPortfolio2010 - 2 天 前
You should take this video down because scientists are now saying that even surgical masks provide some protection; better than not having one. Even a fabric covering might provide some protection. Of course n95 is the best choice. But SOMETHING is better than nothing, along with common sense like washing your hands and social distancing.
piricarmen - 2 天 前
Duct tape around the N95 mask.
May - 2 天 前
N95-99 masks are goverment certified to block 95-99% of small airborne particles so take every precaution u can whether its hand sanitiser, social distancing, wearing mask
Lala - 2 天 前
In Asia, the doctors are telling people that they should wear masks in public. The reason why in the West they say "don't buy masks" is because there aren't enough masks to go around, and that civilians might hoard them and not use them correctly because they had never worn them before. The problem is the public's mentality and lack of understanding, not the masks themselves being ineffective.
Naol Dereje
Naol Dereje - 2 天 前
No matter what wear anytype of mask
Timetravel 2004
Timetravel 2004 - 2 天 前
I think wearing a mask is counter-productive because once you have worn the mask it must be
immediately disposed of ( and it just makes you look silly ). So masks are neither here nor there.

The best way to slow the spread down is to wash your hands as often as required, practise
social distancing ( we should be doing that anyway ) and of your country is in lockdown
stay at home unless you have a valid reason to leave your gates.

The virus can also make it's way through the tiny holes in the skin and it could more easily
penetrate into your system through any cuts.
TheDyingSun - 天 前
This is absolutely false. There are a number of masks that are designed for reuse, either by replacing a respirator or decontaminating the filter. Hospitals are now even decontaminating and reusing N95s. Many of the masks that are effective can be simply washed with water and soap, or the filter can be replaced after a certain time. It's a fact that one of the main ways the virus is contracted is through breathing in contaminated air, and it's also a fact that masks with adequate filters (of which there are very many besides the N95) prevent a certain amount of particles in the air from passing through. In many cases, an adequate mask can filter 90-95% of harmful particles, including the virus. If you want to measurably reduce the amount of contaminated air you breathe in public, wear a mask. It's not a hard concept to understand.
MegF - 2 天 前
China required everyone to wear a mask when out in public. A surgical mask reduces spread of sick person's germs. Covid19 virus can spread from asymptomatic people. Figure it out.. masks would help reduce contagion.
Seventh Anubis
Seventh Anubis - 2 天 前
The best thing you can do is not wear a mask so doctor douchbag can make lots of $$$$ and the government has all the power. Masks empower people. Masks work because they cut off the source .
james eadie
james eadie - 2 天 前
Folks the masks are a complete farce , air borne particulates are completely different it is tha mass medium particulate . If guys are not face fitted correctly they will have no effect . The filter on small particulates must be lower than 2.5pm .. Remember these people are paid to promote and pedal their wares. If your wearing a mask makes sure gentlemen you have no facial hair pre-filters and charcoal filters are offered. Good hygiene prevails every time. If you are buying a mask make sure it offers at least 99.97% filtration efficiency against airborne particulates.
I Just got my masks from https://www.peoplemask.com
Delivered to me by DHL express.
Why Telling People They Don’t Need Masks?
와이제이김 - 3 天 前
바보들...우리가 마스크 쓰는 이유는 80%는 걸러주기 때문임. 감염되도 80% 걸러진 20%만 체내에 침투되면 감염되더라도 면역체계가 부담이 덜함.. 중증으로 안갈 확률을 높이는것.
solar power
solar power - 3 天 前
it will if you wash your hands too
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s - 3 天 前
Cutting off China will prevent coronavirus
Propel 2015
Propel 2015 - 3 天 前
New study recommends wearing the mask including the surgical mask. If you have it incubating it the surgical mask will prevent it from spreading it and it’s still better than nothing.
brad stanton
brad stanton - 3 天 前
No these masks don't help much, especially if they are made in China.
N N - 3 天 前
No They don’t! So give it to me! You don’t need them!
Eamon Augustine
Eamon Augustine - 3 天 前
henkusxxl - 3 天 前
Let's do the math. 10% risk means 90% protection. 10 times less spread of infection.. deaths. But it gets even better when both patiënt and doctor wear a mask. 10%x10%=1% risk. 99% protection. If a doctor wears KN95 = 95% all day and a surgical mask for each different patient. The math is 5%x10%x10%=0,05% = 99,95% safe. So do not question the use of masks! They make a difference!
Saihana Winbush
Saihana Winbush - 3 天 前
we all need a mask ! I mean everybody !
meetmaths - 3 天 前
please wash your ass after using toilet, look at the data, this epidemic
spreads only the place where people uses toilet paper, one of the most
country india, no social spreading because they use water instead of
papers, those who uses papers without cleaning their asses
and it spread the disease everywhere, and the irony is that they put mask on
face lol, rather putting one in the back, and all the public places infect with the virus
meetmaths - 3 天 前
please wash your ass after using toilet, look at the data, this epidemic
spreads only the place where people uses toilet paper, one of the most
country india, no social spreading because they use water instead of
papers, those who uses papers without cleaning their asses
and it spread the disease everywhere, and the irony is that they put mask on
face lol, rather putting one in the back, and all the public places infect with the virus
meetmaths - 3 天 前
please wash your ass after using toilet, look at the data, this epidemic
spreads only the place where people uses toilet paper, one of the most
country india, no social spreading because they use water instead of
papers, those who uses papers without cleaning their asses
and it spread the disease everywhere, and the irony is that they put mask on
face lol, rather putting one in the back, and all the public places infect with the virus
펩시V - 3 天 前
you were infected by corona virus but, you don’t have any shyptoms. You are wearing the mask or not. Which case is better to other people?
stikowsky - 3 天 前
50% doesn't matter? What about 'FLATTEN THE CURVE'???
Y. W.
Y. W. - 4 天 前
Now no one knows who has the virus. It spreads like crazy. Please at least wear a mask to protect others! There are several videos about how to make your own mask (which is better than none, and not impacting the supplies for hospitals):

Most asian countries (Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, etc.) use face masks, while western countries don't, and suffered much more!
rumi nova38
rumi nova38 - 4 天 前
u mean thousands infectted an dhtousands have died in china .
Fanakapan222 - 4 天 前
Sounds like Dr Adalja was ahead of the curve back at the end of Jan. He knew it was coming, and he knew there'd be a shortage.
Boss Man A
Boss Man A - 4 天 前
I will wear my mask!!! If I have to go to the supermarket ,its way to contagious to not wear a mask, it would help to prevent you from touching your FACE!!! And introducing the virus to your NOSE and mouth, it may not be perfect but picking your NOSE can now KILL you...
bob dales
bob dales - 4 天 前
Answer is yes, it can help to a certain point.
khcopter - 4 天 前
I’ll take any protection I can get. Something is better than nothing. We should tool up and make everybody in America have a mask. We absolutely have to do something!! To see people without them makes me nervous!! The smart people are wearing masks!!
Tshaj Lij
Tshaj Lij - 4 天 前
No sick no mask is a big mistake, sick or no sick need mask is the correct way.
Sean Chen
Sean Chen - 4 天 前
Scientists warn 'stay eight metres from each other to stop coronavirus spread'
Pork Chop
Pork Chop - 4 天 前
Blend right in with people while robbing a bank.
Marc Serina
Marc Serina - 4 天 前
N95 is better than nothing but doesn't do very much. Take a dump with one on and you will see. They're made for dust particles. Sawdust concrete dust that sort of thing.
Apel Mahmud Fahim
Apel Mahmud Fahim - 4 天 前
Mask er filter lagle contact korun
Wealthy Prosperous
Wealthy Prosperous - 4 天 前
Wealthy Prosperous
Wealthy Prosperous - 4 天 前
YES. Still best to have a protective equipment than nothing at all. TELL THE NURSES IN THE HOSPITALS NOT TO WEAR MASK.
ajspades19 - 2 天 前
Wealthy Prosperous Nurses and other healthcare workers come into contact with many more people and need to protect **the patients**. Also, a nurse or doctor getting sick is much worse than anyone in the general public getting sick. Bottom line: non-medical people are less valuable in this situation than medical people.
Ana Caballero
Ana Caballero - 4 天 前
I think yes as means of air filter
Lynn Woh
Lynn Woh - 4 天 前
Not asking everyone to use a mask in the US is plain wrong....thousands of people infected but with no symptoms are spreading the virus everywhere and to everyone....everyone should use a mask
Hi - 4 天 前
wearing masks or not is definitely a cultural thing, in north-east Asia like Taiwan, japan, china, Korea, it's so normal to wear a mask in our daily life even when there was no virus, everything and anything can be the reason to wear a mask:
the air pollution is so Serious recently so I have to wear a mask,
my nose is allergic recently so I have to wear a mask,
I just had plastic surgery and I'm still recovering so I have to wear a mask,
I'm so ugly so I have to wear a mask to cover my face...ext
Katie M
Katie M - 5 天 前
No it doesn’t work it can get in your eyes as well
Rick - 5 天 前
Do masks work?
THANKS TO CHINA, THE WHOLE WORLD has the chance to find out!
MARCH 27 2020- Coronavirus didn’t just “make its way to the US”, it’s NOW INFECTED 100,000+ people and killed 1,700!!
MalawisLilleKanal - 5 天 前
If 50% does not use masks the correct way, the answer is not to tell all to not use masks, but to tell people how to use them correctly.
Masks work, and there is not a huge difference from N95 to surgical masks.
Even a scarf or other covering will give a little protection.
ajspades19 - 2 天 前
MalawisLilleKanal The source you provided shows N95 and N99 masks are more effective than surgical masks by at least 15%z
PhantomMatrix - 5 天 前
I see smokers taking off and on like always
PhantomMatrix - 5 天 前
It won't but it will decrease the amount of particles you receive if someone sneezed.
DimaGT - 5 天 前
Surgical mask protest environment from You!!!
Respirator, like N 95, protects you from environment.
Barbara E.
Barbara E. - 5 天 前
How come there's no reports of people's pets getting sick from this if it came from animals?! To tell me all those different combination of strands were found in fish or animals?! Come on, I'm a Millenial, I don't believe the donkey dust. Doctors on a military level had to of created this. Maybe I've watched too many X Files growing up and it's fried my brain.
Gotham Jetskier
Gotham Jetskier - 5 天 前
I wear a mask in stores now only to remind me not to touch my face.
Disposable Mask Provider yuki-yang@outlook.com
Clarence Coll
Clarence Coll - 5 天 前
Only for those who really need them: there are still some available n95-masks.net
S Brown
S Brown - 5 天 前
Ya well COVID-19 can hang in the air for upto 3 HOURS so inside a public place you would be a moron not to be wearing a mask from this day forward. This is no joke and we must all change the lazy advice given in this video. We need solutions not outdated tips.
copykon - 6 天 前
They are also a fashion trend in Asia.
Shahan - 6 天 前
Mr Doctor...if you dont wear masks what if someone sneezes or coughs in your face ? during coronavirus even when people speak the air that comes out of them is infectious, so will you still wash your hands or the insides of respority system ?
김재현 - 6 天 前
ppl; We don't need masks
covid19: You're right. lol
John King
John King - 6 天 前
You can always try frightening the Coronavirus away by wearing a Halloween mask.
plexsoup - 6 天 前
Chatbot Tutorial
Chatbot Tutorial - 6 天 前
Anyone could help us distribute N95 masks to the US for the ones who need it?
The Traveling Busker
The Traveling Busker - 6 天 前
why does everyone with a face mask walk these days? i know my farts are bad but are they really that bad?
Harry Brown
Harry Brown - 6 天 前
The only place I found that still has n95 masks available is https://n95-masks.net/