Scaring Tanner Fox's Mom In My Drift Car

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I went down to my long time homie Tanner's house and when I was about to drift his driveway he decided to throw his mom in for the ride. SO much fun!
Tanner -
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Elysi - 16 小时 前
brings me back
Sir Dr.Lucas
Sir Dr.Lucas - 2 天 前
I love how he does a doughnut with one foot but is scared to do a front flip in to a soft surface
Giovanni Unknown
Giovanni Unknown - 5 天 前
Tanner fox is legit best at everything drums cars drifting scooters bmx backflips dirtbikes flips
GRM Revolt
GRM Revolt - 7 天 前
i was here before 500k lmao
GRM Revolt
GRM Revolt - 7 天 前
do u still have the 240?
Jadon langson
Jadon langson - 10 天 前
U should definitely make more videos with this guy
Ken Chan
Ken Chan - 11 天 前
You know what it means to make a comeback RC cars would that be awesome to have all your RC cars
Ken Chan
Ken Chan - 11 天 前
Tanner is a young entrepreneur take a couple of lessons from him
MR_DEZ_510 - 12 天 前
Love when Adam LZ scared Tanner 🤣🤣
That's how we spin our e30's (gusheshe) in South Africa!! Nice one bro! 🤣
ExtraBingo10 - 15 天 前
"Is this very calculated?"
"We'll see."
TrippySativa710 - 15 天 前
So Adam has a JDM dad and a little brother 😬🤣 watching old videos since I'm a new sub and I love this one
elijah alfonso
elijah alfonso - 17 天 前
What car is he driving?
Ethan Novotny
Ethan Novotny - 18 天 前
If I do donuts right now they might pop. Tanner: nahhh
ッΛCE - 18 天 前
what a sweet sound on that GT3 rs
EricGiaming - 19 天 前
WOWWW 23:51 to 24:45
EricGiaming - 16 天 前
Yaa wow and omg
Chologamer23 102
Chologamer23 102 - 20 天 前
Damn Adam is a drift king the DK
Low Key
Low Key - 20 天 前
Pretty sure you have a new daddy
ngo - 22 天 前
23:11 Adam saying g is that funny ahaha classic nz take on it
Jack Prince
Jack Prince - 24 天 前
So a Tesla is exiting for 1 second ... I’ll stick to 90s Japanese cars
Legacy - 26 天 前
Cant stand this kid. Has such a punchable face
Qwcixy - 27 天 前
Adam should be a fast and furious character it would be Awsome!
NUCLEAR Phoenix1
NUCLEAR Phoenix1 - 个月 前
Anyone else notice that tanner sounds like Michel reeves
Joker On Acid
Joker On Acid - 个月 前
And what was that car you driftet with adams mom?
Joker On Acid
Joker On Acid - 个月 前
As a german i was slightly impressed you guys use seat belts. But i guess you are pros so yea just watch out on the streets and better be safe than sorry :)
Edgar - 个月 前
say... why does this look like murrieta?
Oscar Randall
Oscar Randall - 个月 前
brother slow the drumming down and make it grovier dont focus in the speed
Metro Drones
Metro Drones - 个月 前
Dude, funny video.. You guys are crazy!! Stay cool, both of you..
Ricky Ross
Ricky Ross - 个月 前
Fucked tires on a gt3rs... Rich people problems
Chris D.
Chris D. - 个月 前
She run weter than the Last 20 years
farzan gaming
farzan gaming - 个月 前
U have the best car of the world or love from pakistan
Order 69
Order 69 - 个月 前
RicerFox Makes Terrible Drifting Video That Wasn't Drifting At All:

Adam: 12:17
geee zzz
geee zzz - 个月 前
no one:
me: i just notice that adam is wearing a house of prix shirt ok bye
Mike Newell
Mike Newell - 个月 前
Not the first time that driveway has done a few donuts! lol
Crew The protogen
Crew The protogen - 个月 前
bruh tell tanner he needs rc cars of his cars and stuff it will be so epic
Zul Danial
Zul Danial - 个月 前
I just want to long to be success like this?😌
Clay's - 个月 前
Bro get the hot wheel!!!!!!! Cream s13!!!!!! You guys should colab more and move closer!!! Best video hands down!!!
hagakurekyudan - 个月 前
What is the Name of that Car he is drifting with one leg- lexus?
These two dorks have all the cars and money but couldn't sexually satisfy their exes.
Jacob Porter
Jacob Porter - 个月 前
12:34 The only time i'll ever be happy with some hard metal between my legs ;)
Henk Oosterhof
Henk Oosterhof - 个月 前
Even a pro can mistake himself. The tail lights show it.
FroggyRorz - 个月 前
Netflix and charge
Brendan Simms
Brendan Simms - 个月 前
@AdamLZ, what kind of car is that exactly ? Is it an old Lexus or is it a Japanese JDM car ? If so, what is the make and model the of the drift car you are driving in this video ? Also, what engine is in it and exactly how much power is it putting out ?
Filthy 5 o
Filthy 5 o - 个月 前
good content
Yout stache is better then mine lol
Sexy sounding
justin garlits
justin garlits - 个月 前
tanner fox is awsome ya'll subscribe
payne - 个月 前
Them together makes good videos
Zaidan Zainuddin
Zaidan Zainuddin - 个月 前
So much respect for tanner!
Spaceman 04
Spaceman 04 - 个月 前
Tanner speeds up
Adam: I thought you were going to go fast 😑
Joshua Hartzenberg
Joshua Hartzenberg - 2 个月 前
You guys should check out gusheshe spinning here in South Africa
Keegan - 2 个月 前
adam is literally god send at anything he does XD
AR-Sesh - 2 个月 前
“I really hope he knows what he’s doing” bitch please 😎😂
Halliwell Corin
Halliwell Corin - 2 个月 前
What car is that bro
woodie5551 - 2 个月 前
Are you and Nicole still married
Ap3x Sn0w
Ap3x Sn0w - 2 个月 前
What car is the brown one
corin cuellar
corin cuellar - 2 个月 前
all i love seeing is the dannyduncan69 on the wall
CoolBevanBoy - 2 个月 前
She’s screaming and he’s just smug😎
Connor Pollock
Connor Pollock - 2 个月 前
How would it be to have money. Honestly these kinda videos aren't as fun at all for me. Simply because for me, I can't see myself realistically being in one of those shoes.
BRemO - 2 个月 前
When he said ''You can ride whatever you want, you are Adam LZ''
Adam: ''Anything?''
I legit thought he would say I want to ride your mom.
Airingas Janusauskas
Airingas Janusauskas - 2 个月 前
i play drums for 1 year and a haf
MKTP - 2 个月 前
Miles Baker
Miles Baker - 2 个月 前
5:40 Thats how we lost Paul...
Maciejowski96 - 2 个月 前
He needs to get Fox in his garage xD
Potato42 - 2 个月 前
what if he accidentally gave his mom a actual heart attack
Croom CenFlo
Croom CenFlo - 3 个月 前
At first I thought this videos had the ol' chipmunk edit but then I realized that's just tanner's voice... 😬🐸☕
CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation
If adam don’t trust himself while drifting I don’t know how tanner feels that much safer hearing that 😂
CrushMyOreo - 3 个月 前
15:03 would make for a really cool picture
Monty Stephens
Monty Stephens - 3 个月 前
Adam's mustache had given him powers
BAims - 3 个月 前
Man Tanner kinda looks a bit rough/ unhealthy. Cool kat tho.
Lmao 24.50 mark Tanners twin sister makes an appearance.
Digitalbarrito - 3 个月 前
Tanner is almost 4 years younger than me, and Adam is about a year older than me. This all gives me anxiety. But either way, it's incredible what they've achieved
NsyVFX / / GFX
NsyVFX / / GFX - 3 个月 前
My friend drifted the same comp as you in ebisu (G1GP), I will always remember it as he qualified 1st and you qualified 2nd, I was like “no fucking way he beat Adam LZ in qualifying”, he was in a black JZX with hi chance on the side 🤙
ZTBRONIC - 3 个月 前
im the same with the flips
Devin Whitlock
Devin Whitlock - 3 个月 前
Can’t wait until tanner fox is raided for coke did y’all see those pupils
Mr.Miagy The Boss
Mr.Miagy The Boss - 3 个月 前
The truck was mostly fine tho there designed to break ayay
Mr.Miagy The Boss
Mr.Miagy The Boss - 3 个月 前
To answer the question of what would happen if you hit a fire hydrant. I was in my 1999 f150 and I was swinging it a little and I turned the lights off to dipp. So I smacked it it went under my truck and shot out 30 feet and then the water was spraying 200 ft in the air😂😂
Remy Wilson
Remy Wilson - 3 个月 前
I stopped watching Tanner a while back. His videos were made with passion but it turned to passion for the money. I say make money moves but be like Adam and don't let the money change who you really are too much
Edit: I think it's also the kid content. Tanner is definitely not censored behind the camera
Phillip Newton
Phillip Newton - 3 个月 前
It's a dirt bike. It's made for that. It's dirt. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Confuzed - 3 个月 前
Michelin sponsors tanner but not Adam??? Wtf
Dayonix - 3 个月 前
This was such an entertaining video!