Making ART MARKERS out of Drinking Alcohol?? - *This Gets MESSY!*

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Don't try this at home... Or anywhere really... In fact doing anything I do should be generally accepted as a bad idea so... Enjoy the video!
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enigma cars
enigma cars - 2 小时 前
What about jagermeister
MooMoo Gaming
MooMoo Gaming - 3 小时 前
Pause at 13:58
MooMoo Gaming
MooMoo Gaming - 3 小时 前
PotterHead - 5 小时 前
There went all his sponsors...
Pivot pictures
Pivot pictures - 9 小时 前
Say my name
Wes Currie
Wes Currie - 10 小时 前
Drunk jazza
is cool
ThatRandomPokenerd - 11 小时 前
“It’s not the best artwork in the world!” * literally cant colour inside the lines *
ThatRandomPokenerd - 11 小时 前
“Let’s make a purple!” * puts blue * ok. * puts yellow *ok, yeah he’s drunk as shi-
Eva Rose
Eva Rose - 天 前
15:27 me-
vizma anna
vizma anna - 天 前
More like a...

fART bomb
Ravenclaw Grace
Ravenclaw Grace - 天 前
6:13 hEy gIn nOt tO BadddD.
Ravenclaw Grace
Ravenclaw Grace - 天 前
Draw with jazza > Drink with Jazza.
MTH_artz - 天 前
Jazza: for science
Jazza: drinks a shot
Alien boi
Alien boi - 天 前
The Germans invented copics with vodca
Michael Dwyer
Michael Dwyer - 天 前
start of vid 1:35

end of vid 15:15
bomby the creeper
bomby the creeper - 天 前
this is a fake Jazza. The real Jazza was secretly dying during this bc he was wasting alcohol that he could be drinking
MeCash - 2 天 前
Alternate title: artist gets hammered on science project
Shy Guza
Shy Guza - 2 天 前
3 minutes in the video and he's already drinking
DWIZZLE 2007 - 2 天 前
Still better than what I can do
Tay& Trap
Tay& Trap - 2 天 前
Jazza is the drunk mad art scientist
blossom javen's artistic channel
I just found your channel and you're amazing and hilarious
Instant suscribe
Origamidragoon - 2 天 前
Add 2 shots of vodka
It’s Me
It’s Me - 2 天 前
0:52 - 1:06 ...
I died
HelloHumanBeing_ - 2 天 前
Is it more successful Jazza? Really? Or are you jist getting drunker and drunker so it kooks better and better
Luna Girl
Luna Girl - 2 天 前
An actual experiment he says... (look at 1:10 then 1:03)
Kyle Maloy
Kyle Maloy - 3 天 前
Shoulda used a high alcohol content vodka, like everclear
RaddishGaming & Vlogs
RaddishGaming & Vlogs - 3 天 前
Next vid you should draw people farting (artistically) because you can’t fart without art 🖼 . Hehehe. I’m soo sorry 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣
Dragon Dude Collecting
I can get down with your thiccness any day!
Clare Catherine
Clare Catherine - 3 天 前
Welcome to drunk with Jazza, I'm drunk. Sorry, Jazza.
Megan Beard
Megan Beard - 4 天 前
Syedanf Rizvi
Syedanf Rizvi - 4 天 前
I just realised JAZZA'S HAIR🤣🤣🤣
Syedanf Rizvi
Syedanf Rizvi - 4 天 前
Obviously only Amazing Scientist Jazza would think of this
tammy - 4 天 前
WOW.... He looks like I do when I am "sober" and paint things, LOL...
shelby jones
shelby jones - 4 天 前
He was trying so hard not to sound drunk😅😂😂😅
XDrone - 4 天 前
This man is married and has a child

Let that sink in

Either way, he is a damn legend
Maja Korbacz
Maja Korbacz - 5 天 前
Should have tried spirit. Though if you'll, don't drink it xddd
Bilal Sur
Bilal Sur - 5 天 前
Watching him being drunk while I'm drunk
Phoebe Roberts
Phoebe Roberts - 5 天 前
2:23 to 9:28 just showing how much jazzas hair changed
Kacpikachu - 5 天 前
I’ll be totally honest, your lab coat looks a lot like mine, and I’m actually in school for chemistry, so...yeah. 😂
Science is surprisingly messy, and oftentimes a lot less methodical and...professional, for lack of better words, than people seem to think. It’s far more chaotic and messy and creative than people tend to give it credit for, and that’s why I love it 😁
Kacpikachu - 5 天 前
Actually, the issue might have been with the alcohol itself. The term “alcohol” actually refers to any number of molecules that have at least one alcohol functional group (just an OH bonded to a carbon). The alcohol found in drinks is ethanol, which is very likely not the same alcohol used as the base for alcohol markers. While the shared alcohol group would give the two molecules some similar properties, the components and structure of the rest of the molecule would cause variations in how these properties actually play out, or even the addition, lessening, or even removal of properties (example: It is possible to get drunk off of both ethanol and methanol, and both molecules will affect your sight, but methanol will cause you to go permanently blind if consumed in even very small amounts, while ethanol doesn’t really have that effect).
Didn’t mean to get quite that sciencey on you, but Chemistry is my passion😁
Rifqy Maulana
Rifqy Maulana - 6 天 前
Here, have some laugh with me 0:59
Kronse - 6 天 前
Me at the end of the video: "Yeah. I can see that..."
czarnewrony - 6 天 前
I sense some Morty vibes 🤔
FadingEcho Loves Vocaloid
"I brought tequila, will you boys let me pass?"
Cool Dog
Cool Dog - 7 天 前
KhaosGaming_KG - 7 天 前
As you became more intoxicated, I became less interested.
Maxim Playz
Maxim Playz - 7 天 前
You made Wiskey USE 40 PERCENT OF HIS POWER!!!!
Maxim Playz
Maxim Playz - 7 天 前
This video is jazza drinking alcohol and then make markers out of them
Marieke David
Marieke David - 7 天 前
Jazza is a messy scientist
Pseudomania - 8 天 前
Remember Alcoholics: Vodka fixes everything except for your parenting
Annie Rogers
Annie Rogers - 8 天 前
What about rubbing alcohol?
Z monster
Z monster - 8 天 前
"Keep your expectations in check"
kishor sibi
kishor sibi - 9 天 前
he will get the world record for the amount of dislikes
Cookie and Snowflake
Cookie and Snowflake - 10 天 前
Y’all gonna be drunk after this shit and also probably a little “a lot” disappointed lol 😂

Just imagine he drinks the alcohol with the pigment on accident if he gets to drunk
Daniel and Sarah Draper
Let’s get wasted!
• jasmin the galactic wolf •
im getting worried because jazza might become a alcoholic (;-;)
smxxlfurrツ - 10 天 前
does anyone remember when he tried to put his lips around an entire whiskey glass?
Dania Diaz
Dania Diaz - 10 天 前
Watch him get drunk then forget what he was doing😂
Romina C.
Romina C. - 11 天 前
Maybe you mixed in too much pigment and it blocked the brushmarker 🤷‍♀️
minou- Kitty
minou- Kitty - 11 天 前
I genuinely thought you’d chug that vodka 😅 #youtubersdrinkingoncamra
Tittle: *this gets messy*
Me: well maybe before we made the paint
minou- Kitty
minou- Kitty - 11 天 前
As we watch a brand new challenge we also watch in amazement because we never see a YouTuber get drunk on camera.... I LOVE your channel
Jazza: this is pretty successfull
Me: makes that face that means I’m gonna make a stupid joke...
Me: pretty successful getting drunk 😏
harinder burj
harinder burj - 11 天 前
Jazza: The page is getting messy
Me: And what about your lab coat and hair
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat - 11 天 前
For anyone (like me) who cant afford copics I would recommend tombow markers! They are roughly half the price of copics and almost as good!
Dávid Virág
Dávid Virág - 11 天 前
What is the true pain?
When you break your skull.
NO, when you see someone make a pénz drink alcohol.
Jens Gulin
Jens Gulin - 11 天 前
Should have shown how the water based pigments worked in drinking alcohol. The water content probably ruined too much of this attempt.
Kerri Hamilton
Kerri Hamilton - 11 天 前
Pretty sure he got a little bit.....DRUNK
Mga Kasolar 2
Mga Kasolar 2 - 11 天 前
Drunk Jazza doing stuff
Blitz bitz
Blitz bitz - 11 天 前
jazza is just the cutest little thing in 14:21
Flufflus Animations
Flufflus Animations - 11 天 前
moonshine would've worked best
Sophie Moran
Sophie Moran - 11 天 前
“It sucks really well” is what jazza said about the Coptic test.
Kate Heaton
Kate Heaton - 12 天 前
Hes drunk mait
Parul Akter
Parul Akter - 12 天 前
*5 minutes after the video has ended:* Jazza - puking violently.
Jeff Foldenaur
Jeff Foldenaur - 12 天 前
Jazza finds out a new way to get drunk in his videos again
Kiara Woolnough
Kiara Woolnough - 12 天 前
16:07 is when you know jazza is a little tipsy
The Roblox Critic
The Roblox Critic - 12 天 前
obviously vodka wins
Ty McCoy
Ty McCoy - 12 天 前
I thought he literally meant "drinking alcohol while making art"
Big Boy Kim
Big Boy Kim - 12 天 前
“It sucks really well.”
-Jazza 2020
jaylontje - 12 天 前
This is one of the best joker origins
Adelheid Bekaert
Adelheid Bekaert - 12 天 前
I laughed my head off. Maybe because it is way past my bedtime and I am dead tired, but this was really enjoyable. A good laugh in these crazy times.
TheBeelzboss - 12 天 前
Try it with Zbyszek, a Polish grain spirit that's 96% alcohol