(EP1)蓝草的一生?蓝印花布的一生?还是李子柒花裙子的一生?The life of blue calico dresses hand-dyed by Li Ziqi?

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“Blue dye comes from the indigo plant but is even bluer.”
Plant the indigo seeds and harvest twice a year,
Squash the leaves in a tank of liquid, drain to extract the dye, hand print the cloth and make into clothes!
Blue calico dying and batik printing are time-honored crafts handed down through generations.
I wonder how many of you still remember them.
蓝印花布 蜡染这些老前辈们的手艺,
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Тысячу раз Молодец!!!!!!👏👏👏
This is a Channel
This is a Channel - 8 小时 前
嗨,我是亞歷克斯 我生病了並且不上班,所以我決定創建一個YouTube頻道 我知道我也不擅長提供內容,但我希望得到您的支持 訂閱頻道,謝謝
Melani Revilla
Melani Revilla - 11 小时 前
You are very talented and knowledgable
pg enterprise
pg enterprise - 14 小时 前
pg enterprise
pg enterprise - 14 小时 前
Stay Strong
Stay Strong - 19 小时 前
Big fan from india 🇮🇳.
Bimla Jarwal
Bimla Jarwal - 天 前
Wow so nice drowing 😄😄😄
Azalinonline - 天 前
Loves from Turkey dear one xoxo
Rhodeth Resus
Rhodeth Resus - 天 前
Sooo extraordinary
Sonu Sharma
Sonu Sharma - 天 前
So beautiful
Shirakin Hatsu
Shirakin Hatsu - 天 前
Sou brasileira🇧🇷 mais amo essa cultura da china🇨🇳, e a vida de se morar fora de uma cidade acho muito legal, e adoraria morar assim um dia 😊❤🌸
Li Lin
Li Lin - 2 天 前
Марина Душпанова
С русскими субтитрами😍😍😍😍 я Вас люблю 💋
Love NYC
Love NYC - 2 天 前
The most beautiful woman I ever seen before. Her hard working and passionate to life inspires me
Dalexis de Jesús Mother and Dauther
todo esta super, mas vivir en un lugar así parece de ensueño
pero utiliza mucha aceite...
Александр Гущин
Здесь все комментарии на китайском,корейском, английском,а меня на русском не кто не понимает,и всё равно скажу я был бы рад если бы рядом со мной была бы такая девочка
nathan moak
nathan moak - 3 天 前
hardworking, talented and beautiful--the perfect woman. i am a slug.
Светлана Чиненова
Послушай ты знаешь русский язык
utari nindyaningrum
utari nindyaningrum - 3 天 前
kayak ngebatik yak
Rakhy Khan
Rakhy Khan - 3 天 前
How creative u r!!!.love u so much
franco franco
franco franco - 4 天 前
Rey Mark Rivera
Rey Mark Rivera - 4 天 前
you must have regret that you put the ash? 😀😁😉😊😙😚
Samantha Persaud
Samantha Persaud - 4 天 前
I wish I had a place like hers. It's like living in a fairytale. That's like the safest place on earth right now. Fantastic job Liziqi. You are such a hard worker. How lucky would be the person that inherits that place.
Khun Nane.2536 Nane2536
สวย ทำอาหารเก่งมากค่ะชอบดู😊😊
Shafiulla Shaik
Shafiulla Shaik - 4 天 前
Send more videos
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Esther Roman Marcos
Esther Roman Marcos - 4 天 前
Me alucina!!!
shanna spencer
shanna spencer - 4 天 前
I know these "recipes" and methods go back generation's but that doesn't help me wrap my head around the beautiful and yummy outcomes! It's so hard to fathom that someone looked at a fire and thought, I bet those left over ashes would be yummy... Wait✋ that doesn't taste good but man oh man look at my teeth. That in itself is thought provoking then comes along these types of videos show that somewhere in time someone else thought if I add beautiful flowers to water let soak remove stems. Separate remaining water from sediments. Add lime to water and wine. Boil water add cloth ect ect ect... How do the exact times, ingredients and measurements come to be exact and perfect? Then there are these video's giving us a glimpse through time! I love them. I love the history of them and of course Liziqi brings everything to life like some high budget movie, every time!
荣耀大乔 - 5 天 前
真的有人什么都会 下次如果子柒出个雕塑的视频我一点也不惊奇
TheOverComer - 5 天 前
Wow so this is the work that goes into our sheets and comforters!! We in the US/developed nations are really spoiled. Let’s not take the hard work of people like Liziqi for granted. These types of people are special and needed in the world. ❤️
Liza Dano
Liza Dano - 5 天 前
A good combination of Art and Nature...
rùa phi công
rùa phi công - 5 天 前
Quay sinh hoạt mỗi ngày mà sao không có cảnh tắm rửa vậy?
ika kartin
ika kartin - 5 天 前
Hebat anda serba bisa
Norma Yuniari
Norma Yuniari - 5 天 前
Is there anything she can't do??!!
Lover My
Lover My - 5 天 前
In fact, she is not short of money, on the contrary, when people get rich, they will prefer such a comfortable life. We can't live like her, so we look at her as if we were living in that environment.
partha roy
partha roy - 5 天 前
操你的中國 - fuck your china
Spencer Clark
Spencer Clark - 5 天 前
She is an actor and a lab rat at best.  Chosen from a million if not more young girls produced like an assembly line for this one goal. Raising them to be able to act and create very specific things that will romanticize this fake life of hers in a fake setting and fake ideal. I only feel for the pit of bones of the rest of them who weren't up to par so the government used as fertilizer for 'her' farm.
ns nis
ns nis - 5 天 前
so sweet💖💖😙😙
MAA - 5 天 前
it is soooooo fucking fake!!!!. everything from china is fake!!!!. they fake the sky and the forests EVEN THE GRANDMA IS AN SAMSUNG PRODUCT. it's all green screen!!!!!. LIZIQI IS UPDATED VERSION OF ANDROIDS!!!!!!!!. the government is so powerful and tyrannical EVEN THEY CAN COLONIZE ALIENS IN JUPITER!!!!! they replace people with robots. it's full on matrix there.
قمري المضيء يضيع
السلام عليكم انه من العراق أرجو الترجمه با عربي
Drundup Naymgyal
Drundup Naymgyal - 6 天 前
千离 - 6 天 前
shoffiyah azka
shoffiyah azka - 6 天 前
please give the english subtitle
Ralph Alfonso
Ralph Alfonso - 6 天 前
Chris Corrigan
Chris Corrigan - 6 天 前
So amazing. This will be our life in the new world.
Drishya Sanoop
Drishya Sanoop - 6 天 前
lafsnack Meares
lafsnack Meares - 6 天 前
i tried to do it
Света Фоменко
Урраааа!! Субтитры!! 👍👍👍👍👍
Nwr Dll
Nwr Dll - 6 天 前
fantastek and very bewtifl
YlvaJade - 6 天 前
Can we just please appreciate the amount of effort that goes into each video? That's a whole year of working boiled down to 10 minutes. And the quality and editing is also just muah like who disliked this?? I cannot imagine what it must feel like to work so sincerely and with dedication to have her work questioned and said its fake I have so much respect for her.
Lava X3
Lava X3 - 7 天 前
紫柒你拍视频实在是太用心了,非常喜欢你的视频希望你一直这样创作下去,我永远支持你,谢谢 。
Dablu yadav
Dablu yadav - 7 天 前
Kya kaam krti ho aap👏👏
巷子探長 - 7 天 前
Everyone pay more attention to my channel
The Q
The Q - 7 天 前
She’s so perfect🥺
Charlene Hobart
Charlene Hobart - 7 天 前
What else this girl can't do??
Najmah T. A.
Najmah T. A. - 7 天 前
9:05 tekniknya mirip ngebatik ngga sih?
生ハム - 7 天 前
7:14 nice
Letícia Luz
Letícia Luz - 7 天 前
Ela tem uma super produção!
Galilea Villegas
Galilea Villegas - 7 天 前
Isn't the indigo pigment the hardest to do in the painting world? Therefore the most expensive?
Alvaro Balico
Alvaro Balico - 7 天 前
When I don't see your edition I really miss you liziqi
feifei huang
feifei huang - 8 天 前
Marly Andrade
Marly Andrade - 8 天 前
Muito bom dia 😃gosto muito de ver seus vídeos pena que não entenda abraço🌺🌻🌼🌸🌷🌹🌞🌴🍀🐕🐶🐑🐑🌞🌞
jawhara beauty
jawhara beauty - 8 天 前
كاين شي مغاربة عاونوا ختكم ب دعم قناتي
A N - 8 天 前
This made me cry...
Changkhumla Chang
Changkhumla Chang - 9 天 前
1234567890 contact me if you find anything that she can't do. Why not? Because she can do literally everything and is good at it. The contact doesn't exist because u know, u'll never find anyyything that she can't do. I'm in love w/ her.
Jerush Fabriga
Jerush Fabriga - 9 天 前
hi Liziqi, can you please put an english subtitle so we could understand better. from your fan in the philippines.😍
Hana Hakim
Hana Hakim - 9 天 前
I never know that chinese also had their own batik as well. I learn something new today ☺
Nial Ravi
Nial Ravi - 9 天 前
I want to live like her.. far from covid19.. i want to to this while having my quarantine.. can u take me me there and lockdown me on your place.. please!
Abigail Emelly Theseira
Wonder if you have a website selling all your work.. That would be nice
Омарова Айнур
ANAID CARI - 11 天 前
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Mateo Luo
Mateo Luo - 11 天 前
Indigo, we just go
Agnes Kuadang
Agnes Kuadang - 11 天 前
Aku sangat tertarik pada perempuan ini
Helo T0
Helo T0 - 11 天 前
ايه دا
مفهمتش حاجه
ABI abi
ABI abi - 11 天 前
Hussain Hussain
Hussain Hussain - 12 天 前
انا احب فيديوهاتك انا تشعرني بالسعاده استمري ♡♡♡
HolyGwakamoly - 12 天 前
I have no idea why, but watching this makes me want to cry.
thương hợi lý
thương hợi lý - 12 天 前