To All The Boys 2 is kinda dumb...

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To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...
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fuquabrittney - 小时 前
did you know there making a kissing booth 2!!!!!
taylormxrie - 3 小时 前
All this channel does is shit on movies
Selinsu Sezer
Selinsu Sezer - 11 小时 前
Renew anne with an e I see it
Wittle•Watermewon - 13 小时 前
You know in the first movie when it shows all the guys when they were kids John Ambrose was white but when he got older he.... You get the point.
Vida - 21 小时 前
am I the only one who is lowekey happy with how the movie ended?
Andy Seelall
Andy Seelall - 天 前
Dude, your jokes and comedy are so sharp and funny. I love it!
Felix Thomas
Felix Thomas - 天 前
Face reveal plz
Sharon Wiebe
Sharon Wiebe - 天 前
John Ambrose was literally a saint. Remember when he was like "I feel like I read it all wrong" when Lara Jean was the one leading him on? And I love how he respected that she was in a relationship. He only kissed her when she said she was single again. He was smart, kind, not clingy, not complicated like Peter, had the same interests/priorities as Lara Jean, and he played the piano like a MASTER like HON YOU GAVE THAT UP???? Made me so mad
Turner Kids
Turner Kids - 天 前
What the hell is that?!!
Just Another Griffyndor
Just Another Griffyndor
Team John
Jaymin Pohlman
Jaymin Pohlman - 天 前
Oi stop hate boys all boys are not bad
Jonathan Boritzki
Jonathan Boritzki - 天 前
The girl it played My Babysitter's a Vampire is a total babe
Jef Patat
Jef Patat - 天 前
simbah gwasira
simbah gwasira - 2 天 前
U know the fact dat it has a different director it makes sense why the second one sucks... I mean..... hello just look 4 crying out loud. ..
star mcloud
star mcloud - 2 天 前
honestly, Lara Jean and John Ambrose should of got together, while her and peter could of been a close friend who helped Lara figure out how to be in a relationship (since he had already been in one with gen) and Lara could of helped him move on (since she had to move on with Noah to be with John) I think that was his name I haven’t seen the first movie in a long time.
Michelle Tran
Michelle Tran - 2 天 前
are we just gonna skip over the part where peter
plagiarized the love poem he wrote to lara jean for valentine's???
Jungcrushed - 2 天 前
Okay kinda angry, LaraJean legit played John she flirted back etc never told him about Peter that was horrible
1,000 subscribers with no videos challenge
If feel like they ruined the whole vibe by not putting Josh in it.
"Okay, so I'm hufflepuff, but sometimes Ravenclaw, who is your favourite ninja turtle one time I put a Reese's in my mouth and let it sit there for 8 hours what sign are you I'm a scorpio obviously"

Terell Williams
Terell Williams - 2 天 前
"I never been a girlfriend before...." my wife facepalm at this scene 🤣😂
Dreamdancer11 - 2 天 前
A plain mildly attractive female getting undeserved attention by two good looking guys while playing them like a fiddle and in conclusion ,no matter her crap, anyone of them would be lucky to have her(of course).
Thats about every girls wet dream right there....
Dianaaa - 2 天 前
I saw “renew Anne with an E” and my heart went like🥰🥰🥰
aesthetic gcddess
aesthetic gcddess - 2 天 前
Almost every scene made me cringe to the point where it stung because of Lara Jean and Peter
la capitan yo
la capitan yo - 2 天 前
Lmao he didnt even mention the fact that john changed races from the first movie to the second
Jordan Fisher is great though so I guess it doesn't even matter.
Breia Marnell
Breia Marnell - 2 天 前
okay but like wasn't john ambrose white in the first movie???
Robin Pereda
Robin Pereda - 2 天 前
Do All The Bright Places
Genius Man
Genius Man - 2 天 前
If I was getting bullied by my boyfriend's ex and he still continued to interact with her and be REALLY close to her, never bothering to defend me, I'd dump his ass.
Melody Time
Melody Time - 3 天 前
Here for the #renewannewithane lantern 😭😭😭
Julieta Ramalho
Julieta Ramalho - 3 天 前
So nobody is gonna mention how terrible Lara Jean was with John Ambrose when she ditched him...
Carliene Christian
Carliene Christian - 3 天 前
Idk if you noticed but at the end of the first movie, John Ambrose is a completely different character
Brittany Stringfield
Brittany Stringfield - 3 天 前
Lara Jean: “ I won’t break your heart ❤️”
Literally, five seconds later... “Does he still like me?”
- HopeMoon -
- HopeMoon - - 4 天 前
Can I just say.... so in the first movie right.. at the end the other guy ( John Ambrose ). Came to Lara Jeans door and he was white!!!!! But in this movie he’s not.. he is a completely different person.
ALSO... Didn’t they meet at Model UN !!! They never said he went to the same school as the rest of them...
Jasmine Madison
Jasmine Madison - 4 天 前
Honestly the more i watch your video the more I’m like damn so true.. yes
Fashiongirl95 - 4 天 前
Reggie/Zach/Trevor lmaoo
Emilie - 4 天 前
The second movie is not NEAR as good as the book. The book answers everyone's questions as to WHY this movie was missing so much. READ THE BOOK GUYS YOU'LL LOVE EVERY CHARACTER!
forever styles
forever styles - 4 天 前
I love that he called her Laura the whole video
Višnja Pavlović
Višnja Pavlović - 4 天 前
am i the only one that is getting so bothered by the fact that alex says lora jean instead of lara jean the whole time?
mohamed elsheikh
mohamed elsheikh - 4 天 前
Chief how broke do you have to be to need promo codes for fucking Bath and Body works when they're nearly always running 50% off sales
*-; just _ sez ;-*
*-; just _ sez ;-* - 5 天 前
tbh if peter
wants Jen back then why did they break up
first name last name
first name last name - 5 天 前
it's muffin time!!!
Ava Akins
Ava Akins - 5 天 前
One of those lanterns has my wish on it...renew Anne with an e
giulia giordano
giulia giordano - 6 天 前
i just laughed so hard when i saw on one of the lanter renew anne whit an e (i whished that happened)
Trinity Baker
Trinity Baker - 6 天 前
you always hatin
Alina Buschmann
Alina Buschmann - 6 天 前
damn this movie was so boring I gave up like 50 minutes in or smth lol
Christina King
Christina King - 6 天 前
omfg to all the boys i loved 2 is perfect yall are just haters
Mami Magica
Mami Magica - 7 天 前
3:12 *Undertale music starts playing*: Me: KIᒪᒪ Oᖇ ᗷᗴ KIᒪᒪᗴᗪ
Lee Richard
Lee Richard - 7 天 前
The book goes into significantly more detail and leads Lara-Jean back to Peter in a much more reasonable and believable way. The movie, I found at least, was a pretty big letdown compared to the book.
Makeup With Smidge
Makeup With Smidge - 7 天 前
I lost it at the ‘It’s muffin time’ part 😂😂😂
Ginge - 7 天 前
That hand sanitiser will be useful. Trust me
Pheebs Wot
Pheebs Wot - 7 天 前
I feel like the movie kinda missed out the point that it's essentially trying to make, that no relationship is perfect, and it doesn't mean it's not worth being in love. To commit, to fix what we know and have, not just run off and rush into the next. We all make mistakes and we all experience heartbreak, that's what make us and our relationship grow. The best part for me is when Lara Jean realized she's projecting her own insecurity on Peter, and avoiding to face the problems by being with John. Like why is everyone in the comments acting like John Ambrose is totally perfect? Nobody's perfect, relationships all have their own problems, why would you just assume John is perfect just based on the limited information? The whole point was made in that last scene, happily ever after is unrealistic, complete love means unavoidable problems, if we want to have it all we must give it all. I think this movie has good points but it just kinda failed in showing them well. Still gonna watch the thrid.
Omar Nanji
Omar Nanji - 8 天 前
Are we all forgetting about josh
Molly Larson
Molly Larson - 8 天 前
when he animated renew Anne with an e...

i felt that
Zeynep Elif Kılınç
Zeynep Elif Kılınç - 8 天 前
wouldn't it be fun if;;
•Peter was the first letter boy, and there are 4 more.
fırst movie: lara gets with peter
scnd movie: lara breaks up with Peter for john
third movie: lara breaks up with john for the thrd letter guy
• this goes on and on till the end.
The whole series would be like this and in the final movie lara kills all of them and gets back with Peter
Note: im just changing the whole letter thing up
Andreal Drew
Andreal Drew - 8 天 前
The messages on the lanterns at 2:52 are sending me 😂😂😂
Heather Smith
Heather Smith - 8 天 前
In the introduction to the different boys she wrote a letter to in To All The Boys John Ambrose was white, the way things continue in the second movie is awful. There are so many plot holes...
Shruti Singh
Shruti Singh - 8 天 前
The problem with this sequel was that, it was just so different from the original book.I know, films can't be exact copies of the movies but the book was just so much better. Lara and john never met at belleview, they met for the 1st time at the time capsule thing(time capsule idea was communicated by john I guess via letters). Also there they play a whole game called assassins which lara jean was determined to win because she had never one before and was tired of that innocent little girl image others had of her.The break up of lara jean and Peter was way more intense in the book and also the way they came back together felt much more real.John wasn't just shoved aside in the book like he was in the movie;rather he stayed untiel the very end where Lara jean made him understand that she couldn't be with him because she was in love with Peter;he was there first and he just wouldn't go away.
Basically, this movie was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT for those who had read the original book.They slaughtered the story.Literally.
hi hi
hi hi - 8 天 前
the weird thing is why did they say John Ambrose was white? (NO RACISM INTENDED)
Vivian Lilian
Vivian Lilian - 8 天 前
12:35 was my New Years Eve in a nutshell 😂😂
Benni Geiloni
Benni Geiloni - 8 天 前
Prediction: She is going to turn out as gay!
Yun Park
Yun Park - 9 天 前
Yun Park
Yun Park - 9 天 前
That's some bottomless popcorn ya got there
Amelie Wang
Amelie Wang - 9 天 前
Ngl my favorite part of the whole movie was Kitty and the old lady.
euphoria jeon
euphoria jeon - 9 天 前
The whole movie was just bad
maria csc
maria csc - 9 天 前
ok but casting evan hansen in a movie about letters was... genious
And that's on Perry's hat
Can we talk about how john just had a whole skin color change.
TAGamer - 9 天 前
''Nothing is hotter than the word fridge.''
Jasmin St
Jasmin St - 9 天 前
No one:
Absolute no one:
Alex: LaUrA
Aiden March
Aiden March - 9 天 前
Lara: "When I'm with peter I'm afraid that he's thinking about someone else."
*Lara after kising John*
"Dangit!! It's not Peter"

All the boys watching the movie," WUT!?!?!?!"
The New Packed Entertainments Zone
I would’ve chose Israel Broussard/Josh’s character since John & Peter are the absolute worse
Walross - 9 天 前
Whos that girl you're always watching movies with?
walker assasin
walker assasin - 10 天 前
Who the fxxx watches this actual garbage of a movie?
Shramana Das Dutta
Shramana Das Dutta - 10 天 前
They actually really really need to renew anne with an E
Valeria Cruz
Valeria Cruz - 10 天 前
This is a toxic relationship where she doesn’t feel like herself, and she doesn’t like Peter because he’s “loud” even tho she got to know him before... then she never talks to John about having a boyfriend and in all of this the “bad guy” is Peter... for me it makes no sense this second movie 🎥 is kinda predictable and stupid at the same time... I don’t like the messege it sends its kinda like “yeah yo have to flirt with other guy and then kiss him to know how do you feel about your current boyfriend... ohh but it’s not cheating” 😤 terrible movie
Avile Mbotshelwa
Avile Mbotshelwa - 10 天 前
“It’s muffin time.”😂😂😂
Cynthia Li
Cynthia Li - 10 天 前
Crap I burst out laughing at the "Its Muffin Time"
Repent man
Repent man - 11 天 前
could they not find a prettier Asian girl or did they want someone as fugly as the original writer so her fantasies are easier to digest
Marie Moody
Marie Moody - 11 天 前
I saw anna cathcart and i was so exited then there are no more moments with her.

No longer interested
Marines Torres
Marines Torres - 12 天 前
Zombies 2
Almarys Cambar
Almarys Cambar - 12 天 前
The best part of this video is the lantern with the wish to renew anne with an e 😂🙌