Try Not To Laugh Challenge #40 w/ CallMeCarson

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You know what time it is! CallMeCarson, Ted Nivison, and Slimecicle from Lunch Club are here to Try Not To Laugh!
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Oofer Gang
Oofer Gang - 38 分钟 前
Where’s the Cram
sophia marie
sophia marie - 2 小时 前
this really emphasizes how much of a pun master charlie is
Derp Ninja
Derp Ninja - 2 小时 前
Now this is a crossover
Zane Downey
Zane Downey - 3 小时 前
On the one where it was Kung Fu he should have said Kung Fu more like Kung Poo
Darkeyes - 3 小时 前
this is so cringe
The Cryptic King
The Cryptic King - 3 小时 前
No one:
Courtney: YoU cAn HeAr SoUnDs WhEn YoU’rE oN lSd!
Kate Miller
Kate Miller - 4 小时 前
if i was ever on try not to laugh what i would do is bring razor and shave my head in between turns and then pop out with my head shaved and boom element of surprise
DoggoTree - 6 小时 前
Ted watched too much peter Caine
abby - 6 小时 前
this callob is like 2 different worlds just collided
Isaac Chong
Isaac Chong - 6 小时 前
what the fuck has happened to smosh. this makes me want split my dick in half from the top down with a rusty blade from the cringe alone. certain pieces of humor clashing does not mix well and its just so fucking uncomfortable to watch. i just fucking cant jesus christ. get the misfits on u corporate fucks. i pray big lion will smite u all into oblivion.
The Legit Duck
The Legit Duck - 56 分钟 前
MyStic_Clyde25 _
MyStic_Clyde25 _ - 4 小时 前
terror_ops - 9 小时 前
Women. 👏Aren’t. 👏Funny. 👏
Ekekela Napoleon
Ekekela Napoleon - 11 小时 前
Any video with slimecicle is automatically funny/punny
FBI open up
FBI open up - 11 小时 前
8:36 is hillarious
President bread
President bread - 12 小时 前
19:46 GREAT now olivas behind is a weird conspiracist and the worst thing is that it’s not that big tbh
Orene - 12 小时 前
Carson is like the capybara of youtubers
Owen Cole
Owen Cole - 12 小时 前
The guy with the blue hair is incredibly unfunny it actually hurts
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus - 14 小时 前
Oh how the mighty have fallen
Jacob Noodles
Jacob Noodles - 15 小时 前
Charlie straight up let Carson smack the shit out of his ass
Slithery Snake
Slithery Snake - 15 小时 前
Cereal when no has milk: ):
Cereal when has milk: (:
HelloTardis - 16 小时 前
Carson what.....what’re you doin man?
Emma B
Emma B - 16 小时 前
Those first 5 seconds describe Lunch Club perfectly
Roxy the non-simp
Roxy the non-simp - 17 小时 前
they never filmed the part when they get robbed by carson and the rest of the lunch club
Jade Bible
Jade Bible - 18 小时 前
Sims 3 music
Spodal - 19 小时 前
Where's Keith?
herr otet
herr otet - 20 小时 前
Slimecicle and rhymes is the best combo
enter Victini
enter Victini - 20 小时 前
TAnaker _
TAnaker _ - 20 小时 前
I feel bad for Carson
Javi Cerros
Javi Cerros - 20 小时 前
literally the ultimate combo of unfunny people
Willyum - 14 小时 前
idk ted is funny
Oversized Hamburger
Oversized Hamburger - 18 小时 前
Carson's funny smosh isn't
Rmtheeggboi - 21 小时 前
mandova_ ward07
mandova_ ward07 - 21 小时 前
Your a stinky stinky boi
Grim - 21 小时 前
The smosh people aren't even funny
Oversized Hamburger
Oversized Hamburger - 18 小时 前
True, I'm only here for Carson
SuperFlosi - 22 小时 前
is it just me or does ted have a boner or just a big pp
DocMcBluffin - 22 小时 前
Smosh and the lunch club have very different senses of humour
Owen Rogers
Owen Rogers - 22 小时 前
Do one with offlineTV next
blech bleck
blech bleck - 22 小时 前
you can instantly tell who is funny and who is smosh in the first 10 seconds
this is definitely a human
this is definitely a human - 22 小时 前
This is fucking cancer
Meggy C
Meggy C - 22 小时 前
That’s the sims three music lol
Ashlen Marashadow
Ashlen Marashadow - 天 前
I love how Carson just looks so concerned and confused at all times
astrobat - 天 前
unfunny people vs funny people
Cake 4life
Cake 4life - 天 前
Carson doesnt need any props lol
Cake 4life
Cake 4life - 天 前
2:49 "childhood flashbacks" hahahaha stop lieing we all know you got the naughty step at 16
Cooper Brahmsteadt
Cooper Brahmsteadt - 天 前
Just get Travis in here
Dying Twice
Dying Twice - 天 前
carson towers over everyone here lmao
Aurora Madison
Aurora Madison - 天 前
Jschlatt should be there he can break carson lol
Aurora Madison
Aurora Madison - 天 前
Xavier Delarosa
Xavier Delarosa - 天 前

charlies a raging boner hahahahahahaha get it cause he seemed mad so he was raging and he had a condom over his head hahahha wow that joke sounded way better in my head
JCRAM64 - 天 前
Katerino is a bitch
Simple. - 天 前
random gamer
random gamer - 天 前
9:25 omg lol
random gamer
random gamer - 天 前
9:41 what is this???
Struggler - 天 前
Olivia watched it happen. With a smile on her face.
Anthony Castulo
Anthony Castulo - 天 前
carson just said "fuck you karen you cant have the kids'" when he YEETED that baby
These toes aren’t gonna suck themselves
It’s sad that the only funny ones were Carson’s, Ted’s and Charlie’s
Maddibannana33 - 天 前
Next time you do another episode ( when u can ) you should do it with Anita. ( a streamer with torettes)!
Croxii - 天 前
Random is funny
Crxdo - 天 前
These two groups have two very different senses of humor. I acknowledge the fact that they’re trying to get more relevant people on the show but I don’t think it went as planned
Boogs - 天 前
I don’t understand the Indiana Jones joke help
Caitlin McCrum
Caitlin McCrum - 天 前
I freaking love the poetry references in this one.
Gigi Reese
Gigi Reese - 天 前
15:15 I really wanted her to just say, “I have chlamydia”
Dankest Mc Drackest
If im being honest when i seen shane with the phone and his phone shirt i was like WAIT I CAN BUY SHANE AND HIS PHONE?
Gavin Meza
Gavin Meza - 天 前
this is cringe
The LazerMonky's Laboratory
Is it just me but if Courtney left smosh it wouldn't effect them in any way and potentially make smosh funnier?
Joe Fortnite
Joe Fortnite - 天 前
Anyone: *does anything*
Smosh: *W H E E Z E*
Corridor01 - 天 前
im just waiting for Damien to say Too Farty with Shayne
Sqraggle - 天 前
So... When’s Charlie pursuing his rap career again?
Carter Anderson
Carter Anderson - 天 前
i wish carson would talk more in the jokes
Logan Donovan
Logan Donovan - 天 前
I really thought Ted was gonna do a bit with the bird about the "my raven is a douchebag" guy
Old Boi
Old Boi - 天 前
Hello P P M A N
Someone Random
Someone Random - 天 前
I remember when they robbed you
suzy jordan
suzy jordan - 天 前
Smosh where trying way to hard
Peak - 天 前
None of smosh’s jokes were funny
ThatGuy WhoGames
ThatGuy WhoGames - 天 前
Wtf Louis Carrol is someone o know
Chloe Mohnach
Chloe Mohnach - 天 前
i wish ted did something with sam the raven when he had the raven
The Bug
The Bug - 天 前
Further proof Shane is the only funny Smosh member
Tawni Rae Palin
Tawni Rae Palin - 天 前
You really should have Dude Perfect on Try Not To Laugh!
Jacob Stuckey
Jacob Stuckey - 天 前
This video proves that Shane is the only funny smosh member
enticing rice
enticing rice - 天 前
9:11 genuinly thought he was going to be like "check out this raven, yeah, he's a douchebag,"
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith - 天 前
*when ted, charlie , and carson are the only funny guys*
Rh2os Gaming
Rh2os Gaming - 天 前
Smosh has gone to shit
Landon Hill
Landon Hill - 2 天 前
Literally the only funny people were Carson ted and Charlie what a surprise