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We were only supposed to go to 500 HP...
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Ligow - 9 小时 前
but is it streetlegal tho?
Mateo Gurashi
Mateo Gurashi - 10 小时 前
How much would this rx7 cost
Tsrif Tsal
Tsrif Tsal - 15 小时 前
Those motherfuckers at Phatbotti Tuning are so fucking good.
dan tsy
dan tsy - 17 小时 前
Probably take it to the track?
vicktor gregory brilhante costa
it's a really rotary power
Al3xfire 96
Al3xfire 96 - 天 前
Man that sounds as a fucking jet
iwantabeetle - 天 前
You put your cable group in your drill chuck and twist them up that way. Clean as hell and quick!
Sconch - 天 前
what a fucking monster of a car
Jeffrey - 天 前
You guys are awesome. That was so exciting to watch! What a weapon!
Good Ol' Bryan
Good Ol' Bryan - 天 前
So... Does it finally run properly?
As x
As x - 天 前
Sell it
C Dynes
C Dynes - 2 天 前
Congrats...great build and no clickbait 🙏
FBI - 2 天 前
may I introduce you to the bugatti chiron ss with 1500 hp
Christodoulos Anastasiou
btw by twisting the cables like that u also avoid interference from magnetic fields created due to electricity running through the wires. don't know if u mentioned it
TimTim Kim
TimTim Kim - 2 天 前
She (the car) drinks more gas than the Chiron
Like Clockwork64
Like Clockwork64 - 2 天 前
yeah but those apex seals though
Muhammad Zidan
Muhammad Zidan - 2 天 前
Big turbo anjing
M0rphin.W94 - 2 天 前
damn fukin legend !!!!!!
Nate Olmsted
Nate Olmsted - 2 天 前
Holy spicy Doritos Batman 😮😍
Aron Mucciarone
Aron Mucciarone - 3 天 前
This car would destroy mazzeis rx7
ethan frohlich
ethan frohlich - 3 天 前
Every fh4 car in a nutshell
T Kosuke
T Kosuke - 3 天 前
new rx-concept should mount this engine
Jared Malan
Jared Malan - 3 天 前
This is ❤️pure Rotary sex. Well done 👏 I watched the whole video through
Jared Malan
Jared Malan - 3 天 前
lol watching Robs health, haircut, beard and and over all look progress from start to where it’s at now... it seriously in every way remind me when I had my Rx7. - car became a diamond but I looked like shit most days
NinjaNick 07
NinjaNick 07 - 4 天 前
14:15 that how to roast a marshmello.
사쿠라43 - 5 天 前
Personaly,more rather FR, but AWD is kind of brand new style of Rotor machine,so i think it still deserves to be called SUPERNOVA
y smokemaker
y smokemaker - 5 天 前
İt was insane
I just fell in love.. :D
Cristiano Luis
Cristiano Luis - 6 天 前
Welke car i. 's dis
Fernando Llamas
Fernando Llamas - 6 天 前
What's amazing is how FAST it makes that power!! I just screams and pops!! I wanna see this thing in a one mile race for top speed!! 🤟😎
GLI MK7 - 6 天 前
fuck thats nuts bro that RX7 is from mars lol
Joe A
Joe A - 6 天 前
god dahm. Absolutely insane!
Garrett Stubbs
Garrett Stubbs - 7 天 前
Yeah, Bughatti killer. Nice work guys :) !
Garrett Stubbs
Garrett Stubbs - 7 天 前
Race a Veyron
Flint Pet
Flint Pet - 7 天 前
Exactly what are you doing?
nathan lee
nathan lee - 7 天 前
I wonder if he's aware of the chassis flex on the dyno, the car was flexing right at the firewall.
Pumpp - 7 天 前
Is this a good learners car?
Angelo 2002
Angelo 2002 - 7 天 前
This is insane😳
jefry kurniawan
jefry kurniawan - 8 天 前
Rob instal your RX7 body kit with RE Amemiya body kit look better then rocket bunny
Hy Lin
Hy Lin - 8 天 前
I remember that the owner put the Pxxxhub begin music to the Rx7
Farex - 8 天 前
Subtitles: *[M U S I C]*
Matthew _
Matthew _ - 8 天 前
Bruh that turbo Is fat
SHONGO - 8 天 前
But damn it sounds good
Maulana Pribadi
Maulana Pribadi - 10 天 前
Its crazy dude
SoleSamulous - 12 天 前
You can also hook those wires up to a drill with the other end in the vice and it twists it for you :)
Rob Ruddick
Rob Ruddick - 12 天 前
HOLYFUKINSHIT! New to to your channel man and wow what an inspiration, been binging for a week or so and ended here
Spag Face
Spag Face - 17 天 前
The way I know this video is very special to him is by the fact that he keeps coming back to it to heart comments.
Bradley Payne
Bradley Payne - 17 天 前
That car absolutely wants to just jump off the dyno.
Barry Macokiner
Barry Macokiner - 18 天 前
2400lb 1000 awhp rotary.....
Huh, what?! I don't have a chub... you do....
Jared Reviea
Jared Reviea - 19 天 前
A long time in the making. Congratulations!
Ian Vital
Ian Vital - 21 天 前
does having the rotors and encentric shaft built with Titanium give more power and be durable and take in more bost ?
Ian Vital
Ian Vital - 21 天 前
Can that 4 rotor engine pass emmition test. if I got lucky Be rich I would make a 1000HP super car rotary engine one day
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello - 22 天 前
Any cross talk in those wires, once you put a twist in it happens? Shielded cable might be better... RCDD speaking.
R3dTow3r !
R3dTow3r ! - 26 天 前
That's absolutely incredible. Not just 1000+ HP but the fact that the engine, turbo's, manifold, gate, EVERYTHING held together for those pulls. Bravo sir, bravo. If that's not craftsmanship, I don't know what is.
Swe3ets - 28 天 前
3:00 copper wrapped like that can create a magnetic field no?
Javier Ruiz
Javier Ruiz - 28 天 前
That’s a beast of a car, nice job, congratulations
Minh Quan Vo
Minh Quan Vo - 28 天 前
Music to my ear
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 28 天 前
Sorry for watching this video way too many times. But hearing the engine!!!!!! How I can not share ,/ like and see it again!. Waiting that 6 rotor or c boost
Jule Rulez
Jule Rulez - 29 天 前
Yeah guys You just laugh to Rob behind his back 16:36 , but the man is single-handedly
presenting all this - and bringing views and money for the project to the table..Next time you laugh - think about that!
Lorenzo Iacopo
Lorenzo Iacopo - 个月 前
In a race this auto Will Be ahead only for the First kilometres beacause after will not have fuel xdxdxd
Владимир Парамонов
У них есть свой собственный Райан Гослинг черт побери.
mojojojo - 个月 前
That is a real black beauty
Lm Ao
Lm Ao - 个月 前
how come your dyno specialist looks like Ryan Gosling?
الذئب القيمر- Gaming_Wolf
Call mad mike
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. - 个月 前
My car’s gas tank ran dry just from me watching this video.
eli smith
eli smith - 个月 前
why tf would u even call that an rx7 its practically and kit car
Darrell Coy
Darrell Coy - 个月 前
I'd like to see a 2wd pull on the sloppy dyno to see how he pads it. Or, you pad it.
Robert Remkes
Robert Remkes - 个月 前
chassis is flexing?
Jeff White
Jeff White - 个月 前
Damn..... this car is a freaking BEAST!! Awesome job guys!
Sinjin Smythe
Sinjin Smythe - 个月 前
I want to see more cars and less your face
damien cunningham
damien cunningham - 个月 前
i can smell corn by just watching the vid.
Holger Scharfenkamp
Holger Scharfenkamp - 个月 前
Real Monster Car,but why he can not fly?i Think it is not a plane!
Rixardo IT
Rixardo IT - 个月 前
4x4 Ok?
Kim G
Kim G - 个月 前
RetunerB Ret
RetunerB Ret - 个月 前
Пара заездов и мотор на помойку
Как пропускают пожарных
Ничего не понятно,но очень интересно.
Kassie Yo
Kassie Yo - 个月 前
Oh ya my Bicycle is faster
Shiny Things
Shiny Things - 个月 前
Firetti better like TOAST with his pasta!
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Lorenzo Rodriguez - 个月 前
Congratulations! That car is awesome! It just kept going, pull after pull...what a beast!
Drake Hobbs
Drake Hobbs - 个月 前
Is that’s a hickey on his right wrist lmao