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Heung-min Son reacts to his four-goal haul in Tottenham Hotspur's 5-2 Premier League away win against Southampton!
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Răzvan Cazacu
Răzvan Cazacu - 20 天 前
Sonny is next up 💯
Y D - 22 天 前
Luv u Sonny!!!
김준환 - 25 天 前
son🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷KOREA love
sonny is very smart, very skillful, very deterministic 👍👍 he's world class ‼️
올고 - 个月 前
i wish next time son 4 assist for the kane 받은만큼 돌려주자
S Selena
S Selena - 个月 前
Son heung min The Korean king 👑
S Selena
S Selena - 个月 前
Love My Self
Love My Self - 个月 前
kubo >>>>>>>>>>son
kubo is would class
kubo from japen❤❤❤
Asian number one.
윤상건 - 26 天 前
ordinary traveler
ordinary traveler - 个月 前
Can’t smile without you, Sonny. COYS 💙
Ayra shirly2020
Ayra shirly2020 - 个月 前
Shafie Saaban
Shafie Saaban - 个月 前
Best Korean player after Ji sung Park..only Ji sung is best plus successfull player!!
힐린크랜 - 个月 前
Jose : DAD
Harry: MOM
Son. : SON ^^
Aakash Mudvari
Aakash Mudvari - 个月 前
After messi and ronaldo he is king of football
코헨 - 个月 前
흥민.넌 최고야.건강 조심하고 경기 잘해.^^
이쁘닝수정 - 个月 前
Even if you receive a cheap weekly wage
I want to go to Tottenham
Minjae Kim
Minjae Kim likes Tottenham
Minjae Kim wants to transfer to Tottenham
mar - 个月 前
Martial and son came to the premier league in the same window 5 years ago. Both had only scored a hattrick this year, martial got hate for doing that while son doesnt. biased stuff like these are killing the beaitiful game dammit
Sophia 8
Sophia 8 - 个月 前
콜콜록콜록이야 흠ᄒ
Wow the real best Tottenham😍
Đạt L
Đạt L - 个月 前
Châu Á tự hào về Son !!!
Tame Jomoh
Tame Jomoh - 个月 前
Son English is better than Harry kane 😆😆
Pringles - 个月 前
레비다니엘 - 个月 前
Hien Nguyen Vinh
Hien Nguyen Vinh - 个月 前
World class, Kane and Son! Amazing game!
theThingThat shouldNotBe
He is better than Park Ji Sung.
Ramesh Basumatary
Ramesh Basumatary - 个月 前
Great min son
Detriip Travel
Detriip Travel - 个月 前
I like to see the way he plays and cannot imagine how great Tottenham is after Bale plays
kabir h
kabir h - 个月 前
I dont owe anyone anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Bret Schaefer
Bret Schaefer - 个月 前
I don't need anymore my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Yoon Chul Chang
Yoon Chul Chang - 个月 前
Make the run make the run for the team
CJ K - 个月 前
孙兴慜~ 还需努力 赶上武磊还差一些
아이언호그 - 个月 前
Son marry me please
Aviral Singh
Aviral Singh - 个月 前
as a united fan my favourite player ❤
Eeum Kim
Eeum Kim - 个月 前
⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️👍SON & KANE 👍
일년안에 검머외되기 프로젝트
My man nailed it
Deep MW
Deep MW - 个月 前
from Indonesia
TV Flash
TV Flash - 个月 前
Good kane good sonny
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim - 个月 前
Son just want to say i love you so much
Michael Burke
Michael Burke - 个月 前
Such a humble guy wowwww
토착왜구박멸 - 个月 前
I always like the smile of Son, the savior of Tottenham
The Purge
The Purge - 个月 前
Kane and Sonny . Pls be consistent in this form . Bale , pls be at your best. Treble , here we come . COYS !
오늘의 축구
오늘의 축구 - 个月 前
하무 - 个月 前
오 형 팬이예요
nana - 个月 前
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Sonny?💙🤍⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️🤍💙
J - 个月 前
송현우 - 个月 前
손 보고있나? 입꼬리가 너무 올라가서 눈과 입의 위치가 바뀌기 직전이니 그만해
sean duffy
sean duffy - 个月 前
gabriel chinsato
gabriel chinsato - 个月 前
Humility! Great game Son and Kane.
Daniel Ho
Daniel Ho - 个月 前
Mum Heung Min and Dad Heung Min must be proud again.
Aai Singh Gurung
Aai Singh Gurung - 个月 前
sonny is the best⚽️
Ampuii Chhangte
Ampuii Chhangte - 个月 前
Love you sonny🤩💙💕
4241sun - 个月 前
can't describe how amazing this Son&Harry duo is, and can't wait to see this duo playing with Bale.
we are going to be the hottest attacking force!!
Michael A
Michael A - 个月 前
Poor Son, he speaks multiple languages and thinks OBVIOUSLY is acceptable
Gary gary
Gary gary - 个月 前
Where is mister Hugo to yell at him now?
조석현 - 个月 前
손흥민도 참 잘했지만 케인 진짜 개 쩔어버린다. 손흥민이 침투할 공간에 공을 잘 붙혀주고 손흥민의 왼발 오른발 수준높은 결정력!!이제 베일만 출전한다면 프리미어리그 우승도 바라볼수있겠지!! 베일 손흥민 케인
BeanTalk - 个月 前
to me imagining what morinho say in half time is bliss
Rosy Soul
Rosy Soul - 个月 前
Bring me JUMO
Gazza Niga
Gazza Niga - 个月 前
우리 흥민이 이래도 월클 아녜유
정쓰TV - 个月 前
I wish they had a lot more games on midday so we could watch them on early evening. Nice job Sonny!
킥앤러시 - 个月 前
Forget the desk.. Now I want to see kbs.
For your information, kbs is a public media in Korea.
Of course, I never watch kbs, a fake news factory.
아어아 - 个月 前
Kane is MOM, not that Chinese
TAKU Taki - 个月 前
I’m pretty sure he is best Asian soccer player now. No one can compare to this big guy.
Huge respect from Japan 🇯🇵 🇰🇷
Jamal Ludin
Jamal Ludin - 个月 前
Hahahaha soccer.its football mate
Zhang Lingfu
Zhang Lingfu - 个月 前
Unbelievable Game Endings in Sports
박찬호 - 个月 前
⚽️ 손흥민 👍
Amazing Sonny!!!!! We love you♡♡♡♡♡
N F - 个月 前
Kane said "fuck it ill be erikson🙄"
천안더불어교회 - 个月 前
His smile is perfect. His goal is wonderful. Keep winning ^^
보리감자 - 个月 前
흥민아 축하한다
Juan Louis
Juan Louis - 个月 前
Good for him
훈's house
훈's house - 个月 前
son son son.. my son
뉴요괴Joseph_World - 个月 前
Ju Mo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ju Mo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
jeff strong
jeff strong - 个月 前
Good strategy to use Kane to assist and Son run to get the ball for goal because there aren't many players who can catch up with Son. Explosive strike at far end like Blitzkrieg. Next team playing will have to put more defensive players against Kane and Son if they keep playing like that.
Will Pickering
Will Pickering - 个月 前
Spurs Legend
PG7 Squads
PG7 Squads - 个月 前
Son is beast 🤩🔥
mahmet ziad
mahmet ziad - 个月 前
The most likeable and underrated player in the history of football, the guy deserves more.
김은경 - 个月 前
blackmangod glorious
blackmangod glorious - 个月 前
Word is Bale only speak Spanish to his Spurs teammates.
Febri Juse
Febri Juse - 个月 前
The best player from asia.
Nurul Hadi Tutorial
Nurul Hadi Tutorial - 个月 前
The real oppa
vedicbaru - 个月 前
Clap clap the team still played like shit in the midfield,,,, if this continues there is no way Spurs can handle Liverpool, Man United City maybe even mid tier teams,,,, COYS (Come you shit players)
Juana isabel Arroyave
Juana isabel Arroyave - 个月 前
Muchas felicidades, Sony, en verdad te lo mereces porque siempre te esfuerzas en ser el mejor, Dios te bendiga.
TS50ER - 个月 前
This what spurs can do without that Soy Division player, Smelly Alli.
Herland Alvaro
Herland Alvaro - 个月 前
Amaizing Son
Ghetto Shkirdc
Ghetto Shkirdc - 个月 前
Sonny 💕thank you so much
Ken Sya
Ken Sya - 个月 前
여직 기다렷던 해트트릭이 한다하니 오벌해트트릭으로! 대박!!! 축하,손흥민!!!!!
Fish ‘Ra
Fish ‘Ra - 个月 前
Here comes the Son , do, dun, do, do,
Here comes the Son, and I say it’s alright 🙌🏻
Danny chong
Danny chong - 个月 前
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Someone just writing the truth, based on conclusion that exist on the day, when new patient rises to 182 and today, when new patient dropped to 31.
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Pog Pog
Pog Pog - 个月 前
golden boy
Chosens - 个月 前
m in
m in - 个月 前
Eusebio Terrón Carrasco
I really liked the midfield formed by Winks Hojbjerg and Lo Celso. It has changed the game.
Kwangjin Lee
Kwangjin Lee - 个月 前
Judit González
Judit González - 个月 前
성현,시현 장
성현,시현 장 - 个月 前
안녕하세요 성현이에요.손흥민형 토트넘화이팅 손흥민형축구4골 입니다
ScrewInTheTuna - 个月 前
schakal LEE
schakal LEE - 个月 前
sonny is the best guy
Jah Leoni
Jah Leoni - 个月 前
Funny how i understood everyword he said but with kane I seem to struggle lol Good performance lads! COYS!!
Tottenham Fan Chris Cowlin
Superb performances from Kane and Son today. Simply brilliant, what a partnership! 👏👏👏👏
Put Bale is the mix and we should score 5 every game 😉⚽️
Cream Cat
Cream Cat - 个月 前
Sonny is god Kane is Harry Potter 5-2 is hermonie
D. KAM - 个月 前
Watch Out this New Video.
Yeyolo Manyolo
Yeyolo Manyolo - 个月 前
You are the bost son thats you!!!!!