Samsung Note 10+ Teardown - TWO Wireless Chargers?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G is ready to be taken apart and reviewed from the inside. The Note 10 Plus is one of the most expensive, and feature rich flagship phones on the market right now. And today we are going to take it apart and see what the guts look like. The Note 10 Plus has a stacked mother board, 5 cameras, and a vapor chamber to keep the whole thing cool.
Yeah the battery is glued into the frame, and the Note 10 screen is the last thing to be removed. Its not a very 'repairable' phone. But it is definitely time for Samsung to add pull tabs to the battery.
Current pricing on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus:
Note 10 Durability test video:
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KING WAYNO - 19 小时 前
Jerry is Really Mad about not haveing a headphone jack
Peter - 20 小时 前
Once the battery dies the whole phone becomes a disposable razor, that's why Samsung hard glue them, means you have to buy a new one
Kevin Rufus
Kevin Rufus - 天 前
Funniest say in the video; 7:20
"So that one, I don't blow my fingers off, and two, I can stop saying Apple has them beat in one area.
That's more painful than losing a finger"😂
Killed Apple right there😁
Edward Obillo
Edward Obillo - 天 前
How many times he said lets get ready
mazen yasser
mazen yasser - 3 天 前
"Apple makes the jokes, i just read the spec sheet"
-Zach's Jerry rig 2k19
Rehan Syed
Rehan Syed - 3 天 前
Who gives him these phones to tear down and check their durability???
Larisa Predojevic
Larisa Predojevic - 3 天 前
"Let's get started"
"Let's get started" he made it say that 2 times
ScrimSCREAM - 5 天 前
Poorest charging problem ever. I drop my phone and it says temperature too low
JerryRigEverything - 5 天 前
The wireless charging pad has a temperature sensor on it. It might be misaligned after your drop.
Ethan Perry
Ethan Perry - 5 天 前
What a coincidence
That's what my school bathroom is called too
Spam Konto
Spam Konto - 6 天 前
for petes sake Jerry, I've been commenting on EVERY new samsung model that there is no need to break the battery like that, i't doesn't have magic pulltabs like you say, but you can remove it much more easily than iphone batteries if you just heat the damn thing from the back
ısık tuna
ısık tuna - 7 天 前
as we open this heat pipe, you can see that it is a hollow pouch and there is room for a headphone jack:D
Shadow Raider
Shadow Raider - 7 天 前
This was pretty cool seeing u completely disassemble a note 10+ great content 👍
Makram Ghraizi
Makram Ghraizi - 9 天 前
What is yoir daily use phone🤔🤔
Kevinsky Games
Kevinsky Games - 9 天 前
Mohammed Yasser
Mohammed Yasser - 10 天 前
Man...when I'm bored I just watch Zack videos for his humor and sarcasm. He's the underrated genius.
Mister GG
Mister GG - 12 天 前
4:49...that thing. when u assemble them again,u had to buy new spare parts right to assemble it again?
Mister GG
Mister GG - 12 天 前
just bought it this week!!!! omg this is so painful!
Carlito Majors
Carlito Majors - 12 天 前
"Before samsung removed the headphone jack." Lmaoooo. Talkin shit.
Ranjit Ran
Ranjit Ran - 12 天 前
You could use the same phone you tested.. why wait for price drops..
madmedicine - 12 天 前
Great job !
MD Mithu
MD Mithu - 13 天 前
Please tell me how to solve this problem (moisture has been detected in your USB port.)(my device is note 10)
No water enters my phone, please help me
Quintell McNeill
Quintell McNeill - 13 天 前
What are your thoughts on the upcoming Galaxy note 20 ultra Jerry?
MD Mithu
MD Mithu - 13 天 前
Please tell me how to solve this problem (moisture has been detected in your USB port.)(my device is note 10) plz help me
jessie glodo
jessie glodo - 14 天 前
i love watching your videos specially when you rig a smart phone :) Can i have some :) sorry for my grammar :) thanks
Dr. Joy
Dr. Joy - 15 天 前
This is an Indian unit.
D3NT4L FL055
D3NT4L FL055 - 16 天 前
Honestly, my iPhone 6 is getting kinda old. This seems like a good upgrade in 2020 I'll try and wait till August to see a price reduction.
Farrukh Shahzad
Farrukh Shahzad - 16 天 前
Hi Jerry my note 10 plus has battery issue it is not charging properly and drains out even after one seal of phone on the side has come the moment oh doesn’t charge and doesn’t on....if it has battery issue how come seal of the phone come off???
Romuel Peralta
Romuel Peralta - 16 天 前
That is my favorit phone but i cant afford it 😢
Savneet Singh rai rai
Savneet Singh rai rai - 17 天 前
this phone have some real high tek stuff ..adjustable appeture camera.. wireless charging stick .. well build i like it ..
bhavesh lohana
bhavesh lohana - 17 天 前
Those colors gave me a headache, tf
Crispy Joking Tuna
Crispy Joking Tuna - 17 天 前
How many times did he say mind blowing tech about things found in the galaxy s10 and other phones?
Eon - 17 天 前
5:16 cutest shit ever lol
Amit budhi
Amit budhi - 18 天 前
I have a rattling sound in my note 10 plus...Any idea what that sound may be ......
T Duke
T Duke - 18 天 前
JerryRigEverything is to Smart Phones what PeterDraws is to Pens.... if you feel me, THUMBS UP!!!
Red Fox
Red Fox - 20 天 前
After teardown mobile What do you do with the phone?
Johniel Santiago
Johniel Santiago - 20 天 前
DID U ACCELY RE BUILD THE PHONE WATTTTTT can u fix my phone its all brooken its an lg btw
Shivam Jaiswal
Shivam Jaiswal - 20 天 前
3 times, let's get started 😅
Ezra Arnold
Ezra Arnold - 21 天 前
You can turn the phone off by just holding power button, you don't have to hold volume down button. LIE!!!
Mind twister
Mind twister - 21 天 前
I want to know what holds the s pen in, like what keeps it from fallingnout
Karim Salloum
Karim Salloum - 22 天 前
"One area where Apple beats Samsung"
Oh buddy... we re in 2020, not 2013. Apple is the king now.
Karim Salloum
Karim Salloum - 21 天 前
Pen Island the market and its’ analysts believes that, which means heck of a lot more than a dumbass CNcardr and his faithful following
Pen Island
Pen Island - 21 天 前
Obvious Troll. Nobody believes that.
Jacqueline Muwonge
Jacqueline Muwonge - 22 天 前
The charging port wiggles a bit
prathamesh bhuyar
prathamesh bhuyar - 23 天 前
Hey bro pless send me any one phone
The car guy
The car guy - 23 天 前
Buys a 1000$ phone, doesn't buy a wireless or a decent headphone adapter.
The car guy
The car guy - 23 天 前
Let's get started X2
saikumar B.
saikumar B. - 24 天 前
8:36 but u don't have any hair!!!
Blazemore360 - 24 天 前
How do you get all these phones?
Hussain MJ
Hussain MJ - 24 天 前
Amazing and Fantastic job Jerry. Thanks too much. 🌹
Akshay Sardar
Akshay Sardar - 24 天 前
samsung galaxy note 10 + killer mobile ever killer display super ultra
Nep Soul
Nep Soul - 24 天 前
Absolutely not 😅😅😅
Cyanide Triazide
Cyanide Triazide - 26 天 前
Samsung: what you gon do bitch boi?
Dudes: imm stick to my note 9 then you shits
Samsung: ha note 9 aint gon get any more major updates so you can suck it.
Rip headphone jacks.....
10 Million
10 Million - 27 天 前
I want note10+ pleasee.....
Kyre N
Kyre N - 28 天 前
Lightning is better than USB-C
Kyre N
Kyre N - 13 天 前
karen hawkins Lightnings better tape see is horrible I had type Secord break on me recently and it was a name brand and it wasn’t even six months old I thought a lightning cable for a year and it’s fine
karen hawkins
karen hawkins - 13 天 前
@Kyre N Exactly that's the problem. I don't think Apple wants to go through the 30-Pin to lightning horrors again. Lightning isn't a bad port. It's just not as good as Type C with features and whatnot.
Kyre N
Kyre N - 13 天 前
karen hawkins I would disagree because lightning has been on the iPhone for a little while and I know a lot of people would be mad at Apple because they would lose all their docs and their cords and all the accessories they bought if they had to go from lightning to Type C
karen hawkins
karen hawkins - 13 天 前
@Kyre N I never said there was a problem with lightning. It's just that it would be much better if Apple adopted the Type C port since it's a standard. It would also make more sense since all of apple current laptops ONLY have Type C and a headphone jack.
Kyre N
Kyre N - 13 天 前
karen hawkins My mom has had iPhone since 2012 andit has been working fine with no problemsWe’ve never had to take it for any hardware problems
Kyre N
Kyre N - 28 天 前
It seems like Samsung copied Apple shut off the phone
taveesh panth
taveesh panth - 28 天 前
Hey mate I am from India and I have a note 10+ exynos . I was thinking if you , yes you sir during this lockdown period try and add tiny tiny fan that runs after the boot is finished third party app built . And then let's test the project by checking how it performs during a pubg game play. Does it makes any difference?
Single Biggs
Single Biggs - 28 天 前
Why does Jerry looks like he's doing surgery. He has steady hands do
Ziyaad Saalim
Ziyaad Saalim - 28 天 前
If we see at 5:03 , the note 10 5g has the hardware for dual sim...🤔
Dj Sarkaar
Dj Sarkaar - 29 天 前
Have u done the durability test of Note 10 plus ?
Bbbb Gggg
Bbbb Gggg - 个月 前
I disagree with Jerry about the headphone jack sooo much, i mean the company could as well sell ordinary earbuds instead of giving them in the box for free anyways, and it is absolutely understandable that a company doesnt want to remove a headphone jack until they develop the pair of wireless earbuds of their own.
The reason they actually remove the headphone jack is because most of us in tech do believe that it is an antiquated port (for mobile, as well as for non professional use) and that getting rid of it pushes us one step further into the fully wireless, portless future.
That is the ultimate goal of all tech companies, not just Apple. The perfect, ubiquitous device that feels natural, seamless, perfect, and that is completely integrated. Glass back, screen front, selfie cam is under the screen (or as some iPhone rumours have it in the bezel), rotation doesnt matter, no buttons, no ports, and you just use your phone without any learning curve. Which is also why there is this big recent push by android OS by all manufacturers to heavily simplify and come closer to iOS in their user acessibility.
Thanks for coming to my Ted talk (srs doe im tired of the headphone jack meme, like just get over it people)
Daniel MPZ
Daniel MPZ - 个月 前
I own this phone and its impressive the number of pieces and components at my hands right now. Good video Jerry.
Maheem Islam
Maheem Islam - 个月 前
Jerry the grey pad is called a thermal pad which is also like thermal paste
maria reyna
maria reyna - 个月 前
Can you make A clear note 10
jack johansson
jack johansson - 个月 前
I want one of that clear backside sticker :'(
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar - 个月 前
Where does you dump all these phones 😆
Wellington Adegbile
Wellington Adegbile - 个月 前
So can this phone be gifted to a fan
Who really needs it 😳😳
Angelo Portugal
Angelo Portugal - 个月 前
You've measured a lot before you are bald eh?
Mattattaka - 个月 前
companies gotta stop makin fun of apple cos they just end up eating their own words cos then they realised removing the headphone jack was more profitable
samsung got no headphone jack? dont worry u can solve this with galaxy buds conveniently available now
google pixel got now headphone jack? ahem may i introduce you to pixel buds
huawei got no jack? FREEBUDSSSSS
Mohammad Niaz Morshed
Mohammad Niaz Morshed - 个月 前
Is this an exynos variant?
xGreek_21 - 个月 前
He'll put it back together, then take it apart allover again
Brett Davis
Brett Davis - 个月 前
"Samsung should be leading the way with battery pull tabs so taking out the battery can be easily removed"
Me wondering why would this matter unless we're actually gonna disassemble it
Foxinut - 个月 前
taimoor rubbani
taimoor rubbani - 个月 前
Don't waste it like that,,, someome csnt afford even Oppo
even after tesrdown,,, give way to me
Kidus Dawit
Kidus Dawit - 个月 前
I use human hair to measure everything....which explains a lot💀
Capone 1
Capone 1 - 个月 前
When you buy phone warranty allows you to get one replaceable battery so how did they replace it if it's a permanent battery?
Emanuel - 个月 前
imperial system is disgusting
Aashish Malhotra
Aashish Malhotra - 个月 前
Please also update about the best phone to buy after a year
KeepitMelo 41
KeepitMelo 41 - 个月 前
If im going to buy multiple battery replacemnt for my note 10 plus. If i havent placed them on my phone how can i recharge the replacemnt battery? Do these replacement battery break if not use?
Softer Tone Studios
Softer Tone Studios - 个月 前
To think the A50/A70 has all this stuff except it’d more plastic a bit less resolution for the screen but is much much cheaper
JUKENZ - 个月 前
What if they made the s pen slot double as a headphone jack ..
Daniel P
Daniel P - 个月 前
What if they put a headphone jack in the pen itself? 😂
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs
Jordan Gonzalez vlogs - 个月 前
You’re awesome
hayden _
hayden _ - 个月 前
im the bald guy duh