Dehancer CMY Color Head: film emulation with subtractive color correction

Color head and printer light are instruments of analogue color correction.
Example of using Dehancer Pro OFX plugin for DaVinci Resolve.
Dehancer is the OFX plugin suite for film-like color grading in DaVinci Resolve. Dozens of real photographic and motion picture films, precisely captured and packed in simple to use plugins with truly analogue controls simulating real film behaviour and effects.
Based on 30-years of film shooting and darkroom experience combined with scientific approach, nonlinear image processing, and… a bit of alchemy, of course.
Dehancer Tools:
* Input Camera Profiles
* Film Profiles
* Expand
* Film Grain
* Halation
* Bloom
* Defringe
* Print Options
* Color Dencity
* Analogue Range Limiter
* CMY Color Head
* Vignette
* LUT Generator
* False Color
* ACES support
Download Dehancer Pro OFX plugins:
Articles about Dehancer plugins:
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Zahi Farah
Zahi Farah - 13 天 前
Super cool, thanks for the overview :)
DOGMA Films - 29 天 前
Great tool!.