Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"

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SHOT by Nova Rockafeller
MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan
持续时间: 03:43


Slick Wolfy
Slick Wolfy - 33 分钟 前
Some people talkin bad bout' Tom cuz of putting lots of money in a vid, lmao its fake money
James Ellis
James Ellis - 50 分钟 前
not a big fan of Tom but the last few songs have been on point
Drew M.
Drew M. - 小时 前
"Yeah I have a little gucci but I hardly even wear it....." Word.
jess cro
jess cro - 小时 前
Wah wah wah
Blade Kick
Blade Kick - 小时 前
We know ur no sellout bro. Love ur music.thank u.
Eddie Schrock [METAL ED]
Eddie Schrock [METAL ED] - 2 小时 前
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Monkey Phoenix
Monkey Phoenix - 2 小时 前
Everybody changes and you are not the same no matter how much you wish it
Knockdown T dog
Knockdown T dog - 3 小时 前
Yooo good shit. When is gravestones coming out? I can't wait to hear it!
Yaboi Rodriguez
Yaboi Rodriguez - 3 小时 前
Love your music bro always will!!!
Young Che
Young Che - 3 小时 前
I hit you up about a collab 4 years ago when I stumbled upon wannabe. We chopped it up an talked. I'm Still here fuckin w you and you still someone I hope to work w. You're coo people tom fr
Jakewiththe Cake
Jakewiththe Cake - 3 小时 前
Lol half these comments be about all the hate he gets but I haven’t seen a single comment trying to bring him down lol
Drew Rork
Drew Rork - 3 小时 前
Ay man, nobody that cares is mad. You do need to stay on your shit tho. No more catchy chorus'. Unless that's what you really wanna do is sing...? You're flows are fuggin 🔥. That's what I miss. Kinda like mgk. I love his new punk shit but, he hit way harder with his rap game.... I live in a world where I'm a halfy. I'm in the mix. I'm black but, I'm white literally. I'm mixed raced and I see black in the mirror but, I've been raised by my white mom to work, be a man, and, live a little different than my homies. Eminem and G-Eazy are my go to's when it comes to bars that are relatable in my life! You were doing it, too! Don't change man! But, I am what I am. Life keeps trying to throw us into a spot where we have to choose. I will fuggin not!! I'ma keep chasing heros that make sense. That's me tho. You keep on bruh. Bring back some gnarly/true rap! The world needs it!
Drew Rork
Drew Rork - 3 小时 前
Dude man bro! I just listened to Coronavirus.....🤯🤯🤯. Once again, I have to thank you for spitting TRUTH!!! Man, you're on the way up! Don't let the hard times and bs change your game.
Natalie - 3 小时 前
You say everything I ever wrote about, well done making it , it's nice to hear this kind of talk in music and so nice to see you made it ❤️ much love from Australia ❤️ keep it up 😇🙏❤️🙏😇
Rainerius Kharumnuid
Rainerius Kharumnuid - 4 小时 前
You're raps, message and lyrics are always good, but man you again didn't work nicely on the hook. Try to work on the hook better man not the lyrics but the melody the symphony. This hook kills the rap vibe when the hook come the energy become down and it sounds boring.
In the song no life matter you listen to ne and the hook was very good. But now you forgot agian
JClaude Seguin
JClaude Seguin - 4 小时 前
Fire bro and thank you haters for the dislikes still getting paid hog
Angelia Walker
Angelia Walker - 4 小时 前
Your not a sellout...they just hating cuz they can't do what you do and that is appeal to just about every age group! My 19 and 20 yr.olds,my 23 yr old, my almost 30 yr.old and myself(I'm 55)think your music is fire! You also have the balls to take on anything and anyone. So don't listen to the bullshit from people who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground and keep on doing what you obviously love doing! I know my fam supports you💯
HANK HILL IN THA CUT!!! - 5 小时 前
Tom is my inspiration
Austin Anglin
Austin Anglin - 5 小时 前
I’m jamming this every fucking day! You keep me going bro✌🏼
Destiny Waters
Destiny Waters - 5 小时 前
I am so confused! How is he a sell out? This man and his awesome girlfriend are not sell outs! People should be happy he is moving up in the world! Cause it shows that being true to one's self can still make you succeed in life. I'm proud of the Tom and Nova for all their hard work they have done and hope they continue!
mijuo roui
mijuo roui - 4 小时 前
Tom your amazing from Ontario Canada your my hero keep speaking it!
Patty Ann Trobaugh
Patty Ann Trobaugh - 5 小时 前
I love you guys. Please keep doing what your doing! I am so glad that finally someone has the balls to stand up and speak the truth! Not only are you entertaining but your educating people on the REAL story! What we all need to know. Great job!! Keep up the amazing work!! I'm 49 but I been listening to your music so my 12 year old granddaughter loves it!!😁😁
mijuo roui
mijuo roui - 4 小时 前
It honestly makes you wanna cry a little bit
mercedez adams
mercedez adams - 5 小时 前
i love you so much you work so hard for your money ...
Trent Van Boskerck
Trent Van Boskerck - 5 小时 前
dude your music is awesome! been here from the beginning and aint going no where!
lawrence burton
lawrence burton - 5 小时 前
as one of my childhood heros would say you am what you am and thats you am and as a fifty somethin man you aint got nothin to even worry bout you are a ray of light in the dark and you should own that
Jadynn Wolff
Jadynn Wolff - 5 小时 前
Neglekt Official Channel
Neglekt Official Channel - 6 小时 前
Good shit Tom. 100.
Kay C
Kay C - 6 小时 前
Look people always gonna be mad when they see you come up and they still stuck. But that's on them, not you bruh.
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller - 6 小时 前
Nice song but some motherfucker said his girlfriend was black
LSX Games
LSX Games - 6 小时 前
I could never hate a man for getting himself out of a bad place and making his dream come true. I’m just happy I can enjoy your music and actually relate.
Tom, you didn't sell out. You are just enjoying life, you worked hard to achieve. Keep doing you, fam.
Courtnie Markham
Courtnie Markham - 6 小时 前
Thank you for your work
Thank you for your words
Thank you for your truth
Love and light
From a fan . 💜
Chris Turner
Chris Turner - 6 小时 前
Tom Macdonald you are the best brother. Been with ya since day 1 bro. Happy Thanksgiving 2020 glad this year is just about over #TomIsABeast #HOG #Fuck2020 🖕🖕🖕
JxshTv - 6 小时 前
JenJen - 6 小时 前
Awesome dude! You're beyond talented, which i guess makes it a lot harder for your fans to relate to you on a human level, and forget the fact that you are still just human xo
Andrew Medlin
Andrew Medlin - 6 小时 前
It honestly makes you wanna cry a little bit
Brandon Godoy
Brandon Godoy - 7 小时 前
Tom your amazing from Ontario Canada your my hero keep speaking it!
Matt Carter
Matt Carter - 7 小时 前
If selling out is taking care of the ones you love then we should all follow your example.
Rockis Damis
Rockis Damis - 7 小时 前
Tom Mcdonald yo idk why but I had a dream that I was supposed to hit you up. Which is weird cus I just discovered your music a little while ago. Idk this might jus be my sub conscious acting out cus of these drugs but my name is Rocky. I am not one to brag and honestly I think my shit is trash but everyone else says it's not and I really need to go somewhere with it. If you don't hit me back up then I guess it was just this pow wow but if for some reason you had a similar dream then yo let's make music
Beniosama Uzumaki
Beniosama Uzumaki - 7 小时 前
Dude I hope you put your music on Apple Music cus damn it’s fire but I’ll always listen to it on YouTube
AyyExcuseMeSir - 7 小时 前
Hes not showing off. Hes basically saying, i earned this and thank you for your support!, Im living my best life"
jonathon graham
jonathon graham - 7 小时 前
Is a good video to you
Jaheme Stone
Jaheme Stone - 7 小时 前
Amazing simply amazing keep it up man
Tweek023 - 7 小时 前
You're an inspiration bro, hopefully I'll get off my ass and catch up to you
L G - 8 小时 前
I like this song but I also dont like this. Stop worrying about ppl or their comments like you use to. Just spit real shit
matthew murphy
matthew murphy - 8 小时 前
I feel this song every one says you changed but you feel that you didn't change your morals you trying better your life and everyone around you. You have to change if not you stay still and that is not how you become successful. That not called being a sellout thats called changing the system and people want everything to stay the same because they are comfortable.
Mayor's World
Mayor's World - 8 小时 前
Jason - 8 小时 前
Keep doing what you two are doing, things grow and change over time but still is the same as which it came
Chelsea Allred
Chelsea Allred - 8 小时 前
I love you Tom! Poor, stable, healthy - happy you’re making music. Happy Nova has your back and you hers. I’m just happy to see you thriving!
Robb Coleman
Robb Coleman - 8 小时 前
TOM MacDonald iS THE TRUTH 🔥💯🔥💯
Clem Shamrock
Clem Shamrock - 8 小时 前
Your music lately has been like a 10/10 your back flip skills into that pool 6/10. Let’s play warzone...
The Nimble Ninja
The Nimble Ninja - 8 小时 前
How many times you gonna rap about the same stuff?
Josh Marvin
Josh Marvin - 8 小时 前
Fu$k tha haters bro. Your music moves people. Haters will keep money in your pocket but pay them no mind. You do you cuz its been workin. lol at these losers
Amanda LaManna
Amanda LaManna - 8 小时 前
When rappers stopped telling stories and had real messages I could get behind, I stopped listening. Thank you for bringing that back. I freakin love your music!
Always be who you are that’s why like you
Bangbang Jren
Bangbang Jren - 9 小时 前
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson - 9 小时 前
Do they not remember “if I change”?? We got you Tom! 🤘🏼
Robs Ideas
Robs Ideas - 9 小时 前
Enjoy the money, you earned it, just don’t forget who you really are is all that matters, oh and keep writing bad a$$ songs
Rhion Mickelson
Rhion Mickelson - 9 小时 前
They say, if your not black or gay that you ain’t got talent 2day, lol 🤣😂🤣😂 Tom MacDonald done changed the game, pimp n’s👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤣😂
Steven Alspaw
Steven Alspaw - 9 小时 前
Some just will never understand.
Steven Alspaw
Steven Alspaw - 9 小时 前
I do and I'm still giving thumbs up & a 🖕🏼!-)
the TRUTH......WE ALL LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom. Evolution is inevitable. Coming home is assurance that you are still yourself. Nothing wrong with capitalism..Eh!
zachary Yeager
zachary Yeager - 9 小时 前
Don't Ever Stop Being You I Fucking love you Tom!!!!!!
Coty Korn
Coty Korn - 9 小时 前
So glad you are finally on everyones radar. Been rocking with you for 2.5 to 3 years and so happy people are listening to you finally and you keep getting it. You and Nova rock and deserve every bit of it
Grant Huntley
Grant Huntley - 10 小时 前
You are so underrated. Keep it up l love you. Never change. If you agree
Fox Macnamara
Fox Macnamara - 10 小时 前
Keep keeping real with me Tom and I'll keep keeping it real with you!
DeVon Tatum Actor
DeVon Tatum Actor - 10 小时 前
When fake fans confuse the word sellout with the word upgrade
Paul Granado
Paul Granado - 10 小时 前
Growing and changing is not selling out I see the difference but you're not a sell-out Tom so just do you
Bradley Woodle
Bradley Woodle - 10 小时 前
Sad world we live in today. People can’t be happy for other people’s success and see it as a positive influence in order for them to to better in their life. Everyone is so greedy and feels like they’re owed a hand out, when in fact all they gotta do is put in work and success will follow. Never give up. Thanks for your music and honesty!
DeathShadow Wolfy420
DeathShadow Wolfy420 - 10 小时 前
Stay strong and f#ck them haters your awesome bro keep up the great work
Tony Fetters
Tony Fetters - 10 小时 前
I wish I had even .0000001 of that cash. Hard work pays
Forensicpig81 Porensicpig81
Forensicpig81 Porensicpig81 - 10 小时 前
I love you man, you’re such an amazing, upbeat, kind, warm-hearted person, continue to not give a damn about the haters, you’re amazing and your fans show it.
You just answers any questions these fuckwads had for you. Keep it up, stay real bro, and God bless 🤙🏾
Autumn T
Autumn T - 11 小时 前
Hey man you think we can get into a fake controversy? Where I was with your girlfriend and mom in that minaj back in 04 ? Just figured id be straight up about me using your fame for a come up myself. I really am still in the struggle , stay in trouble kicked back trying to bubble
Tica Matthews
Tica Matthews - 11 小时 前
Just because someone gets famous doesn't mean they have changed. You and Nova deserve what you have, you worked hard for it. Growth is amazing to me no matter what others say!!! Much love from Kentucky!!
Gills above water
Gills above water - 11 小时 前
Got respect for you man!
hey bro could you not
hey bro could you not - 11 小时 前
i love your song style and how you express things
Steffinator123 - 11 小时 前
You seem like you're an awesome dude to hang out with
Jeff Casselman
Jeff Casselman - 11 小时 前
Was going to lay around the house and not do shit today but now im going to go murder a 6 mile run. Thanks
Joshua Hitt
Joshua Hitt - 11 小时 前
Keep being you the honesty is needed
Kay Lee
Kay Lee - 11 小时 前
Kiddo your music reaches people. Don't stop what you're doing. The younger generation needs your voice!
Jd Killa
Jd Killa - 11 小时 前
I love his your music keep being you keep making your music and keep spitting the truth
Apex 8
Apex 8 - 11 小时 前
1.4m views in 4 days, I’d say you’re hitting the right notes.
Tj Dillon
Tj Dillon - 11 小时 前
Man if selling out is making it then there are alot of sell outs just saying tom don't let the haters get to you man they jealous you took your craft and made something of yourself with it if I had the ability to do what you did I would do it f$ck those haters keep it up man
Alex Cheatham
Alex Cheatham - 11 小时 前
great song
David Lafaye
David Lafaye - 12 小时 前
I respect this kind of a fan now
Keith Villard
Keith Villard - 12 小时 前
Tom spits nothing but facts. He is one of the realest in the industry. Keep up the awesomeness bro. Just be you and be proud being you.
Bobby KellZ
Bobby KellZ - 12 小时 前
Wow horrible bro just wow. Try learning to rhyme on beat and try meaning shit when you say it!!
Pat Stewart
Pat Stewart - 12 小时 前
World's Ended
World's Ended - 12 小时 前
I want to thank you you've been there when others people haven't for all of us in the hood black,white no matter who we are your there youz the homie big ups to you dawg
Carri's 3RingCircus
Carri's 3RingCircus - 12 小时 前
❤🇺🇸 HOG 🇺🇸❤
Rusty Faucet
Rusty Faucet - 12 小时 前
I normally dont like rap but i fux with tom macdonald
Keep’n It real
Keep’n It real - 12 小时 前
No one is hated more than he who speaks the truth. Plato
bucholz 1369
bucholz 1369 - 12 小时 前
You didn't change up you came up. BIG DIFFERENCE. I appreciate all your shit. There is at least one man who hasn't let the money change him. No time for haters. Your shit gets me up and motivated to not give up or in. I'm 45 not a kid but you hit home with me and THANK YOU
Robert Keen Crazy Life Show
Robert Keen Crazy Life Show - 12 小时 前
Love watching that incredible fire motivation and grinding... blessings to you, the family, motivation, and the grind....
Kody Young
Kody Young - 13 小时 前
amazing song
Find Truth
Find Truth - 13 小时 前
Bro please never stop making quality art. you're everything the world needs right now. Never change, Tom. The truth in your lyrics is the divine wordplay all MCs should be striving for. Never stop speaking your truth as loudly as possible.
Chels Gant
Chels Gant - 13 小时 前
Keep doing what your doing... WE ARE listening! My husband showed me your music and ever since I've been HOOKED! Spreading the word here in south Florida!
KING J-SLIM - 13 小时 前
Speaking that real 💯💯
Al Son
Al Son - 13 小时 前
I use to think thag Eminem will forever be my Favorite white rapper until i found out about this man ...damn 🔥
Cory ryder
Cory ryder - 13 小时 前
dont be confused truth is eternal lies never survive dawg
Elchayo Cortes
Elchayo Cortes - 13 小时 前
It is good, but Sounds a lot like "I don't care", which still my favorite song from Tom MacDonald