Medical Respirators N95 Fitting Instructions 3M Health Care Respirator & Surgical Mask 1870

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The 3M 1870 is a three panel flat-fold particulate respirator and surgical mask.
Follow these instructions each time you don your respirator in order to achieve a proper fit:
• Remove the respirator from its packaging and hold it with straps facing upward
• Place the bottom strap under the chin panel, next to the warning statement
• Fully open the top and bottom panels, bending the nosepiece around your thumb at the center of the foam
• The straps should separate when the panels are open
• Make certain the bottom panel is unfolded and completely open
• Place the respirator on your face so that the foam rests on your nose and the bottom panel sits securely under your chin
• Pull the top strap over your head and position it high on the back of the head above your ears
• While holding the respirator firmly on your face, pull the bottom strap over your head and position it around the neck and below your ears
• Make sure the straps are not twisted for increased comfort
• Adjust for a comfortable fit by pulling the top panel toward the bridge of your nose and positioning the bottom panel under your chin
• Place fingertips from both hands at the top of your nose and mold the nosepiece around your nose to achieve a secure seal. Push inward while moving your fingers down the side of the nosepiece.
• Note: Always use two hands while molding the nosepiece. Pinching the nosepiece with one hand may result in improper fit and less effective respirator performance.

Perform the User Seal Check each time you don a respirator.
To conduct a user seal check:
• Place one or both hands completely over the middle panel, cupping hands over the respirator and covering it as much as possible. Pay careful attention not to disturb the position of the respirator.
• Inhale and exhale sharply. Be careful not to disturb the position of the respirator. It is important to have a good face to respirator seal. If air leaks around the nose, readjust the nosepiece for a more secure seal and repeat the User Seal Check
• If air leaks around the respirator edges, adjust the position on the face and the straps along the sides of the head and repeat the User Seal Check.

Do not enter a respiratory isolation or other hazardous area where respirators are required until you are assured of a proper fit. If you have difficulty achieving a fit, review the respirator User Instructions located inside the packaging or refer to the instructions on the 3M 1870 "Wear it Right" poster to ensure that you are following the correct procedure.
If you are still unable to achieve a fit, see your supervisor or a representative from your infection control or employee health and safety departments. Do not enter a hazardous or infectious area.
To properly remove the respirator:
• Do NOT touch the facepiece
• Slowly lift the bottom strap from around your neck up and over your head, while keeping the respirator seated against your face
• Lift off the top strap
• Carefully remove the respirator without allowing the outside of the respirator to come in contact with your body
• Perform hand hygiene

3M recommends you practice this removal procedure until you are proficient and comfortable with the procedure and before actual use of the respirator for the first time.
Leave the hazardous area immediately and replace the respirator if it is:
• Damaged
• Difficult to breathe through
• Contaminated with blood or body fluids
Follow your facilities' Infection Control Policies and Procedures for guidance on how frequently you should replace your respirator
Follow the proper fitting procedures each time you wear the respirator. When in doubt, review the user instructions including the user seal check instructions. If a proper fit cannot be achieved, do not enter the area requiring respiratory protection. Follow up with your supervisor.
Keep in mind that when you are wearing a respirator, it helps reduce potential exposures if the respirator fits you properly, you wear it during all times of exposure and use of the respirator is under an effective respiratory protection program as required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134.
Refer to the OSHA website at for the most current information about use of respirators.
Contact your 3M Sales Representative or call the 3M Health Care Customer Helpline for information on personal protective equipment, including the respirators described in this training, and to learn more about the other elements of a respiratory protection program.
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I was successful to wear this mask in fit test at work and I am a front line ITU worker. But I feel always the smell of faeces when my Covid 19 patient is bowels open. To get the smells like this , from outside, is it working this mask effectively? I mean, is it safe to work with Covid 19 patients , with these masks and getting smells from outside ?
I am quite worried and please reply me if anyone knows the correct answer. 🙏
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Your fine these masks filter particulates or aerosolized particles suspended in the air. What you are smelling is produced from a gas, these masks will not filter out any fumes or gasses.
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N95 is not the the most comfortable.
It freakin' hurts and creates a bruising on the bridge of your nose. 😷
Tyler Vasquez
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@Mari Vern True, but I'll make the necessary adjustment on the mask. If you get your hands on one, apply a bandaid between the bridge of your nose to the mask for cushioning. Trust me, it will be more comfortable that way.
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Here is a thread showing fake N95s -
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Good luck finding an N95. If you work as support staff (dietary, evs, etc...) you are pretty much being told to risk killing yourself. Meanwhile Billy Bob is incorrectly donning the N95 he bought on ebay so he can buy beer and lottery tickets. Useless without googles or a faceshield anyway. Lord Jesus save us.
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Zac Paul
Zac Paul - 2 个月 前
These were never intended for that usage scenario, and virtually all of the 1870s have since passed their expiration date (as the 1870+ become the current model in 2015 or 16.) The CDC has noted that they feel 1870s that have expired are still safe to use, but the conditions in which the mask were stored could have expedited the wearing of the straps.
Ce R
Ce R - 2 个月 前
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiated (UVGI) Light can be used to kill this Virus where it is. This technology has been used in hospitals for 80 years. It was used back in 1940 in TB wards to stop the spread and has since been used in operating rooms and intensive care units to sterilize areas of potential microbial contagions. UVGI kills antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It can be used as direct application to hard surfaces, in air duct units, and for water sanitation. We need manufacturing to get on board with making this usable everywhere. We would all be much healthier for it.
UltraKryptonian - 2 个月 前
So, 3M won’t export masks to America, because their CHINESE overlords say “no”?
And 3M is an AMERICAN company?! The Trump administration needs to levy massive fines against this traitorous company!
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Red Pill Red Pill
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And 3m was not selling to Florida but to foreign countries. Oops. Feds had to spank them.
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How should we nurses who have beards think when we use this mask?
Zac Paul
Zac Paul - 2 个月 前
You need to shave your beard or use a different type of respirator. The 1870 and 1870+ are both intended to be used with a clean shaven face, as a beard can interfere with achieving a proper seal.
Dark at Hearts
Dark at Hearts - 2 个月 前
Shave your damn beard.
Triple Three Tiger
Triple Three Tiger - 2 个月 前
What are the time limits for usage of a surgical mask and N95 Mask??
Any body can explain?
Zac Paul
Zac Paul - 2 个月 前
I don't believe 3M has a specific time limit on the 1870/1870+, but advises they be changed when they become soiled. The speed at which this can occur depends on the environment in which they are being used with.
Triple Three Tiger
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Zac Paul
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This is more of a SHTF workaround for when someone with a beard needs to immediately don a respirator and does not have time to shave their beard. It will expedite the speed in which the mask degrades and is not necessary if someone is clean shaven. Obviously, a field leak test should always be performed.
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The video doesn't mention it, but I'm assuming having even a thin beard would make it impossible to get a good seal? And so having a clean-shaven face is required?
Zac Paul
Zac Paul - 2 个月 前
Yes, you should be clean shaven. In a hospital, you would likely have the opportunity to perform a full fit test to see if you were good to go with basic stubble. However, without the ability to do this, you are relying on the somewhat less scientific field leak test and you really should be clean shaven to maximize the chance of a good seal.
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Who's here because of Coronavirus? 😷 👍
Matt Carrell
Matt Carrell - 2 个月 前
One thing neglected here is removal. You want to remove these in a fresh air zone outside. Aume the outside of the mask is contaminated with viral particles. The last thing you want to do is knock these off the mask into the air you are breathing after/duing taking it off. Be sure thus to hold you breath while removing it and take it off very slow with particular attention (get it, particular? ! ha!) to the rubber band straps. You don't want those snapping and knocking off loose virus particles into the air o be sue to stretch and relax them slowly so there is no "snap" effect. In China they practice removal of their safety gear by covering it in talcum powder.. Any actions that knocked the powder off the safety gear while removing was subject to retraining. Slowly remove these and discard straight into a covered trash receptacle and secure the cover. Then walk away and you can breath again relatively safely.