As a kid, I used to eat zongzi wrapped in shells of bamboo shoots.我小时候吃过的传统笋壳粽子,你那有吗?丨Liziqi Channel

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Do you have that sort of zongzi in your hometown?
At that time, before Dragon Boat Festival,
Villagers would go to the mottled bamboo forest to pick up the shells to make zongzi.
The fragrance of bamboo shoots and sweetness of glutinous rice are wrapped together,
with a touch of alkali flavor.
Dip it in sugar,
Or drizzle with hot brown sugar syrup…
I still haven’t outgrown that festive taste.
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توتهہ ayat
توتهہ ayat - 4 小时 前
حبيت حياته وكلشي يخبل ❤️👏🌸
faith Tsui
faith Tsui - 4 小时 前
Tania Lucas
Tania Lucas - 4 小时 前
I love how your take good care of your grandma ❤❤
Mimo Bhowmick
Mimo Bhowmick - 5 小时 前
She is sooooo pretty 😍 and sooooo talented... God bless her.
Tâm Nguyễn Thanh
Tâm Nguyễn Thanh - 7 小时 前
Jinok Chakma
Jinok Chakma - 7 小时 前
R u married
Hazel Piodos
Hazel Piodos - 8 小时 前
Hello your avid fan here in the Philippines!!when I see your videos it reminds me my home town..💕
1993 TV
1993 TV - 9 小时 前
khâm phục chị này
Ruchira Rajapaksha
Ruchira Rajapaksha - 11 小时 前 sri lanakan food chanal
ハイパー警備員 - 11 小时 前
علأ الياسري
علأ الياسري - 11 小时 前
انتي مذهله لكن ارجو ان تكفو عن أكل الكلاب والقطط
Azim 14K
Azim 14K - 12 小时 前
Kok mirip kayak ketupat ketupat gitu ya 😄
simsom mg
simsom mg - 18 小时 前
luces hermosa, sorprendente lo que realizas, me quede sorprendido muy sorprendido.
Astra Steria
Astra Steria - 19 小时 前
I can't imagine life without grandmothers... 😭 that's why it always feel touchy and adorable whenever I see your grandma... 💖💖💖 and also we have the same childhood food (suman in 🇵🇭) .. It's just ours is more on like the dessert version... I always love your videos... 😍
LekaLu - 19 小时 前
This is so tranquil
Anyone from Ohio
Watch her
jhenifer brandão de andrade
Só queria entender o que elas tanto rir
Cindy Lucero Quispe Atamari
No quiero desaparecer :'c! Por cierto muy buena cámara :D!
Brojoel Channel
Brojoel Channel - 天 前
Sangat kreatif kamu Liziqi saya juga suka makanan dimasak dengan bambu, kalau di Jakarta itu namanya lemang
ليث الديري
شيماء العبيديه
Liziqi please show us hair routine of cearing
Şebnem Qenberova
Şebnem Qenberova - 天 前
Farzana Sohana
Farzana Sohana - 天 前
Your videos are stress relieving, keep up the great work. I watch your videos before going to sleep and it’s so calming .
American English Teacher Legend CLS
It’s amazing ! 👍 great !👍 Love your video! 💕 ❤️ 💗 👍 Love your video! 💕 ❤️ 💗 👍 Love your video! 💕 ❤️ 💗 👍 Love your video! 💕 ❤️ 💗 👍 Love your video! 💕 ❤️ 💗 👍
Rayyan reha
Rayyan reha - 天 前
Vary nice video vary nice environment where you live. You are Amazing lucky girl. #Rayyanreha
LEY - 天 前
did anyone noticed that the meal she's having is the same as the one in "the life of tomato"?
郭靖 - 11 小时 前
仔细看,不一样的,中国食物多种多样 (Look closely. It's different. Chinese food is diverse.)
Siti Nur fadilah
Siti Nur fadilah - 天 前
My inspiration💐
Vasenthi Gvr
Vasenthi Gvr - 天 前
Lily Blanco
Lily Blanco - 天 前
Hi lizqi and granny,enjoying cooking and having a wonderful time ,loves them together,happy and peaceful life,amen,
ريهام عبدالله
انا وشدخلني اجوع معاكم 🥺🥺♥️♥️
Tasya sasa
Tasya sasa - 2 天 前
💗salm dri indonesia 😍
Eus Nvr
Eus Nvr - 2 天 前
love watching your video even though there's many people make this kind of video your's still the best..stay healthy
Nehal Singal
Nehal Singal - 2 天 前
Mem...which place is u stay
It's a heaven on the earth
Владимир С
Владимир С - 2 天 前
Большой закадровый труд. Так вкусно не только приготовить, но и снять нужно ещё уметь. Ну и не каждому дано в простых вещах не только увидеть красоту, но и поделиться ею с другими! Отличная работа Ли!
Josephine Abarquez
Josephine Abarquez - 2 天 前
Aw... Ms. Li how i impressed and appreciated ur hardworks in there. It gives more encouragement and enjoying to watch all ur filmed here. I came frm the province too but working here in abroad 19 yrs just few of my hardworks were pleased me due to my salary so low. I now eager myself to dig and cultivate the land of my birth which is i saw u how. U r celebrity now in a millions of subscribers and im one of them. I always loved almost all of ur videos coz i am not finished to watch them yet. So lovely and amazing full of creativities.....hope i could do these things as i am too over-aged now...luv to follow ur vlogs my idol...staysafe#staystrong# stayingoodfaith# u r a multi-millionaire internet earner woman❤❤👏👏👏👍👍👍🙋🙋😘😘
Kristin W
Kristin W - 2 天 前
So proud of you ziqi!
Her videos titles are so different like whole sentences. Not like typical clickbaits. If it was someone else I wouldn't he clicking the video. .
Nupi Pait
Nupi Pait - 3 天 前
Your pets are so thin don't you feed them.. It looks like you are not a dog lover like dianxi
Darakhshan syed
Darakhshan syed - 3 天 前
Plz give the name of things use in cooking
Molla Asha
Molla Asha - 3 天 前
Am Soo jealous of u dear. U r such a talented and mostly u r living with the way u imagined and in that natural environment.. such a blessed u r. 😍..
Yes... Nature is love 😍😍
siezo zumu
siezo zumu - 3 天 前
You are such a cutie. I realy love your videos but it will be nice if u add subtitles and olso the ingredients in english
Nguyendat Nguyeng
Nguyendat Nguyeng - 3 天 前
Lam saobiet duoc nguoi nay o dau minh that su muong gap nguoi nay minh nghe thay lau doi cam on . ai cho minh biet thong tin ve nguoi nay cam on nhieu . ten minh nguyeng nguyen dat . cam on cac ban .
pubudu pelarachchi
pubudu pelarachchi - 3 天 前
Traditional me- Channel also similar to this😊😊😊. Wonderful !!!
jeev - 3 天 前
Who else want liziqi interview?
With English subtitles😅
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خمائل الربيعي
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水印闲潭 - 3 天 前
Rendelibia Ibias
Rendelibia Ibias - 3 天 前
My mama does that with banana leaf
Coozinaa Recipes
Coozinaa Recipes - 3 天 前
İlkane Qarasaqqalova
İlkane Qarasaqqalova - 3 天 前
China or korea?
noelmillilitre gmailcom
Maria Eulalio
Maria Eulalio - 3 天 前
Here in Philippines we call that Suman. We wrap it in banana leaf.
Jason Nolis
Jason Nolis - 4 天 前
wow.. eclipse
鄭乃瑩 - 4 天 前
Trang Nguyen
Trang Nguyen - 4 天 前
Người vn đâu cho mik xin cánh tay ạ. 🤗
TJ - 4 天 前
I want to try those😋
I love Liziqi. Your videos is so interesting and attractive ! thanks
เอย ไง
เอย ไง - 4 天 前
산천세끼 Three meals in nature
I am Korean and now I cook in Korean traditional house
little chef navya
little chef navya - 4 天 前
Li maam u are so adorble
Bèbè_0003 Love
Bèbè_0003 Love - 4 天 前
I heard rumors that “Dianix Xiaoge” is copying Liziqi videos and not giving her proper credit for it.
Neomie Paige
Neomie Paige - 4 天 前
I could watch this all day 😍
산천세끼 Three meals in nature
I am Korean and now I cook in Korean traditional house