Didier Drogba's Golden Boot Winning Season | All 29 Goals | Premier League 2009/10

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Take a look back at Didier Drogba's iconic 2009/10 season where he secured the Golden Boot with 29 goals.
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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.
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Morinke Kerika
Morinke Kerika - 13 小时 前
The reason why I'm a chelsea fan
Kevin Botoko Bosenga
Kevin Botoko Bosenga - 5 天 前
Arsenal fan here but I love Drogba, there only player whom I would allow to score against us and won’t be mad.
Love his strength, eye for a goal, charisma and how he celebrate goals. African pride 👑
bill - 6 天 前
Borec z Borcova
Borec z Borcova - 7 天 前
Al goals is beautiful
Yope - 7 天 前
What a year
K i L L _ S W i T C H
K i L L _ S W i T C H - 7 天 前
Drogba we want you in CHELSEA💙💙
Charles LOA
Charles LOA - 8 天 前
Bue is my colour
Charles LOA
Charles LOA - 8 天 前
Drogba Didier mon fan
Husky NY
Husky NY - 9 天 前
4:48 class of our coach
Asasd Assd
Asasd Assd - 9 天 前
Prime dorgba
undergroundtv - 15 天 前
Will forever in our heart,he served until there was nothing to give...
Simply D
Simply D - 23 天 前
As a arsenal fan drogba gave me nightmares
Sen Crypto
Sen Crypto - 24 天 前
This Chelsea team was just a group of Monsters. Drogba just loved to score against Arsenal
eko riyandi
eko riyandi - 26 天 前
He didn't find the ball, ball found him. Many times if you realize
Franklin Osunbor
Franklin Osunbor - 个月 前
Mans attacking positioning was phenomenal
Leo Cran
Leo Cran - 个月 前
he scored against arsenal 4 times in total
Ensar Blackbird
Ensar Blackbird - 个月 前
4:59. I think Drogba was offside in this position.
이재호 - 个月 前
Dahir Love
Dahir Love - 个月 前
Those lampard assists were quite interesting
Gerald niyikiza sure news
Do we have a statue of drogba at stamford bridge?
Nuyeman Abdul
Nuyeman Abdul - 个月 前
Love you Drogba❤😘☝️🤩💣🧨👑🦵🦵🦵🦵🦵💯💎
Mohammed Sanoob
Mohammed Sanoob - 个月 前
The beast, the best, the nightmare
Only one diderdrogba💯🥰👌
DJ Khalid
DJ Khalid - 个月 前
Chelsea's best player in history
Heath Ledger_x
Heath Ledger_x - 个月 前
Muhammad Ammar Ismail
Muhammad Ammar Ismail - 个月 前
He really hate arsenal doesnt he? 😂
Abdel TOURE - 个月 前
Sensational waaaw
Michael Glynn
Michael Glynn - 个月 前
I know some people say he’s overrated, but put a trophy in front of this man and he turns into an absolute monster.
Vincent TuffGong
Vincent TuffGong - 个月 前
Drogba's pace n power was amazing,as an arsenal I used to feel sick everytime I saw him in the starting line-up agnst arsenal.
True Chelsea n football legend
Dores Ginting
Dores Ginting - 个月 前
King free kick
Giuseppe Paone
Giuseppe Paone - 个月 前
Grade giocatore
Youngsensimilla - 个月 前
Satchem_Schubert - 个月 前
Dedier Drogba + Arsenal FC = blacked RAW😉
Saidu Jabbie
Saidu Jabbie - 个月 前
He is my best player in the world for me and also drogba is the one who made me support Chelsea I really love him
Rahman Man
Rahman Man - 个月 前
Better than messi in his prime
Jdanov Kone
Jdanov Kone - 个月 前
Only one penalty he was the best in that year
Kevin Sang
Kevin Sang - 个月 前
29 goals but just one from the spot, imagine if he was the regular penalty taker, he'd have smashed the record
Sebastian Tagano
Sebastian Tagano - 个月 前
The last Chelsea player to win it
I am predicting Timo Warner to win this Award with Chelsea.
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan - 个月 前
And they say he is over rated 🤦‍♂️
Kedy John
Kedy John - 个月 前
DIDIER DROGBA... That name bro, it's a nightmare ! Anyways, I was busy watching FRANK LAMPARD: this guy was pure class.
Monster Cuber
Monster Cuber - 个月 前
I really REALLY miss commentary like this xD
Nedo Panić
Nedo Panić - 个月 前
Only 1 Penalty 😶
Nedo Panić
Nedo Panić - 个月 前
Cech asist 😂😍
hawkstrike18+ - 个月 前
17:10 Lord Lampard has no front teeth!
17:38 best celebration ever? xD
Naweti kone
Nawiti Koné
Korona fofana
Ryan - 个月 前
arsboy007 - 个月 前
Hated him as an Arsenal fan, always scored against us. Great player nonetheless. Deserved to win the champions league! If only wenger finalized the deal for him, this guy with Henry would be something else.
Premier league legend!
Floedno Xcola
Floedno Xcola - 个月 前
Konami bring to us this legend in PES2021
Ivan Black
Ivan Black - 个月 前
Best Striker in Chelsea History! 🔵🐘👑
Fuzzy Azmy
Fuzzy Azmy - 个月 前
David James the most stupid goalkeeper
Yasser Ben
Yasser Ben - 2 个月 前
The fact people compare this guy to Henry is ridiculous. Henry was miles ahead
Jideofor.bright Bright
Jideofor.bright Bright - 2 个月 前
Drogba is chelsea
Pearce Curran
Pearce Curran - 2 个月 前
Man United would have won the title that year if VAR existed
Deano - 2 个月 前
I remember Drogba' 1st 2 goals against Hull City on the opening day of the season, Chelsea were poor for much of the game and Hull went 1-0 in front. Chelsea had no business winning that game until Drogba became clutch in the dying minutes of the game. When that 2nd goal went in , the chip over myhill, only Drogba could pull it off.
Tùng Trương
Tùng Trương - 2 个月 前
The King. I Love CHELSEA.
Bảo Thái
Bảo Thái - 2 个月 前
Didier Drogba
syah amshaa
syah amshaa - 2 个月 前
"This is disgrace"
mohamed adawe
mohamed adawe - 2 个月 前
I'm watching while i h've leg fracture i love chelsea plz pray for me
Programmer Rules
Programmer Rules - 2 个月 前
And now children play for Chelsea 😂
Kevin - 2 个月 前
Bryan Briones
Bryan Briones - 2 个月 前
bruh he’s lethal in the box, don’t give that man an opening he will score
Lubulwa Charles
Lubulwa Charles - 2 个月 前
Djibril Samake
Djibril Samake - 2 个月 前
He is the best player.
Nguyễn Bảo
Nguyễn Bảo - 2 个月 前
Tshiamo Leipego
Tshiamo Leipego - 2 个月 前
I like how Anelka points upwards when Drogba scores.
di'Jaymatic - 2 个月 前
I liked it how Drogba will always celebrates the goal by appreciating who gave him the assist
Ade Junjungan
Ade Junjungan - 2 个月 前
King gerrard have bloopers again lol
AJN Jaurès
AJN Jaurès - 2 个月 前
On of the Best african player in the history. This guy was wonderful
nyancoti - 2 个月 前
if some of you didn't saw drogba or want to remember how good he was. watch William Gallas(number 10) at 06:04 - he knew what was coming...
M 4 H
M 4 H - 2 个月 前
This is a proper striker chelsea once had
TheRealist 811
TheRealist 811 - 2 个月 前
17:41 That Drogba & Malouda celebration was hilarious
Emma Network
Emma Network - 2 个月 前
The interesting part was that he scored all these spectacular goals with only one penalty spot kick ;This is legendary
RC - 2 个月 前
Drogba is one of the strongest striker in PL History.
antony njenga
antony njenga - 2 个月 前
drogba was a real star he deserves respect
Dona Sutisna
Dona Sutisna - 2 个月 前
Chelsea can be a champion in that season with mostly underrated player. Malouda, Anelka, Kalou (best bench/sub player all the time for Chelsea), Deco, Ferreira, Carvalho, Mikel. What a great squad by Ancelloti. The experience in Ballack, and brilliant play in Lampard is the most vital factor for that season.
Tulus Permadi
Tulus Permadi - 2 个月 前
Сергей Иванов
Сергей Иванов - 2 个月 前
10:14 OMG what a play from Zhirkov O_O
Kalil Bah
Kalil Bah - 2 个月 前
Arsenal nightmare 😂
Văn Lưu
Văn Lưu - 2 个月 前
Drogba ' very stronge striker
Văn Lưu
Văn Lưu - 2 个月 前
All goals look beautiful
PrinceGaraad - 2 个月 前
Some goals was offside lol. Imagine if they had VAR?
Ricard Puig Puig
Ricard Puig Puig - 2 个月 前
You are just jealous Numerous are players who already scored offside goals
waliddddd - 2 个月 前
All those goals and only one penalty. Incredible
El pasico
El pasico - 2 个月 前
What a over hyped Black Player
arber delaj
arber delaj - 2 个月 前
Only 1 Penalty 👀
Nick - 2 个月 前
The best player in Chelsea forever.
Rizky N Farhan
Rizky N Farhan - 2 个月 前
Lampard and Drogba are beast in this video. What a play
jon780249 - 2 个月 前
What a great player!
Kagiso Mabele
Kagiso Mabele - 2 个月 前
Arsenal nemises lol 😂
Felix Jeremy
Felix Jeremy - 2 个月 前
Drogba always enjoyed scoring against Arsenal. Failed to score only in one of all matches against the gunners😂😂. Best African striker in the EPL
ahmed 88
ahmed 88 - 2 个月 前
Lampard 🔥 🔥 🔥
Kwamez Waye
Kwamez Waye - 2 个月 前
King Drogba....👑🕺..KING OF WEMBLEY
OnlineAvocado - 2 个月 前
Man loved scoring against Arsenal, he destroyed them on so many occasions
Belz - 2 个月 前
As an Arsenal fan, it hurts me so much. But I can't deny his brilliance
loyal4 the way
loyal4 the way - 2 个月 前
Remind me of Ronaldo and atleteco madrid
عبدالوهاب آدم
عبدالوهاب آدم - 2 个月 前
2:45 even his celebration was lit
Francisco Sammy
Francisco Sammy - 2 个月 前
Lenda drogba
Sem Mutalindwa
Sem Mutalindwa - 2 个月 前
Werner to get number 11 and do Drogba proud
ペッパー君 - 2 个月 前
15:59 ドログバ半ケツになったのかと思った
Wong Dr
Wong Dr - 2 个月 前
Hey it’s a disgrace!
Mary Jane
Mary Jane - 2 个月 前
I hate your club because of Sheva... But Drogba is a Real Chelsea King
Nuru Iddy
Nuru Iddy - 2 个月 前
Chuma hicho
Eric Tetteh
Eric Tetteh - 2 个月 前
Chelsea needs a striker like Drogba to compete in Europe
Chronik79 - 2 个月 前
Général 5 étoiles.
Rasheed Abiola
Rasheed Abiola - 2 个月 前
Build him a statue please! If Thierry Henry can have a statue, Drogba should have one!