BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)

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BLACKPINK comes together for a debut performance of "How You Like That" for another Tonight Show: At Home Edition.
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BLACKPINK: How You Like That (The Tonight Show: At Home Edition)
持续时间: 03:22


Laverna Asus
Laverna Asus - 2 小时 前
Member position based on their hanbook outfit :
-Lisa hanbook representing = highest general that lead all of Army scout in kingdom, master of war , master of plan and tactic.
-Rosse hanbook representing = conubine/mistrees for the king that always as a part of kingdom history with her intelligence and ingenuity she can be in her position right now
-Jennie hanbook representing = crown princess as a highest princess position in kingdom aslo match with her color outfit's black and pink
-Jisoo hanbook representing = empress that lead all of women in kingdom, highest postion of women in dynasty beside queen of mother Always at behind of a king and as a destiny of people faith.....
Only my opinion...
Where is Queen Mother... queen mother has a important job in kingdom circle's but we know that queen mother always old and has a long age.. so i cant decided haha
Vi Chi
Vi Chi - 2 小时 前
How You Like That BLACKPINK comeback rồi how you now you see
Vi Chi
Vi Chi - 2 小时 前
BLACKPINK comeback rồi sẽ ra mắt lại thấy khó chịu chút nào mọi người ơi nhanh chóng chuẩn của một người nào đó
Yeji Kim
Yeji Kim - 3 小时 前
Yooo!!! rosé's dancing!!!! periodt!!! that's it that's the comment
Anisha Shruti A T
Anisha Shruti A T - 3 小时 前
is it only me or is there something really wrong with the editing...
Мараткь 4шм Сырат
Ciro M
Ciro M - 3 小时 前
These girls are perfection when they dance. Never vulgar. So talented. Bye 👋🏻
dollofvoodoo - 3 小时 前
Boring. Not as exciting as their other performances. A real disappointment.
ha nguyen
ha nguyen - 4 小时 前
Lisa is so great. Blackpink too. Love Lisa.
omonomnomo - 4 小时 前
those hanbok outfits are a fucking masterpiece.
Lorelei Fitterer
Lorelei Fitterer - 4 小时 前
Yemen is going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the world :
E J - 4 小时 前
Haters gonna hate but Blackpink keeps on winning 🤪😝😘
Windsaint - 5 小时 前
Ramona Queen ASMR
Ramona Queen ASMR - 5 小时 前
How you like that: legendado /Tradução
miuu htt
miuu htt - 5 小时 前
Yêu con người và tính cách phong cách của Rosé ❤️
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 6 小时 前
Who's here after seeing the pinks stage in inkigayo???
K-Canna Queen
K-Canna Queen - 6 小时 前
She was rapping in Korean at 1:30 ._. She legit said “ya girl want it all and that a hunnit”
Alan - 7 小时 前
One of the worst groups in Kpop right now. Very little talent, ability and artistic value.
Neon Sign
Neon Sign - 7 小时 前
마! 이게바로 한국음방 카메라무빙이다!!!
siska dewi
siska dewi - 8 小时 前
Jennie rose Lisa jisso
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu - 6 小时 前
I’m LIVING for their new stylist!!!!
siska dewi
siska dewi - 8 小时 前
siska dewi
siska dewi - 8 小时 前
Black pink
siska dewi
siska dewi - 8 小时 前
How dou like that 😍😍
siska dewi
siska dewi - 8 小时 前
Lisa Jennie jisso rose
siska dewi
siska dewi - 8 小时 前
Elaine Olimpio
Elaine Olimpio - 9 小时 前
Quem foi o estilista em. Merece muito reconhecimento devido as referências culturais do país Coreano nos trajes . Até Jisoo de referência de roupas de reis. Arrasou
Mayara Silva
Mayara Silva - 10 小时 前
Cadê os brasileiros
Luanacamacho analu7
Luanacamacho analu7 - 11 小时 前
Natasha Haba
Natasha Haba - 11 小时 前
How you like that haters
Hanna Alzén
Hanna Alzén - 13 小时 前
Love this, amazing
sky flowers
sky flowers - 14 小时 前
pmc design
pmc design - 14 小时 前
0:26 yow what's wrong w lisa's smile?
Thayná Dantas
Thayná Dantas - 15 小时 前
Aaaaaaaa, eu amo o blackpink
Rosieana Ly
Rosieana Ly - 15 小时 前
I’m LIVING for their new stylist!!!!
Robbie Dodson - Kids videos
Robbie Dodson - Kids videos - 15 小时 前
Why is nobody talking about their outfits which was inspired by korean hanboks?!
Pretty Chan
Pretty Chan - 17 小时 前
Let's listen guitar cover of this song too ! It's very nice 😊👍
LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE if you like that ok ✌
Living In My Luggage
Living In My Luggage - 17 小时 前
They improved so much, Well done girls
Squishy Kyungsoo Forever
Squishy Kyungsoo Forever - 18 小时 前
Blackpink comeback never disappoint us
André - 19 小时 前
nobody: a
sub: singing in korean/rapping in korean
Diana Mafico
Diana Mafico - 19 小时 前
I like this . Its more original and you can hear their natural voices without editing
00 rr
00 rr - 20 小时 前
Even though Im Korean, I dont get their Korean singing part.
Chí Hiền Danh
Chí Hiền Danh - 20 小时 前
bình luận để trở thành fan cứng của blackpink haha
Lamkiki Omi
Lamkiki Omi - 19 小时 前
🦋 H O P E 🦋
🦋 H O P E 🦋 - 21 小时 前
Cameraman: This is my chance to show my love to rose .
galaxysky27 - 21 小时 前
Mary Lalngaihawmi
Mary Lalngaihawmi - 22 小时 前
Blackpink jisoo
hows look like that in english lyrics
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen - 23 小时 前
An overview of BLACKPINK's hanbok outfits:
Jisoo (the one with the pigtails) is wearing what appears to be a black magoja, which is a hanbok jacket introduced in the late 19th century after Heungseon Daewongun returned from his exile in Manchuria. The magoja is derived from the Manchu riding jacket called magua and is characterized by its lack of a collar and use of amber buttons. It was worn during cold weather and was stylishly paired with a durumagi, an outer coat worn by both men and women that was derived from a Mongol tunic called xurumakci. Men usually wore magoja over jokki, or a Western-style hanbok vest. On the shoulders of her magoja, there are norigae ornaments that are attached together with the tassels hanging down to create epaulets. On Jisoo, the norigae epaulets heighten the girl-crush effect from her. What's interesting to know is that Jisoo is the only one who is wearing a hanbok bottom though it doesn't appear obvious because of the length. She is wearing a waist-length skirt called heori chima, which is tied at waist level. Although, instead of at the waist, Jisoo’s skirt is tied at her chest with a golden belt fastened around her waist to highlight her figure and then folded under to create a tube-top skirt.

Jennie (the one with pink highlights in the front) is wearing a cropped pink dopo. Looking at the length of the top, one might think she is wearing jeogori, but because of the sleeve shape, which is long and wide with a closed seam and a little gap for the hands to go in, it is dopo. The dopo is a robe worn by scholars and members of Joseon nobility, the yangban. It has flaps that open from the back and an upper flap that covers the undergarments the back flaps expose. It was derived from a Buddhist robe called kwontu and bears much resemblance to daopao, a Ming Dynasty formal robe worn by members of the gentry and commoners. Unlike daopao, the sleeves of dopo have a more rectangular outline, and the collar is typically lower. In the early Joseon dynasty, dopo looked very similar to daopao with its loose, baggy outline and super long sleeves, but as time went by, the dopo acquired a more fitted shape. The patterns on Jennie’s dopo are actually taken from patterns found on handkerchiefs used by the royal family, which are preserved as cultural heritage artifacts in the National Palace Museum of Korea. Also, on top of the dopo, Jennie is wearing a black hanbok vest called baeja. Baeja was worn over jeogori or po (a generic category of hanbok coats) to keep the wearer warm and typically had a symmetrical collar with buttons and ties to fasten it. Artifacts excavated from tombs have dated its origins to at least the 16th century. Originally, it didn’t have a collar, but as time went by, it acquired a collar. Contemporary versions have crossed collars similar to the ones seen on jeogori and po.
Rosé (the tall one with pink hair) is wearing a black cheollik, which is a robe characterized by a pleated skirt that military officials wore in the Joseon dynasty. Officials, princes, and the king would wear this under their regular court robes called sangbok. The cheollik was derived from a Mongol tunic called terlig and arrived during the time the Goryeo Dynasty would under Mongol rule. The cheollik had detachable sleeves that could be unbuttoned at the elbow level for ease in martial arts. At times, officials would wear their cheolliks over a long, short-sleeved, collared vest called dapho. The crop top that Rosé is wearing is actually an undergarment that women in the Joseon Dynasty used to cover their breasts called a gaseum garigae, sort of like a bra but rectangular with ties in the back. Same with Jennie’s dopo, Rosé’s crop top has various decorations that are taken from the handkerchiefs, which are classified as Bonghwangmun Inmunbo.
Lisa (the tall one with the black bob) is wearing a black hanbok top called jeogori with embellishments and patches called bo. On her sleeves, there are hexagonal bo with flower and butterfly embroideries, and on her chest, there is a circular bo. The bo was worn on the attires of palace workers, government officials, and members of the royal family. On her collar, there is a long norigae with butterfly-shaped patterns that stretches diagonally across her top. The skirt Lisa is wearing is actually a shortened chut thai, which Queen Sirikit invented in 1964 as part of Thai formal attire.

The features of the clothes BLACKPINK are wearing are distinctly Korean and cannot be mistaken for anything otherwise. As I am not a professional who specializes in hanbok, I cannot profess that the information I gave is 100% correct. Nonetheless, I hope that I could translate my knowledge to an interested audience based on the sources I have read. For more information, please check out these links: (CEO of Danha explains BLACKPINK’s hanbok outfits for Jennie and Rosé) (CEO of Leesle explains accessories, patterns, and fabric used on stage outfits of all four BLACKPINK members) (Encyclopedia of Korean Culture’s article on Dopo) (NamuWiki article on Magoja) (NamuWiki article on Gaseum Garigae) (Naver post on the history of baeja),%EB%8C%80%ED%91%9C%EC%A0%81%20%EB%AA%85%EC%B9%AD%EC%9D%98%20%EC%82%AC%EC%9A%A9%20%EC%8B%9C%EB%8C%80%EB%A5%BC%20%EB%B3%B4%EB%A9%B4%20'%EC%B2%A9%EB%A6%AC%E5%B8%96%E8%A3%8F,%EC%9D%84%20%EC%9A%94%EC%84%A0%EC%B2%A0%EB%A6%AD%EC%9D%B4%EB%9D%BC%20%ED%95%9C%EB%8B%A4. (Encyclopedia of Korean Folk Culture article on Cheollik) (Infographic article on traditional Thai clothing, provides a reference on Lisa’s skirt)
Lamkiki Omi
Lamkiki Omi - 19 小时 前
fp - 天 前
This is the comment not talking about their outfits but their confidence and singing skills it's so easy to tell their not lip syncing aswell because u can hear their real voice and its amazing 💮
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
كيم جيسو
دَلال. - 天 前
بارك تشايونغ
دَلال. - 天 前
لاليسا مانوبان
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
Marianna Pallizzi
Marianna Pallizzi - 天 前
Are they singing live?
ohth gee
ohth gee - 17 小时 前
Do you think they're lip-syncing? It's the Jimmy Fallon Show. There are a lot of live videos with MR removed on CNcard.
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
دَلال. - 天 前
I love blackpink
Maham Naz
Maham Naz - 天 前
I like their songs also I have no idea off what their saying in Korean or I think Chinese I don’t know
Fakhriyah F
Fakhriyah F - 天 前
It is korean
Emroe Eliares
Emroe Eliares - 天 前
Lisa is so beautiful on
Hairstyle 100%
Outfit 100%
Dance 100%
Everything 1000%
jackylen ilagan
jackylen ilagan - 天 前
Blackpink the best 😉
hhellohhello - 天 前
the camera work here is awful.. You can see the beauty of the choreography. Too much zoom in and out
Call me Kim
Call me Kim - 天 前
Best hanbok
Michael Han
Michael Han - 天 前
Jennie: Bring out the boss b*tch
Jimmy- Not This Time...
Caption- Bring out the bottle :’)
Galaxy Geek
Galaxy Geek - 天 前
Literally fuck whoever made the captions
Anne Bradley
Anne Bradley - 天 前
5 Big ones! No wonder,with all that sex appeal!
Angela Cortes
Angela Cortes - 天 前
Aaahhh ❤❤❤❤😲😄😄mi faverit badgrup
채널설정 - 天 前
crazy capricorn
crazy capricorn - 天 前
Black pink suck
Roz Roson
Roz Roson - 13 小时 前
Bolortuya Batbayar
Bolortuya Batbayar - 天 前
cool voice,dance
Bolortuya Batbayar
Bolortuya Batbayar - 天 前
품바러브 - 天 前