Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
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Danika Barron
Danika Barron - 9 小时 前
i was really like "hm he reminds me of Tommy Lee in the dirt" my fucking dumbass lmaoo 🤦🏼‍♀️ my mind
The White Mat Studio
The White Mat Studio - 9 小时 前
So Blink. Love it
Z Sanders
Z Sanders - 9 小时 前
Fuck this gives me Old Pink vibes and I fucking love it they need one
Israel Martin
Israel Martin - 9 小时 前
Eminem dissed him so hard he changed genres.
Leon - 9 小时 前
Autotune be hitting kinda strong in this
Josma p
Josma p - 10 小时 前
I'm shook.
rocket grunt
rocket grunt - 10 小时 前
This sucks...all you guys are just...wrong..and it's most definitely not punk..go listen to the dwarves
1 smoky
1 smoky - 10 小时 前
Isabella Naomi Black Moon
Isabella Naomi Black Moon - 10 小时 前
Was not a huge fan (altho I did love his Eminem diss lol) but I saw him in the dirt and now I’m listening to all his albums and watching all his videos. He is so innovative! Amazing performer, both musically and cinematically! He’s creative as hell and a wonderful dad too which is just the cherry on top! Keep doing it big MGK, I’ll be around for all of it now❤️
Donnie M
Donnie M - 10 小时 前
Fucking spectacular, but I was hoping she'd hop in vocally. Great all around either way!
Asım Can Cırık
Asım Can Cırık - 11 小时 前
izleyen Türk var mı ? 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Taylor White
Taylor White - 11 小时 前
I’m here for this song! 🎉👍
MC Darkness awsome William
MC Darkness awsome William - 11 小时 前
😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀💚💛💛💛💜💛💜💛💜💛💚💛💚💛💛💚 this is a awsome song right here
Hana M
Hana M - 11 小时 前
andersondb0 - 11 小时 前
Dissed so bad by the King he had to leave the genre. lol. Pack it up, we got no career in the hip hop game anymore. On to rock and roll.
wiseguy 26
wiseguy 26 - 11 小时 前
Lol no he still raps clown.
lil Stinny
lil Stinny - 11 小时 前
Im glad he dissed eminem I would never heard this amazing song if he did not.
Brookse91 - 11 小时 前
DAAAAAAM this song was actually pretty lit, kind of like Sid and Nancy type vibe, I see you MGK.
Arlyn Albior
Arlyn Albior - 11 小时 前
This should be played on stranger things 😁😅lol
Jason Felan
Jason Felan - 11 小时 前
Definitely one of my favorites. Keep it up bro. #killinit
Yasmim - 12 小时 前
Sempre linda, Megan minha eterna crush 😍🇧🇷
Yesnomaybeso - 12 小时 前
I'm having 80 nostalgia right now.
I'm sorry but Megan is just overly botoxed and stiff he could have found a better video vixen.
gasmi mohamed
gasmi mohamed - 12 小时 前
This is how deeply Eminem destroy mgk
HidetoraToujou - 12 小时 前
This definitely is a song that would’ve appeared in a 2000s teen drama like the oc or one tree hill. And I love it
ItsTheOGKerry - 12 小时 前
Arianna Grande punching the air rn
Leon Harpley
Leon Harpley - 12 小时 前
Thoroughly rotten excuse for person
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose - 11 小时 前
@Olivur_ probably Megan She left her husband while he was in the hospital.
Olivur_ - 11 小时 前
Which one?
Leon Harpley
Leon Harpley - 12 小时 前
Blackwall tunnel
steve peterson
steve peterson - 12 小时 前
Eminem rocked him so hard he quit rapping for good lmfao
Maggie Frye
Maggie Frye - 12 小时 前
I just hope people to know MGK started as a punk rock singer if anyone remember he was in SWS alone like it’s great he’s going back to it! 💘💞💘
Tygs V
Tygs V - 12 小时 前
I hope they get together!
Oo Oo
Oo Oo - 12 小时 前
The background vocals that Mgk was lip syncing at 2:19 is my favorite part
Kevin Pickering
Kevin Pickering - 13 小时 前
Full circle peeps, like bell bottoms in the 90’s. It’s the 2 decade revival… just so happens this time it’s empty and it will catch on. Just like all the others. Good job MGK. Multi-talent is what I’m most impressed with
That Guy Jordan
That Guy Jordan - 13 小时 前
Hes called out Eminem and got beat in the rap game but now hes calling out my chemical romance or busted 🤣 who'll win this battle? 😂😂😂
i am lazy as fuck
i am lazy as fuck - 13 小时 前
she never gets old
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose - 11 小时 前
She's only 34! That's still young.
Nicholas Clarke
Nicholas Clarke - 13 小时 前
It’s Tommy Lee and Pamala Anderson all over again. I always liked punk rock I’m here for it
killaco23 - 13 小时 前
Pretty sure Megan Fox completely forgot she is a mother of 3. Lol Dear God
Young Lui
Young Lui - 13 小时 前
So she’s single now. Imma go hard asf in the gym
That1Kid. - 13 小时 前
isn't this the guy who made rap devil?
Dante Alighieri
Dante Alighieri - 13 小时 前
So fucking fire
Kristal Klekotka
Kristal Klekotka - 13 小时 前
What did mgk even DO to you FOR you to eletricoot him
vince gredo
vince gredo - 13 小时 前
I love this song and the whole 2000’s rock vibe, anybody got any similar song suggestions?
Jean Marc Baker
Jean Marc Baker - 13 小时 前
It sounds like a blink 182 song 🤗🤗
Douglas Thiago
Douglas Thiago - 13 小时 前
Esse clipe é tudo kkk, mas eu só consigo lembrar dassa atriz com aquela banda no filme Garota Infernal.
Sonia Siddiqui
Sonia Siddiqui - 13 小时 前
Omg I love the 2000s vibe, reminds me so much of highschool! Megan fox in music videos and lady Gaga trending!!!
BBQ Pitmaster
BBQ Pitmaster - 13 小时 前
This guy is really talented. You just can’t simply call him a rapper. He is a musician; plain and simple. You have to respect that.
brecka *
brecka * - 14 小时 前
LETS GO MEGAN FOX! Hollywood sexualized and criticized you until your career was ruined. Pull through girl! Such an amazing mother and sweet woman😊💗
neamraven - 14 小时 前
Good to see MGK embracing his true self. Not a dig btw, I'm not being sarcastic.
Tonmoy khan Srudent
Tonmoy khan Srudent - 14 小时 前
So this goof is into rock now..makes sense Eminem chainsawed him outta hip hop
Chaz Sanders
Chaz Sanders - 14 小时 前
He went to rapping to teen musicales it was risky but it may pay off
Ralph Talley
Ralph Talley - 14 小时 前
weak only good thing is megan fox mgk should stick to pop lol
Jordan Simpson
Jordan Simpson - 14 小时 前
When Eminem said he couldn't sing so he made a band
M WG - 14 小时 前
This song sounds like a +44 and it's giving me wicked high school nostalgia. Let's go smoke a pinner behind the art building before class, then I'll pass you doodles of us fighting zombies and we'll snicker when the teacher takes one expecting a note to read.
Then we'll go hang in your room after school and gush about how hot Megan Fox is and how she's out of our league but we fantasize anyway because high school doesn't last forever but these memories do 💕
Swantje - 14 小时 前
Such a good song! Damn!
シF i n e s s i n g
シF i n e s s i n g - 15 小时 前
only came cuz i saw MF 😍 she the queen
Marissa Morales
Marissa Morales - 15 小时 前
No hate but I never thought Megan was attractive for some reason. Good video tho 🤷🏻‍♀️🤩
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose - 11 小时 前
I thought her face before she got all that surgery was so much more beautiful.
Chris Andresen
Chris Andresen - 15 小时 前
What lil Wayne wanted to do but didnt have MGKs talent.
el MacDaddyP
el MacDaddyP - 15 小时 前
No more rap? Damn 🤣☠
Mike Dan
Mike Dan - 15 小时 前
bought the new steelseries and it bumps
TRZMA - 15 小时 前
Who else is waiting for Shia LeBouf to comment....
Sic Visionz
Sic Visionz - 15 小时 前
Good shit was actually pretty cool on acid lol
MIXUP VDO - 15 小时 前
This video is weirdly satisfying
Midum Taki
Midum Taki - 16 小时 前
Kolawole Oluwagbemiga Boluwatife C
MGK Transition from Rap and Pop to Rock is Dope.
MyloMusica - 16 小时 前
this guy has already been with sommer ray and megan fox in bed. damm
Shayne Carter
Shayne Carter - 16 小时 前
Real mgk fans know that he loves feet that's why her foot is on his face 😂🦶
KalvinEllis - 16 小时 前
Not surprised that Megan is still hot, what I'm surprised is that I thought MGK was a rapper.
GnasheR - 16 小时 前
This porn has bad music
Akhila Thyagarajan
Akhila Thyagarajan - 16 小时 前
I like how pink the video is
Laura Khalifa
Laura Khalifa - 16 小时 前
I feel like they forgot to upload this video 10 years ago lmao
Laura Khalifa
Laura Khalifa - 16 小时 前
I hate people who can’t admit how naturally beautiful megan is by saying she’s like this thanks to surgeries..
Like bruh? Have you seen the kardashians? are they really pretty? She’s naturally beautiful and surgeries just added the BOMB EFFECT.
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose - 11 小时 前
Alyssa Rose
Alyssa Rose - 11 小时 前
She was gorgeous before the surgeries.
Laura Khalifa
Laura Khalifa - 16 小时 前
Omg MEGAN FOX is the hottest girl to eva walk this planet!!🙀🙀
Buttercup Rainy
Buttercup Rainy - 17 小时 前
Eminem is better than this guy
Drew Dolla Billz
Drew Dolla Billz - 17 小时 前
Can we agree MGK is the king of quarantine
johnnyluis7 - 17 小时 前
hey bro this song you have so many views by Megan fox
Jilanne Pruitt
Jilanne Pruitt - 17 小时 前
this video hard
Loki - 17 小时 前
For justice
Dj Jacques
Dj Jacques - 18 小时 前
What a sick Track !!!Shout out to South Africa 🇿🇦
Isaiah Bravo
Isaiah Bravo - 18 小时 前
Megan still lookin like a snack 👀
Dusan Stojanovic
Dusan Stojanovic - 18 小时 前
Shanell Sorrells
Shanell Sorrells - 18 小时 前
megan fox is so fckin hotttttt
Todd Ferguson
Todd Ferguson - 18 小时 前
I like his guitar playing, but Travis' drums are the star of the show for me. The lyrics and performance are cool.