A Surgeon Sews a Surgical Mask

Dr. Lauren Streicher demonstrates how to sew a protective mask. For more information and detailed instructions, go to www.drstreicher.com/dr-streicher-blog/2020/3/a-surgeon-sewing-a-surgical-mask
持续时间: 15:10


Nancy Ishimoto
Nancy Ishimoto - 6 天 前
What a great easy to follow video! Thank you so much for sharing and for all that you and the front line folks do every day!
Nimfa Melesio
Nimfa Melesio - 16 天 前
What does the finish project measure?
Sherry Petes
Sherry Petes - 13 天 前
Is using yarn a bad idea? Can you explain why or why not?
Jill Huang
Jill Huang - 16 天 前
Nimfa Melesio according the math, precut is 9” by 9”, after three half and inches (each is one inch)folds sewing and seams of two sides. it will be 8” by 5” done.