Internet’s WEIRDEST Paper Airplanes!

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Today we're taking 9 of the most highly touted paper plane designs and putting them to the test. What's the best design, and which ones fly the highest, longest, and most accurately?
Art of Manliness Paper Airplane Post:
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The King of Random
The King of Random - 3 个月 前
To pre-order Grant's book, head to one of the retailers below!
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Tyler Adams
Tyler Adams - 12 天 前
try a diamondback paper airplane
The world Of reptiles
The world Of reptiles - 15 天 前
The King of Random Cali gives me ocd
Kayden1971 - 28 天 前
The King of Random check out John Collins paper airplane
Jon Savage
Jon Savage - 个月 前
I have a paper airplane how to book if anyone wants to borrow it.
Sam I Am
Sam I Am - 2 个月 前
Did y'all make John Collin's record plane?
「 Descencious 」
「 Descencious 」 - 小时 前
They throw too hard
Maquisig Dennis Lopez
Maquisig Dennis Lopez - 10 小时 前
There is a proper way of throwing since I have made those paper airplanes. But whatevs, its fun! :)
Rob Elliott
Rob Elliott - 17 小时 前
Stephen Fry was able to trough the round one very far on QI (British Comedy Quiz Show) I don't think you gave it a fair shake.
shadowarctic - 18 小时 前
Whos the kid though
President Rez
President Rez - 天 前
My sister name is cali
James - 天 前
The king of random vs the slo mo guys
*subscribe button*
*subscribe button* - 2 天 前
iraindah yanny
iraindah yanny - 2 天 前
i love this vids intro
BraydonYTgaming - 3 天 前
Some of the planes you made have to be outside because they need wind to glide but not too much wind
David de Ruiter
David de Ruiter - 3 天 前
I had a book with these airplanes in it when i was young
PTFG Bat - 4 天 前
You need to try the ring again you didn't throw it right
Jeana Verkempinck
Jeana Verkempinck - 6 天 前
Loving the freeze dried skittle snacks.... Really wish I could make some of those...
(Little boy) “I WILL GET IT” (Calli) “He’s gunna get it.”
Digambar Sali
Digambar Sali - 9 天 前
please search wired paper airplane guy
Kyle Reedholm
Kyle Reedholm - 9 天 前
No one:
Callie: LETS LIGHT IT ON FIRE 4KR : 4KR : - 9 天 前
Do u realize they are wearing a flight test hoodie
RooK Ill-noise
RooK Ill-noise - 10 天 前
Can you rehydrate beef jerky
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams - 11 天 前
8:31 she looken kinda thick
Jackson Fawkes
Jackson Fawkes - 12 天 前
i have made all of these they work great for me
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer - 12 天 前
I think I am angry because I am an paper airplane artist
memnoch146051 - 14 天 前
Can you unhidejuryate hydrogen
ICY SLAYER - 17 天 前
I’m the 692,384 vewier
Deniz Tunger Gucer
Deniz Tunger Gucer - 20 天 前
In the planethat you throw ar fourth, you have to throw it up
Neil Desai
Neil Desai - 21 天 前
The intro is like Pokémon fire red
Alex Rygr
Alex Rygr - 21 天 前
Paper dart
ethan starnes
ethan starnes - 21 天 前
Are they eating their freeze dried Skittles while they're there and making those 🤣🤣 awesome 👍
Kerwin Fisher
Kerwin Fisher - 22 天 前
My favorite was the circle
Liv Equestrian
Liv Equestrian - 25 天 前
check out foldable flight
Daniel Dooner
Daniel Dooner - 25 天 前
its kinda like the dart but fold 2 times
Quietkid XD
Quietkid XD - 27 天 前
5:22 where is the parent of that kid😂😂
Mathias Brehm
Mathias Brehm - 28 天 前
Nate did the OG
Littletimelord 27
Littletimelord 27 - 29 天 前
You built the tube plane wrong, if done properly, it would have easily gone all the way across the room.
Leslie Maher
Leslie Maher - 个月 前
You should make and test paper air planes made from different kinds of paper
CherrycatPlayz - 个月 前
Even at teen years I still don't know how to make a paper airplane
Just A Fan
Just A Fan - 个月 前
the tube plane is a great plane what I did was not tape the ends and as I throw it I would squeeze it so it releases and it'll spin fast and then it finds its center of gravity and starts gliding.
Pc-98 Fan
Pc-98 Fan - 个月 前
Paper planes tier list when
Madelynn Bichy
Madelynn Bichy - 个月 前
I agree with Callie!!! You guys should totally light paper airplanes on fire!!!!
Kate Tsai
Kate Tsai - 个月 前
go to foldable flight
Joran van Olphen
Joran van Olphen - 个月 前
Hmmmm........... different planes need different throwing methodes. If you throw some planes to hard they go flying everywhere. I have a little book somewhere with many different methods to fold a plane.
Monkey Red
Monkey Red - 个月 前
I used the triple fold in a paper airplane contest and got second
Reagan Lim
Reagan Lim - 个月 前
Nate: We need a long distance
Calli: They are stuck here so it’s a short distance is what we want
Nate Again: We have 100 feet
John Kim
John Kim - 个月 前
The tube plane does work if you throw it correctly
Serenity Playz
Serenity Playz - 个月 前
Calli: Nate let’s set some on fire Me : omg yes plz🤣
Gaja Halinowska
Gaja Halinowska - 个月 前
You are supposed to hold the TIP of the airplane while throwing it!
David Flynn
David Flynn - 个月 前
I know a paper airplane design that is similar to the last one you threw. But it has a few different folds on it that make it glide better. I don't know if there are any instructions online because I made the design myself 😅
D Rozzelle
D Rozzelle - 个月 前
that second airplane did that because it was tail heavy/. you needed to put a little bit of weight on the front to get it to go straight. Do the same with the other ones that wanted to go into an upwards loop.
Magne Skotte Lippert
Magne Skotte Lippert - 个月 前
Are you more than friends
Derek Noceda
Derek Noceda - 个月 前
Nate the circle plane works it just needs wind plus it is a glider
Carl Huppmann
Carl Huppmann - 个月 前
Perfect jersey calli
John Chestnut
John Chestnut - 个月 前
Sorry. You don't know how to fold paper. And you don't know how to throw a plane. Gliders must be thrown gently and a little up unless designed to be thrown down. Darts can be thrown harder, but not too hard. They are thrown a little up and straight. Even so, I quite enjoyed the video. It was fun.
oreosrock14 14
oreosrock14 14 - 个月 前
my favorite paper airplane looks like an f-14 if I can find a link to it I can post it for you
Airmmen Espinosa
Airmmen Espinosa - 个月 前
You throw like a girl, all results are tsnted.
Paritosh Mathur
Paritosh Mathur - 个月 前
1:33 wow ,first,b,3 wowowowoowowow 😳
Cullen Kawano
Cullen Kawano - 个月 前
those were freeze dryed skittles werent they? can you send me some? wait no i dont want to know how awesome they actually are...
FeraligatrMaster1 - 个月 前
i made the glider and that thing aint work
Jeffrey Arnold
Jeffrey Arnold - 个月 前
the square one needs to be triple folded on the nose. as in 2/3 first, then half of that... it does more loops, and stuff. used to make as a boy. that tube one is tossed from the tail end, not the middle.
Josh RidezBMX
Josh RidezBMX - 个月 前
You dont throw hard u throw soft
Edward Manookian
Edward Manookian - 个月 前
If it farther than 269 feet it would be a record.
Edward Manookian
Edward Manookian - 个月 前
It depends on how you throw it.. Sometimes
Shruti Singhania
Shruti Singhania - 个月 前
It also depends on the style you throw it
meow meow I am a cow
meow meow I am a cow - 个月 前
I live in Provo
Sammy DiPace
Sammy DiPace - 个月 前
Is Cali trying to hit Nate with a ball?
Tristan Grobler
Tristan Grobler - 2 个月 前
0:00 - 0:03
Best. Quote. Ever.
Rachie Weisberger
Rachie Weisberger - 2 个月 前
Callie: a b 3
Hope Sunshine
Hope Sunshine - 2 个月 前

Okay Callie 😂
XXDOJ - 2 个月 前
6:41 Darts
Nicholas DeSimone
Nicholas DeSimone - 2 个月 前
7:37 more like a paper boomerang lol
ItzMeAlfred - 2 个月 前
They made Suzanne :3
Virgo TheMaiden
Virgo TheMaiden - 2 个月 前
Calli was just havin' fun.
Matthew Lujan-Frizzell
Matthew Lujan-Frizzell - 2 个月 前
None of the planes flew they glided
JigglypuffGD - 2 个月 前
If you want more, check out foldable flight
LILMoon snapchat Xplayz2020
Can you guys make a motorized paper airplane
Alexis Lara
Alexis Lara - 2 个月 前
I fly like papers get high like planes
Frogger Bryce
Frogger Bryce - 2 个月 前
My friend make the best paper
Airplanes ever he helped me make one and I won the plane competition
Tynan Radford
Tynan Radford - 2 个月 前
I don't know what happened to my copy, but I have a book about folding paper airplanes. If I can find the book I will update this comment.
Jermaine Wilson
Jermaine Wilson - 2 个月 前
Who exactly is ‘The King of Random'?🤔
Ronald Marty
Ronald Marty - 2 个月 前
I didnt see my og plane
Captain Fire
Captain Fire - 2 个月 前
So those words at 6:45 or something said pointy because I’m cool and I figured it out
Zairic Salcedo
Zairic Salcedo - 2 个月 前
In fourth grade I made an air plane that flies so straight