iPhone 12 Buyer's Guide - DON'T Make these 12 Mistakes!

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Thinking of ordering the new iPhone 12? You MUST watch this video to avoid 12 common iPhone 12 purchasing mistakes.. & I'll also recommend the right iPhone for you!
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Apple's iPhone 12 lineup is the biggest it's ever been, with 4 different models, making it a pretty tough choice this year!
In this video, I go through 12 common iPhone 12 purchasing mistakes that you need to be aware of in order to avoid buying the wrong iPhone.
I then get into each iPhone in Apple's lineup, including the iPhone SE, to help you decide which iPhone you should buy in 2020!
This video focuses on the iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 12 Pro Max!
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Timestamps ⬇️
Intro to iPhone 12 - 00:00
Mistake #1 - 0:47
Mistake #2 - 1:08
Mistake #3 - 1:28
Mistake #4 - 2:31
Mistake #5 - 3:16
Mistake #6 - 3:45
Mistake #7 - 4:32
Mistake #8 - 5:08
Mistake #9 - 5:36
Mistake #10 - 6:25
Mistake #11 - 6:57
Mistake #12 - 7:29
Who should buy the iPhone SE? - 7:57
Who should buy the iPhone 12 mini? - 8:42
Who should buy the iPhone 12? - 9:19
Who should buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max? - 10:38
Who should buy the iPhone 12 Pro? - 11:51
Conclusion - 13:06
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Max Tech
Max Tech - 个月 前
Do you agree with Mistake #5 and Mistake #12? Comment your thoughts below!
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Dazzling_Lauren - 天 前
99. 99 nk9 9k9 k 9nj. J 9noon9 onon
Mathias Hansen
Mathias Hansen - 5 天 前
I’m undecided on whether to get the 12 pro or 12 pro max, is it worth spending more money for the larger battery, screen, better cameras, and the sensor-shift stabilization for the cameras? I’ve had the iPhone X since it launched
Lee Kramer
Lee Kramer - 7 天 前
Lee Kramer
Lee Kramer - 7 天 前
David Cordray
David Cordray - 9 天 前
No ones talked about protective battery cases (extra battery in case). I wonder if that will effect wireless charging...
Nur A Aziz
Nur A Aziz - 4 小时 前
I need longer battery life so which one better?
Zeal Christian
Zeal Christian - 11 小时 前
I was confused btwn iphone 11 pro and 12. But looking at this video, I am 100% sure that I will go for iphn 12. Star of the series
Bahuta - 小时 前
Yes iPhone 12 is best option.
I already have the iPhone 12 mini.
DabTHC - 16 小时 前
Mistake i made was buying the 64 gb, damnit!
Walcott Leanan
Walcott Leanan - 19 小时 前
Apple in 2020: We are the first company to not include a charger in the box
Apple in 2030: We are the first company to not include a phone in the box
Brad George
Brad George - 天 前
I just got my GAME CHANGING USB. I've always wished my phone cord wouldn't get in the way all the time... watching shows in bed, plugged in at work, playing games. Finally found a solution and it is awesome! Check out www.powerUP-charging.com
Lela Warren
Lela Warren - 天 前
Not very good with tech. I just want a new phone that has enough storage for lots of apps and pictures. I am willing to go up to a 12 model. I don’t upgrade often.
Rachel DeFelice
Rachel DeFelice - 天 前
Help me decide? I currently have the iPhone 7plus. I’m ready for an upgrade and can’t decide which model of the 12 series to go with. I’m a teacher and have been recording a lot of YouTube videos for my students. I also would like a high amount of storage.
Aesthetic Rosie
Aesthetic Rosie - 天 前
How strong is the battery life for iPhone 12 mini? Like how much will it last on Instagram or YouTube
E-aesthetics - 天 前
Amazing IPhone!!🤍🤍 I filmed an UNBOXING VIDEO on my Channel 🕊🕊 it is really stunning and I’ve loved using it so far!!💕💕
Jean Toledo
Jean Toledo - 天 前
I thank you
Ee Den Chua Ee Den
Ee Den Chua Ee Den - 天 前
i buy iphone 12 max bacause my hand is big
Jason Chui
Jason Chui - 2 天 前
You don’t decide, your wallet does.
Study Clean
Study Clean - 2 天 前
Sponsorship of latest models at its best!!
Patrícia Hromjaková
Patrícia Hromjaková - 2 天 前
Which has better battery life ? Iphone 11 / 11 PRO vs iphone 12.
pradhaph B
pradhaph B - 2 天 前
iphone 7 latest update check it https://amzn.to/3fACu9e
Nicohl Abney
Nicohl Abney - 2 天 前
Thank you for that great explanation!
Finley Grey
Finley Grey - 3 天 前
i have the iphone 5 (2013) and i like the size, so I'm getting the 12 mini!
Yuri Kostin
Yuri Kostin - 3 天 前
Nice Guide!
pleasure. - 3 天 前
confusing about between 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max (both of them at 128GB)
propropro pro
propropro pro - 4 天 前
if I save now I could buy iphone 20 in the future!lol
Karen Williams
Karen Williams - 4 天 前
What about those of us wanting a 13 pro max but needs a pop socket & still wants to use the MagSafe charge? Also what about vehicle charging? I currently have a 7 plus & I NEED to upgrade. With that said it sounds like I’m going to have to buy all new everything! 😔
adrian Idso
adrian Idso - 4 天 前
Should I do this instead of note 20?
Sage Pieprzyk
Sage Pieprzyk - 4 天 前
I just bought the pro max in gold upgrading from a 7+. (Bye bye home button)
The stainless steel sides are breath taking and the rims around the camera’s lenses too. The larger cameras don’t bother me nearly as much as I thought they would.
What I’m hung up on though is the size of the screen & the shade of cream colored “gold”.
My ocd would rather have a white phone than an off white phone pretending to be gold. Lol.
The siding doesn’t show with a case on so I can’t enjoy the selling point of the gold..I’m considering switching to the silver& white phone.
The gold just doesn’t HIT the way Apple advertised it to be at all. Is that just me being crazy? Or does anyone agree?
Size wise should I just try and get used to the larger phone for the camera quality as a trade off? Or should I drop down to the 12 pro?
I was considering an 11 before this video but I think you’re right. It’s not worth it.
What do you think I should do.
I’m a mess
& I need to decide like.. lol today
daniel - 4 天 前
I watched many youtubers, and you are my top 3
Thanks man, i appreciate that💯💥
YOKAi - 6 天 前
Iphone 13 only contains an apple logo....you gotta pay seperately for everything else
theiva chandran
theiva chandran - 6 天 前
Bro I am a dental student, I need a handy phone with good camera what should I buy , I phone 12 or I 12 mini
PAtriot AV
PAtriot AV - 6 天 前
But facebook app works perfectly fine on my ipHone 7 Plus.
Big Playz
Big Playz - 6 天 前
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I don't know
I don't know - 7 天 前
You talk out of your ass mate.
I late Sorry
I late Sorry - 7 天 前
I don’t want to sound like a Karen or anything but I’m still using an iPhone 7 (going to upgrade this year) which is smaller than an iPhone 12 mini and I don’t understand why people keep saying how small the mini is , I know it call a mini but it’s not actually that small
Marcos H. Ary
Marcos H. Ary - 7 天 前
Very good guide.
Zeus PubgMobile
Zeus PubgMobile - 7 天 前
Iphone13 Models be Like Next year.
Iphone13Mini :No headphone jacks included +2000Battery life and comes with 3GB rams Costs:1699$
Iphone13: 32GB rom 3GB ram comes with no chargers and airpods Costs: 1999$.
Iphone13Pro: 64GB Rom 4GB Ram Costs: 2299$. +No Cameras And Charging Pots.
Iphone13ProMax: ScreenLESS 64GB Rom 4GB Rams No professional cameras No HDR quality Camera Had To replace it with Nokia No Charging Pots Costs: 3299$.
Zeus PubgMobile
Zeus PubgMobile - 7 天 前
After watching your video about iphone 12 models ive decided to go with Iphone12ProMax Cause of its battery-water Resistense and so on.
thanks for the informations bro.
Too Slick
Too Slick - 8 天 前
Watching this with my iPhone 12 🤪, but praying I didn't make a mistake😰😰😓😓
JamellesChannel - 8 天 前
Thank you! Great video
DonnyPiano - 8 天 前
Went with the 12. Thanks for the info!
Thaqif - 8 天 前
4gb ram is enough for iPhones
Lienze Ak
Lienze Ak - 9 天 前
I finally found a good case for my iPhone 12 max and this thing wont break. If yall are lookin for one heres a good one! -https://www.ebay.com/itm/iPhone-12-iPhone-12-Pro-Black-Soft-Rubber-Case-With-Credit-Card-Holder/383817703846
Barkat Ali
Barkat Ali - 9 天 前
Excellent very well explained!
Rejoice - 9 天 前
•h4wK •
•h4wK • - 9 天 前
Im 12 years and I have been waiting for this phone for a long time formy mom b-day i gave her the 12 pro she told she didnt like the phone and gave me the 12 pro and took my 11 pro
Anemic Supersonic
Anemic Supersonic - 9 天 前
“For the first time” apple has released 4 “new” “ models” yeah right 😒”new” “models”
akram alfi
akram alfi - 9 天 前
2 reasons why i got the 12 pro:
1- smaller phone with telephoto
2- RAW pictures.
thats it. lmao
Jordan Mourinho
Jordan Mourinho - 9 天 前
Wow I'm recommending one of the admin here *cohacking__* on ìG ,he just got my iPhone12 pro max unlocked perfectly ✔️✔️,after watching so many videos on youtube and I must say he's good and genius
Jan Canis
Jan Canis - 9 天 前
Hello I m handling iPhone 11, m I change to iPhone 12 mini?as I would like to hv a 5G plan
Faith Love Hope
Faith Love Hope - 9 天 前
This is the best video ive ever watch. It definitely helped me decide which phone to go
Stephanie Oliveira
Stephanie Oliveira - 10 天 前
Oh shit i did order the pro and now you tell me the pro max is much better? 🤨
Alba Argueta
Alba Argueta - 10 天 前
Him: dont buy the apple charger
Me: 👁👄👁 but I just bought it 2 days ago
carismatic3 - 10 天 前
Thank you 😊
bhappy 4 u
bhappy 4 u - 10 天 前
Very informative content
Ankit Bhardwaj
Ankit Bhardwaj - 11 天 前
Great video man.. thanks for all suggestions!!
Ayesha Gill
Ayesha Gill - 11 天 前
I have the 12 I think I made a good decision
Iorwa Wandoo
Iorwa Wandoo - 11 天 前
*cyberwizard01* on 1Ģ got my 12 pro max carrier locked iPhone permanently unlocked just now, he is highly recommended,
Jude Chukwukadibie
Jude Chukwukadibie - 11 天 前
*cyberwizard01* on 1Ģ got my 12 pro max carrier locked iPhone permanently unlocked just now, he is highly recommended,
Fredi Morales
Fredi Morales - 12 天 前
I hate the ads, but yes your video was 10x more helpful than Sarah’s D video. Her video was just all over the place. Again, chill with so many ads.
Firoz Khan
Firoz Khan - 12 天 前
I think the next year's iPhone 13 won't have the lightning port, and there will only MAGSAFE.
Anyway, let's wait and watch.
Stacy Wilson
Stacy Wilson - 12 天 前
my iphone 12 pro max was unlocked by *Cyberwizard01* on 1nsta'
Mamuda Korau
Mamuda Korau - 12 天 前
I got my iPhone unlocked permanently by *cyberwizard01* on 1G.
Maria Marie
Maria Marie - 13 天 前
Too late, I already bought.
Maggie Thompson
Maggie Thompson - 13 天 前
Right now if you buy any iPhone 12 model from Verizon online you 100 dollars off. It’s crazy
Claudia Maria
Claudia Maria - 13 天 前
Hi, I do a lot videos and photos for my Instagram, I'm leaning towards the 12 Max Pro, its size may be the only inconvenient
senor frog
senor frog - 13 天 前
Hey Vadim, i used your amazon link but it took me to this product https://www.amazon.com/iPhone-Charger-AUKEY-Delivery-Compatible/dp/B08G13M8LJ/ref=sr_1_1?tag=maxtechyt-20&dchild=1&keywords=iphone+12+charger&qid=1602633159&sr=8-1
You meant to tell us to buy this one im assuming? https://www.amazon.com/Charger-Anker-Adapter-PowerPort-iPhone/dp/B07WRKXQ8W/ref=pd_lpo_107_t_0/140-4839748-0999401?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07WRKXQ8W&pd_rd_r=c73755cc-60f9-413e-a157-58d749d2ce16&pd_rd_w=wbKBn&pd_rd_wg=yH8Wl&pf_rd_p=eba84458-d862-45eb-bb57-06592e30f645&pf_rd_r=AG25NB9EKFN4W6PCTYCN&psc=1&refRID=AG25NB9EKFN4W6PCTYCN
senor frog
senor frog - 13 天 前
oh whoops my bad, didnt expand the info section with all the other links.
em g
em g - 13 天 前
So I have an iPhone 8 Plus. I want a new phone for a better camera I was thinking of getting the iPhone 12 pro but should I get the iPhone 12 pro max
Martin Sadloň
Martin Sadloň - 13 天 前
I got serious touch sensitivity and haptic touch problems with iPhone 12 mini. Mostly while wearing silicon case, but sometimes also without case. Video: https://youtu.be/eUcsqqKniSw
Alex Addonizio
Alex Addonizio - 13 天 前
I may be biased because I just upgraded from an 8 but the 12 pro max is definitely worth it
Jeremiah West
Jeremiah West - 13 天 前
I got a successful pre-order of the original iPhone 12 Pro and it came in successfully,thanks to *Cyberwizard19* on IG,he really works💯
Gene Edward
Gene Edward - 13 天 前
I got mine through *cyberwizard19 on instagram* at a low discount,that guys is a life saver indeed💯✅
Katarzyna Potocka
Katarzyna Potocka - 13 天 前
That was really super helpful .. I still think I will go for the 12Pro … although it seems to be the least popular solution. But one of the reasons why I am switching is that I love to take pictures and I am not carrying my camera with me anymore, because the pictures that even my old iPhone Xs take are amazing. So is it worth taking the 12 Pro instead of the 12 because of the camera?
Michael Sans
Michael Sans - 13 天 前
Good work
Dayana Castillo
Dayana Castillo - 14 天 前
Today I upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 12!! I jumped a whole 6 generations🤣
Shay - 2 小时 前
@John Troller me too but my back screen is bad 😣
Dayana Castillo
Dayana Castillo - 8 小时 前
@Kamal Abeysinghe tbh it is!! She lasted me so many yearssssss
Asher Ali
Asher Ali - 8 小时 前
Still have Iphone 4 :P will be upgrading soon
•boba •
•boba • - 8 小时 前
omg same
DabTHC - 16 小时 前
I went from the 8 to the 12 huge difference
Kelvin Bunda
Kelvin Bunda - 14 天 前
About 45mins after sending my serial number to HackingToolsonline Page on IG, my iPhone 12 got Bypassed from Activation Lock
Mike Eagle
Mike Eagle - 14 天 前
There is no 5g anyway.
Kelvin Bunda
Kelvin Bunda - 14 天 前
About 45mins after sending my serial number to HackingToolsonline Page on IG, my iPhone 12 got Bypassed from Activation Lock
I love marvel 1
I love marvel 1 - 14 天 前
Smiley Miley
Smiley Miley - 14 天 前
Don’t worry... they’ll be 5 models next year.
Claudia Miller
Claudia Miller - 14 天 前
Wellllll....if you are used to the larger screen of iPhones from 7 and up......don’t buy the baby sized iPhones! You’ll regret the small size of the screen....you lose a LOT of ability...especially when viewing maps. I just ditched my 2016 SE for the only upgraded phone I could afford..an 8 plus. I just couldn’t operate that tiny phone anymore ....yeah I’m 70 and the old eyes ain’t what they used to be....
elmadi - 14 天 前
Thanks much for your no frill in depth reviews, I am planning to to upgrade from 6 to 12 mini, I just subscribed 🙏🏼
Amazing Yash World
Amazing Yash World - 14 天 前
Iphone 12 is best smart phone its sure my dear great info thank you so much for kind info love you so much may you live long long life
Mike Alexander Productions
Man I’m mad....when I went to the sprint store he told me the 12 pro was the newest one and that they wasn’t going to drop the max anytime soon....that was a lie and now I got the pro when I really wanted the pro max....smh I had no idea....these sales ppl are terrible....
NUVYITALY - 15 天 前
I think many younger buy pricy for the look just to express that they can afford something, although there is people that have a job an a great camera is essential other than that we should go on strike and not buy so Apple gives back our chargers and headphones like dude I feel they really taking advantage how people are jobless but still buying they saw regardless they banking on us man
DivX - 15 天 前
It’s about $1729 in India, one reason sales is low in India.
Sebastian Munera
Sebastian Munera - 15 天 前
Don’t care I’m getting a iPhone 12 Pro Max
Cre8 - 15 天 前
I would seriously consider upgrading, but I have the 7, and I HATE that ugly notch!!! It cuts into photos and videos and gaming. Whyyyyy? They could literally just have the image area at the top 1/8" shorter, and no notch. Sigh.
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall - 16 天 前
If you are in uk and getting iphone with o2 you get the anker 20w cahrger half price
Angela Cui
Angela Cui - 16 天 前
Max Tech: "I have the iPhone 11 with 64 GB and it's nowhere near enough."
me: "I have the iPhone SE (1st gen) with 16 GB and I have 0 photos and I'm still out of storage... (my contacts disappeared too... :/)
Anna Brooks
Anna Brooks - 16 天 前
Is it worth getting the pro for the camera
Drigo Poster
Drigo Poster - 16 天 前
Excellent review
Alan Williams
Alan Williams - 16 天 前
Thank you great info
Rumen Statev
Rumen Statev - 16 天 前
I want the best camera , but 12 pro max is to big , I hate that if I want the best hardware possible I have to sacrifice my comfort.The Comfort in the hand is most important so I will go for 12 pro
Lil rocfamily
Lil rocfamily - 17 天 前
Great tips and sharing this
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc - 17 天 前
I got a 11pro max and I’ve whatched videos and thers not that much diff to the average guy you would prob not even no if you have a 11 pro max don’t upgrade waste of money give me a break the 11 pro is just fine this guy is full of shit I guess he’s got money to burn
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc - 17 天 前
That water thing is bullshit
Jeff Leblanc
Jeff Leblanc - 17 天 前
Thers not enough 5 g around yet any way unless you are in New York City maybe I’m in rural Canada
rob andone
rob andone - 17 天 前
Mistake 13 - Actually falling for Apples overpriced repackaged bullshit and buying another iPhone.
Power. Rewop
Power. Rewop - 17 天 前
I will go for 12,i think is the best choice for me💯💪🏻🔥.all the best
Sri Sm
Sri Sm - 17 天 前
Apple are cheaters
MOLY THOMAS - 17 天 前
Thank you for your info . Very good . I learned a lot from you
Ryan Matthew
Ryan Matthew - 18 天 前
The Pro features are extremely useful...pretty bad how you just made it seem like nothing. 800 nits vs 625 can make the phone way more useable outside.
Does the iPhone 12 have the same low light quality/ capability for videos that the 12 pro and pro max has?