GOAL OF THE SUMMER | VOTE NOW | Harry Kane, Heung-min Son, Steven Bergwijn & Toby Alderweireld

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It’s the end of an extraordinary season - but you have one more task, and that’s to choose your ‘Goal of the Summer’ and you could be in with a chance of winning a £200 Spurs Gift Card!
We’ve nominated eight goals from the final nine games following the return of football after lockdown taking us up to the conclusion of the 2019/20 Premier League campaign.
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kieron spiteri
kieron spiteri - 个月 前
Son Kane alli moura Celso bergviyn legends of spurs
fedfoofy - 个月 前
I'm Korean, but Kane's second goal against Leicester was clearly the most impressive. All other Koreans in the comments are clearly biased for Son lol.
Channel Hamizan
Channel Hamizan - 个月 前
son terbaik
James Porter
James Porter - 个月 前
Kane vs Leicester second goal
진현수 - 2 个月 前
Think kane's second goal was the best
Suzanne Evans
Suzanne Evans - 2 个月 前
Harry Kane’s second goal v leister city they ain’t gonna win the league no chace
Esther Boitlung
Esther Boitlung - 2 个月 前
son is my man
Kamran Parviz
Kamran Parviz - 2 个月 前
Kane and bergwijn
peu peu peu
peu peu peu - 2 个月 前
2nd Kane's against Leicester
Lucas Sparvell
Lucas Sparvell - 2 个月 前
Every goal is the best coys
Harry Kane goal 2 v leister city
Charlie Warner
Charlie Warner - 2 个月 前
Kane 2nd v Leicester. What a finish!
Ehsan Ullah
Ehsan Ullah - 2 个月 前
Harry kane
김성훈 - 2 个月 前
Kane and Son
Do not hurt again! please.
And alli come back as soon as possible.
킄킼캌캌 - 2 个月 前
오지훈 - 2 个月 前
almost goals in this video are related with sonny 👍👍 I 'm happy to live with sonny at same country keep going tot come on your spurs ⚽️⚽️
델타 - 2 个月 前
와 자랑스럽다 대한민국 댓글 다 손손 거려ㅋㅋ
Joyful Ninjas
Joyful Ninjas - 2 个月 前
Let’s not be celebrating anything this season, we have been shocking to say the least
Daniel Faustino
Daniel Faustino - 2 个月 前
So hard, but, Goal's of Kane best, but Sonaldo is very Good🤍🖤
최은경 - 2 个月 前
Son’s goal
HAN Cho - 2 个月 前
4241sun - 2 个月 前
Son's goal against Arsenal was so critical. The best one in summer.
An Fre Za
An Fre Za - 2 个月 前
Ghetto Shkirdc
Ghetto Shkirdc - 2 个月 前
Son is best
2277 72
2277 72 - 2 个月 前
Collin Taylor
Collin Taylor - 2 个月 前
I know people are not going to read this but you can’t say which is the best because they’re all gods from Tottenham!!! COME ON YOU SPURS
Caelin Laity
Caelin Laity - 2 个月 前
Kane 2nd goal Vs Leicester was the best
Charlie N-P
Charlie N-P - 2 个月 前
Kane’s second goal against Leicester
kai - 2 个月 前
kane vs leicester second goal such a good run and a wonderful finish
Joe Higashi
Joe Higashi - 2 个月 前
Where is son solo run goal vs burnley?
Ap Sw
Ap Sw - 2 个月 前
Bergwijn 1goal
Kane 4goal
Son 2goal 2asi
Aurier 1asi
Alderweireld 1goal
Loselso 2asi
Moura 2asi
so where is trophy?
EMOBGNINGATA 69 - 2 个月 前
Kane second goal from Lestester is the best🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🥰🥰🥰💘💘💘💘💗💗💗💗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Rilliana. Lirila
Rilliana. Lirila - 2 个月 前
I would say Son is a total legend since I am from Korea and moved to Dubai, I’m in Korea now! Like that Sonny of Tottenham is an suuuuuuuper legend. I just loooooove him when he smiles 😉!
SXR FlatZ XI - 2 个月 前
Clayton Green
Clayton Green - 2 个月 前
Kane 2nd goal v Leicester for sure
Sweat Gaming
Sweat Gaming - 2 个月 前
1:33 son vs Newcastle
Sweat Gaming
Sweat Gaming - 2 个月 前
Hahahah!! I’m a passionate spurs fan, watching this, and then I see all the goals against arsenal we have produced😂😂😂
wagwan what's going on
wagwan what's going on - 2 个月 前
Toby's was fire
Chris Frank
Chris Frank - 2 个月 前
I will give the nod to Kane v LC ( 2nd goal). Everyone knows he is going right, and to go right and beat defender then hit perfect angle through other defenders and just perfectly curled around GK reach. It was beautiful. Sonny has some great ones and honestly your not wrong with either Kane or Son. I do want to see Toby play striker one game, just to see how he would do. He played there when younger, and does seem to have good instincts. His headers are great & that one goal earlier in year where he didn’t even look at goal, just turned and fired the ball in! Maybe if we blowing out someone; Kane and Toby switch places for final 10-20 min of game.
ian oneill
ian oneill - 2 个月 前
I think it was kane second goal vs leicester
Japan Magar
Japan Magar - 2 个月 前
Aj Halesy
Aj Halesy - 2 个月 前
Can we just appreciate the editor
Kostadino Eleftheriou
Kostadino Eleftheriou - 2 个月 前
Anyone waiting for spurs to release a video of Hojbjerg joining, it was announced on sky sports
Ziya Okut THFC
Ziya Okut THFC - 2 个月 前
Kane's second goal vs Leicester was the best. It looks very similar to his goal vs Arsenal in 2015.
Paris Saint Germain
Paris Saint Germain - 2 个月 前
רועי מגדסי
רועי מגדסי - 2 个月 前
Kane v leicester second goal🤩
Sunny Kim
Sunny Kim - 2 个月 前
Son goal.
Sung Kim
Sung Kim - 2 个月 前
Sonny's... no questions about it!!
Zachary Nyamweya
Zachary Nyamweya - 2 个月 前
Harry Kane v Leicester City second goal
Paola Alejandra Castro Tapia
Or Kane vs crystal palace
Paola Alejandra Castro Tapia
Kane vs leister c. Number 2
Jamie Colclough
Jamie Colclough - 2 个月 前
Why haven't you signed hojbjerg yet????
ResultantWheel8 - 2 个月 前
Jamie Colclough he’s having a medical
뿡빡이 - 2 个月 前
Titus Monk
Titus Monk - 2 个月 前
Bergwijn v United is totally underrated. The power and menace was superb
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Nazeer Asmal
Nazeer Asmal - 2 个月 前
Kane 2 leicester
Isabelle Pizzuto
Isabelle Pizzuto - 2 个月 前
Kane’s second against Leicester was my fav
Zach Harvey
Zach Harvey - 2 个月 前
Sonny boi
UWUW Studio
UWUW Studio - 2 个月 前
Kane vs leicester second goal
Zebi Carr
Zebi Carr - 2 个月 前
Kane second vs Leicester
Espil Ceil
Espil Ceil - 2 个月 前
Kane, man that does not miss a chance.
Son, man that make plays every time he gets the ball.
Bergwijin, man that strikes hard from flank all the way to post.
Alderweireld, man that reflects any incoming challenges to advantage.
Choose the goal of the summer? The summer is too cold for these burning hot players.
Shorya Sethi
Shorya Sethi - 2 个月 前
Watching the ads we need the money to buy players.
oz ozturk
oz ozturk - 2 个月 前
Any goal v the filth is always the best Harry 2nd v Leicester
Kelly Collins
Kelly Collins - 2 个月 前
Hati Armada
Hati Armada - 2 个月 前
Kane second goal V leicester ...
It's truly world class top striker goal
james - 2 个月 前
Definitely SON
Charles Martin
Charles Martin - 2 个月 前
Harry’s second goal against Leicester for me. Amazing.
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Lucas Sparvell
Lucas Sparvell - 2 个月 前
Harry Kane’s goal against Leister 2nd goal
Ali Elzeer
Ali Elzeer - 2 个月 前
I’m not a Tot fan but you guys did well this season. Harry Kane deserves to be 90-91 rated next year. The goal of the season was prob Harry Kane vs Leicester number 2
GibiTwix - 2 个月 前
Second Harry goal v Leicester
Mikyung OH
Mikyung OH - 2 个月 前
Ronnie Mason
Ronnie Mason - 2 个月 前
Harry kane
Lee SH
Lee SH - 2 个月 前
Tottenham will burn if H Kane and Son leave lol
ResultantWheel8 - 2 个月 前
same with arsenal. You are nothing without auba
Deadly Dizzle
Deadly Dizzle - 2 个月 前
You could say that about every club losing their best players, did you graduate at Oxford then?
Nice Ya
Nice Ya - 2 个月 前
Harry's against leicester goal was best!
I’m an Tottenham Hotspur Fan till I die ForEver
Sonny vs Burnley easy Decision
도현 - 2 个月 前
( Son vs Newcastle, vs Arsenal ) VS ( Kane vs Leicester 2nd goal )
Lionel Thiha
Lionel Thiha - 2 个月 前
I like harry kane vs leicester city second goal
b r a v e d a y
b r a v e d a y - 2 个月 前
Moura keep passing excellent ball to Son and Kane. Spur found best trio players.
신동준 - 2 个月 前
케인과 손의 조합에 가슴이 웅장해진다....
Boby de Albuquerque!
Boby de Albuquerque! - 2 个月 前
ZIZU 90 - 2 个月 前
Kane 2nd goal against Leicester.
Skyrise - 2 个月 前
son will get every award every time...mark my word lol.
AlphaHayden1 - 2 个月 前
Kane vs Leicester screamer 2nd goal
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez - 2 个月 前
Kane second goal vs Leicester the best
Bailey S
Bailey S - 2 个月 前
Bergwijn was best
Alhassan Abdul-Rahman
Alhassan Abdul-Rahman - 2 个月 前
Why is Tottenham Hotspur not signing players for the next season? Please buy coutinho!
에엑따 댓글로만 구독자40명되기.
We don'tgo championsleaug!!
Ruben Byatt
Ruben Byatt - 2 个月 前
Harry Kane vs Leicester g2
고태윤 - 2 个月 前
Steven. no doubt
Akul TV
Akul TV - 2 个月 前
Jae - 2 个月 前
What makes these players world class is how effortless they make it look... I think that’s the main difference between top tier and lower league tables ...
Leon puggy
Leon puggy - 2 个月 前
Son heung min
Kim Maragh
Kim Maragh - 2 个月 前
Kane second vs Leicester
Amanda Casey
Amanda Casey - 2 个月 前
son scored the best goal
Di Star
Di Star - 2 个月 前
East & west son is Best love u korean player asian player love u from mt everest country
Samatar Xasan
Samatar Xasan - 2 个月 前
Lombardo Coli
Lombardo Coli - 2 个月 前
𝒪𝓃𝑒 𝒪𝒻 𝒪𝓊𝓇 𝒪𝓌𝓃
Ross Yi
Ross Yi - 2 个月 前
Emilyrose - 2 个月 前
Son and Kane Are Top Spear of EPL