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Reverse videos
Reverse videos - 5 小时 前
I felt soo bad when Ben was like: is this because I ate all the ice cream? 😞
Jodie Hughes
Jodie Hughes - 6 小时 前
When your the third wheel 😂
Nathalie Clapisson
Nathalie Clapisson - 7 小时 前
Are you and Ben a thing
Fatema Shiyaji
Fatema Shiyaji - 9 小时 前
Lexi's laugh creeps me out
Raya Krass
Raya Krass - 10 小时 前
I think the first one didn’t work because they used instant snow
Mason Ginter
Mason Ginter - 10 小时 前
Try and cap the bottle
Lil M & Lil C
Lil M & Lil C - 10 小时 前
for the first one it isn't baking soda it's instant snow and they just added salt for the hell of it
Dequadrick Wright
Dequadrick Wright - 12 小时 前
sophia huang
sophia huang - 16 小时 前
The pickle and Cheetos Tastes good
Me: I hate pickles 🤢🤮
Kendall Zoë
Kendall Zoë - 18 小时 前
I ate popcorn when you did the popcorn thing
Kelley Bashirian
Kelley Bashirian - 19 小时 前
My sister discovered a good article to grab fans by searching for " *yadakjoo team* " and it was easy to use.🙀
Enjoy it!.🤤
Allie Wilson
Allie Wilson - 21 小时 前
The water bottle flip is fake I just tried it and it didn’t work for me
Sophie Pilecki
Sophie Pilecki - 22 小时 前
She really be lisping tho 😂😂😂😂
Hi 3lephantS
Hi 3lephantS - 天 前
1:00 im pretty sure in the Tik tok they used like one of the instant snow stuff
Coño Lopes
Coño Lopes - 天 前
Lily Clark
Lily Clark - 天 前
love ur vids!
vilasini ,
vilasini , - 天 前
Why is Brent always serious in Lexi's videos
Julio Cardona
Julio Cardona - 天 前
Lexi why don't you do a tour to your house
Ben Fitness
Ben Fitness - 天 前
in New zealand we dont have cheetos 1 like = R.I.P
XxGalaxy WolfXx
XxGalaxy WolfXx - 天 前
Brent's best friend is the broom😂
Bella Toscano
Bella Toscano - 天 前
I tried the pickle hack it is so goooood I could not even believe it 🙊
Jeff Cosmey
Jeff Cosmey - 天 前
Lexi is so funny
Dixie Levengood
Dixie Levengood - 天 前
good job lexi
Ann Dixon
Ann Dixon - 天 前
But her mom is always so strict
Matt Cheng
Matt Cheng - 天 前
I tried the bottle flip but it did not work for me
Taso Ivaneishvili
Taso Ivaneishvili - 天 前
Adrian Villa
Adrian Villa - 天 前
you can the broom one any day
Nicola Martin
Nicola Martin - 天 前
My favourite animal is a 🐘and a 🐨
Delaney Reynolds
Delaney Reynolds - 天 前
Tell Andrew he's single so I'll take him I'm 21
meeah lanah
meeah lanah - 天 前
In the first video they used instant snow
Anastasiia Stepanova
you said Brent but meant Ben
* SYED ZAID * - 天 前
Try capping the water bottle with the salt
adionna celine Venus
The powder from any diaper
Muneera Addaani
Muneera Addaani - 2 天 前
😋 great 👍
bai ace tong
bai ace tong - 2 天 前
The 1st one they use instant snow
Zeneb Elshora
Zeneb Elshora - 2 天 前
Monty Hall
Monty Hall - 2 天 前
your hot
Ministreem - 2 天 前
I love you!!! Your vids are so good same with brent
Jessie Lim
Jessie Lim - 2 天 前
It's a chinese thing
Preston Burrows
Preston Burrows - 2 天 前
I just want to tell you one time my brother told me that same thing about it's the only day a brom stand up and we tried it and it worked
jacky explores the world
Jayden Wagner
Jayden Wagner - 2 天 前
Yeah that’s really cool!Inlove the popcorn one that’s my fave one
Alyssa Hunter
Alyssa Hunter - 2 天 前
I love tik tok but you used the wrong thing in the first one you were supposed to use instant snow
isobel airey
isobel airey - 2 天 前
The definition of life hacks: A way of making life easier and making lazy people look good!😌
Jayden Chan
Jayden Chan - 2 天 前
When u pranked is for the gas station one u should’ve done it today
Roblox Sis & Bro
Roblox Sis & Bro - 2 天 前
Roblox Sis & Bro
Roblox Sis & Bro - 2 天 前
Roblox Sis & Bro
Roblox Sis & Bro - 2 天 前
Since it is April Fools Day I pranked my brothers and dad(I WAS A CLOWN!)
Deandra Denny
Deandra Denny - 2 天 前
U pretend that ur not feeling well then after sometime pass out like u faint
袁嘉欣 - 2 天 前
The Costy and Bunny Show
Lyssa D36R
Lyssa D36R - 2 天 前
When lexi said "im over you" to ben, then ben said "why" Lexi should have said "bc you fart to much" bc we all know ben has a farting problem!!
Lanny Sod
Lanny Sod - 2 天 前
I tried the salt in the water bottle trick and it didn’t work
Sydney Jacobson
Sydney Jacobson - 2 天 前
i do the broom one all the time
Sydney Jacobson
Sydney Jacobson - 2 天 前
you can stand a broom up any day you just need to get it to balance
Lily_ Crumbs OwO
Lily_ Crumbs OwO - 2 天 前
You know why the game snow thing didn’t work because that wasn’t baking soda it was instant snow
Warren Strobel
Warren Strobel - 3 天 前
ALEXA I've been fan ever since I was 2 and I'm 10
Anwita Malladi
Anwita Malladi - 3 天 前
8:10 she did.
JIM BROWN - 3 天 前
Probably 25million years 😂😂🤣🤣
Sharyan Lambert
Sharyan Lambert - 3 天 前
unicorn ameliam
unicorn ameliam - 3 天 前
I love these vids
Moataz Hedfi
Moataz Hedfi - 3 天 前
I love you bb
Syasya218 Agdany
Syasya218 Agdany - 3 天 前
The first life hack you do it wrong
JMB@youtube - 3 天 前
love it
Chloe Thomas
Chloe Thomas - 3 天 前
For the first one they used magic snow
Brant Charman
Brant Charman - 3 天 前
You should try bottle flipping from a long distance
Madalynn Blakely
Madalynn Blakely - 3 天 前
the broom one works any time but the day that this vid it works way easier
Te Waikura Walker
Te Waikura Walker - 3 天 前
Hi Lexi I'm a Bing fan I love you so much I m from new Zealand
Te Waikura Walker
Te Waikura Walker - 3 天 前
My name is peaches
Andra Carelock
Andra Carelock - 3 天 前
i got a hack for you guys if you wanna meow so you sound like a real cat just put your touge back and say meow sorry i spelled it wrong i'm only seven
CLfam Fan
CLfam Fan - 3 天 前
Who’s phone was pinging
Edit : lol I’m so dumb it was the tick ✔️ ✅ sound when it worked lol
Tom Tunchez III
Tom Tunchez III - 3 天 前
For the first hack you have to use a different salt I don’t remember what it’s called though
KLA Slime
KLA Slime - 3 天 前
I am crazy in love with Andrew
Cheryl McPhearson
Cheryl McPhearson - 3 天 前
I tried the water bottle life hack but it kinda worked if u did it give me a blue thumbs up if u agree
Me Me
Me Me - 3 天 前
I think alexas
:her this kid
Ana Mattinson
Ana Mattinson - 3 天 前
I love Alexa Rivera I think your amazing Alexa
angelica schuyler
angelica schuyler - 3 天 前
sorry andrew
Isabel Mendez
Isabel Mendez - 3 天 前
I love watching you 💌💝
Brock Jourdan
Brock Jourdan - 3 天 前
Shout out to me please
benjamin guest
benjamin guest - 3 天 前
The water bottle flip, when you guys put salt in the water it makes the water heavier.
nisha betri
nisha betri - 3 天 前
Am lexi it turn in to snow not ys