13 Types of Among Us Players

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Who's sus? Who's not? Who's the impostor? What happens when Among Us becomes real life...?
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JianHao Tan
JianHao Tan - 个月 前
Did you guys manage to figure out who was the imposter before the big reveal? 😝
ujmal ghan
ujmal ghan - 6 天 前
I did
salem alhameli
salem alhameli - 7 天 前
Not i
Kian Lance Bernardo
Kian Lance Bernardo - 18 天 前
Prateeksha Anurag
Prateeksha Anurag - 26 天 前
I thought is was Debbie !!!
AmongUs GamerGurls
AmongUs GamerGurls - 26 天 前
Black was sus from beginnigg
Neetu Dhinsa
Neetu Dhinsa - 46 秒 前
I DiD!!!
Man and Pari Patel’s
Man and Pari Patel’s - 22 分钟 前
OoferPlayz Official YT
OoferPlayz Official YT - 32 分钟 前
The end is so sad
OoferPlayz Official YT
OoferPlayz Official YT - 36 分钟 前
8:22 he is kidney is broken
Rhyce Xu
Rhyce Xu - 小时 前
I didn’t now that swipe card is nag and you can sabatoge and close a door the same time
INDYCAR 45 - 2 小时 前
White: calls meeting
Everyone else: WHAT WHAT WHY
BreeLynn_08 - 4 小时 前
Broo Debbie and Grace are sooo pretty no cap 🥰😌💕
Matilda Tham
Matilda Tham - 5 小时 前
I sat two of u guys at HDL hot pot eating and I was really shy I said Should I ask for a picture but I was too shy sorry but plzz reply this
aiman danial
aiman danial - 5 小时 前
I hate Orange 😡
Par Mah
Par Mah - 6 小时 前
Jesus Pina
Jesus Pina - 6 小时 前
Sometimes i am the impostor and i kill everyone and i win
TheLastPlays - 6 小时 前
Ridwan is hacking, you cant sabotage doors and then sabotage reactor/o2
Kattie Fuentes Rivera
Kattie Fuentes Rivera - 6 小时 前
Umm I don’t wanna be a hate comment but in a scene debbie said “ how do you vent like orange” and in a other scene debbie said “ oh wait I was someone vent I think it was orange NO red NO.... it I even say I was color blind” sorry if I sound rude but I just don’t understand it?..
Cloudy - 6 小时 前
I love this Vid a lot
Armando Ayala
Armando Ayala - 7 小时 前
How brown is dead
Lynn games sin
Lynn games sin - 7 小时 前
You record a tiktok of the part that black says who is the imposter
Muhammed Isaa
Muhammed Isaa - 9 小时 前
譚承軒coi - 10 小时 前
Poor dan
Hongsope Pentagon
Hongsope Pentagon - 10 小时 前
Red and black is the best imposter
「 Reta x Peppa 」
「 Reta x Peppa 」 - 10 小时 前
If you guys don't know yet if you sabotage you can't lock the doors:) but it's ok
Vivi Oppi
Vivi Oppi - 10 小时 前
In among us who are inside
Jayce Sawka
Jayce Sawka - 10 小时 前
Yeah black
Vivi Oppi
Vivi Oppi - 10 小时 前
JianHao Tan can you please teach me how to use the among us , because I want to play
Apple Gamer
Apple Gamer - 11 小时 前
Am i the only one who realised that Dan came out of nowhere after Kevin asked if the wanted to try the other map
Markus Izar Martinez
Markus Izar Martinez - 11 小时 前
I like the way like there ghost but orange is mad of brown and blue last time blue mad and now there happy now that's mad suspect like among us like red la ways suspect yeah that's the way
Nitya Agarwal
Nitya Agarwal - 11 小时 前
The outro sounds so cool at 1.75x
Baj noor
Baj noor - 11 小时 前
Vincent be quite fall guys is the best game and btw love the vids
Swify - 11 小时 前
Not to hate but they should figured out that black(Ridhwan)was the imposter after blue (Pei Shei) was found that she was not impostor
Kind Of Twins
Kind Of Twins - 12 小时 前
I have a question why was he doing admin swipe in navigation
Gohan fighting Squad
Gohan fighting Squad - 12 小时 前
Red is sus again
inday borlan
inday borlan - 12 小时 前
wait ;-; how can grace watch the CCTV if she dead ;-;
Student-Kiara Ikeda
Student-Kiara Ikeda - 12 小时 前
11:20 is so dramatic UwU i love it
My Singing Vids
My Singing Vids - 13 小时 前
I hate Kevin🤮🤮🤮
SoSo Socialist
SoSo Socialist - 14 小时 前
Jean Saluta
Jean Saluta - 14 小时 前
The imposter is trying to kill us because they will win but if they got caught then crewmates win
Claude speed
Claude speed - 15 小时 前
4:32 YeAh I JuSt doNt LiKe HiS FacE YoU KnOw
Mxth Lazar
Mxth Lazar - 15 小时 前
I swear ads come when something excited about to come
ovin wijesinge
ovin wijesinge - 16 小时 前
Who else does not like people that always complains about tasks I hate it like if you hate
Dima Bayar
Dima Bayar - 17 小时 前
I want Denise
Eduardo Cervera
Eduardo Cervera - 17 小时 前
I’m a kid and you say stopid
Xxgamerdude2020 Donley
Xxgamerdude2020 Donley - 17 小时 前
1:24 hahahahaha
Megan Burns
Megan Burns - 17 小时 前
11:07 top 1 best evil face of all time
Among Crew
Among Crew - 17 小时 前
Wait tasha knows hindi?
Among Crew
Among Crew - 17 小时 前
Is tasha an indian!? 😮
Anuja NJ
Anuja NJ - 18 小时 前
Trev look so funny in that dress when vincent say we vote for brown🤣🤣😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Qin Taoying
Qin Taoying - 18 小时 前
11:03 who just saw Vincent chillin
Darren Lim
Darren Lim - 18 小时 前
Debbie said Vince vented but then she said she was color blind🙄🙄🙄
Ranu Tambi
Ranu Tambi - 18 小时 前
Tasha looks like Indian
Tyrone Tan
Tyrone Tan - 18 小时 前
Pls play with my room name is JoJo siwa I am a big fans
Why isn’t anyone sus of ridhwan. But Jian hao is a good imposter
Alivia Fat Pui LI
Alivia Fat Pui LI - 19 小时 前
I don't think this game is relable people killing each other voting this game isn't good for us!
blong vue
blong vue - 19 小时 前
Jianhao, how've come Denise and Jasmine don't treat each other like sisters? In a video, I figured out they were twins in a video, I wonder if they still are to this day, or it's a new rule that they aren't sisters?
Hasif Roy
Hasif Roy - 19 小时 前
I like fall guys better....
Xhilsime Beciri
Xhilsime Beciri - 19 小时 前
Reuben Tan
Reuben Tan - 20 小时 前
13:12 why that man is there in fall guys???
Beatrice Richelyn Setiawan
Beatrice Richelyn Setiawan - 20 小时 前
this is what happens if me n da bois play together in the game
LAU LAI HIM劉禮謙 - 20 小时 前
I knew it was Hao Cause He didnt do tasks
11:34 plot twist
the Santana bunch
the Santana bunch - 21 小时 前
The detective is in accurate
Vidushi Pandey
Vidushi Pandey - 22 小时 前
Sierra is so pretty❤️🌸
Edit was I the only one who wanted to cry when red killed yellow :(
Renegade Wolf
Renegade Wolf - 22 小时 前
Oh and actually we do get “get animals” and we technically can “farm”
Daniel Arcinas
Daniel Arcinas - 23 小时 前
poor fall guys
ItzGreenBox - 23 小时 前
youssef blrarbiya
youssef blrarbiya - 天 前
who things that debbie looks like sana from twice
Nelson vlogs Ung
Nelson vlogs Ung - 天 前
Purple the only contact we have all electrical stuff
maxmel17 - 天 前
kingcooke76 - 天 前


EVAN - 天 前
What so funny black 6:42
Avery’s Universe
Avery’s Universe - 天 前
I feel like Debbie’s taller than you
Kawaii Ace
Kawaii Ace - 天 前
Someone tell Debbie that the Imposter is an Alien that went on the ship and wants to kill the crewmates
I loved seiraa
Purple is soo cute what's her name and what's her YouTube channel while orange called a meeting in among us she was cutee
Mali Martinez
Mali Martinez - 天 前
2:10 poor Debbie.dont worry Debbie I didn’t know how to vent too when I was imposter
weird kid on the internet
I love how Kevin was swiping card in navigation
Diegojuan Rosario
Diegojuan Rosario - 天 前
If card swipe is not in there task list then how did we see yellow do it
刘志鹏 - 天 前
Can you teech me to play among
Addison Fryer
Addison Fryer - 天 前
Since when was the swipe card in navigation!?
Corazon Vanta
Corazon Vanta - 天 前
Did anybody just saw that Kevin was swiping card and he was doing it at nav and swiping card is supposed to be in Admin?
Haasini Kandalam
Haasini Kandalam - 天 前
I thought it was Debbie and Hao...😇
jasmine chow
jasmine chow - 天 前
Don’t treat me like a hate comment but if Debbie is colour blind, how did she know orange vented?
Denisse Baltierra
Denisse Baltierra - 天 前
Red and black were the impostor
Anders Liang
Anders Liang - 天 前
hey why does orange play like this like blaming others u will make some people sus of u and vote u out lol
Diego Lachica
Diego Lachica - 天 前
Dude that ending tho XD XD XD
Please don’t fight
Neelam Aswal
Neelam Aswal - 天 前
At the purple ejection, red was sus cuz he was taking the topic to another level.. and at the blue one, black was sus cuz he was the only one excluding blue there
Yoshito Kiyama
Yoshito Kiyama - 天 前
Woah woah why didn’t Sasha call a emergency meeting!?
Aarav Kale
Aarav Kale - 天 前
Jaiditya Khurana
Jaiditya Khurana - 天 前
Is Tasha from india
Fredirick De Chavez
you cant close doors in navigation?
Gamer girl Angel
Gamer girl Angel - 天 前
Imagine if their child see this vid.
Talia Chamseddine
Talia Chamseddine - 天 前
I can’t believe you guys did not vote off black he was being so sus also How old did you not know that it was red Omai God
unicorn VS Sparkle
unicorn VS Sparkle - 天 前
I hate orange
Gene lachlan Ramos
Gene lachlan Ramos - 天 前
Kevin is the right side and crew was in the left so it is yellow in the game
꧁༺ BLINK༻꧂
꧁༺ BLINK༻꧂ - 天 前
Awesome 😍
Debolina Das
Debolina Das - 天 前
But when I saw jianhaos mobile there was no option of kill or sabotage so I did not understand how was he the imposter
SDV 26
SDV 26 - 天 前
I Like How It Take 1 Min To Kill Kevin
Jisha Johnson
Jisha Johnson - 天 前
If Debbie cannot see colours when she saw in security, then how did she see orange (a.k.a vincent)? No sense🤷
Sharda Kalia
Sharda Kalia - 天 前
What is sus pls
Maxine Viktoria Aguirre
sus means suspicious
Maria Katsoufi
Maria Katsoufi - 天 前
Fun fact:
In 3:17 we can see jianhaos phone, and his name is not red as it should, because he is the impostor
yeetvvx17 ci
yeetvvx17 ci - 天 前
i really want part 2 ;-; this is so gooood