[1047] An Amazon Scam: The Mofut Key Lock Box

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LockPickingLawyer - 个月 前
To be clear, I’m not suggesting that Amazon is complicit in this review-buying nonsense. To the contrary, it seems to violate Amazon’s rules. As best as I can tell, this is the product of an unethical third-party seller.
Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted - 26 天 前
@soundspark there are soo many crappy locks of the same design
soundspark - 26 天 前
@Hoof Hearted It appears that specific listing has been taken down, but a model that hangs on a doorknob is still available.
Hoof Hearted
Hoof Hearted - 26 天 前
You're 100% accurate. It's a 3rd party seller and they are in violation of Amazon's terms of service. Their account will be suspended once amazon finds out.
soundspark - 29 天 前
Right now they are distracted with coronavirus scams.
Charles Szasz
Charles Szasz - 个月 前
@Deathly Shadow they dont make any
Nicolai Rax
Nicolai Rax - 13 小时 前
Locked cabinet at area 51:
LPL: This is the lock picking lawyer and today I have a little gem of a lock
Will Smith
Will Smith - 15 小时 前
Mofut? Is that a Silence Of The Lambs reference?
Capuno - 19 小时 前
Amazon actually rewards scammers for some reason, if you don't believe me, try reporting some of those 10000 petabyte usb scams and you will see.
Michael and Brytany Jordan
Michael and Brytany Jordan - 23 小时 前
I recieved a similar offer on a very nice product (not a lock) and followed through and got paid. It was badass and the product was deserving of the 5 stars anyway so free $ for me. It is unethical, but because of the wording I don't think illegal.
Its Yabuoi
Its Yabuoi - 天 前
This is the best magic trick i've ever seen
6yjjk - 天 前
You know you suck when a lawyer has a problem with your ethics :D
SarifZee - 天 前
Time Traveler • 87 years ago
Keep on creating amazon accounts, buy the lock, give it a five star review, return the lock, change review to one star. Unlimited money glitch unpatched Earth Version 2020.
Marcel Cabrera
Marcel Cabrera - 3 天 前
I love this guy!! Seriously I wish he was my uncle or something!!
DrgnMstrAlex - 6 天 前
You've Tried the best, now try the Rest. Spacers Choice.
-From the game "The Outer Worlds"
Isabelle R
Isabelle R - 7 天 前
Am I the only one wondering what locks he uses
entereloaded - 11 天 前
I am 100% sure he uses a mirror to look at the combination!!!!1!1!!11!!1!!!eleven
Brittany C
Brittany C - 13 天 前
The same thing happened to me! I order "100% PURE Aloe Juice Liquid "& It was distilled water. I wanted to make a review but the seller pulled the product. I ranted on a youtube upload to make myself feel better. Yes, I tried to get a refund. Yes, I'm that petty lol. That $23 could of been used for TP & handsantizer! lmaoo
Mark Zaikov
Mark Zaikov - 13 天 前
A lock being an Amazon's choice is like asking for trouble.
Max Rodriguez
Max Rodriguez - 16 天 前
Can we even call this a lock
Mika Hakinen
Mika Hakinen - 17 天 前
It is time to report this to Amazon!
John Obmar
John Obmar - 19 天 前
These kind of lock boxes all work the same, look the same, and made of the same parts.
They all use the exact same number wheels.
So I guess they are all same bad as the other ones.
The average buyer doesn't know anything about locks.
It's all about looks and feelzzz.
twisted dome
twisted dome - 19 天 前
Scam there literally selling you a lock so some one can brake into your house with it.
noodled - 21 天 前
So you can get the gift card then return the lock?
Sam Patt
Sam Patt - 26 天 前
I bought one to have a look and I'm sure a swift smack with a hammer would open it too. Oh they have stopped including the Amazon voucher. This item will also be returned :P
kelele - 个月 前
The biggest mistake this company did wasn't the product review scam but making locks.
D T - 个月 前
I guess if this was used in an area wherein full view of neighbors you trust....or nosy neighbors...if they saw someone messing with your door...
Sathish Neelakandan
Sathish Neelakandan - 个月 前
This is like lock picking of locks on the outside
N Baua
N Baua - 个月 前
Guys you have to understand, Jeff went for a heavy divorce settlement.. some how he needs to compensate that..you know....fu#king corporate bullies
p0ld3 - 个月 前
I will rate it five stars spend it wait till i get the 10$ of items get them and edit it to 1 star
Madwizard145 - 个月 前
did anyone else expect him to open an amazon best selling lock with an amazon gift card?
SideNote - 个月 前
I don't like this guy, he gives me anxiety.
Daniel Lacombe
Daniel Lacombe - 个月 前
The only problem i have with amazon. About a month ago i opened a amazon account and bought a amazon gift card for $100. I ordered some movies using the gift card and waited for my packages which arrived within 14 days. 2 day after receiving my packages my amazon account as hacked and now can't get on my account. Called amazon they said that technical services will get in touch with me to solve the issue. That was a month ago still can't access my account that has $17.30 balance on it. Never will use amazon ever again.
Von Musklaus
Von Musklaus - 个月 前
Seems nothing is a secure product in this dude's hands. Lol
juiced71 - 个月 前
Yeah that’s some real BS stuff !bet your ass they are getting a nice kickback!
You make it look easy
thomasthemtman - 个月 前
To be clear... the entirety of Amagon is a scam
Once humanity is dependent on online orders just wait and see what happens if that system crashes for one day...
Pure pandemonium!!!
And that’s what they want absolute dependence, and unending servitude to the dollar and the debt it creates
vanhende - 个月 前
that is some skummy shit!
i mean wow..
Video News
Video News - 个月 前
Ok Great LPL, what is the most secure lock box?
TERRORoftheLORD - 个月 前
Wow . . . Just wow . . .
Shady - 个月 前
Amazon be coping pornhub's color way
nunyu buz
nunyu buz - 个月 前
sofar i have seen nothing worth buying to protect my stuff. thank for making that clear i guess.
LoveIsLovely - 个月 前
Michael Linner
Michael Linner - 个月 前
Wait what? A gigantic mega-corp behaving unethically with no regard for the populace at large? Can it really be true?
AgentOrange96 - 个月 前
I wonder if you can use the Amazon card to open the box.
David S
David S - 个月 前
You crack me up every time. You're so fast. Great work.
Austin Cates
Austin Cates - 个月 前
This is VERY common on Amazon. If you don't get such "review buying" directly in the packaging, the company will email you similar guidelines for purchasing your support. I've received probably 50x of these types of offers from products. It's especially common from Chinese retailers. Some will say "IF you think there product is worthy" do this.... But some outright just want to purchase your stars. Most of these should be reported to Amazon.
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou - 个月 前
2020: 322
DDT DDT - 个月 前
When will we have a “LPL’s choice” at least we could go for those products that are -less worse- in each category. I’m looking for a key lock box and can’t see to find all those that were reviewed to chose the less worse item
Struggling woodie
Struggling woodie - 个月 前
What key blank fits the back of a master combination lock the combination lock not a padlock even though it is a padlock it’s a combination best padlock with a key override on the back
name name
name name - 个月 前
Lol ooops betcha didnt think a lawyer with a penchant for honest lock reviews would pick this little gem up.
sam frankss
sam frankss - 个月 前
from what I saw my 12 OZ ball peen hammer would have had that open faster then you picking it. of course if you can pick that lock there is a very good chance the person could pick the lock on the home.
Dizzle - 个月 前
Ha, I just the notification.
David Stoyanoff
David Stoyanoff - 个月 前
My father used to say that locks would meant to keep the honest people out. If a crook wants to get in bad enough he will find a way.
Anonymous - 个月 前
Happens all the time, most Amazon reviews are fake
Anonymous - 个月 前
@Waldherz FeuerClan sure sure
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan - 个月 前
Most is way to much. Yes there are a lot of those, but most arent fake. Otherwise amazon would no longer exist. Or at least not be in the situation that they are in: Aka very well doing.
RealtreeRebel Forever
RealtreeRebel Forever - 个月 前
We have a local car dealer that does a similar thing. They enter you in a contest to win $1k if you leave a 5 star review.
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan - 个月 前
Why would you write a review to enter a contest to get a small chance to maybe win some money. Thats actualy just stupid
V's Reef
V's Reef - 个月 前
Mofut when seeing the thumbnail.
*Sweating profusely*
Jason Ancell
Jason Ancell - 个月 前
You should stop making this kind of content
Rip - 个月 前
Can you say review bomb?
Guy - 个月 前
Shady practice... Destroys the whole purpose of the rating system.
SamLosco - 个月 前
This is why I avoid Amazon now. It's so full of utter garbage that it's too hard to try and kind something decent.
Christian Turner
Christian Turner - 个月 前
I saw this so I called amazon about it and they submitted a feedback and are going to conduct an investigation about this product, also told them how easily it can be shimmed
GamerOxi - 个月 前
EnergeticWaves - 个月 前
So what is there you can trust on this planet. I have not found anything in many decades.
Martin Caidin
Martin Caidin - 个月 前
Police Officers everywhere,

Don't bother putting this man in handcuffs.
Paul Blitz
Paul Blitz - 个月 前
On Amazon.co.uk, there's a question about this product "If I forget the code and can not get it anymore, can someone help me?". The first answer comments that it can be picked in 20 seconds.... and points at THIS VIDEO!!!!
Amber - 个月 前
Tbh if you want to buy from Amazon, don't buy from 3rd party sellers. Click on 'other seller' and choose amazon (if that option is available), especially children toys and food, where scam could lead to serious problems. Amazon doesn't care if you buy from someone else and got scammed, but they have to if you buy from them.
Austin Ziegenfuss
Austin Ziegenfuss - 个月 前
Trust me, Amazons choice is a scam. Its given all too often to the worst products. It's a robot doing it and so it is very misleading as Amazon tests none of these products before the badge goes live on the products.
cvcoco - 个月 前
And the scam looks like it comes from amazon too. How can people trust ANYTHING from amazon in the future? No wonder mediocre products Ive bought have rave reviews. Dirty swine.
Nicholas L
Nicholas L - 个月 前
Report them to Amazon and appropriate authorities.
zondaintheair - 个月 前
The key to success lies in the pursuit of happiness.
Deep hug
Deep hug - 个月 前
Unfair methods of competition unlawful; prevention by Commission
Belias Phyre
Belias Phyre - 个月 前
I was not paid to leave this comment.
Deep hug
Deep hug - 个月 前
SolidGreenDay - 个月 前
Crosstour and their cameras also do this. They offer full rebate if you give them a 5 star review. They only email the customer and not actually give them a physical card, then they send it via PayPal.
Honey? Where's my super suit?
He spent more time scrambling the code than unlocking it. lmao
Sebastian Bernat
Sebastian Bernat - 个月 前
Im always amazed how much knowledge u have about all that stuff , wish to have at least half of it cause it may come usefull sometimes
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan - 个月 前
I mean its very likely his current job or was his job to do this. You could learn it yourself
Forrest Cornell
Forrest Cornell - 个月 前
You should have a playlist of “good” products.
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan - 个月 前
The longer his videos the better the products. More or less
P.O. - 个月 前
Unsavoury corp greed.

steve martin
steve martin - 个月 前
Amazon picked ,LPL picked.....consumers will not PICK.
Paul B
Paul B - 个月 前
As always... you kick butt 👍👍👍
silver watcher
silver watcher - 个月 前
3rd party companies send me items to review for free for a 5star review, I always send items back. Unless it's a free apple watch products. kept my new fancy watch and it's a 5star review muahahaha. Amazon is crooked A to Z.
Waldherz FeuerClan
Waldherz FeuerClan - 个月 前
If its their product its not a 3rd party though...
Derek Dodson
Derek Dodson - 个月 前
I don't think anyone in thier right mind would call Amazon 'Ethical' wether complicit or not.
Charming nowhere to hide
"I'm going to take this shim of metal... that Bosnian Bill and I cut" is what I actually expected to hear for some reason...
David Ferguson
David Ferguson - 个月 前
It is amazing that I got a card identical to that one for $15 in another product, not a lock.
Charming nowhere to hide
How to have your cake and eat it too: do all the bribery nonsense and use the $10 on something nice, THEN disclose the bribery. You got ur $10, and you're bringing down the