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hi, I’m Charli and my life is kinda crazy

Charli in NYC with Jordan Matter
Charli in NYC with Jordan Matter
个月 前
Hi Guys, I have been a fan of Jordan Matter and his amazing photographs of dancers since my mom got me a copy of Dancers Among Us when I was 8 years old. You can imagine how I excited I was when my new friend and photographer Jake Doolittle introduced me to Jordan and then we ended up collaborating on a 10 Minute Photo Challenge with Lilly K of Dance Moms! We ended up doing TikTok dares and I taught Jordan a few TikTok dances, too. Jordan is so much fun and full of energy as you’ll see when you watch this behind the scenes video of our day together. But then you HAVE to go and watch the full video over on Jordan’s channel! Follow us on TikTok: Me: @charlidamelio Jordan: @realjordanmatter Lilly: @therealLillyK Jake: @jjakedoolittle Subscribe to us on CNcard: Me: Jordan: Lilly: Jake: Follow us on Instagram: Me: Jordan: Lilly: Jake: Video by Jake Doolittle with additional footage by Sandy Chase Music licensed through
My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio
My Friends and I Crashed the Santa Monica Pier with Jordan Matter | Charli D’Amelio
10 天 前
Famous dance photographer Jordan Matter and my friends Addison Easterling, Ondreaz Lopez, Tony Lopez, Michael Le and Tayler Holder had a blast on the Santa Monica Pier. We danced, ‘Renegaded’ and took so many amazing pictures and I can’t wait to show you how they turned out! Love, charli DID YOU KNOW: Jalaiah Harmon was the original choreographer of the Renegade dance! Follow Her: TikTok: Instagram: SUBSCRIBE AND HIT NOTIFICATIONS: See our new video on Jordan’s channel: Follow me on TikTok: Instagram: Twitter: Snap: damelioc FOLLOW EVERYONE TikTok: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Michael: Tayler: Instagram: Jordan: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Michael: Tayler: CNcard: Jordan: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Michael: Tayler: Twitter: Jordan: Addison: Ondreaz: Tony: Tayler: Video by Sandy Chase Business Inquiries: [email protected] Music licensed through Sandy Chase 706815
what happened at my meet & greet
what happened at my meet & greet
3 个月 前
Hi guys, Getting to see the people that got me to where I am and the people that care about me no matter what was an experience like no other. The entire day was filled with so many smiles and hugs! I had a truly amazing and unforgettable day. If you have a moment, please check out the amazing charities below Love, charli Music used in video
Debby - 12 分钟 前
Make flogs please
best Tiktok videos
best Tiktok videos - 14 分钟 前
every like I write "Charil" !! 😃 TeamCharil💪🏼
Abuk Pager
Abuk Pager - 15 分钟 前
I just came from ZHK channel and ur phone is so cool
Nikoleta Atanasova
Nikoleta Atanasova - 19 分钟 前
I love you charly😘😘❣❣❣❣💘💘❤💝💝😍😍🥰🔒🔒
Jimena SGM
Jimena SGM - 25 分钟 前
Te amo
crizi slaim
crizi slaim - 27 分钟 前
חולה אליך⁦❤️⁩
Erica ღ
Erica ღ - 30 分钟 前
obviously on the cover of the video, Tony is leaning on Addison😏
Kostantina Tsoka
Kostantina Tsoka - 31 分钟 前
Charlie is my favourite tik toker
Inma Rubiales
Inma Rubiales - 31 分钟 前
What do you live charli
Karima Ousalah
Karima Ousalah - 31 分钟 前
I love you Charlie
Sreedevi Somasundaram
Sreedevi Somasundaram - 33 分钟 前
Charli D'amelio : Going backwards moving her body in many positions Me : Can't even move from the hall to the kitchen to take a snack
Natalie Forever
Natalie Forever - 35 分钟 前
Who came here from TikTok? 😂
Japeach K
Japeach K - 36 分钟 前
Wait this only has 85k views and it has been 10 hours since she posted this in that much time her tiktoks get like more than 1 million views
Jona Rexhepi
Jona Rexhepi - 36 分钟 前
Loveeee youuu❤️❤️❤️
Luxury J
Luxury J - 38 分钟 前
Her feet are going to be so crusty
Cookiebunch M
Cookiebunch M - 41 分钟 前
I feel sorry people are starting to hate you because you got into a fight But don’t worry I’m on your team don’t give up !!!!!
Mya Wade
Mya Wade - 42 分钟 前
Are you doin a meet and greet in Leeds
The Granny Show
The Granny Show - 42 分钟 前
Please can you do tiktok dance on how to do them !! Please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Bambii_thinks - 43 分钟 前
Still a thief
AgentChicken H
AgentChicken H - 47 分钟 前
Wait is he tall or is she short I’m confused
Wari - 47 分钟 前
We love you Charli 💗💗
malek elarja
malek elarja - 51 分钟 前
Opload one with zhc
Marisa Pitarresi
Marisa Pitarresi - 53 分钟 前
this looks so much fun too bad i don’t live in california or know any photographers😭
emma loves Noris nuts Noris nuts
emma loves Noris nuts Noris nuts - 57 分钟 前
I was at the meet and greet
Syifa Renita
Syifa Renita - 小时 前
addisonn baikk bangetttt Subhanallah
lana Pacaj
lana Pacaj - 小时 前
You have 1milon subscribers.
Bissou stars
Bissou stars - 小时 前
هل من عربي؟؟؟؟
Jassim Allphones
Jassim Allphones - 小时 前
S● - 小时 前
I'm just waiting to see her turn around in those leggins.
Karina Pomîrleanu
Karina Pomîrleanu - 小时 前
I love itt
ASGl ASGl - 小时 前
Anzorro - 小时 前
Wow this was a while ago. ❤
Qadija Hashim
Qadija Hashim - 小时 前
Omggg your so beutiful
Mrs. Hannah
Mrs. Hannah - 小时 前
Your Videos are so cool
babybabykids - 小时 前
I love u 😊
sophia Lea
sophia Lea - 小时 前
Follow me on tik tok my name is paulea7 please follow me
Mira Amir
Mira Amir - 小时 前
Charli I love u can u make a meet and great in Dubai, Dubai is amazing trust me u will love it
_lXl_Roblox_lXl_ XxX
_lXl_Roblox_lXl_ XxX - 小时 前
Me: seeing the notification about charli’s new vid, thinking it’s a random CNcard thing, realising it’s not. Then checking again. Also me: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
MynameSofia - 小时 前
Potatatisen yt
Potatatisen yt - 小时 前
Whos here from lazerbeam
Anna Kotsaimani
Anna Kotsaimani - 小时 前
I love you Charli plz follow me tik tok my name is @lydiastar
Rain Fernandez
Rain Fernandez - 小时 前
Notice me im early im a super fan ilove you charli plss notice me
ElinaAlizadeh123456Roblox - 小时 前
supermum07 - 小时 前
No one: I am not joking no one CHARLI: renegade renegade renegade
Madison De la hoz
Madison De la hoz - 小时 前
Anna Kotsaimani
Anna Kotsaimani - 小时 前
I love you Charli plz follow me tik tok my name is lydiastar
Ines Berwaerts
Ines Berwaerts - 小时 前
charli when are you going to bring your clothes out because i really can't wait or have you already released them ??
Pheebs D
Pheebs D - 小时 前
Thats amazing
ツKeano - 小时 前
Nice video ❤️🔥
Gabry anthe
Gabry anthe - 小时 前
@charli d'amelio 💜💜💜💜
EAEK 123
EAEK 123 - 小时 前
OMG you are the best person to look up to ever !!! ❤️❤️❤️
xristina papabopoulou
xristina papabopoulou - 小时 前
Adriana Pistrui
Adriana Pistrui - 小时 前
, 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Rajan Tiwari
Rajan Tiwari - 小时 前
Lucilla De Cinque
Lucilla De Cinque - 小时 前
Italiani ci siete????🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Aurora Hearts
Aurora Hearts - 小时 前
9:52 Charli Spikehairmelio
Danielle Mans
Danielle Mans - 小时 前
Dear Charli..the chances are you are going to see this are low, but i am still taking the chances. I am a 12 year old girl from South Africa with a goal for 2020 to meet you. As i am writing this i am crying cause evan the thought of you maybe seeing this gets me shaking. You are my biggest role model and it would mean a lot to me if you reply. Love Danielle😊
Lucky Lois Hayes
Lucky Lois Hayes - 小时 前
Omg hi
Dayah Basowah
Dayah Basowah - 小时 前
I love you charli like charli on tiktok and CNcard if you love her also
Esther Lim
Esther Lim - 小时 前
Hi charli 💖💞💕
Inaya IDJ
Inaya IDJ - 小时 前
minecraft biss
minecraft biss - 小时 前
ilysm boo
wiettal - 小时 前
Yesterday my friend was running around the beach screaming PuT sOmE mOrE dOnT bE SHY!! 🤣🤣🤣
leah pimm
leah pimm - 小时 前
I love your tik tok account I would love to meet you you and Addison it's my idols but I live in hill Australian 😥😥😥
Arianna Vai
Arianna Vai - 小时 前
Vanessa Oropeza
Vanessa Oropeza - 小时 前
I bet this vid is going to get a million views lol (maybe more)
Masa perisic
Masa perisic - 2 小时 前
I LOVE YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Blue Moon gacha
Blue Moon gacha - 2 小时 前
I love charli now since I know her more she’s rlly nice
Sophie’s wonderful World 164
Sophie’s wonderful World 164 - 2 小时 前
Hiii charli I love your vids
Oliver Gilhooly
Oliver Gilhooly - 2 小时 前
fuck ur bent
Lediana V
Lediana V - 2 小时 前
hi charli
Bryanna Playz
Bryanna Playz - 2 小时 前
You only have 3 videos and your already over 1 million subscribers! Wow yo it videos are amazing! Your sooo pretty!! And cool!!!! Ekkk!!
piper rockelle
piper rockelle - 2 小时 前
Hi i am enesa i love you soo mutch
piper rockelle
piper rockelle - 2 小时 前
Love you sooo mutch
XXX Julia
XXX Julia - 2 小时 前
Hi charli you are my favorite ❤️😍
V G - 2 小时 前
Jayleen Meza
Jayleen Meza - 2 小时 前
I like ur braids
The Government
The Government - 2 小时 前
1:46 lol her arm is so jacked after doin that thing over and over
Tiffany Giavroutas
Tiffany Giavroutas - 2 小时 前
Ok boomer
Malek Darwish
Malek Darwish - 2 小时 前
The fact you just made a vid with ZHC
Lian LiAn .
Lian LiAn . - 2 小时 前
We want video for your daily routine 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😍🥰❤️ I love you so so much you are beautiful I hope you reply to my comment 🥺🖤
Meloniee plays
Meloniee plays - 2 小时 前
wt heft only 2 months She Gets 1m suBs
Ioana Pantiru
Ioana Pantiru - 2 小时 前
Hi! I'm from Romania! You can follow me, please, on Tik-Tok
Řøbłøx Jēšš
Řøbłøx Jēšš - 2 小时 前
luciana vivanco
luciana vivanco - 2 小时 前
I love Charli d' melio
e c l i p s e
e c l i p s e - 2 小时 前
read charli's description :)
Jayson Olivares
Jayson Olivares - 2 小时 前
Anyone up watch Charlie d amelio late at night
so much fun for kids
so much fun for kids - 2 小时 前
I love you charli
Mia Leová
Mia Leová - 2 小时 前
I love you Charli❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Francesca glijin
Francesca glijin - 2 小时 前
Kayla Galal
Kayla Galal - 2 小时 前
Martine Skogstrand
Martine Skogstrand - 2 小时 前
Charli i love you so fricking much
Helin Gultekin
Helin Gultekin - 2 小时 前
I love you so much charli❤️
Mona Ezzedine
Mona Ezzedine - 2 小时 前
Charli can you put more videos on CNcard please ? I love all of the hype house ❤❤❤❤❤
Krishan Dahal
Krishan Dahal - 2 小时 前
Can you follow me on TikTok I only have 48 followers it’s godxfire plzz
xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :3
xXAbbyAAngelXxYT Le gachatuber :3 - 2 小时 前
Out of 37k comments my comment won’t get pinned or liked.
lilliankaotran - 2 小时 前
charli I ❤️❤️❤️ u so much and u r my idol ❤️❤️❤️ good job charli!
rhyscake - 2 小时 前
Bruh dixie be punching the air rn
Laetitia Allagapen
Laetitia Allagapen - 3 小时 前
Love you Charli
WWE FigureCollecter10
WWE FigureCollecter10 - 3 小时 前
Congratulations on 1 million with only 3 videos! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂🤣😂