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Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]
Nessa Barrett - Pain [Official Music Video]
14 天 前
download/stream 'pain' here: ✰ EXCLUSIVE PAIN MERCH - SHOP BELOW✰ ✰ MY SOCIALS ✰ ⭑ instagram: ⭑ tiktok: ⭑ snapchat: nessaabarrett xoxo, nessa Lyrics: [VERSE 1] You took away my heart and Told me we were different Beautiful with room to grow You left me in the morning Softly without warning How was I supposed to know? [CHORUS] Oh I’m trying Give me a reason To let you go cause Right now I can’t I’m in pain I’m in pain [VERSE 2] And I feel lost with out you Never thought to doubt you Oh, who else is there to blame? So save your best excuses They can’t get me through this Maybe time can, maybe space [CHORUS] Oh I’m trying Give me a reason To let you go cause Right now I can’t I’m in pain I’m in pain [BRIDGE] Should I say I’m sorry? Did I mess it up? All that you got from me Was it not enough? [CHORUS - ALT] I’m in pain I’m in pain You’re to blame I’m in pain
IIvxlvet Bxx
IIvxlvet Bxx - 
What was on the camera mans head while shooting this jskanshbshsbs
blossom bb
blossom bb - 47 秒 前
she has a nice voice, but the camera man needs to sit tf down
Meli Fufu
Meli Fufu - 4 分钟 前
I loved da song you sing vewy good and da song is good other pepole hate you but ur amazing maybe it’s dat u suffer from depression like me xD luv you
Lil Cheya
Lil Cheya - 5 分钟 前
Please don’t let the hate get to you. This is amazing❤️❤️🥺💕💕💕☺️☺️
Sara - 9 分钟 前
Im gonna be honest and say that I hate her cause she's done some really disrespectful things
Musica Quantica
Musica Quantica - 10 分钟 前
cornells - 11 分钟 前
This is beautyfull 🥺❤
Dionna Hall
Dionna Hall - 16 分钟 前
You go girl you are so beautiful and so talented , stay happy baby , and too the haters stop that *s* is over stop just stop leave her alone
Hijabigirl:3 :D
Hijabigirl:3 :D - 17 分钟 前
When you get your first mosquito bite you:IM IN PAIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN
cande lopez
cande lopez - 17 分钟 前
Te amo nessa sos la mejor you are queen
ella gregory
ella gregory - 20 分钟 前
i love this
Meli Fufu
Meli Fufu - 20 分钟 前
Da cameraman was drunk or is dat he had shampoo in his eyes-
Natalie Rodarte
Natalie Rodarte - 20 分钟 前
elle danika
elle danika - 27 分钟 前
Who is this camera man😭😭😭 please someone give me a name
iiHxneyed - 29 分钟 前
Director to cameraman: we must get every angle possible Nessa:😭 Cameraman:🙇🙋💁🙆🙅🤷🤦🧏🧘🧎🧍🚶🏃🤸💃🕺🧑‍🤝‍🧑💪👍👎👏🙌👐🤲🤝🤜🤛✊👊🖐️✋🤚👋🤏👌✌️🤘🤟🤙🤞🖖☝️👆👇👉👈🙏
Liv & Hetty
Liv & Hetty - 32 分钟 前
anyone else kinda getting musically vibes AHAHHAHA
Phoebe Pascoe
Phoebe Pascoe - 38 分钟 前
I honestly don’t like Nessa but I really love the song and her voice. But the camera man! Ugh! Cmon! Seriously dude?
Shylah Johnson
Shylah Johnson - 38 分钟 前
My skin is in paaaiinnnn jkjk I love this nessa keep it up b 💛
Aroldo Pos
Aroldo Pos - 42 分钟 前
Joshua Vickery
Joshua Vickery - 44 分钟 前
She is literally coping Madison beer
Element - 47 分钟 前
her voice and position to sing is amazing dont get me wrong and fucked up, but cmon ness, a better camera man couldve made the “music video” better because they f’d it up but i do like her singing voice ngl
Kanaka - 47 分钟 前
not u trying to copy madison beers video
Fatima savage
Fatima savage - 51 分钟 前
Is it just me or is this song bout josh
Simply reborn Nursery
Simply reborn Nursery - 52 分钟 前
I love this it’s amazing
Hannah bouwman
Hannah bouwman - 55 分钟 前
nessa - I'm in pAiiIiyYInNN the camera man- 🏃🤸🏽‍♀️⛹🏽‍♂️🤾🏼🤺🏃🏃🏃
Hannah bouwman
Hannah bouwman - 57 分钟 前
why is the camera man moving like hes running a marathon with his phone in his back pocket
Andrea N'koko
Andrea N'koko - 59 分钟 前
Lol il est pas très compétent ton camera man hein, il faut changer pour le prochain son
rawan taher
rawan taher - 小时 前
She looks like the next madison beer
Anja Gavric
Anja Gavric - 小时 前
Soo fake
Melina Lara
Melina Lara - 小时 前
Stop it. Get some help
fatine sbai
fatine sbai - 小时 前
when u order madison from wakmart
Butterfly 10
Butterfly 10 - 小时 前
Nessa:im in pain Cameraman:🤸‍♀️💃🕺🏃🤸‍♀️👆👇👈👉
Aslı Aslan
Aslı Aslan - 小时 前
guess that shart was a little too powerful
C J - 小时 前
she looks and sounds NOTHING like madison beer, no comparison at all. The video itself tho is very similar to madisons 'selfish' video, the beginning is her dry and as the song gets more intense it starts to rain and she is wet? She is also sitting in the light when the rest is all dark. It is pretty much the exact same idea.. but again this video is like the Walmart video compared to madisons lol.. sorry just being honest. Her voice is ok tho
katerinaop 2
katerinaop 2 - 小时 前
Nessa: in pAiNnN Camera man:💃🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️🤹🏿‍♂️🕺
flip a clip videos
flip a clip videos - 小时 前
Nessa: 😢 Camera man:🏃‍♂️🕺🙎‍♂️🕺
Julia Rowland
Julia Rowland - 小时 前
Why are some of you making fun of her for releasing a song about how she is feeling? Making memes, comments, videos and more about she's in "pain" like stop, what good is it going to do for anyone? She is talking about her mental health which is a fragile thing if you didn't know. Now I get what she has done in the past and I'm not saying that I supported it, but all of the hate she is getting now is stupid. She accidentally farted, so what?! I am pretty sure you have done the same thing. But please spread love and not hate, people can get really hurt by all of this. Ok rant over, please have a great day, I love all of you. Also I don't want this to come off in a harsh way or to offend someone, I just want everyone to spread love
Hi and I am Trash
Hi and I am Trash - 小时 前
Everyone talking about the camera man , me talking about how she’s literally naked in front of him 😂
Yali_ Edits
Yali_ Edits - 小时 前
You took away my heart and told me we were different Beautiful with room to grow. You left me in the morning softly without warning how was u supposed to know? Oh, I’m trying Give me a reason to let you go cause Right now I can’t, I’m i pain I’m in pain Mm And I feel lost without you Never thought to doubt you Oh, who else is there to blame? So save your best excuses They can’t get through this maybe time can, maybe space Oh I’m trying Give me a reason To let you go cause Right now, I can’t I’m in pain I’m in pain Should I say I’m sorry? Did I mess it up? All that you got from me was it not enough? I’m in pain I’m in pain Your to blame I’m in pain
Paula Fernanda Leonardi Costa
Paula Fernanda Leonardi Costa - 小时 前
Tem gente q fala q ela não canta bem...Ela é pft
NaKayla Silvey
NaKayla Silvey - 小时 前
i feel your pain nessa <3 stay strong
Dia Jakupaj
Dia Jakupaj - 小时 前
NESSA:💔😔 CAMERA MAN:💃🏽🕺🏽🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽
Finn Burkhart
Finn Burkhart - 小时 前
I’m in Spain
Mia Louise
Mia Louise - 小时 前
IM IN paiiiuuuyyyyyytttrwaaasiiiiaaaannn
iibllushinqii - 小时 前
Even Dixies video was better than this-
Layla De Smedt
Layla De Smedt - 小时 前
Everyone is hating on the camera man but i kinda like the way it’s filmed, it matches the vibe of the song 🤷🏽‍♀️
Gabbi - 小时 前
Ngl kinda basic, nothing really stands out..
a s h
a s h - 小时 前
Whoever hold the camera , sucks like the hell is this ? Going back and fourth?
mariam warsama
mariam warsama - 小时 前
This is amazing
Simply cherry !
Simply cherry ! - 小时 前
She kinda sounds like Billie Eilish like what the heck
Lejla tf
Lejla tf - 小时 前
pls listen to the slowed down version of this i swear u won't regret it.
Jada Tutt
Jada Tutt - 2 小时 前
Summer Sylva!
Summer Sylva! - 2 小时 前
this camera man is so bad
Tik Tok Gal 12
Tik Tok Gal 12 - 2 小时 前
Well done nessa
Iviwe Kawa
Iviwe Kawa - 2 小时 前
The fact that maddison beers song is next lmao💀💀
Clare Gardner
Clare Gardner - 2 小时 前
i don't know nessa that well but I do know that sh e has an AMAZING voise and should sing for life WITH OUT any flipping HATE you go gurl
its Renee
its Renee - 2 小时 前
I just think that this is absolute gorgeous
Khloe M
Khloe M - 2 小时 前
i love this 😘💖
jarpad ackles
jarpad ackles - 2 小时 前
She snapped tho
Nikola Gorska
Nikola Gorska - 2 小时 前
3:07 WOW 🥰🤩✨
TusketGem_Playz - 2 小时 前
•••TheAudreyGirl •••
•••TheAudreyGirl ••• - 2 小时 前
Dixie /be happy Nessa/pain Ondreas/no baila Cameraman/going crazy Hotel? Trivago!
London Fountain
London Fountain - 2 小时 前
yeah yeah cameraman but she can rly sing
Ikhlas Anwar
Ikhlas Anwar - 2 小时 前
Lets be honest Nessa's song is better than Dixie
Wiggly Jons
Wiggly Jons - 2 小时 前
Guys stop hating on the camra man. I can like all of the.
Sophia - 2 小时 前
This camera man tho-
Kayla The Awesome
Kayla The Awesome - 2 小时 前
no one: 99% of the comments: talking about the crazy cameraman that 1%: something else but seriously
That I am in pain gives me goose bumps and thats its like a good burger i cant get enough
Ava Bomann
Ava Bomann - 2 小时 前
Pov: me making a song in 3rd grade and making my cousins film the music videos in the closet
KRos S
KRos S - 2 小时 前
Nobody: Nessa: I’m in Pain🥺 Comments: Nessa:🥺 Camerman:🔼◀️⬆️⬇️🔽↗️🔼⬆️◀️◀️↖️↕️↔️↗️⬆️⬅️↙️◀️🔼⬇️⬆️
Michael Hany
Michael Hany - 2 小时 前
Hope I don't don't a fan page hear
amarie pineda
amarie pineda - 2 小时 前
my sister thught you were a little girl until i told her you age
Indigo - 3 小时 前
Who still loves her, because he forgave her ❤️❤️❤️ Beautiful voice❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
• Maddisonn13 •
• Maddisonn13 • - 3 小时 前
Camera man on x game mode?
Kagami Hi
Kagami Hi - 3 小时 前
Me:Wow...NOICE! Nessa:😭
Izabella Cash
Izabella Cash - 3 小时 前
The camera man reading these comments:👁💧👄👁🖕
Hadley Shiloh
Hadley Shiloh - 3 小时 前
Wow y’all hating on this girl for farting on a live but if Charli farted on her live no one would ever care like wow-
The Tak Playz
The Tak Playz - 3 小时 前
What’s wrong with the camera guy is he drunk or somthin
Myyix - 3 小时 前
Everyone talking about the camera man but not about her amazing voice and how she in pain poor neeesa